Playing with My Mom


"Let me taste some of that honey," said my dad and leaned forward to kiss my mom's mouth.

They swapped Brad's hot cum in between their mouths for a few minutes. Then my dad grabbed my mom's head and fucked her even harder. They both came almost at the same time. I kissed both of them on their cum covered lips. Next to us, Brad had started fucking Barbara again. We watched them and smiled happily.

"Honey I have a surprise for you," my dad said to my mom.

"Oh really? Tell me baby. What is it?"

"Your parents an your sister are coming to visit us. I have already bought their tickets and arranged everything for them."

"Oh Jesus baby," my mom almost screamed with excitement, "you have really changed. I adore the new you! Thanks honey."

"Well I guess that I am a newborn sex maniac and I absolutely love it. You know that before this past week I did not understand your parents. Now I know first hand how much fun it is to be sexually liberated like your old folks. I am excited to have them here. I bet we'll have lots of fun with them."

I had never met my grandparents or my aunt. They lived somewhere in Sweden. My grandmother owned a modeling agency and my grandfather was a retired stockbroker. My aunt who was only one year older than me still lived with her parents.

"My parents are swingers," my mom explained to me, "and when I told your dad that they had taught me everything I knew about sex, he got angry and did not want them in our lives anymore. I have seen them only five times since I married your dad."

She kissed my dad and thanked him again. Barbara and Brad were still fucking and totally oblivious to our conversation. My dad slid his cock into my mom's pussy and started fucking her again. I went over to Brad and started playing with his nipples. I still had so many questions to ask about my grandparents. But I could wait a few more hours. I put my lips around Brad's right nipple and started sucking on it as I fingered his tight asshole.

My grandparents and aunt arrived on Friday afternoon. I was amazed at how hot and young my grandma looked at age fifty-three. My grandpa was also very good looking and youthful. My aunt Erika took my breath away at first sight. She looked a lot like my mom, but her hair was a darker shade of gold and her skin was darker too. I could see that she was a wild party girl even though she was wearing an innocent looking summer dress with pastel flower patterns. My mom and grandparents kissed and hugged, cried and laughed for about half an hour.

"Carl you have been such a fucking pain in the ass for so long," my grandma said to my dad, "Poppa and I will punish you tonight!"

"Ok Momma. I deserve it. You can punish me anyway you want," my dad replied joyfully.

My mom told me to take Erika's luggage and show her to my room where she was going to stay. I obeyed happily and told aunt Erika to follow me upstairs. I put down her luggage next to my bed and told her to feel free to use anything she wanted and to feel like home.

"Thanks nephew," Erika said with a giggle, "now come and fuck your auntie quickly before we go back downstairs."

She went to my computer desk and put her elbows on it, sticking her beautiful round butt upwards. I went over to her and lifted her summer dress. She was not wearing any panties. Her pussy looked moist and hot. I took out my hard cock and entered her forcefully from behind. My hot aunt gasped and started moaning.

"Fucking hell! Your cock is so fucking big. It feels so nice. Fuck me harder Tom," she begged me.

I fucked her hot pussy as hard and fast as I could. I came after about two minutes of hard pumping action inside her pussy. She turned around and kissed me really hard on my mouth. Her tongue found my tongue and her hot breath caressed my flushed face.

"Oh Tom that was so fucking nice. You are such a handsome boy!"

"Thanks auntie," I giggled, "you are a fucking hot slut yourself."

I kissed her again, took her hand and led her downstairs. My grandpa was sitting on the sofa and my mom was riding his big cock, facing him. My grandma was wearing only a black bra. She was pinching one of my mom's nipples and caressing her back. My dad sat on a chair next to them, watching intently and fondling his hard cock through his shorts.

"Poppa I missed you so much. I'm so glad that you're here. I love riding your big cock," said my mom as she rode her father's big cock, and then started crying like a little girl.

I looked at Erika. She had tears in her eyes. She went over to her sister and licked her tears off her face then she kissed her deeply on her mouth. I was moved and extremely aroused by this erotic family reunion. I took my clothes off and sat on the sofa next to my grandpa. I ran my hand through the blond hair on his chest, found a nipple and started pinching it with two fingers. I reached out and fondled his big balls with my other hand.

"Give me a kiss Tom," said my grandma as she leaned over my face, "you are such a fucking pretty boy. After your mom is done I will have Poppa fuck your sexy ass. Would you like your grandpa to fuck your ass?"

