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Playing Your Cards


My husband, Mike, and I have finally lived out our mutual fantasy of me having sex with another man while he watched.

We have been married for 15 years. My name is Candace, but everyone calls me Candy. I am 36 years old and still look pretty good. Although I never "work out," my very active life has maintained my figure pretty well. I am 5' 6", 150 pounds and measure 36(C), 25, 38, with long dark-brown hair, green eyes and medium to dark complexion. Mike is 39, 6' 1" and about 210 pounds. His job is very physical and it keeps his ample muscles firm.

We fell in love quickly after we started dating and began a love life that has had ups and downs. But over time the passion has just grown stronger. When we experienced "lulls" in our love life, we always found something new to add excitement. Now, we frequently use toys, fantasies, and erotic stories to keep things exciting. When we use stories, Mike usually reads to me while I play with myself, use toys, or suck his cock. When I read, he usually eats me out while I fondle his cock.

I noticed that there are a lot of stories about men who enjoy their wives/girlfriends having sex with other men. I get excited imagining that happening to me, but I wondered how Mike felt about it. Did the idea turn him on or did he just read these stories because he knows it turns me on? I asked him one evening when we were fantasy talking.

Mike admitted that the idea of me having sex with another man excited him, but only if I wanted and enjoyed it, not like some stories when a man gets his wife drunk or incapacitates her so his friends can have their way with her. He always imagined it happening when both of us wanted it, with a man that I found desirable. Of course, in the fantasy, the man was always a skillful lover and I enjoyed the experience.

He said that its not necessarily something that he wants to happen, but if it ever did, he could enjoy it. Still, it is always good fantasy material. Plus, in fantasies everything is so perfect. The man is gorgeous, well mannered and a great lover, and nothing ever goes wrong. It could be difficult for real life encounters to live up to our fantasies.

This discussion lead us to more hot sex and a better understanding of how we felt. We kept the idea in the realm of fantasy, but it was fun to talk about how we would make it happen. About a year later, we decided that we were both interested in experimenting with the idea. At first, we just looked for an opportunity to present itself to us. We had fun looking, but we never found the right man at the right time.

Realizing that this kind of thing may never "just happen," we considered ways that we could "make" it happen. I didn't think that I could "pick up" a man feel comfortable with personals ads or swingers clubs. We agreed to avoid those methods unless we fail to find a better way. Mike has several handsome friends. He asked if I thought his friends were sexy and if I would be interested if he could work something out with them. I said yes. We discussed ways of getting one of them to help us realize our fantasy, but we feared their reaction and the possibility that they would tell everyone we know.

Then we got an idea from a story we read one night. We have read many stories involving card games, a bunch of guys and a wife/girlfriend who ends up having sex with one or more of the players. Often, she became part of the kitty when her man ran out of chips.

This seemed like it could work. Mike plays poker occasionally with three friends. Although he is no poker master, he is much better than they are, and usually wins while the others take turns winning what's left. The guys he plays with are all attractive and single, although Barry is engaged. He suggested we use one of their poker nights to make something happen. I asked what his plan was. It went like this:

We understood that his plan would cost money because he would have to lose at the poker game, but we it was worth the risk and he should be able to make it back in future games. Mike invited the guys to our house and I made sure everyone had drinks and food. I dressed and moved around in a way to distract the guys and get them worked up.

Mike started out playing his best to get ahead. But before anyone went broke, he started losing hands. He was even able to affect who won some hands. Then he acted desperate, taking risks as if he was trying to win his money back. They even let him buy more chips, but he lost most of them. The guys all felt like they were finally beating Mike and they teased him.

After about an hour, Mike was ready to make the final move in our plan. With barely enough chips for one hand, he looked me inquisitively in the eyes. I nodded, indicating that I was ready. I stood behind Mike, and watched him bluff like he had a really good hand. Actually he did, but he broke up a flush by discarding three. His bluffing act was intentionally bad, and the guys suspected he was bluffing. His new cards did him no good, leaving him two pair. In the final round of betting, he raised the bet with few chips he had left. This scared off Ken and Jack and they folded, but Barry went in for the kill.

He was going to just call Mike's raise, but figured out that by raising, he would put Mike in a position with no chips to call. Mike asked if he could buy more chips. As we suspected, they said it was getting late. It wasn't that late, but they didn't want to give Mike a chance to win everything back.

Mike dramatically paused with a pensive expression, then motioned for me to come closer. He whispered some gibberish in my ear before asking, "Are you ready?"

I whispered back, with an unsettled expression for the benefit of the other guys. We whispered back and forth a few times, acting like he was trying to persuade me. Finally, I said "I don't care!" My voice was loud enough for everyone to hear me.

