tagIncest/TabooPlaying With My Sister Ch. 10

Playing With My Sister Ch. 10


* * * * *

Author's Note: "Playing With My Sister" is a bisexual series. It has a lot of male-female and female-female sex, but this story also contains male-on-male sex scenes. If this bothers you, please go read something else, rather than sending me nasty anonymous emails.

* * * * *

Lying naked on her back, my sister Angela lifted her legs, spreading her muscular buttocks and revealing her sexy little rosebud.

"Come on, Little Brother," she said. "Do it! Take my butt-cherry!"

I took the bottle of lube from the nightstand and positioned myself between Angela's open legs, looking around as I lubricated my stiff dick.

Angela's boyfriend Bernie was at the foot of the bed, stroking his giant club. My girlfriend Suzie was standing naked beside the bed playing with her breasts and pinching her hard nipples. Bernie's brother Jeff was behind her with his erect penis trapped between her closed thighs and his cock-head nestled against her pussy lips.

They all stared as I pressed my tip into Angela's little puckered hole.

* * *

My name is Paul Menghini. I'd just turned 18 when my family moved from Sidney, Nebraska to Brooklyn. Mom and Dad bought her parents' hardware store when they retired and moved to Florida.

Three weeks ago, my 20-year-old sister Angela took my cherry after letting me spy on her 21-year-old boyfriend Bernie fucking her.

As we lay together, Angela said, a little shyly, "You know . . . you're better in bed then Bernie. He can be sweet, but he doesn't like to go down and he's not cuddly afterwards. He always seems to be in a hurry to leave. I'm beginning to think he has another girl."

I'd been dating 18-year-old Suzie for several months. We met shortly after my family moved to Brooklyn. For most of that time, she had been a timid little Catholic schoolgirl.

Right after Angela and I started fucking, Suzie became sexually aggressive, humping my cock through her panties and jacking me off. A week ago, her family went to Vermont for the weekend and Suzie gave me her virginity, in her parents' bed.

Suzie followed me home that night and watched from the fire escape as I fucked Angela. She and Angela had sex -- Suzie's first time with another woman. Suzie begged me to take her butt cherry. We started gently, but she was soon screaming for me to fuck her fast and rough. She came hard when I shot up her asshole.

Bernie and Angela had a stormy relationship. They loved to fuck, but he was evasive and usually in a hurry to leave after sex. She was convinced he had another woman. For his part, Bernie suspected something was happening between Angela and me.

Last Wednesday night, Bernie and Angela had one of their big fights. She came home and took me to bed. I slammed her pussy relentlessly, driving her to a long screaming orgasm.

Bernie was standing at the bedroom door with his stiff cock in his hand. There was semen on his fingers, running down his shaft and dripping on the floor. He'd seen everything.

"You're a fucking whore!" Bernie yelled before stomping out of the apartment.

Angela and I were mad at Bernie, but I couldn't stop thinking about his immense cock, 8" long and 2 1/2" thick, surmounted by a wide flaring head. I remembered seeing it in Angela's hands, mouth and pussy . . . seeing it stiff and dripping with his cum . . . wishing I'd seen him working it . . . making it spurt . . . as he watched me fucking Angela . . .

Bernie came back the next day to apologize. "I'm sorry, Angela," he said, red-faced. "Uh . . . you too, Paul. I'm sorry about the things I said . . . and about watching you in bed . . . I guess I'm just a perv . . . it got me so hot I had to jack off . . ."

"It's hard not to be jealous," Bernie continued. "But I guess you and Paul have been doing this for a long time. I should be glad to have you at all."

"Here's the deal," Angela answered sternly. "You've blown it big time and I'm giving you one . . . exactly one . . . more chance. No more jealousy . . . not about Paul . . . not about anyone, even if I'm fucking everybody on the block! . . . And no more lies! If you've got another woman, tell me!"

"No," Bernie said. "I swear there's no other woman!" We knew he was lying.

It was early Saturday morning. Suzie and I had set it up so we could stay out until 3:00 AM. We had permission to attend a midnight showing of "Casablanca." I'd seen it on TCM and Suzie had every scene memorized, so we could talk about the movie with our parents.

We followed Bernie to a basement apartment. From the alley, we spied on Bernie having sex . . . with his 24-year-old brother Jeff!

"Wow! Two men!" Suzie said, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it open, revealing her sexy A-cup breasts. "I'm so hot! I hope they fuck!"

I moved behind Suzie, pressing my erection against her buttocks as I fondled her tits and played with her hard little nipples. "A big cock fucking a man's ass . . ." she breathed. Suzie gasped sharply as I slipped my dick up her hot wet snatch with one smooth stroke. I fucked her from behind as we watched Jeff suck Bernie's gigantic tool.

