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Playmate Vs Playmate


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe.

This and all of the other stories we write are for entertainment purposes only. If you do not like what we choose to write about, Literotica offers many other stories for you to read instead.


After the Smackdown Taping on April 17, 2003, John Cena, the Doctor of Thuganomics and new Number One Contender to the WWE Championship at the upcoming Backlash Pay-Per-View Spectacular, is walking around in the backstage area. Dressed in black sneakers and blue jean shorts, the hot muscular superstar heads back to his locker room to get his stuff when he hears some commotion coming from around a corner. John can hear that the there are two women yelling at each other, and when he goes to check it out, he gets a bit of a smile on his face as he sees both of the WWE's Playboy Playmates, Sable and Torrie Wilson in the middle of an argument.

"I'm a former Women's Champion...try to beat that Torrie!" Sable slightly yells as she places her hands on her hips, dressed in tight, short black shirt and a black top.

Torrie Wilson, the latest WWE Diva to grace the cover of Playboy magazine folds her arms over her chest "Sable...my issue did sell more copies, then yours did...you washed up hag..." Torrie responds, dressed in a short, tight pair of jean shorts and a light pink tank top.

Sable laughs as she flips her blonde hair back "Ohhh don't make me laugh! You're an amateur compared to someone as oh...so...Sablicious as me..." Meanwhile, John remains standing at the corner of the hallway, and he folds his arms across his chest as he continues to ease drop on the argument between Sable and Torrie. He has an amused look on his face as he wonders if the two SmackDown divas are going to get into a catfight.

"Amateur!?" Torrie yells as she throws her hands down "You're just jealous because, you know and everyone else knows that I am simply better then you!" Torrie says as she pokes Sable's shoulder with her left index finger.

Sable narrows her eyes as she shakes her head "Don't you ever touch me you skank!" Sable says as she pushes Torrie slightly.

John's smile gets wider as he sees Sable and Torrie get more heated. Not wanting to see either one get into trouble for causing a disruption backstage, the Doctor of Thuganomics steps around he corner and walks towards both blond haired divas, "Yo, Yo, Yo... what's all the heat going on back here..." John says as he stands between the two arguing Playboy Covergirls.

Sable grits her teeth as she points at Torrie "This amateur think she's in my league!" Sable yells as Torrie folds her arms and looks at John.

"John...this old whore can't face facts that she's past her prime!" Torrie yells.

Sable laughs, tilting her head back "John...she's just jealous that all the men come to see me...and all the women, like HER, just want to be me!"

John tries to keep himself serious as he listens to both divas, "So...you each think you're better than the other..." John says as he acts like he's pondering their argument. "I don't know ladies... cause I've taken both your Playboys... held it up.. and... uh never mind..." John laughs a bit as he changes what he's going to say, "Maybe you two need to just... I dunno... have a contest to see who's better."

Sable rolls her eyes "Oh please...I know I'm better then HER!" Sable says as she folds her arms and turns her back to Torrie.

Torrie shakes her head "No...there's no way YOU'RE better then ME!" Torrie yells before she glances at John and nods her head "And maybe John's right... maybe WE should have a contest! Unless...you're afraid of losing to me..." Torrie says as she folds her arms with a smirk.

Sable turns back to Torrie and shakes her head "Oh I'm not of afraid of losing to an amateur!"

John nods his head, "All right, since you two are going to have a contest... you need a referee... and I nominate... me..." John says as he raises his hand as a bit of a joke, "So... what are you two going to do to settle it... something physical?"

"How about I just slap the bitch across the face!" Sable yells as she raises her right hand up as Torrie flinches and slightly backs away in case Sable would strike at her.

John quickly steps between them and faces Sable, "Whoa... easy there Sable... don't need to get all hot under the collar..." John says as he looks at the former Women's Champion black top that covers her chest, "Although you getting hot won't be a bad thing in the right situation."

Sable smirks as she raises her eyebrow, mischievously "What about...a fuck-off?" Sable suggests and then glances at Torrie "But...I bet you're not up for it..."

Torrie folds her arms and looks at Sable "Oh...I can be up for it."

John looks at both smoking hot divas and licks his lips, "Shit I know I'm going to be up for it..." John says with a big smile on his face, "What do ya'll say we get out of this hallway and go have this fuck-off...." John suggests as he looks at Torrie and then at Sable.