"Fuck yes Momma. He can do anything he wants to me," I replied with excitement.

"Oh he will do lots of things to you, but most of all he will fuck your perfect ass. Your grandpa loves fucking young boys."

She then ordered Erika to find some lube and start getting my asshole ready for grandpa's cock. My dad told Erika where to find the lubricant. She ran to the bathroom and came back within a minute.

"Good girl Erika. Now start lubing up your nephew's asshole with two fingers. Don't forget to stretch his hole really good."

"Yes Momma," said Erika and started working on my asshole from behind.

I felt Erika's soft and warm lips on my butt cheeks. She started finger fucking my asshole very gently to begin with, but as my mom announced that she would cum soon Erika picked up her pace and fingered me very hard. My mom finally came and squirted her juices all over grandpa and me.

"Carl get over hear and lick your wife's cum off Poppa's cock and balls," grandma ordered my dad.

"But Momma I have never sucked a cock. I don't think I'd like it," answered my dad reluctantly.

"I don't give a fuck if you like it or not. Get in between his legs and start licking him clean," she told him sternly.

My dad finally got up and went over to the sofa. He put his face in between grandpa's legs and cautiously licked the tip of his big cock. Then he licked the length of his shaft and went down to his balls. He licked and sucked his balls gently and looked at grandma for her approval.

"That's right son. You're doing great for your first time. Now suck my cock," Poppa ordered my dad.

My dad took about half of grandpa's cock into his mouth. Grandpa put his hands on my dad's head and forced him to take in more of his cock. When he saw that my dad had tears running down his cheeks he eased up his grip on his head and let him come up for air. My dad had decided to do a good job sucking Poppa's cock. He soon started sucking him again and this time apparently with no trouble.

"Get up Tom. I want you ride Poppa's cock like your mom did," Momma instructed me.

I put my knees on the sofa and straddled Poppa's big cock. My dad guided the tip of it into my asshole. As soon as the tip of Poppa's huge cock was inside me I pushed myself down on it.

"Oh good God! Tom you took my whole cock in with one push. I guess your mom has been training you well. Now ride me son," said my grandpa excitedly.

I put my hands on Poppa's broad chest and pushed myself up. I squeezed my asshole around his cock, relaxed and pushed down again.

"My God. I have never had a boy fuck my cock like this. I am going to cum soon Tom."

I was riding his massive cock fast and hard now. I could feel his cock contracting inside my asshole. Two more pumps and Poppa shot his warm and heavy load up my asshole. When I stopped riding Poppa my grandma grabbed my cock and pulled me off of him. She lay on the floor with her legs wide open.

"Fuck me now. I am so fucking horny and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can," she said as she looked directly into my eyes.

I obeyed happily. Once I was inside her I started kissing and fucking her very hard. She was an absolutely gorgeous woman. My mom and Erika also got on the floor on each side of Momma's and started sucking on her huge nipples.

"You are such a wonderful fucker. Fuck me harder you handsome son of a bitch. Cum inside your grandmother's fucking pussy. Maria, rub my clit for me. Make me cum,"

My mom started rubbing her sex-crazed mother's huge clit hard and fast as I continued fucking her. My dad took his cock out and started stroking it as he was watching us.

"No Carl! You're on probation. Put your damn cock back in your shorts. You have to prove tonight that you are worthy of our family. That is after I finish punishing you," Momma yelled at my dad.

I looked at the three beautiful women on the floor. I was about to cum. This fuck session was about to be over soon and I was already looking forward to the night's sex party. It was going to be such a blast.

I watched from up-close as my grandpa shoved his entire big cock up my dad's asshole with one powerful thrust. On this warm and sunny day my grandpa's muscular body was glistening with sweat and suntan lotion, drops of sweat were falling down from his soaking wet hair upon my dad's grimacing face.

"Oh fuck Carl!" Poppa said to my dad. "Your God damn asshole is so fucking tight. I love it."

"Ah Poppa, it hurts!" my dad replied in pain. "Your cock is too big. Please go easy on me!"

"Shut up Carl and take it like a man. This is your punishment for being a jerk for so many years. Remember? It's supposed to hurt!" said my grandpa and started pounding my poor dad's asshole forcefully.

My dad lay on a mat next to the pool with his head resting upon my grandma's lap. Nick, Brad,, Lorenzo and I were all waiting in line to fuck dad's asshole on my grandma's orders. Mom, Erika, Kari, Linda, Tora and Barbara were all watching intently as we proceeded to punish my dad.

