tagLesbian SexPlaytime for Angela

Playtime for Angela


"Are they here yet!?"

"Not yet my sweet, you have to be patient Beth."

"I'm sorry Annie," said Beth, jumping up from the settee where she was sitting. "I just can't wait to play with her."

"You have nothing to apologise for my sweet," said Annie, who stood at the side of the large front window, watching the long gravel driveway. Her dark eyes took in every inch of the garden, not even missing the birds, or the cat that hid in the bushes, watching them hungrily.

Beth moved over to the window, standing behind Annie. She slipped her arms around Annie's waist and pressed her body against Annie's. Beth kissed Annie's neck under her short dark brown hair.

"Mmmm!" Was Annie's response, leaning her tall athletic body against Beth's, loving the way her firm breasts, her erect nipples, pressed into her back.

She kissed her neck again, her tongue lightly brushing against Annie's smooth skin. Beth's hand moved slowly, softly over Annie's flat, hard stomach, reaching for her groin. Her fingers found Annie's clitoris through the material of her trousers and began pressing down on it, gently rubbing it.

"No my sweet," said Annie, her hands gripped Beth's, squeezing them gently, affectionately, stopping Beth from going any further. "Not now, I need to concentrate. So do you."

"I want to play," said Beth, nuzzling Annie's neck. "I want to play with you!"

"I know my sweet, And I want to play with you, but they'll be here soon. You want to help her, don't you?"" said Annie, forcing herself to concentrate, forcing herself to fight her desires.

"Yes Annie, I like to help other women." said Beth, continuing to kiss and nibble at Annie's neck. "But whe we get home I'm going to play with you. Make my Annie scream!"

Annie blushed, her face turning a bright shade of scarlet, amazed that Beth could make her blush like a giddy schoolgirl.

"They're here my sweet," said Annie, as a large silver Mercedes pulled into the drive. "Get yourself ready. Do you remember what you're supposed to do?"

"Put the rag over her mouth and keep it there until she falls asleep," replied Beth pleased with herself and starting to dance around the living room in excitement.

Annie watched the exuberant Beth as she failed to contain her excitement. Her eyes softened, as they always do when she looks at Beth. It still amazed Annie, that after all she'd seen, experienced, all she'd done, that she had found someone as wonderful as Beth. Every time she looked at her, it felt like she was falling in love all over again. She shook herself out of her reverie.

"Come on now my sweet, get yourself ready," said Annie, as she moved towards the door leading to the hall.

Beth went to a black sports bag in front of the fireplace. She took a bottle and a rag from it. Soaking the rag with the clear liquid, being careful not to put it anywhere near her face, she put the bottle back in the bag, then went to stand near the door next to Annie.

"Quiet now," whispered Annie.

"Sshh!" Beth put her finger over her lips, then bit her bottom lip to stop herself from giggling.

Angela Morris looked at her husband Thomas, who drove the car into their driveway, concern plastered over her face. After 27 years of marriage to Thomas, she was used to his ways, his good points (which are very few) and his bad points ( which seem many), but his latest stunt! That was his worst!

Stealing the savings, the investments and pensions of all those people! In all the years she'd known him, all those get rich quick schemes, this couldn't be beaten.

She'd put up with his affairs, which better be a thing of the past, if he new what was good for him. Staying loyal, standing by him, through thick and thin. Looking back, it seemed more thick than thin. Divorce had never been an option, she'd been brought up to believe a woman's duty was to be faithful to her husband. Love, honour and obey, but a small part of her was beginning to wonder?

"Not long now Angela," said Thomas cheerfully. "Soon we'll be living the good life in the sun."

"It doesn't seem right Thomas," said Angela, doubt filling her heart. "All those people who've lost their savings, their pensions gone."

"Only the strong survive," replied Thomas, no sympathy in his voice. "The weak don't deserve our sympathy."

"Why can't we go together?" Asked Angela, brushing her auburn hair out of her eyes. Concern showed on her face.

"It's best if we go separately so as to avoid suspicion," said Thomas. "Don't worry about it Angela, just think of the fun we're going to have."

As soon as they entered the house and locked the front door, as they walked down the hall towards the kitchen, they struck.

All Angela saw was someone dressed in black suddenly appear and attack Thomas. Thomas screamed in pain as fists and feet struck him. Before Angela could say or do anything, an arm circled her neck and a cloth quickly covered her mouth. A sweet smell filled her nostrils and the world seemed to spin as darkness slowly descended on her brain. Someone was giggling, excitedly in her ear. "Time to sleep!" A feminine voice whispered. As she fell unconscious, she saw Thomas crumpling to the floor, cries of pain spilling from his mouth. Then darkness fell on her.