Sable presses her lips together and smirks as she looks at Torrie "If Torrie was really up for it...she wouldn't mind doing it right here..." Sable says as she places her hands on her hips.

Torrie narrows her eyes at Sable "Right here? You got it BITCH!" Torrie yells.

Sable nods her head "Alright...and seeing as I am so kind, I'll let you go first..." Sable says before turning towards John "John...drop those shorts."

John Cena licks his lips, "Hey you don't have to be so pushy... I'll drop them when I'm ready..." John says as he unbuckles the belt that is holding his jean shorts up. The Number One Contender to the WWE Championship proceeds to unbutton and unzips his shorts, then pushes them down from his waist to his feet. After he steps out of them, John Cena takes off the black boxer shorts that he's also wearing, and when he's done, he's standing between both divas, with his thirteen inch cock hanging between his muscular legs.

Sable folds her arms and smirks as she looks down checking out the size of John's cock. Sable nods her head impress as Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as her soft eyes lock on his hard, thick cock. Torrie licks her lips "Mmm...I glad I am first..." Torrie says as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of John and places her hands against his thighs as she leans her head in and licks her tongue gently against the head on his cock. Sable rolls her eyes as she turns away with her arms still folded over her large chest.

John places his hands on his hips as he looks down at Torrie as she licks the head of his cock, causing his shaft to slowly become hard and rigid without Torrie touching it with her hands. "And I'm glad some one went first...." John says with a bit of a moan as he watches the gorgeous Torrie Wilson. Torrie closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue around his cock before she starts to guide her wet, tender tongue along the length of his hard shaft. Sable gradually looks back over at Torrie as the latest Playboy Playmate is on her knees in front of the Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena, working her tongue all over his cock. Sable shakes her head and rolls her eyes once again at Torrie's efforts. "Whew... damn girl... you sure know how to get a rise out of me..." John says with a moan while praising Torrie as she licks every inch of his meaty cock, coating it with her warm saliva. John looks at Sable and grins a bit, "You're going to h ave...mmmm... a tough job... doing better than Torrie..."

Sable grits her teeth slightly as she glares at Torrie "She doesn't know anything when it comes to sucking dick..." Sable says as she rolls her eyes yet again. Torrie lets out a soft moan as she opens her mouth and takes John Cena's cock into her warm, wet mouth. Torrie wraps her lips around his shaft and starts to bob her head against his cock.

John puts his left hand on top of Torrie head and groans with pleasure as Torrie sucks on his cock slowly and tenderly. "Oh... I think she knows... a thing or two about it..." John replies to Sable while he feels Torrie's soft lips moving back and forth on his shaft as she bobs on his dick.

Torrie moans softly against John's cock as she lifts her eyes up slowly and looks up at John while she bobs her head a bit quicker along his shaft as her soft lips rub and glide against this shaft. Sable shakes her head "Such an amateur..."

Hearing Sable's comments, John looks at her with a smirk on his face, "Well... if you think you can do better... mmmm...." John pauses as Torrie lowers head down on his shaft and keeps most of his cock in her mouth for a minute before resuming bobbing her head at a quick pace on his dick. John then continues what he was going to say to Sable, "If you're so good.... how about you come over and show me... what you got Sable."

Sable smirks "Gladly..." Sable says as she steps over and taps Torrie on the shoulder. Torrie slowly lifts her head up from John's cock and raises her eyebrow as she looks up at Sable. Sable presses her lips together "My turn amateur..." Sable says as she kneels down on the floor and pushes Torrie out of her away. Torrie stands up and grits her teeth as she glares at Sable, folding her arms. Sable licks her lips as she flips her blonde hair back and opens her warm, wet mouth. Sable leans her head in and takes John's cock into her warm, Sablicious mouth and begins to bob her head smoothly on John's cock.

John's body tenses up at how smoothly the original WWE Playboy Diva sucks his meaty cock, "Whoa... okay... you... got some tricks too..." John says as he puts both of his strong hands on Sable's head and pushes her hair back. John looks at Torrie and licks his lips, "But you're pretty damn good too..."

Torrie narrows her eyes as she locks her soft eyes on Sable and shakes her head "Of course she's doing better...she's had more practice!" Sable ignores Torrie's insult as she starts to bob her head quicker along John's shaft as her warm saliva drips onto John's cock while she slaps her tongue against his shaft. The wicked Sable opens her mouth a bit wider as she lowers her head further down on his cock, taking more of his cock into her warm, saliva-dripping mouth.