"Carl I will punish you even longer if you don't stop complaining," said my grandma as she grabbed Lorenzo's big cock and slapped my dad's face with it. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Momma," my dad replied in agony. "God damn it. Fuck me Poppa!"

Suddenly my aunt walked over to my dad and straddled his chest facing my grandpa. She parted her beautiful pussy lips with two fingers and exposed her pee hole. After concentrating for a few seconds she let out a strong stream of golden piss that hit my grandpa's stomach first and then landed on my dad's cock.

"Good girl Erika," said my grandpa. "Piss all over him honey!"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed my mom. "He likes being pissed on. His cock is getting hard!"

Erika was now pissing all over my dad's hairy chest and stomach. My grandpa kept fucking him harder and by the expression on his face I could tell that he was about to reach his climax. Erika rubbed her wet pussy on my dad's chin and walked away from him.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum soon," Poppa announced and pulled out of my dad's asshole. He then moved up and put the tip of his big cock right above my dad's lips. My grandma opened my dad's mouth with both of her hands and waited for Poppa to shoot his cum into his mouth. I went behind my grandpa and started licking his sweaty asshole for him.

"Ah Jesus Tom," said my grandpa. "Shove your tongue all the way up my shithole and stay there. God I'm cumming so hard. Swallow my hot load Carl, every drop of it. Yeah that's it. Good boy!"

"Start fucking your dad Tom," Momma ordered me. "Fuck him as hard as you can!"

I shoved my cock up my dad's stretched asshole and started pounding him hard and fast. My fucking beautiful mother came over to us and straddled my dad's cock. She parted her pussy lips with two fingers just like her sister and immediately started pissing all over my dad's cock.

"Look Tom," said my mom, "he has a full hard on. I wish Momma would let me fuck him."

"It's ok honey," replied my grandma. "Go ahead and ride his cock!"

"Oh fuck! Thank you Momma," said my mom and pushed her pussy down on my dad's hard cock.

My mom put her hands on my shoulders and rode my dad's cock as I pounded his asshole. She started kissing me with her hot mouth. Her face looked horny, happy and prettier than ever as she went up and down her husband's shaft.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed my dad "That feels so fucking good. Ride me baby Fuck me harder Tom!"

I pounded my dad's asshole for two more minutes then I exploded up his asshole and filled him up with my hot cream.

"Maria, don't let Carl cum. Get off his cock. Now!" ordered my sexy grandma.

My mom stopped riding my dad's hard shaft reluctantly and started rubbing her pussy with two fingers, staying right above my dad's cock. I pulled my cock out of my dad's shithole and aimed my pee slit at my mom's clit. My mom gasped loudly as my stream of hot golden piss hit her right on her cunt and clit.

"Oh yeah honey. It feels so good. Piss on mommy's pussy and your dad's cock baby. Oh shit! Yeah!"

I pissed on my parents' hot bodies for about one minute. Then I had to give way to the rest of the guys to fuck my dad's asshole. They all fucked my dad hard and came all over his face or into his mouth. Lorenzo was the last guy who fucked my dad. After he came all over his face my grandma leaned over and kissed my dad's cum covered lips.

"Welcome back to the family Carl," she said to him. "Your punishment is officially over now honey. We forgive you."

"Thanks Momma," my dad replied and kissed her back. "I'm so fucking happy that you are here. You can stay with us as long as you want to."

"Oh sweetheart. Thank you. Now come and fuck your horny mother-in-law."

As my dad started thrusting his cock into grandma all the other men in the group gathered around her and she became the center of a hot and nasty gangbang. I watched as Brad and Nick started pissing on grandma's face while my dad was kissing her deeply. My grandpa and Lorenzo were pissing directly on my dad's face.

Inspired by the hot action around my grandma and dad, the ladies started gangbanging my mom. One by one they started taking turns licking her pussy in hope of getting her to squirt into their mouths. My mom did not disappoint any of them. Every time she came she squirted heavily on whoever was licking her hot pussy.

"May I fuck you mom?" I asked her politely after Erika was done with licking her pussy.

"Yes you may son," giggled my mom and all the other ladies laughed joyfully.

I quickly put my cock on her asshole, thrusting my cock forcefully into her. Then I leaned over her and kissed her deeply on her mouth as I started pounding her tight asshole.

"Oh Tom," moaned my mom. "You fucking naughty boy! You didn't say that you were going to fuck my asshole honey."

"Oh sorry mom. Do you want me to take it out and fuck your pussy instead?"