Angela came to, a bit at a time, darkness still seemed to fill her mind. She moaned as consciousness slowly came back to her.

"She's waking up!" An excited female voice sang out.

"That's good my sweet," said another more harsher female voice. "You'll soon be able to play."

Angela's vision was blurred, all she could see was vague shapes. Slowly though, her vision cleared and she got a good look at the two people who stood over her. She tried to move her arms, but they were tied to the brass headboard with some of her nylons. Trying to move her legs ended in failure. Each ankle was held in place by one of her nylons to. Then realisation came to her.

She was naked, spread eagled on her bed, tied down, helpless.

Sitting on the edge of the bed smiling down at her, was possibly one of the most beautiful women Angela had ever seen.

She looked to be in her twenties, possibly mid-twenties at most. Long blonde hair framed a perfectly formed face. A round bright face, with natural sensuous lips, that some of her friends had payed a lot of money for. Her blue eyes sparkled with life, seeming to brighten up her pretty face. The jeans and pink blouse did nothing to hide her shapely 5'5" body.She looked to be in her twenties, possibly mid-twenties at most. Long blonde hair framed a perfectly formed face. A round bright face, with natural sensuous lips, that some of her friends had payed a lot of money for. Her blue eyes sparkled with life, seeming to brighten up her pretty face. The jeans and pink blouse did nothing to hide her shapely 5'5" body.

There was something about the blonde woman that Angela couldn't put her finger on. Some cruel people would say she was retarded, but that wasn't it. There was a childlike innocence about her, but there seemed to be something else behind her eyes that she could quite grasp.

By the window, leaning back against the wall, was the second woman. She was much taller than the blonde woman, about 5'10" and was slender, her black trousers showing off the long length of her legs. Her short dark brown hair highlighted a sharp featured face. Was her nose a little too big? Maybe. Was her mouth a little too wide? Could be. But they didn't take anything away from her beauty. Where the blonde haired woman's complexion was fair, the dark haired woman's complexion was a natural olive.

Her age was hard to read, she could have been in her thirties or early forties, the harsh lines of her face made her age hard to figure out. There was a cold-blooded look in her eyes that frightened Angela. She had never seen eyes filled with such hate and violence before.

"Let us go!" Shouted Thomas with a mixture of rage and fear. Angela couldn't see him hog-tied on the floor, in front of the bed. On his hands and knees, his naked backside up in the air, trussed up securely with ropes. "You can't do this to us!"

"Quiet!" Hissed the dark haired woman.

"I don't like your husband." Whispered the blonde woman, leaning forward and placing her hand on Angela's bare arm. "But I like you. You're nice."

"Wh...what do you want?" Asked Angela, feelingly self-conscious of her nudity.

"I'm going to play with you!" Giggled the blonde woman.

"Play!?" Angela was confused, afraid, she had no idea what she meant.

"We're going to have so much fun," said the blonde woman. Her fingers began to move up her arm, softly onto her shoulder, up her neck. Angela jerked, trying to get away from her touch, but there was nothing she could do. "You're so pretty. You have a beautiful body for a woman of your age."

"Please leave me alone!" Pleaded Angela, revolted at the woman's touch, but confused at the not unpleasant tickling sensation as the woman's fingers moved gently over her body. "Get off me! Please!"

"Ssshhh!" She whispered, continuing to run her fingers softly over Angela's body, tracing the valley between her breasts, down to her flat stomach. "Relax, I won't hurt you!"

"Nnnooo!" Screamed Angela, as she fought her bonds and the tingling in her stomach caused by those soft fingers. "Leave me alone! Don't touch me!"

"Leave her alone! You freaks" Shouted Thomas. Unable to see Angela on the bed, but able to hear her protests.

"Beth?" asked the dark haired woman.

"Yes Annie?" Beth turned her head to look at Annie, while continuing to stroke Angela's stomach.

"Did you remember to bring the bag up with you?" Asked Annie.

Beth, her face screwed up in deep concentration, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she looked around the bedroom. "I left it downstairs. Sorry Annie."

The harsh lines on Annie's face softened, her eyes seemed to grow tender and a smile appeared on her face. She almost looked like a completely different woman. "No need to apologise my sweet. Why don't you run downstairs and get it!?"

