tagIncest/TabooPlaying With My Sister Ch. 01

Playing With My Sister Ch. 01


I stroked my sister's soft light brown hair as she pressed her face on my muscular chest. She was crying and her tears were wetting my erect nipple through the thin fabric of my tight T-shirt. Her breath felt warm on my stiff nipple and my cock was already hard, pressing against her bare flat stomach through my tight jeans.

"Oh don't cry Jess, you're with me now. Everything will be ok. You'll see. You can stay with me as long as you want." I reassured her softly as I moved my hand down to her sexy neck.

She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled. I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight of her beautiful smile and face. She was now more beautiful than the last time I had seen her, and it had been six years ago. God I had missed her so much. She used to be the light of my life and I was in love with her.

"It's ok Chris. I'm crying happy tears. I missed you so much and I want to stay here with you forever. I'm never going back home. I never want to see dad's or my fucking asshole boyfriend's fucking ugly faces ever again. Fuck no, I want both of them to eat shit and die!"

"Oh girl, you have the face of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. I love that!"

"Fuck yeah, my fucking handsome and sexy brother." She replied with a giggle, "Oh look at your sexy muscular body. Yummy, you're the shit Chris!"

"So how is Spongebob Squaredad?" I asked her, smiling bitterly.

We called him Spongebob Squaredad because his name was Bob and he was square, although he was not nearly as cool and fun as the beloved cartoon character. He threw me out of his house when I was seventeen after he caught me fucking my best friend, and I moved as far away from home as I could.

"He is more square than ever. Fuck him. Let's not talk about that piece of shit ok?"

"Ok honey. Let's get out of the airport. You're going to love my ride!"

I had done well for myself after I left home. I had just received a promotion recently and had treated myself to a BMW Z4.

"Nice Chris, very sexy. I love it!" Said Jess as she sat in the car.

"Yeah, turn on the iPod player and crank it up. You know what I have ready for us!"

"Oh...Guns N' Roses! Yeah baby. My bad boy bro...I love you so much! So fucking much!"

We hit the highway as Axl sang You Could Be Mine. My hot sister moved and swayed to the music. With wind blowing in her gorgeous hair she started singing along. I looked at her sexy body, her medium sized boobs were firm, her belly button had a little sexy stud and her low raise jeans revealed her sexy pelvis bones.

"I have their band logo tattooed right above my pussy. I'll show it to you when we get to your place," she said smiling at me.

"Wow...you certainly followed your kinky brother's footsteps. That's cool. I fucking love it!"

"Oh baby, you don't even know half of it. I am also bisexual just like you...hehe. Now what do you have to say to that?"

"You're putting me on now! You never told me that."

"No...but it's true. I have never done it with a girl, but God I want to so much. You know what else I want to try?"

"No but I'm sure you're going to tell me!"

"I want to fuck a Tranny so badly. Oh I'm wet right now just talking about it."

"Oh sis what's got into you? Well I'd say that you're in luck. I know a beautiful one that I fuck every now and then. He...sorry she doesn't usually do girls, but I'm sure if you ask her nicely she won't say no to you."

"Oh God are you fucking serious? Tell me about her...please!" I could tell that her mouth was dry with excitement as she asked me that question.

"Well she is blonde with big boobs and a huge functioning cock. She is very feminine looking. Definitely passable as a woman."

"Oh Chris...I'm so fucking wet right now. I don't know why I didn't move out and come to you years ago. And why didn't you fuck me when you had a chance? You had lots of chances, but you were always only teasing me, driving me insane. Are you going to fuck me when we get to your place? Why the fuck aren't we there yet?"

"Oh easy little sis. We'll do lots of things and will have so much fun together," I said with a smirk.

We were finally home. My sister jumped out of the car and ran to the front door as I carried her bags. As soon as we stepped inside she threw herself at me, pinning me to the door. She put her sexy mouth on mine and probed her tongue into my wet mouth. We kissed passionately. She was moaning as her tongue slid over mine.

"Let me take off your fucking shirt. I want to see you naked. I want to lick your strong chest!" she said, her voice turning deep with lust.

She pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor and started licking my stiff nipple. With her tongue she traced all the way to my other nipple and took it in her mouth, sucking it hard.

"Easy baby, show me your tattoo now," I told her as I playfully pushed her away from my chest.

"God yes, let me take off my fucking clothes!"

She stripped off her clothes in a flash. Her skin was well tanned, her boobs heavenly beautiful, her pubic hair was lighter than her hair and perfectly trimmed around the edges. She spread her pussy lips with her nice fingers and looked down at her tattoo.

"Well...do you like it?"

"I love it sis. It's so cool. You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen...and the coolest!"

I took off my jeans and my boxers. My big cock stood up majestically. She looked at my cock, her gaze transfixed on it. I grabbed my cock in my hand and started stroking it firmly.

"Wow...it's so fucking beautiful! Come on and fuck me with it now. No let me taste it first," she said as she knelt in front of me.

She took out her tongue and started licking my pee slit. Her tongue was so wet and warm and it felt wonderful on my cock. I rubbed my cock on her nose, lips and her flushed cheeks. She wrapped her mouth around the very tip of my cock and started sucking like a baby would suck on a pacifier.

"Ok sis, let's go to my bedroom now," I said as I helped her get up on her feet.

We walked to my bedroom as if we were in a trance.

"I love your bedroom, it's so cozy...and you have such a nice bed."

"Well I guess you won't be sleeping in the guest room after all, so welcome to your room!"

"Oh you're so sweet to me bro. Now fuck me like a good boy."

