Playing with My Mom


"Oh fuck!" was all I managed to say when Lorenzo pushed deeper into me. Then he stopped pushing and to my relief he pulled back a bit. I managed to exhale.

"Oh God that's so fucking beautiful. Look at his big cock hanging right above Lorenzo's black dick!" I heard a woman exclaim from my right side and heard another one say, "Push it all the way in Lorenzo. Start fucking the boy's asshole!" Lorenzo pushed his cock as far as it could go inside me with one hard thrust.

My asshole was in agony and I almost screamed, "Shit...easy man. Take it easy for God's sake. It's my first time!"

He put his hands on my shoulders and started moving his hips. He was fucking my poor asshole now. I looked down at his black cock as it pumped in and out of my white ass. Mai grabbed my balls with her little fingers and started fondling them.

I could feel beads of sweat running down my flushed face. Then Hans ordered Lorenzo to stop fucking me and to pull out of me. He wanted me for himself. His cock slid much easier into my asshole. He leaned over and started kissing my mouth. I started to enjoy being fucked up my asshole. It was a completely new sensation for me and I loved it. I found myself tightening my anus around his stroking cock. I was milking the older man's cock for what it was worth now.

"Shit yeah. Fuck me Hans. I love it. Mom do you hear me? This is so fucking cool. Fuck meeee!" I was begging Hans.

Hans was pounding my asshole as hard as he could. He suddenly slowed down and grunted. His cock shot load after load of hot cum up my asshole. When he was done cumming he kissed me and said, "Welcome to the club son. We're honored to have you here."

Everybody started applauding and congratulating me. After Hans pulled out of me I sat down and his hot cum started leaking out of my asshole. Mai and Nadia kissed me too. My mom had a proud look on her pretty face as she winked at me. I got up on my feet and walked towards my mother. My ass was hurting and I could not walk straight. Hans announced that it was time for everyone to go downstairs to the orgy room.

"Why don't you and I take a break honey and join them later? Let's go outside on the terrace."

"Mom you are such a fucking whore! Why didn't you tell me that they were going to fuck my ass like that?"

"Oh shit! I love it when you call me bad names like that. Well if I had told you, you probably wouldn't have come with me."

"No mom! You know that I would do anything to make you happy. I would've resisted at first, but I still would do it for you. I did like it anyway. So you must be very happy right now. But my ass hurts too much."

"Ah I'm so sorry baby. Maybe we should go home then. Would you rather go home and rest? We can come back in two weeks and have some more group fun."

I told her that it was a good idea to go home and get some rest. We needed to find Nadia or Hans first to let them know that we were leaving. We found Nadia outside on the terrace, sitting on a chair and smoking a cigarette. A beautiful young blonde had her head in between her legs and licking her pussy wantonly.

My mom leaned over the chair and kissed Nadia on her dark red lips. She told her that we needed to leave and Nadia understood perfectly. I was standing behind my mom and looking at her pussy from behind. It looked very wet and my cock got hard immediately. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy forcefully.

"Ah horny son of a bitch. I love that. Fuck me hard!"

"Oh mom I need to cum so bad. I love your fucking wet pussy!"

My mom started moaning loudly and pushed her perfect ass back. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and soon I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot my cum all over her sexy back.

"Oh my darling baby. I loved much! Now let's go get dressed and go home baby."

It took me three days to fully recover from the hard ass fucking I received at the sex party. My mom was very happy to hear that my ass was no longer off limits and started incorporating more ass-play into our daily sex games. She was beautiful, perverted and obsessed with my asshole. There were no words to describe how much I loved this woman.

One night as she was shoving a set of anal beads up my asshole she said, "Your dad called me last night and he was drunk. Apparently the twenty-year old bimbo he was with has left him and now he misses me. He was such a boring lover, never wanted to try new things. He had absolutely no sense of adventure and it was killing me inside, but I have to admit that I do miss the bastard sometimes!"

I did not know what to think of her confession. I loved my dad and a part of me felt guilty for having sex with my mom, his wife. I did not want to be the one to ruin their chances of getting back together.

"Mom...I really think you should give him another chance."

"But what about us baby? I don't want to lose what I have with you."

"Maybe you don't have to. I have a plan and if it works you will have both of us!"

"Ok honey. I want to hear all about your plan after I finish sucking you off."