Beth's face broke out in a big smile, making her more beautiful than she already was. She jumped off the bed and ran to the bedroom door. Stopping in her tracks, she turned around and ran to Annie by the window, throwing her arms around her waist.

Angela could see Annie's face from her position on the bed. It was plain from her expression how much she loved Beth, all the hate and violence vanished from her eyes. There was so much tenderness in them now as she looked at Beth, it was in stark contrast to the gaze she had given Thomas and herself.

Beth kissed Annie on the lips, a slow gentle kiss, a caress of lips on lips. There tongues met, entwined, embracing each other.

Thomas watched them kiss from his vantage point on the floor, his mouth wide open with shock. He could feel himself getting aroused, his cock starting to get hard.

Angela watched from the bed, disgusted at the sight of these two women, locked in a passionate kiss. To her horror, she was strangely turned on at what she was seeing.

"Go on," said Annie, unlocking her lips from Beth's and slapping her playfully on her bottom. "Go and get the bag."

Beth giggled and ran to the door. Stopping in the doorway she turned her head, looking directly at Angela, and said, "don't go anywhere!" She giggled again and ran downstairs.

"Look," said Thomas, terrified. "I'll give you money if you just let us go. We won't tell the police."

"Oh you won't be telling anyone, once we're finished with you!" Replied Annie, a cruel grin on her face. "Money!? What money!? We took care of that! We found all the money you stole and returned it to it's rightful owners."

"How!?" Asked a shocked Thomas. "That's impossible!"

"People look at my Beth and don't take her seriously, they think she's stupid, slow, but there's so much more to her. She isn't clever in some respects, but when it comes to computers, she's a genius! There's nothing she can't do with a computer. It was quite easy for her to find where you hid the money and to take it back."

"Bitch!" Screamed Thomas.

Annie laughed, she sounded genuinely happy at Thomas' reaction. Then she turned her fierce gaze on Angela.

"Aaahhh!" Cried out Angela as Annie grabbed a handful of Angela's hair and yanked her head to one side.

"My Beth is the most precious thing in my life. I love her dearly and will do anything to make her happy. I will hurt anyone who even upsets her." Hissed Annie, yanking on Angela's hair again to emphasise her point. "You will do whatever she tells you to do. Don't worry, you'll enjoy yourself. My Beth has me screaming every single time. If you don't do as exactly as she says, I'll be the one playing with you! And I'll have you screaming for an entirely different reason! Do you understand?"

"Y...yes!" Replied a terrified Angela.

"Good girl!" Said Annie, a smile on her face, but not in her eyes. She stroked Angela's head, smoothing down her hair she'd been holding it. "Don't worry, you're going to have a great time!""Good girl!" Said Annie, a smile on her face, but not in her eyes. She stroked Angela's head, smoothing down her hair she'd been holding it. "Don't worry, you're going to have a great time!"

"But I couldn't," said a nervous Angela. "Not with her. She's...."

"Unique!" Said Annie, interrupting Angela, as she stood up from the bed. "That's the word I think you were looking for!? It better be!" Annie's face grew cold and cruelty invaded her eyes. "There are times she's not the brightest, she knows that herself, but she's still a woman. An amazing woman!"

"Found it," said Beth, excitedly, as she skipped into the bedroom carrying the black sports bag.

"Good," said Annie, while walking over to stand at the side of the window again.

Beth's face was flushed with excitement as she put the bag down at the foot of the bed.

"Time to play!" Said Beth, a huge grin on her face.

Beth started to strip in front of a shocked Angela and a fascinated Thomas. She took off her dark blue jacket and dropped it on the floor. Picking up Thomas' jacket from the floor, she threw it over his head, blinding him to what was about to happen.

"No show for you!" Said a giggling Beth.

Annie laughed as she settled back against the wall near the window. She always enjoyed watching Beth, no matter what she did.

Beth kicked off her trainers, then started pulling off her socks, hopping on one leg and giggling while she took them off. Angela watched with a mixture of fear and wide eyed fascination as she watched Beth start to unbutton her pink blouse. There was a subtle smile on Beth's face as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a white lace bra underneath. She slipped it off and dropped it on the floor.

Angela couldn't help but admire the top half of Beth's body. Beth's breasts were not small, but not too large, just a nice, perfect firm handful. Her waist was slim, but not skinny, she looked like a healthy young woman. Beth unfastened her jeans and slipped them down her long legs, pulling them off. All the while never taking her eyes off Angela. She hooked her fingers into her white lace trimmed knickers and slid them down her legs and dropped them on top of her pile of clothes.