Mike offered to Barry that to call his raise, he would add a blow-job from me. This took the guys by surprise, but they were all in favor of the deal. Barry won the hand and called me over to pay up. Mike said, "Wait! Give me one chance to win Candy's honor back!"

Barry asked what he had in mind. Mike said, "We all cash in our chips. Then Barry and I play one final hand, head to head. If I win, Candy is mine. If I lose, she's your slave for 15 minutes!" I acted like I didn't like the deal, but I was delighted when Barry accepted it. The cards were dealt and Mike made sure he lost.

I acted bitter toward Mike and strutted over to Barry. I said, since my own husband doesn't value me, I'm going to show him what he just lost!" I bent over and gave Barry a super-hot, open-mouthed kiss. He squeezed my ass with one hand and fondled my tits with the other. It felt so exciting to have another man do this to me, but I broke the kiss and stood up. Before Barry could object that his 15 minutes weren't up yet, I grabbed his hand. "CUM with me, we will be more CUMfortable in the living room. Barry did not get up right away, so I took my top off, baring my breasts for him and the other guys.

Then I turned and walked into the living room. Barry (and the others) followed me. I sat Barry down on a soft chair and immediately reached for his fly. After it was opened and his belt was undone, he lifted his ass so I could pull his pants and shorts off. Then I grabbed his cock, put it in my mouth, and started my best oral action on Barry. I exaggerated my moans for effect, but I did enjoy being so naughty. Barry's cock was rock hard in no time. I took it out of my mouth to appreciate its rigid state. Barry's cock was a little bigger than Mike's, mostly in width.

I looked back at Mike while I continued to stroke Barry's cock with my hand. "Aren't you sorry you lost me playing poker?" Mike shook his head no. Acting pissed, I stripped and moved to our sofa. I laid down, totally naked, and spread my legs, asking Barry if he would like to eat me out. Without saying a word, his tongue spoke volumes. Like a flash, his head was between my legs and his mouth locked on my most intimate parts. Barry was actually pretty good at oral sex and I did not have to "act" like I was enjoying his attention. I started my ascent to an orgasm, and with my breathing becoming ragged, I asked Mike if he was sorry yet. He again denied it.

I was getting more excited by the minute when I noticed Jack rubbing the bulge in his pants. I begged, "Jack, drop your pants and give me your cock. In seconds, I had his hard cock in my mouth and Barry was still licking me toward my climax. When I started wailing from my orgasm, Jack lost it and filled my mouth with hot cum. I swallowed it all and praised Jack for its sweet, creamy taste.

I could tell that Barry wanted more action, so I moved to the floor and got on all fours. "Would you like to fuck me doggy-style?" Staring directly at my juicy, puffy cunt lips, there was no way he could say no. As he got into position to enter me from behind, I reached back and squeezed his cock, holding it so the head was touching my outer lips. I asked Mike again if he was sorry and he said no. With that, I released Barry's cock and pushed back, forcing Barry's thick hard pole to pop inside me.

I looked back at Mike and he just smiled so I told Ken to give me his cock. He dropped his pants, kicked them off, knelt in front of me and presented me with the biggest cock of the bunch. It wasn't quite hard yet, but was already over 9" long, with a big beautiful head. While Barry was pumping in and out of my hot pussy, I devoured Ken's cock and did everything I could to coax it to maximum hardness and size (over 10" for sure). I almost enjoyed sucking Ken as much as fucking Barry. I had reached a pleasure plateau, just below a full orgasm. I told Jack to slide under me and suck my big tits.

That was too much for me. A moment after I felt his mouth draw my nipple in, I saw flashes of light and lost all control. I screamed and yelled and came so hard that my juices flowed down both mine and Barry's legs. Ken shot off, giving me more cum than I could swallow. Then Barry drove his cock hard into me and held it at the deepest point while it spasmed, blasting his hot juice against my inner walls. We all kept moving for a while until I started "cumming down."

When we untangled our bodies I stood up and thanked my new lovers for the greatest sex I ever had. I didn't exaggerate, either. Sex never felt that good before.

Barry looked directly at Mike, commenting, "At least we appreciate a sexy woman." Jack and Ken wanted to fuck me too, but I said that was for the winner only. They were disappointed, but accepted my decision.

I stayed naked while the guys got dressed and grabbed their poker money. Before they left, I wrapped my arms around each one of them and gave them each a big, wet kiss while I allowed their hands to roam over my body, squeezing my tits and even finger-fucking me.

Ken was the last one in line, and I whispered in his ear, "Maybe sometime you can win me. I would like that." The biggest smile beamed across his face as he went out the door. As soon as they left, I hugged Mike and thanked him for the evening. Although he could not take complete credit for the idea, his performance was worth an Oscar.