Then she shoved the last bead into my asshole, put her hot mouth around the tip of my cock and started sucking.

Nick's new girlfriend was an extremely hot Norwegian girl called Tora. She had golden blond hair, blue eyes, full lips and big firm breasts. Her well-tanned skin was caramel-colored and created a nice contrast against her shiny golden hair. In other words she was a twenty-year old version of my own mother.

She was now sitting in my mom's lap completely naked. My mom was rubbing her clit from behind and pinching one of her stiff nipples. Nick had my balls in his mouth and stroking my steel-hard shaft with his hand right in front of them.

"Maria rub my fucking clit harder please. Look at the way Nick is playing with your son's big cock. It's so hot. Make me cum please Maria. I can't take it anymore!" she was begging my mom.

My mom stopped rubbing the wild girl's pussy instead and replied, "No you little slut. You can't cum yet. We are saving that for later. I have a guest coming over and I need you to be really horny when he fucks you."

It was a very nice day and the four of us had rubbed each other's bodies with suntan lotion. The sun was caressing our hot and glistening bodies as we continued playing at the poolside. I grabbed my hard cock and started slapping my handsome friend's face with it. Then I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock into his warm mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah. Fuck his mouth. It looks so damn good. Pump his mouth with your big cock Tom!" Tora kept instructing me.

This was Tora's second visit to our place and we were very happy to see that this amazingly hot girl was also a bisexual nymphomaniac who loved to watch men having sex with each other. Nick and I walked to the poolside lounge where my mom and Tora were sitting. He leaned over the two sexy women, making his cock accessible to them. I positioned myself behind him and shoved my big cock into his eager asshole. I started fucking my friend as I grabbed his hips with my hands.

"Do you like the way I'm fucking you Nick? Your tight asshole feels so good."

"Oh fuck yeah man. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

I did not need his encouragement to start fucking him harder. I was amazed at how much I had changed in only a few short weeks. Now I considered myself fully bisexual and absolutely loved it. Tora reached out for Nick's cock and started stroking it, making him moan even louder.

"What the fuck is this? What the hell are you doing...Tom?" I stopped pounding Nick's ass and turned my head and found my dad standing only a few steps away from us.

My mom had called him earlier that day and asked him to come over to talk things out. Of course we wanted him to catch us fucking Nick and Tora, hoping that he would join us. If this plan worked we would welcome him back to the family. If not then things would stay the same as they already were between us.

"Hey Carl. You're late. We had to start without you! Come and fuck this little whore for me hubby. I hand picked her for your glorious return to your lovely wife! This is my welcome back present to you," my mom said to my dad, popping her head up from under Tora's sexy body.

It was as if time stood still for a few moments. My dad was just standing there looking at us in shock. It was a good sign that he had not left already. He would have left very quickly if he were not considering his options. My dad was a rational guy. He would not get physical when he was angry, he would just leave.

"What on earth is Tom doing fucking Nick's ass Maria...and right in front of you?"

"You are asking too many questions baby. If I were you I would just take my clothes off and join the party!"

There it was...the moment of truth. Dad started unbuttoning his shirt. The suspense was over. One minute later he walked completely naked over to my mom and Tora. He took Tora's hand and helped her get up. He leaned over my mom and kissed her on her lips.

"You are a fucking whore...and I missed you so much!", he told my mom lovingly.

My dad was a tall and handsome man. He was also in a very good physical shape. His cock was as big and thick as mine, and it was very hard. He told Tora to lie down on a mat and spread her legs open. He did not waste any time getting in between her legs. He shoved his big cock into her wet pussy and started pounding her very hard.

My mom also lay on the mat with her face right above Tora's pussy and started licking her clit. Tora moaned loudly as my dad's hard dick pounded her forcefully. Every now and then, my mom stopped my dad and sucked his cock before putting it back inside Tora's pussy.

"Tom come over here and lie down next to me.", my mom ordered me.

I lay on the mat right next to mom with my face extremely close to my dad's cock. Mom grabbed dad's cock, took it out of Tora's pussy and held it in front of my mouth.

"Suck it Tom. It tastes so fucking good. Lick her juices off your dad's cock first!" she told me and smiled.