"I'm going to fuck you!" Bernie said, pulling his penis from Jeff's mouth. "I'll get the lube out of the bathroom."

Jeff stood up. He was naked like Bernie, with an impressive erection. Although not a monster like Bernie's, his dick was longer and thicker than mine. He stroked it, smearing the pre-cum leaking from his tip and squeezing his balls and as he waited for Bernie to return.

Suzie worked her hips, slowly fucking herself against my cock. "Oh Baby!" she whispered. "This is SO good! I can't wait to see Bernie fucking male ass!" I pumped Suzie slowly as I imagined Bernie pushing his oversized dong between Jeff's buttocks . . .

The apartment's kitchen door crashed open and Bernie burst out, catching Suzie and me and dragging us inside.

Jeff and Bernie made us strip and molested Suzie, fondling her sexy little A-cup breasts and fingering her pussy. "Are you ready for a REAL man's cock?" Bernie asked, gripping his shaft and guiding his big mushroom-head between her legs.

"Leave her alone!" I said, grabbing Bernie's arm and pulling him away from Suzie. He looked up and down my naked body, staring at my erect penis and fondling my bare buttocks. "Do whatever you want with me," I continued. "Just leave Suzie alone!"

"All right," Bernie said, turning to face me. His stiff cock, 8" long and 2-1/2" thick, looked like a baseball bat protruding from his crotch.

"Bend over, you little punk!" he growled. "You're taking my dick up the ass . . ." he glanced at Suzie, who was watching with frightened eyes, "or else SHE does!"

I'd been fantasizing about this. I was both excited and frightened as Bernie's mammoth tool pressed into my rosebud.

The first time I'd seen Bernie fuck Angela, she'd squirmed, moaned and whispered Hail Marys as he put it in. His flaring cock-head -- almost 3" in diameter -- was the most difficult part. I jacked off to distract myself from the pain as Bernie stretched my asshole, pushing forward then relaxing, opening me wider than I'd imagined possible.

"Jesus!" I cried as Bernie's mushroom head finally snapped into my butt. "Fuck! . . . Fuck me!"

Bernie worked his cock in and out. The pain was gone and the pleasure of his massive member stretching and filling me was almost unbelievable.

"Come on, Jeff!" Suzie said, bending over with her hands on my back. He was already nosing his tool into her lush pubic thatch. She gasped as he abruptly slid home.

"Oh yeah!" Suzie whispered. "Fuck me! . . . It's so good! . . . Your brother's giant cock in my boyfriend's ass! . . . Your big hot rod driving in my tight snatch! . . ." Her fingernails dug into my back as she started cumming.

"You like watching?" Bernie asked Suzie. She nodded, gasping and moaning from her own sustained orgasm. "Then watch me! . . . Fucking my bitch's ass! . . ." He was hammering me like a machine. "Cumming up my bitch's ass! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Fuck! . . . Fuck yeah! . . ." he screamed as his hot juices splashed my anal walls.

"Oh fuck yeah, Jeff!" Suzie cried. "Shoot it . . . Oh fuck! . . . Oh yeah! . . . Shoot it up my pussy! . . . Oh Jesus!"

Afterwards, Jeff butt-fucked Suzie while I hammered Bernie's asshole until I came.

Suzie and Jeff left the room and we heard them laughing in the shower. "Angela doesn't know about this," I said, looking at Bernie. "But I have to tell her. She's my sister . . . and my lover."

"I've been afraid," Bernie answered. "I want to be honest, but girls get freaked out by guys who like cock."

"Angela won't."

"So, I'll tell her," Bernie said. "I should have done it when you caught me watching you fuck, but I was too jealous and embarrassed."

"This would be a good time!"

Bernie and I spun around at the sound of the new voice. Angela was standing in the bedroom door.

* * *

"Bernie, I don't need to ask 'What the fuck is going on?' because it's really obvious." Angela's voice was grim and her face was stony.

Her eyes were slightly unfocused from multiple orgasms and I was instantly aware of her sharp heated female scent. Bernie didn't notice. Intent on keeping his secrets, he'd never grown close enough to Angela to read her.

"I'm not stupid, Bernie," she continued. "From the very beginning, I knew you had something on the side. Tonight, I followed you and saw you raping my little brother and his girlfriend."

"I didn't rape . . ." he began.

"Shut the fuck up, Bernie!" Angela growled. "Go take a long shower. Make sure you get everything clean. I want to talk to Paul."

Suzie and Jeff were just coming out of the bathroom, kissing and holding hands. "Angela! What . . ." Jeff gasped, unsuccessfully trying to hide his crotch with his free hand.

"Suzie, get Jeff out of here!" Angela ordered. "Take him into the living room!" She glared at Bernie. "You! Shower!" When everyone had left, she closed the door.