"No it's ok baby. Fuck my asshole. Fuck me hard!"

Tora and Linda were each sucking one of my mom's nipples. Kari started licking my asshole and Erika rubbed my mom's clit for her.

"Ladies look at the guys over there," Barbara announced. "They are pissing all over Momma. It looks so fucking hot. Let's piss all over Tom and Maria here. All of us together at the same time!"

"Oh fuck yes girls. Piss all over us. Please!" my mom shouted joyfully.

All five women started cheering and laughing as they gathered around us and aimed their pussies at our faces and bodies. A few seconds later the first streams of hot piss started hitting my mom's pretty face as I was kissing her deeply. Erika straddled my head and started pissing directly on my neck. I felt two hands stretching my butt cheeks and a strong stream of piss hit my asshole directly.

"Open your mouth sis," Erika said to my mom as she straddled her face. "I'm gonna piss into your hot mouth and I want you to swallow every drop!"

I could not believe that my mom was swallowing her hot sister's piss with such pleasure. The sound of Erika's piss going down my mom's throat made me explode inside my mother's asshole. I came inside her as I had never cum before.

Later on that night mom, dad and I were getting ready to go to bed in my parents' bedroom. This was the first night that the three of us were going to sleep together as a family. My mom had just taken a shower and was putting her hair up in front of the mirror. She was wearing just a black bra and nothing else. My dad was massaging her delicate shoulders gently. He was completely naked and was sporting a huge hard on.

"Wow baby!" my mom said to my dad. "You still have a hard on? Even after all the hard fucking action earlier today?"

"Yeah babe," my dad replied. "How about that orgy? Your parents are really fucking nasty. I guess I'm trying to catch up with all the lost time!"

"Hey tom honey, are you up for a nice threesome?" my mom asked. "Just the three of us?"

"I'm always up for anything that involves you mom," I replied. "I can fuck you all night if you want me to!"

"Oh you're so sweet honey. Ok then. Let's fuck each other's brains out!"

My dad and I lay on the bed side by side in a 69 position. I licked back and forth between my dad's big balls and his nice asshole. I would stop to bite gently on his ball sacks and then darted my tongue into his asshole. My dad did the same to me. Then I felt my mom spitting into my asshole and gently inserting her middle finger into it. She stroked my hard cock softly with her other hand.

"Carl why don't you put a finger up his asshole too baby? He loves it. Yeah suck your son's big balls honey."

They were both treating my asshole nice and gently. I loved the way they started fingering my asshole together. Then they removed their fingers and I felt two tongues going up my sensitive asshole. They spat into it together and started fucking me with their loving fingers again.

"Keep fucking our son's asshole honey," I heard my mom say. "I'm gonna go get my strap-on!"

When she came back she put a pillow under my butt and positioned the tip of her strap-on in between my spread open legs. She pushed the tip of the dildo up my asshole and started fucking me slowly. My dad sucked on one of my erect nipples and fondled my balls.

"Oh mom yeah," I moaned softly. "Fuck my asshole you fucking pretty bitch!"

"Don't talk to your mom like that son," my dad said playfully and bit my nipple. "Although I do agree with you. She is a fucking beautiful slut!"

"Oh shut the fuck up both of you," my mom laughed. "I am concentrating here. It's not an easy job you know, fucking someone with a fake cock!"

"Then move over honey and let me fuck him with a real cock!"

"In a few minutes baby. You have to wait for your turn."

My mom held my legs up and started pounding my asshole forcefully. She smiled at me lovingly as she fucked me with her strap-on. Then she pulled out of me and let my dad take over for her. My dad started fucking me hard from the moment his cock entered my asshole.

"Oh Jesus baby," she said to my dad. "Take it easy on the boy!"

"No mom. I love the way he is fucking me. Fuck me harder dad. Cum up my asshole...please!" I begged my dad.

My dad pounded me hard for a few more minutes. Then he shot his hot load of cum up my asshole. My mom and I switched places and I started fucking her pussy with a vengeance. She dug her fingernails into my chest and thrashed her head from side to side as I pounded her pussy fast and hard.

"Ooh fuck me you son of a bitch! Fuck meeeee! I'm gonna fucking cum all over your fucking big cock. Fuuuuuck!" she screamed and squirted all over my stomach.

It was my turn to cum now. My dad started sucking and licking my balls as my mom sucked my hard shaft forcefully. I ran my fingers through their hair and jerked my hips back and forth.

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