I took my tongue out and carefully licked the very tip of my father's cock. Mom was right. It tasted and smelled fantastic. I looked up straight into my dad's eyes as I wrapped my lips around his huge cock. Then I started taking the whole length of his cock into my mouth. He started moaning and fucking my mouth slowly. My mom went behind my dad's muscular butt and started tonguing his asshole.

"Oh shit that feels so good Maria. Tom I don't know what to say son. Suck my fucking cock boy!" he said as he continued fucking my mouth.

I could not believe that I was sucking my own father's cock. My heart was beating fast as his manly meat pounded my mouth. I cupped his big balls with one hand and started fondling them gently.

"Ah God damn...I'm gonna cum in Tom's mouth Maria. Fuck my fucking asshole with your tongue you perverted whore!" my dad exclaimed and started shooting his load into my mouth.

I swallowed as much of his hot cum as I could. My mom licked those few drops of cum that had spilled out of my mouth with her tongue. Then she darted her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my dad's asshole on her tongue.

Then she positioned herself in between Tora's legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. She came really fast from my mom's expert treatment of her pussy. Then mom held my dad and started kissing him lovingly. Nick who was left out for a while got on all fours in front of me and asked me to fuck him. I fucked him good and hard and came inside him. Then I jerked him off until he came all over my face.

"Tom it looks like you really enjoy sucking cock and fucking guys. Do you like women at all?"

"Well dad, you can ask mom that question. She tells me I am even better than you."

Then to prove my point I lifted my mom's leg while she was still kissing my dad and shoved my cock up her hot pussy. I fucked her harder than I ever had before right in front of my dad's eyes. He played with her nipples and kissed her wildly as I pounded her pussy. Then I came inside her with a grunt but did not stop fucking her. She announced that she was cumming too and squirted all over my dad's leg.

"Oh Maria...I missed your hot squirting so much. I will never leave you again honey. I promise you I won't." said my dad and kissed my mom deeply.

Later that evening Nick announced that he was beat and his cock hurt from fucking too much. So he went home but Tora stayed with us. We ordered Pizza and after we ate we returned to the poolside for some more fucking action. My dad started fucking Tora on a mat and mom squatted over the pretty girl's face.

Tora lifted her head and licked my mom's pussy as my dad pounded her hard. I sat down next to mom and played with Tora's nice hair as she fucked her tongue in and out of my mom's pussy. My mom looked held on to my shoulder for balance as she started cumming all over the blonde's face and mouth. Tora opened her mouth and it got filled instantly with my mom's hot juices. She swallowed some of it and spit out the rest.

"God damn I need to pee!" my mom announced but did not move to go to the bathroom.

Tora realized what my mom had in mind and surprisingly said, "You can pee all over my face Maria. Just do it. Pee on me!"

My mom did not wait a second longer and let out a stream of golden piss that hit Tora right on her pretty lips. I still had my hand on the girl's hair as my mom lifted her pussy and pissed onto her hair and directly on my hand. Something about this made me go wild and I lied down kissing Tora's face and mouth.

Tora shouted that she was cumming as mom continued to piss on both of our faces. I swallowed my mom's hot piss as fast as it went into my mouth.

"Fuck Maria that's hot. I need to pee too. Guys is it ok if I pee on you too?" asked my dad.

Both Tora and I said yes as we gurgled mom's hot piss. My dad's piss hit mom's pussy and ricocheted on our soaking wet faces and hair. Then he pissed directly into my mouth. I held his hot pee in my mouth and then passed it onto Tora. When my parents were done pissing on us all four of us got up and went for a swim...and some more fucking inside the pool.

"So what do you think about my mom Brad?" I asked my handsome friend.

"Well...I don't know man. She seems like a very nice lady," Brad replied somewhat shyly.

"Come on man. You can do better than that. Don't you think that she is one sexy bitch?"

"Umm...yes she is definitely very beautiful. What's your fucking point anyway? Do you want me to call your mother names and tell you how hot she is? Is that what you want me to do so you can say anything you want about my mother?"

"No...that's not the point at all dude. Although we both know that your mother is a hot slut. My point is that your mom brought you here tonight so you would finally get to fuck her!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Ok...let me spell it out for you. Your hot mother knows all about your dirty secret fantasies. She knows that you like reading those dirty incest stories on the net. Luckily for you she told my mom about this and now she is waiting for you in my mom's bedroom. Carpe diem bro! Here's your chance at fucking your mother's brains out. While you're at it, you can fuck my mom too."

