tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 03

Pleasant Street Ch. 03

byD.C. Roi©


The Williams's aren't the only couple on Pleasant Street who aren't getting along, although some of them don't know how lacking their relationships are. Rod and Lois Drager both teach at the local high school. Rod is the phys. ed. instructor and football coach, Lois is chairperson of the English Department.

One problem Rod and Lois have is that they don't talk to each other, especially Rod. He loves his wife, but he's not in tune with her wants and needs. He's also quite concerned with being a man, although he has no idea what that means.

Rod has little tolerance for anyone who isn't into sports and what he thinks are "manly" activities, and can't understand his wife's interests. He's about to leave for a fishing trip that will keep him away for some time.

Lois, who didn't know about the fishing trip, invited one of her students over, a sensitive, talented young man named Freddy Allen. Freddy isn't very good at sports, but he does have other talents, including some that even he isn't aware of. Lois Drager is about to discover, to her delight, what Freddy's hidden talents are.

Rod will probably catch some fish and will certainly drink a lot of beer and have a good time with his buddies. He'll never know what happened in his home while he was gone. Maybe it's best he doesn't know.


"How come that wimp Allen kid has to stay with us?" Rod Drager demanded, his usually handsome face clouded with anger.

"His parents are out of town and they're having work done to their house while they're gone," his wife Lois replied.

"Shit!" Rod snorted, "if the damn kid wasn't such a geekoid, he'd have friends he could stay with, but no...he has to stay with us!"

"Freddy's one of my students," Lois protested. "How can you be that way?" She knew the answer without asking. Rod, a physical education teacher and coach, had no tolerance for male students who weren't athletic and Freddy wasn't in the least athletic. He was, on the other hand, intelligent and active in the drama club, for which Lois was faculty advisor. "He's a bright boy, and he has a good chance of winning the play competition," Lois told her fuming husband.

"He's a bright boy," Rod mimicked his wife's statement and made a limp-wristed gesture. She felt like slapping him. "He's a fuckin' wimp. Probably a goddamn faggot."

Rod could be intractable, but so could Lois. Freddy would stay with them, whether Rod liked it or not. She went into the bathroom, came out wearing her nightgown, and put her comb on the dresser. Rod, stripped to his briefs, moved behind her, circled his arms around her, and cupped her breasts in his hard hands.

"Oh!" Lois moaned. She leaned against her husband's muscular body and felt his erection prodding her buttocks, warmth and delight began to fill her body.

"You're feelin' good tonight, baby," Rod muttered. He moved his hips and squeezed her breasts.

Lois felt her nipples growing erect as Rod thumbed them roughly. His caresses shot excitement deep into her. He led her to the bed, laid her down, quickly stripped off his briefs and laid atop her. His erection, wet with pre-cum, pressed between her soft thighs.

"You really like my hard cock, don't you, baby?" Rod said as he tugged her gown up and spread her legs.

Lois felt arrow-shaped head of her husband's penis begin to push between her silky labia, opening her, then entering her. It felt wonderful! As the swollen shaft slithered into her, fires of pleasure in her belly grew and spread through her body.

"Damn!" Rod exclaimed through clenched teeth. "You got to have the tightest pussy in the whole fuckin' world!" He moved his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her clutching cavern. "Either that or I got a big cock, huh?"

Lois didn't like the coarse language her husband always used when they made love, but didn't complain. As his cock plunged in and out, beginning to gain speed, wonderful feelings blossomed in her.

"God...Damn!" Rod grunted as he slammed into her. The muscles in his neck corded with the strain of passion. "You...are...one...fine...piece...of...of...ass! I'm gonna come! Ahh! Unhh!"

Rod's hot fluids burst into Lois, giving her the rush of delight they always did. Not the wild, abandoned feeling she heard came with orgasm, but nice just the same. Rod seemed to get so much pleasure from their lovemaking. That, really, was the important thing. She was happy to be a good wife.

Rod kissed her forehead, then rolled off and lay beside her. "That was fine, as usual, babe."

"I love you," Lois said, softly.

"Yeah, babe, me, too," Rod mumbled, then the sound of snoring began. He was asleep.

"Why can't he hold me afterward, and tell me how much he loves me?" Lois wondered as she lay in bed next to her sleeping husband. On the other hand, why should this time be different?

She slipped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The last few times she and Rod made love, she'd had a vague feeling of unease afterward, hadn't understood it, and dismissed it as unimportant. Sex was pleasant, if not the wild experience her friends in college described. She believed the other girls had been bragging, trying to out-do each other with their stories.