She stood before Angela, naked. Angela couldn't take her eyes off Beth's shaved vagina, nothing was left to her imagination. It was like she was hypnotised by Beth's hidden valley.

Beth's body wasn't skin and bones, she had curves in all the right places. She was a great example of what a healthy, attractive woman should look like.

She knelt on the bed, between Angela's legs, biting her bottom lip, trying to contain her excitement. On hands and knees, Beth moved up the bed, crawling over Angela, warm skin brushing against warm skin.

Beth lay half on Angela, her sweet scent invading her nostrils. Her firm breasts pressed against Angela's side, her leg lay across Angela's leg. Angela could feel every wet fold of Beth's vagina pressed against her hip. She could feel her face flush bright red. It felt strange, unreal, to have a woman, her sex rubbing against her. Angela prayed that this was a nightmare and that she would wake up soon.

Beth's fingers touched Angela's cheek and began to trace the outline of Angela's face, moving gently over her forehead, her cheeks and her lips. Angela shivered, moving her head, trying to get away, but Beth's fingers followed, keeping their contact with Angela's face.Beth's fingers touched Angela's cheek and began to trace the outline of Angela's face, moving gently over her forehead, her cheeks and her lips. Angela shivered, moving her head, trying to get away, but Beth's fingers followed, keeping their contact with Angela's face.

"N...no!" Whimpered Angela.

"Ssshhh!" Beth smiled, continuing to stroke Angela's face. "Don't worry, you're going to enjoy playing with me."

"Angela!?" Shouted Thomas, trying to remove the jacket covering his head by moving his head from side to side, but failing. "Leave her alone you freaks!"

Annie walked over to him and kicked him hard in his side.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Thomas cried out in pain.

"Quiet!" Hissed Annie.

"He's not a nice person," said Beth, continuing to caress Angela's face. "But you are."

Beth moved to kiss Angela on the lips, but only caught her cheek as Angela moved her head to avoid Beth's kiss. That didn't deter Beth, she just started to kiss Angela's cheek, moving up Angela's face with her lips, kissing her eyelids. She held Angela's chin firmly, moving her head so she could kiss Angela's other cheek, moving down slowly until she reached her lips.

Angela trembled, her heart beating faster as Beth's lips hovered inches above her own. Then Beth kissed her on the lips, lightly brushing Angela's lips with her own.

"There, that wasn't so bad!" Said Beth.

Beth kissed her again, lingering a little bit longer. Then again, longer this time, flicking her tongue out to caress Angela's lips. As hard as she tried, Angela couldn't help but respond to Beth's kisses.

She'd never kissed another woman before, except the peck on the cheek with friends. Nothing like this, lips on lips. Angela was disgusted with herself, she offered no resistance when Beth parted her lips gently with her tongue and slipped it into her mouth.

Angela couldn't control herself, couldn't do anything but respond. Her tongue met Beth's, embracing it, eagerly accepting Beth's probing tongue. She wanted to stop, pull away, tell Beth to leave her alone, but this wonderful kiss was hard to resist.

Beth had moved her body, so her legs were straddling Angela's thigh. She could feel Beth's sex, every wet inch of her labia as Beth ground it against Angela's thigh and Beth's own thigh rubbing against Angela's sex. Angela's eyes bulged open wide, it felt like her eyes would pop out with shock. Beth's tongue filling her mouth turned her protests to muffled moans.

How long they kissed, Angela couldn't say, it could have been minutes or hours, it was hard to measure how long had passed. All Angela knew was that, as disgusted as she felt, she couldn't stop herself, she didn't want it to stop. When Beth started to pull away, Angela strained her neck, trying to keep her lips locked onto Beth's.

She moved onto Angela's neck, tracing the elegant outline of her neck with her lips and tongue. Angela shuddered, as Beth's tongue and lips brushed lightly over her skin, moving slowly down to the valley between her breasts. Beth's tongue moved from breast to breast, massaging the firm flesh of Angela's breasts, moving softly around the areolae. She could feel her nipples harden, against her will.

"Oh God!" Exclaimed Angela as a tingling sensation moved through her body.

"Angela, what's going on!? Are you all right!?" Shouted a panicking Thomas.

"Quiet!" Snapped Annie. "Your wife is doing a lot better than you."

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