"So,...How did you like it?" he asked as his voice's inflection dragged on.

"It was so incredible, better than I ever fantasized from the stories. And now I'll give you what you deserve, if you don't mind sloppy seconds!" We ran to the bedroom and fucked like crazy while I told him all about how it felt to have the three guys satisfy me. I told him how I enjoyed everything. I finished my description of the evening by telling Mike how I would love to try out Ken's huge cock sometime. That comment caused Mike to lose control and blast off inside me with a huge groan.

We didn't have to wait until the next poker game for my opportunity with Ken. About a week later, he called me while Mike was at work. He was obviously nervous and stammered out a pathetically cute proposition. I calmly said, "Sure! Stop by around 9:00. Don't worry about Mike. I'll take care of him!"

By 9:00, Mike and I already had supper and he helped me bathe and select the clothes I would wear for Ken. Then I had Mike strip and sit in an upholstered chair in our bedroom so I could tie his arms and legs to the chair. He could easily break lose if he wanted, but I knew he would play along. Mike sat and watched me get ready to have sex with his friend. He enjoyed seeing me apply my makeup and put on my sexiest undies, nylons and a lacy garter belt and finished with a silk blouse, mini skirt and 3" stiletto-heeled shoes. I looked like a tramp, with my garters visible below my skirt. I seductively walked toward Mike and asked what he thought. "You have never looked hotter!"

I grabbed my perfume sprayer and applied a light mist on me and sprayed some toward Mike, so he could smell me all night.

We didn't wait long for Ken to arrive. I left the bedroom to answer the door, leaving Mike alone to imagine what was happening down the hall. I let Ken inside and greeted him with a kiss. I stayed there a while before taking Ken to our bedroom, just to make Mike squirm a little. When we entered the room, Mike saw my blouse was open and Ken had red lipstick on his face and neck.

When Ken saw Mike, I explained that I was still mad at Mike for losing me and his final punishment was to watch us have sex. I asked Mike if he was sorry, and as I coached him earlier, he pathetically said "Yes."

I turned to Ken and took off my blouse and skirt, standing in my sexy undies, garter, nylons and high-heels. Ken's mouth hung open and his eyes became huge. I went to him and kissed him, open-mouthed and really passionate before I helped him undress. Before pulling his silk boxers down, I dropped to my knees so his cock was at eye/mouth level. It already was "tenting" the fabric of his shorts and I rubbed the silky fabric against him a little before pulling his shorts down.

While Ken stepped out of them I sucked as much of his huge cock into my mouth as I could. I savored the taste and feel of his growing organ in my mouth while my hand glided along the shaft. Since he had already cum in my mouth after the poker party, I wanted to save his orgasm for my cunt. When his cock was fully erect, I went to the bed. Ken joined me and we kissed and explored our bodies. I was ready to fuck, but Ken wanted to taste my juicy cunt. He gave me about 5 minutes of exquisite oral sex and my first orgasm. While he was "down there," I took off my bra and played with my hard nipples.

Ken kissed up my body, stopping at my nipples for a while and then rolled onto his back, pulling me on top. I mounted him with a slow decent, until all of him was buried in my stretched pussy. We started a slow rhythm that built up tempo until I came again. Ken loved the feel of my hot juices washing down his big, hard cock. When I settled down a little, we changed to the doggie position (my favorite) and Ken fucked me really hard. I was waiting for his cum to fill me up at any time, but I had two more climaxes before he lost control and shot all his cum into my hot, hungry pussy. It felt so incredible, I had my final orgasm of the night.

We fell to the bed and hugged and kissed, whispering praise to each other and feeling wonderful. I turned to Mike to ask if he enjoyed the show. His erection stood up proudly, answering for him. I told Ken to wash up and get dressed, while I finished Mike off orally. I left Mike tied up while I walked Ken to the door, his arm wrapped behind my naked back. He shyly asked if we could do this again sometime. I said, "I don't know, maybe." and left it at that. We kissed at the door and he left.

When I returned to the bedroom, Mike was lying on the bed, smiling. We talked about how it felt for me and what it was like for him. I really loved how Ken gave me so many orgasms. Mike quickly got hard again, and we fucked while talking about what had just happened.

Now, all the poker games are held at our house. Mike still usually wins, unless we decide to have more sex fun. The guys are always excited with anticipation of what may happen each night, particularly if Mike starts losing. Now they play every Wednesday. About once a month I fuck the winner and give oral sex to the others. I also have invited Ken back (alone) twice. He is by far my favorite of the three. His big cock gets so hard and feels so good inside me and he can fuck for so long before cumming. Mike still watches, but doesn't need to be tied down.

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