John moans a bit louder as Sable devours his hot juicy cock with her Sablicious mouth, "Ahhh... hey... I didn't... say she was better... I'm not going to... just... judge on this...." John says to Torrie while he starts moving his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out between Sable's lips as he feels her tongue whip saliva against the underside of his thick dick. Sable slowly lifts her head up from John's cock, flipping her blonde hair back as she string of her saliva drips down on John's shaft. Sable closes her eyes as she leans forward again and presses the tip of her tongue against the head on John's cock and begins to circle her tongue around the surface of the head of his cock.

John bites his own tongue as he watches Sable's tongue go around and around the big tip of his stiff dick, "Uhhh shit... whew..." John looks down at Sable and then at Torrie, "Hey... it's about even... in the sucking dick department with you two... But..." John pauses for a short moment to moans, "Ahhh... but which of you... is the better... chick... to fuck?"

Sable lifts her eyes up and gazes up at John as she taps her tongue against the head of his cock. Torrie smirks and places her left hand on her left hip "Ohhh...I know I have that won!" Torrie says proudly "I'm younger and can last longer then a washed up whore."

Sable grits her teeth as she pulls her head away from John's cock and shakes her head as she stands up "Listen her amateur...I have it won!"

John chuckles a bit, "Hey... oh about... you both get naked... and we can find out..." John says as he looks at both still clothed Playboy Covergirls, "And while we're at it... I'll fuck you both in your favorite positions so it's fair... now... who's going to go first?"

Sable smirks as she stands up from being on her knees on the floor of the hallway "I'm going first!" Sable says as she starts to remove her black single-pieced outfit.

John licks his lips and nods his head, "All right... that's cool... now... how do you want to... get fucked?" John asks as he watches the Sable remove her beautiful black outfit, slowly revealing more of her smooth lightly tanned skin.

"Mmmm...how about doggystyle?" Sable says with a smirk as she steps out of her single-piece outfit, now standing completely naked in front of John.

Torrie narrows her eyes as she glares at Sable "Doggystyle, huh? Is that because you're a bitch?" Torrie asks with a laugh.

Sable replies with a sarcastic laugh "Oh...how clever.."

"Nothing wrong any hot babe wanting to get fucked doggy style...." John says he looks at Sable large, slightly mature tits. "Now... let's get down to business... and remember... I'm not going to be biased..." John says as he takes a longer look at Sable's chest before he drops down to his knees on the floor.

Sable licks her lips as she kneels down on the floor with John at first facing the Doctor of Thuganomics "Oh sure you won't..." Sable says with a wink before places her hands on John's strong shoulder and kisses John.

John kisses Sable back as he places his hands Sable's slender hips. The Doctor of Thuganomics slides his tongue forward and into Sable's warm wet mouth, and flicks his tongue against Sable's before he breaks the kiss, "Hey... I'm going to be fair..." John says with a smirk as he starts to turn Sable around.

Sable smirks as she turns completely around with her back facing John as she sits on her knees. Sable then leans over and places her hands down on the floor, into the classic doggystyle position. Torrie points at John "Hey! That wasn't fair...you just like totally made out with her!"

John shrugs his shoulders, "Hey... making out is part of fucking..." John says as he puts his right hand on Sable's waist and uses his left to guide his cock into Sable's warm wet Sablicious pussy. Once his cock is inside of her, the hot muscular Doctor of Thuganomics begins thrusting his hard thick thirteen inch dick in and out of Sable's cunt.

Sable licks her lips as she feels John's cock begin to thrust in and out of her tight, hot pussy "Mmmm...yesss, ohhh yess.." Sable moans tilting her head back before the original WWE Playboy Covergirl begins to push herself back against John's cock, keeping her knees and hands firmly planted on the floor of the hallway.

John grits his teeth as he drives his cock deeper and harder into Sable's hot pussy. "Uhhh... whoa... damn you're tight...as... fuck..." John grunts as Sable pushes back hard against him so that her bubble like ass presses up firmly against his waist. John puts both of his hands on Sable's lower back and plows his cock faster into her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah...mmmmm...that's not an amateur pussy, now is it?" Sable moans as John powerfully drives his cock deeper into her warm pussy. Torrie folds her arms and grits her teeth as she watches her rival Sable getting banged from behind by John Cena.