"I've never been a good boy sis and I won't fuck you just yet. I want us to jerk off together right now. I am saving our first fuck for later!"

"Nooooo...please! I want your cock NOW! You can't do this to me."

"Now who's in charge here you little slut? I'm your big brother and you WILL listen to me. Now get on the bed and start playing with your pretty clit!"

She was surprised by my sudden change of tone, but she obviously loved it. She jumped on the bed, spread her exquisite legs wide open and started playing with her erect clit. I sat in front of her and started stroking my cock.

"Spit on my cock baby. Get it all wet for me."

She obeyed me again, leaned forward and spat a big glob of saliva on my throbbing cock. I stroked my shaft fast and hard as she watched me doing it and played with her stiff nipple and clit. She started moving her hand faster too. Then she tensed her body and screamed that she was cumming hard.

"Ok it's my turn to cum now. Come and squat over my cock and start peeing on it."

"Oh shit. You're so fucking nasty. I love it!"

She opened her pussy lips and started concentrating. It took her about a minute to be able to let a stream of pee out. Her hot piss dribbled on my cock at first but then the stream became stronger. I jerked off as hard as I could and soon came hard. My cum shot upward and hit her pussy with force.

"Oh God, this is so fucking cool. I love it. I love you so much!" she said and kissed my lips again.

Later that night I took Jess out to a club where my Transsexual fuck buddy worked as a bartender. The line at the door was long, but they let us in immediately since my name was on the permanent V.I.P list. We walked to the bar hand in hand. My friend Tina was talking to a hot young man, but as soon as she saw me she came to our side of the bar.

"Hey stranger, long time no see. Where have you been Chris? I missed you so fucking much!" the beautiful transsexual asked me seductively.

"I've been busy with work you know. I'm sorry I should've called you last week."

"It's ok baby. You're here now. I see that you've been busy," she winked at Jess. "Who's this pretty young lady?"

"She's my sister Jess. She is moving in with me!"

"Oops...I'm sorry. I didn't know that she was your sister. Oh I'm flushed now, can you tell?"

"It's ok Tina. She knows all about you. As a matter of fact I'm here to ask you for a favor. You see my little sister here would love to...hmm...let's put it this way. I was wondering if you could fuck her for me!"

Tina looked shocked for a moment, but then to my relief she smiled and turned to Jess.

"Give me a kiss honey. I want to taste you before I make up my mind," she told my sister.

Jess leaned forward and kissed Tina softly on her gorgeous lips. Then she put her hand behind Tina's neck and pulled her face towards her own and kissed her deeply and passionately. I was watching the hot kiss with my cock throbbing in my pants. It seemed to me that neither of them was willing to stop kissing, but they finally did.

"Shit Chris that was hot. Your sister tastes so fucking good," then she turned to Jess and continued, "Baby you better be ready to get fucked by a big cock tonight! I'll show you the time of your life sweetie."

Jess and I thanked her and ordered a couple of Martinis. We sipped on our drinks and talked to Tina some more.

"I'm off at twelve. I'll be at your place at one...and you better be ready to fuck my ass too. I want you to be there when I fuck your sister. I won't do it without you there."

"Oh that won't be a problem," I said to her and winked.

Jess and I left after we finished our drinks. We had dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant before we went home. We laughed and talked about the old days like two old friends. We felt closer to each other than ever and we knew that we were going to be very happy together.

Tina rang the doorbell at precisely one o'clock. We did not waste any time and went directly to the bedroom where we stripped off our clothes and jumped on the huge bed. Jess was impressed with Tina's huge cock. She put her hand on her big balls and started fondling them frantically. I went in between Tina's wide open legs and started licking her asshole.

"Oh fuck yes Chris. Rim my fucking nasty asshole," she begged me. "Put your tongue all the way up...that's it. Shit yeah!"

Jess was sucking and biting Tina's huge stiff nipple now and stroking her beautiful cock. I licked and fucked her asshole with my tongue as hard as I could.

"Fuck me now Chris. Put your big cock up my ass while your hot sister plays with my boobs," she was purring with lust now.

I told Tina to get on her all fours. Jess continued playing with Tina's boobs. I asked her to grab my cock and push it up Tina's asshole and she did so happily. I grabbed Tina's hips and started slamming my cock into her perfectly round butt.

"God Chris. You're fucking her so hard. I'm so jealous. I want you to fuck my pussy and ass like this too. Will you?"

"We'll see," I teased my sexy sister and kept fucking Tina faster and harder yet.

I came inside Tina's asshole with a grunt. Then I told Jess to lie down on the bed and spread her legs wide open for Tina. Tina positioned herself between my sister's legs. I grabbed her big cock and pushed it up my sister's hot cunt. Jess raised her head and started sucking on Tina's nipple while she pumped her pussy hard and deep.

"Oh shit. Fuck me you beautiful slut. Fuck me hard with that big cock of yours!" Jess begged Tina.

"I am fucking you hard you sexy bitch. Take it. Take it all!" Tina replied.

I started kissing my own sister and rubbing her clit for her. She moaned into my mouth and told me that she loved me. Tina was about to cum. I rubbed Jess's clit harder. She came screaming. I grabbed Tina's big cock and started stroking it in front of my sister's pretty face. Tina shot a huge load of hot and sticky cum all over her face.

"Did you like it baby? Was it as good as you thought it would be?" I asked my sister.

"Mmm...yes honey. It was so much better," she said and kissed me, spitting Tina's hot cum into my mouth. "So are you going to fuck me now?"

"No. Not yet. You have to wait for my cock you naughty girl, but soon. I promise." Then I kissed my hot sister again and told her that I loved her.

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