When she returned to her bed, Lois looked down at her sleeping husband. Rod was good looking, his body as hard and firm as when they married twenty years ago. She got in, pulled up the covers, turned off the light and tried to sleep, but couldn't. She was wound up. Too much stress over the play competition, she told herself and, eventually, she did fall asleep.

"Hey, babe, time to wake up," Rod said as he shook her awake.

"What's going on?" Lois mumbled. She looked at the clock. 4:30 A.M. "Rod, it's Saturday. We don't have to get up early. Especially not this early!"

"Me and Donny are going deep-sea fishing," Rod snapped. "I told you last night."

"No you didn't," Lois said. "This is the first I've heard of it."

"Aw, damn!" Rod grumbled as he stomped around the room, throwing clothes into an overnight bag. "Donny and me have been planning this trip for a month, now. We got a good deal through the teacher's union. A week for the price of three days."

Lois sat up. "You'll be gone the whole week of vacation?" she asked.

"Babe, you sure can be dense sometimes," Rod grumbled. "I know I told you."

"But Freddy..." Lois said.

"Hey, you invited the little geek over, you entertain him," Rod said. "Now be a good gal and make some lunch, so Donny and me don't have to stop on the way to the shore."

Lois slipped on her robe and slippers and headed for the kitchen. "He didn't tell me," she thought as she descended the steps. "He never does." Even though she was angry and hurt, Lois made the lunch, always the dutiful wife.

A car horn sounded demandingly from the driveway.

"Tell Donny I'll be right down," Rod yelled.

Forgetting her flimsy attire, Lois went out on the back porch. "Rod will be right out," she yelled.

"Hey, you're lookin' good, baby!" Donny Andrews said, leering at her out of his car window. "If I was Rod, I wouldn't be going away for a week. How about I let him go and I stay here with you, baby?"

Lois's face got hot and she ran into the house. Donny, the auto mechanics teacher, was a crude, boorish man who made her skin crawl when he looked at her.

"Thanks, babe," Rod said as he grabbed the lunch Lois had made on his way through the kitchen.

"You going to call?" Lois asked.

"No phones out on the ocean," Rod retorted. The door closed behind him, an engine roared, tires squealed, and he was gone.

"I didn't even get a good-bye kiss," Lois thought. She made a cup of tea, went into the living room, turned on the TV, curled up on the sofa, and watched an early-morning talk show. Why didn't Rod take her on trips? Why was it always the guys? A lady on TV was talking about sexual fulfillment. What she described didn't match Lois's experiences. Was her sex life really all right? Tired from getting too little sleep, she dozed off.

A knocking sound awakened her. She stretched and looked around, confused to find herself on the sofa with the TV on. Then she remembered. She got up, walked through the kitchen, and opened the door.

Freddy Allen, standing on her back porch, looked at her almost transparent attire and reddened. "Ah, I'm sorry," he stammered. "Am I too early?"

"It's all right, Freddy," Lois said. "I had to get up early. Mr. Drager went deep-sea fishing."

"Uh, look, if it's going to be trouble for me to stay here," Freddy said, "I can go back to my place."

"Don't be silly," Lois said. "Come in. You can have the spare bedroom upstairs. I'm going to get dressed."

She went to her room, took off her nightgown and got in the shower. "Freddy really isn't fat," she thought as she stood under the hot, piercing spray, "Just soft. And he isn't bad-looking, either." She was startled when the caress of the sudsy washcloth sent tingles of delight through her body. "What is wrong with me?" she mused. "I'm forty years old, acting like a horny teen-ager. God, if this keeps up, I could wind up letting my hormones end my career." Just the same, she continued to luxuriate in the sensations she was giving herself, and took a lot longer in the shower than usual.

When she was finished with her shower, Lois put on jeans and a loose sweatshirt. At home she seldom wore underwear, Rod had talked her into doing that after they were married. As the sweatshirt slid down, it brushed the semi-erect tips of her nipples, and the sensations that rushed though her made her legs feel mushy. "Get hold of yourself!" she thought. She combed out her luxuriant red-gold hair, then headed downstairs.

Freddy, in shirt and jeans, sat at the kitchen table, his play spread out on the table. He looked up and smiled. "Ah, you look nice," he said.

"Did you have breakfast?" Lois asked. She felt herself blushing at Freddy's compliment.

The young man nodded. "Yeah, Mom says breakfast is the most important meal of the day," he replied.

"She's right," Lois agreed.

"Let me make breakfast for you," Freddy said. He got up and moved to the counter next to Lois. "I, ah, I'm a pretty good cook."