John licks his lips as he fucks the foxy diva with swift sharp thrusts, "Hey... you got a great... fucking pussy..." John replies as he continues to plunge his cock in and out of Sable. He looks at Torrie who is looking more and more pissed as she watches him fucks Sable, "Hey... Torrie... you should get ready... you know... get naked..." Torrie shakes her head as she glares at Sable who is enjoy every moment that John is fucking her sweet, warm pussy. Torrie starts to lift her light pink tanktop off of her body before she begins to unbutton her short, tight jean shorts. John starts to sweat as he begins to slow down his thrusts. The Doctor of Thuganomics watches Torrie as she removed her pink tanktop from her body, and he licks his lips as he sees Torrie's hot big tits become free from her light pink tanktop. "Damn... those tits are gorgeous..." John says as he stops fucking Sable's pussy and pulls out of her.

Sable grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder at John "What do you think you're doing!" Sable yells as Torrie begins to lower her short, tight jean shorts down her smooth and tanned legs to reveal her shaven, hot pussy.

John looks back at Sable and smirks, "Hey it's Torrie's turn... I gotta be fair..." John replies as he looks back at Torrie, "So, Torrie... what's your favorite position..." John says as he looks at the 2003 Playboy Diva's smooth pussy.

Torrie licks her lips "Mmm...I love being on top..."

John grins, "I bet you do..." John says as he moves away from Sable and lays down in the hallway near Torrie. His large rock hard cock points straight up as he puts his hands behind his head, "I'm ready when you are Torrie..."

Torrie smiles "Ohhh I'm ready John..." Torrie says as she begins to approach the Doctor of Thuganomics.

Sable rolls her eyes "Oh...I'm ready John..." Sable says in a tone, mocking Torrie's comment. Torrie turns and looks at Sable with a sly smirk before she mounts herself on top of John's cock and begins to ride his cock as she places her soft hands on his muscular chest.

John groans happily as Torrie moves back and forth on his stiff pole as she slides her soft hands over his hairless chest. "Ohhh fuck... damn... I can't tell... which of you... have a tighter pussy...." John says as he puts his hands on Torrie's waist and begins to make the hot young blond diva bounce on his shaft. Sable shakes her head as she glares at Torrie, while the latest Diva to pose for Playboy starts to bounce quicker on John's cock as she rocks back and forth on his cock, gently yanking on his thirteen-inch tool. John licks his lips as he starts to thrust his thick thirteen-inch cock up into Torrie's pussy. The Doctor of Thuganomics perfectly times his thrusts so that every time he shoots his dick upward, it's when Torrie is dropping down on his dick. "Ahhh yeah... damn... this is a tough... contest..." John says as he looks over at Sable.

Sable shakes her head "Torrie you're such a wannabe..." Sable says with disgust.

John sits up a bit on the floor so he's looking right over Torrie's shoulder at Sable, "Chill Sable... Torrie's no... wannabe... you and her... are pretty damn equal..." John grunts as Torrie rides his cock harder.

Sable folds her arms "We are not equal! Torrie is an amateur!" Sable yells as Torrie smirks as she rides John's cock quicker, slamming herself harder on his cock.

"And you're a washed up bitch, Sable!" Torrie says with a slight moan.

John groans, "Hey... look... I'll... give you each... one more... to show why are you are better than the other... and now... it's Sable's turn again...." John says as starts to lift Torrie off of his cock.

Torrie frowns a bit "Awww...John..."

Sable smirks and folds her arms, "Looks like he got bored with you Torrie..."

"Hey I didn't get bored...I just want to make sure you all get a fair chance... and now... I'll give you each... a specialty to do..." John says as he licks his lips.

Sable grins lustfully, "Ohhhh I have many specialties... that makes every man want me... and every tramp..." Sable looks at Torrie and smirks, "They want to be me..." Sable says as she to grind her hips.

Torrie glares at her, "So what's your specialty..."

Sable licks his lips, "My Sablicious ass...." Sable replies as she turns around and puts both her hands flat on the hallway wall. She spreads her legs apart and sticks her round ass out, and then looks over her shoulder at John, "No man can get enough of it..."

John stands up from the floor and smirks a bit, "We'll see..." John says as he moves to stand behind Sable. As Torrie folds her arms and pouts angrily, John bends his knees a bit and stabs Sable's asshole with his thirteen-inch rod. Sable moans and bites her bottom lip as John begins to thrust his cock in and out of her tight asshole. John wraps his right arm around Sable's waist and puts his left hand on the wall as he continues to plunge his dick into her ass.

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