Barbara was one of my mom's best friends. Two days ago she had told my mom what she had found out about Brad's secret interests. My mom in return had told Barbara all about our dirty family secrets. She saw this as a great opportunity to expand our own little family fuck group. Brad followed me to my mom's bedroom as if he were sleepwalking.

Barbara was a sexy 39-year-old brunette. She and my mom were both naked on mom's bed. My mom was frantically fucking Barbara's wet pussy with a silver vibrator as she sucked on her stiff left nipple. Barbara's both eyes were closed and she was moaning at my mother's fast and hard pumping action. Brad looked wide-eyed at the scene playing in front of him. He looked as if he were hypnotized.

"Oh shit Maria. He's here. My Brad is watching us," Barbara said when she finally opened her eyes.

"What took you so long Tom? I've been fucking her pussy for half an hour," said my mom as she smiled at us.

I took off my T-shirt and shorts, exposing my already hard big cock. When I saw that Brad was not even flinching I grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Then I pulled down his shorts, grabbed him by his half erect cock and pulled him closer to the bed. I stopped at the edge of the bed and started fondling Brad's big balls as I looked at his handsome face. He was my age, athletic, tall and blonde. His eyes were deep brown like his mother's. I kissed his butt cheeks as I started stroking his nice cock.

"Oh yeah Tom. Play with my son's cock. Get it nice and hard for my hot pussy. Maria...stop fucking me so hard. I don't want to cum before Brad fucks me."

My mom stopped fucking Barbara's pussy. But she continued sucking on her nipple noisily. She closed her full lips around Barbara's stiff nipple, sucked it into her mouth and held it in between her pearly white teeth.

I took Brad's cock into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the tip and let it slide down my throat as deeply as possible. Brad finally started moving and moaning. His cock was fully hard now and he was slowly fucking my mouth, back and forth. I fondled his big full balls with one hand, and with the other hand I squeezed his muscular butt cheek.

" God. I can't take this anymore. I need my son's cock in my pussy," Barbara was begging me.

"Tom bring him over here and put his cock in his mother's mouth," my mom ordered me.

I helped Brad straddle his mother's face. I grabbed his cock and put it on her eager lips. She opened her mouth and took her son's cock in between her lips.

"That's so fucking beautiful. Move him a bit to the right so I can get my face in there and suck his balls. That's it. Now I want you to lick your friend's asshole for me baby," said my mom right before she took Brad's big balls into her pretty mouth.

I stretched Brad's asshole with both hands, spat into it a couple of times and started licking. He started moaning louder and moving his hips slightly and slowly. All of a sudden I felt a movement behind me. I turned my head and saw my dad standing by the bed. He was naked and stroking his big hard cock.

"Sorry I'm late everyone. know. I hope it's ok if I join in now," he said playfully.

"Jump right in honey. I know that Brad and Barb wouldn't mind. Come fuck my pussy. It's steaming hot. Just the way you like it," said my mom as she spread her legs wide open to welcome my dad's big cock.

He jumped right on the bed and quickly put his cock into mom's pussy and started fucking her hard. Brad took his cock out of his mother's mouth and moved down. He positioned his cock in between Barbara's legs. She grabbed his cock and led it into her wet pussy.

"Fuck me now baby. Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to fill my damn pussy with your nice cock," she told Brad, looking straight into his eyes.

"Mom...this is so fucking wild. I've been dreaming about fucking you for such a long time. I can't believe it's going to happen now."

"You better believe it! Now stop talking and start fucking me baby."

My mom and dad were watching the mother and son as they fucked each other right next to them. Brad started pumping Barbara's pussy slowly at first, but soon he started fucking her fast and hard to match my parents' fucking speed. I started fingering my friend's asshole and pinching his right nipple with two fingers.

"Man that feels so good. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard. God damn!" exclaimed Brad and started cumming inside his mother's pussy.

He jerked his hips wildly for a few seconds and then stopped. I told him to take his cock out and replaced him with my tongue. I lapped at Barbara's wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. She grabbed the back of my head and announced that she was cumming. When her pussy stopped contracting I scooped up as much as Brad's hot cum as I could with my tongue and saved it in my mouth. Then I went over to my mom and spat the cum into her mouth as I kissed her.

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