"Jesus, Little Brother!" Angela exclaimed, rushing into my arms. "I followed you and Suzie and saw everything. It was so sexy!"

I unfastened her blouse as we kissed. It fell open to reveal a black push-up bra that left her nipples bare. They were hard against my chest. "I played with my pussy and tits, cumming over and over as I watched you!"

"I want to fuck you right now!" she continued. "But I need to teach Bernie a lesson . . ."

There was a sharp "Rat! Tat! Tat!" and Suzie came in, closing the door behind her.

"Bernie finished showering and I told him to wait in the living room with Jeff," she reported. "What's going on?"

"I'm too hot for Bernie to dump him," Angela answered, "but I'm still mad. Bernie lied to me over and over. He and Jeff forced you to have sex. I know you both enjoyed it, but they still threatened you."

"The boys deserve a little payback," she continued, grinning lewdly. "And I have a plan . . ."

The bedroom door was still closed when I left the bathroom after my quick shower, so I joined Jeff and Bernie. We were all naked and I walked into the living room with an erection.

Before either man could speak, I asked, "Bernie, why didn't you tell Angela? You watched her having sex with me! How could she object to you and Jeff?"

"It's not so easy admitting you fuck your brother," he answered. "I'll bet you haven't told your innocent-acting slut girlfriend about Angela."

The bedroom door opened before I could laugh. Angela and Suzie walked to the middle of the living room and stood still, looking us over. Angela was fully dressed. Suzie was wearing her blouse and skirt, but remained barefoot.

"Bernie, you lied to me," Angela began. "You and Jeff raped my little brother and sister . . . close enough . . . Suzie's like my sister . . ."

She waited for an objection. When none came, she continued. "Bernie and Jeff, you'll do what I say or else Suzie and I will walk out of your lives forever. I haven't asked Paul . . ."

"I'm with Angela and Suzie!" I said quickly.

"I guess that's fair," Bernie admitted. Jeff just nodded.

"Good!" Angela said. "Come into the bedroom. This won't be TOO painful!"

There was a small brass-bound black leather chest sitting on the bed. I hadn't seen it before. Angela must have found it in the closet.

"You have an interesting toy collection," she commented, looking at Jeff as she opened the chest.

"I have a . . . uh . . . married friend . . . who comes by . . . once a week . . . or so," Jeff answered. "He keeps those things here. I usually don't use them, except . . ."

"Never mind," Angela said soothingly, producing two pairs of handcuffs. "I'm going to enjoy playing with your toys. Now, turn around with your hands behind your backs."

It only took her a moment to cuff Bernie and Jeff. "I hope you have the key," she purred as she snapped the second set in place.

"The rules are simple," Angela said as they turned to face her. "You do what we say. Nothing more or less. Don't even speak unless we command it. Understand, Boy Toys?" Both men nodded.

"Good!" Angela beckoned to Suzie. "Then watch this!"

Suzie moved into Angela's arms and they kissed passionately, grinding crotches and flattening breasts.

"My sister and girlfriend!" I thought as my cock grew even stiffer. "My lovers!" I looked over at Bernie and Jeff. They were equally hard.

"Oh Baby!" Angela whispered. "You're so sexy!" She fell to her knees and unfastened Suzie's skirt, letting it tumble to the floor.

"Angela . . . my Angel!" Suzie answered, opening her legs.

Suzie unfastened her blouse and played with her already-hard nipples as Angela licked and kissed her mound. "Take your clothes off, Baby!" she suddenly said, gently pushing Angela away.

Angela wasn't wearing panties. It only took her seconds to shed her shoes, socks, skirt and blouse, keeping the black push-up bra, which bared her nipples and pushed her breasts out an amazing distance from her chest. Suzie dropped her blouse on the floor, leaving her completely naked.

"My Angel!" Suzie cried as she embraced Angela, before they turned to face the men.

Angela was heavier than Suzie, with a big athletic body, thick black hair, olive skin and strong Italian features. She was as tall and solidly built as a boy, but with wide hips and a muscular butt. Long thick pink nipples rose from the broad brown areolas surmounting her lush breasts. Her pussy lips, puffy and purple, protruded from her thick black tangle of pubic hair.

Suzie was tall and slender -- almost Angela's height -- with small breasts and buttocks, strong Eastern-European features and thick blond hair. The quarter-sized dark pink areolas tipping her firm pale pink A-cup breasts were swollen into domes and her hard little nipples were almost 1/2" long. Suzie's mound was hidden beneath a wide vee of thick blond hair.

My cock was painfully hard as I stared at the women. Bernie's giant pole and Jeff's big dick were just as stiff.

The aroused men were turning me on as much as Angela and Suzie. I'd never sucked cock, and I had an almost-overwhelming desire to kneel before Jeff and Bernie and worship their maleness. I didn't think Angela would count that as "punishment" . . .

"Come on, Angel," Suzie said, taking Angela's hand and leading her to the bed. "You boys can stand beside the bed," she added over her shoulder. "We want you to SEE everything."

"Oh Little Sister!" Angela gasped. "Little Butch Sister!" She lay on her back with Suzie straddling her hips, bending forward to kiss Angela's face and breasts.

"I'm so hot!" Angela continued. "What you're doing . . . Paul and the Boy Toys watching . . . Just fuck me! I need to cum NOW!"

"You bet, Angel!" Suzie replied, kneeling between Angela's open thighs. "Jesus, you're wet! Your bush is soaked and your hot little snatch . . ." she slipped two fingers into Angela's folds ". . . is slick enough for a horse's dick!"

"Oh fuck, Little Butch!" Angela moaned, thrashing on the bed as Suzie massaged her clit and drove rough fingers into her pussy.

The sight of Suzie's furry vulva and sexy butt cheeks reminded me I wasn't a Boy Toy. She gasped when my pole slid into her hot slick snatch, but it didn't interrupt her rhythm as she finger-fucked Angela. I matched Suzie's tempo as she pushed Angela to a screaming orgasm.

"Your turn!" Suzie whispered, moving aside. I rammed Angela, keeping her climax going until she collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Little Sister . . . Little Brother . . ." Angela murmured as Suzie and I kissed her.

"Did the Boy Toys like it?" Angela finally asked, sitting up to look at Bernie and Jeff. Her eyes widened when she saw the pre-cum running down their rigid shafts, over their balls and dripping on the floor. I wanted to lick it. "I guess so!"

"Look, boys," Angela continued. "Suzie and I just showed you we don't NEED men! Since we love sharing Paul, we certainly don't need any OTHER men!"

The brass-bound leather chest was on the floor beside the bed. Angela got up and reached inside. "I think you need another demonstration. Anyway, I've always wanted to play with one of THESE!" she said, pulling a double-headed dildo from the toy box.

I'd seen pictures of double-headed dildos, but this was the first real one I'd encountered. Its thick vein-covered shaft was 1-1/2" thick and 18" long, ending in flaring super-realistic cock-heads. It was made of transparent purple material and looked like a giant piece of candy.

Suzie took the double-dong from Angela, staring at it as she ran her fingers over its surface. It was stiff but yielding, like an erect real penis. "Oh Angel!" she whispered. "You can fuck me now!"

"Yeah, Little Sister!" Angela agreed. "I'll fuck you good!" She turned to look at Bernie and Jeff. "Watch this, Boy Toys!"

Suzie kissed Angela, then moved to the bed. She lay on her back with her spread legs up, pulling her snatch open with her fingers. It was hot pink and gleaming with her juices.

Angela knelt beside Suzie on the bed. She'd discarded her half-bra and her big bare breasts hung down as she bent forward, positioning one of the dong's cock-heads against Suzie's pussy mouth. "I'm going to fuck you, Baby!" she purred.

Looking up at me, Angela said, "Paul, you can play with the Boy Toys. Do anything you want."

"Oh fuck, Angel!" Suzie moaned as Angela slid the purple dong up her hot wet snatch.

Bernie, Jeff and I stared as Suzie writhed on the bed, taking an amazing amount of the tool's length as Angela gradually pushed her toward orgasm.

I was leaking pre-cum just like Bernie and Jeff. As I stared at their cocks, I realized what I wanted. "On your knees, boys! Suck my dick!"

Angela's breasts swung hypnotically as she drove the dildo into Suzie's snatch. I stared at her as Bernie licked and sucked my left ball while Jeff took my right.

"Yeah, Boy Toys!" Angela cried from the bed. "Suck my Little Brother's big stiff cock!"

Bernie and Jeff licked their way up my stiff pole and took turns stroking my head with their tongues. Cuffed, they couldn't use their hands, but that didn't stop them from sending me into a new dimension of sexual pleasure.

Although Angela and Suzie loved playing with my penis, we'd all been so eager to fuck that we hadn't spent much time on oral sex. This was my first time with other men.

Bernie took my swollen cock-head in his mouth, clamping his lips around my corneal ring and probing my cum-slit with his tongue. "Oh fuck!" I whispered as my pole slid deep down Bernie's throat.

I knew what Bernie wanted as he looked up into my eyes. "I'm going to fuck your face, Boy Toy!" I growled, gripping the back of his head to hold it in place as I drove into his mouth.

Suzie screamed and thrashed, mauling her sexy little tits. "Oh Jesus!" she cried. "Fuck! . . . Fuck me Angel! . . . I'm going . . . Oh God, I'm cumming!"

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