"Freddy," Lois said, pleased he wanted to do that for her. "Do you have any other hidden talents?"

The young man got red and nodded. "Ah, I...I don't know," he mumbled. He moved to the refrigerator, brushing against Lois as he did.

The touch of Freddy's body sent a jolt of sensation through Lois, who stepped back, shaken. "What the hell is going on?" she thought.

Freddy's French toast was the best Lois had ever eaten. "How do you make it taste so good?" she asked.

The young man blushed again. "Mom puts in a little vanilla extract," he said. "I use more egg yolks than whole eggs, and I put in a dash of almond flavor, too. I think it makes it taste richer."

"It tastes wonderful," Lois told him.

Freddy insisted on helping with the dishes. As she helped the young man, Lois reflected that Rod always said dishwashing was women's work. So was most of what had to be done around the house, actually.

As the two people worked at the sink, their hips again brushed, and another jolt of pleasant sensation rattled Lois, stiffening her nipples against the soft fabric of the sweatshirt.

"This is crazy! I've got to get hold of myself! I don't know what's come over me!" she thought.

They spent the rest of the day going over Freddy's play about an outcast teenage boy who manages to find acceptance.

The story was old, but Freddy handled it with creativity and freshness. Lois "accidentally" brushed against Freddy quite often as they sat at the table, and each time she did it, she scolded herself for her foolishness, then she began looking for a chance to do it again.

Once, when Freddy reached in front of her for a pen, his arm brushed against her chest and without knowing it, he caressed her partially hard nipples through her sweatshirt. The sensations that resulted from the young man's inadvertent touch were so sweet, so intense, Lois couldn't get her breath for a few minutes.

The two people were enjoying themselves, so the day passed quickly. They took short breaks for lunch and dinner, but even during meals, they discussed the play. Finally, long after it had gotten dark, Lois looked at the clock, stretched and said, "I'm beat, my boy. I think I'm going to bed."

When she stretched, her hardened nipples stood out against her sweatshirt. Freddy, staring at them, found it hard to sit still. He put the play in a folder, got up holding it in front of him, and started for the stairs. "See you in the morning," he said, his voice strained.

"I can't wait," Lois said. "What wonderful surprise do you have in store for tomorrow's breakfast?"

"Uh, I, ah, I don't know," Freddy replied. He ran up the stairs, keeping his back to her.

Lois's tension hadn't abated. If anything, it was worse. The contacts with Freddy's body hadn't helped. She thought about the sad-eyed, dark-haired young man. "He's really quite nice," she mused as she got undressed and slid into bed. "A good cook, not bad-looking, bright, and very sensitive."

Sleep wouldn't come, so Lois turned on the TV. Finally, in the middle of a boring infomercial, she nodded off.

Sensations more intense than anything she'd ever felt shook Lois as Rod caressed her nipples. It felt like a giant spring was winding deep in her belly, and her pleasure grew with each tightening of the coil. She never knew it was possible to feel this good! Why had Rod waited so long to touch her like this? Why hadn't he been this gentle and loving before?

A soft moan escaped from her and the caresses stopped. "No!" she thought, "Don't stop now, please!" She lay still and, after a few moments, the soft caresses began again, tightening the coil of excitement even more. She never wanted this to stop. Never!

Then it happened. Unbelievable sensations wracked her, and her body began to tremble uncontrollably. She'd never, in her whole life experienced anything like it! She never dreamed it was possible to feel this good! She opened her eyes...

Freddy's flushed face, not Rod's, was in front of hers! His hand was touching her breast as he knelt next to the bed.

"F-F-Freddy...!" Lois moaned. "No!"

The young man scrambled to his feet and ran from the room. Lois, trapped in the throes of her waning orgasm, was temporarily unable to follow him. When, at last the delightful sensations subsided, she sat up, and discovered that her breasts had slipped out of her nightgown.

She pulled her nightgown up, put on a robe and started to follow Freddy. At first her legs didn't seem to want to work, but finally she got herself under control, made her way to the door of the spare bedroom, and knocked softly. "Freddy, we have to talk," she said.

"No! Please!" Freddy replied. His reply was muffled.

Lois entered the room and found the young man huddled under the covers. She sat on the bed. "Freddy, please," she said.

"You're mad at me," Freddy said. The covers over his head muffled his voice. "You'll tell my folks."

Lois put her hand on the young man's shoulder and could feel him trembling. "No, Freddy, I'm not going to tell your folks," she said. "What in the world made you do that?"

Freddy's face appeared from under the covers. He looked pale and scared. "I-I don't know. I couldn't sleep, and I heard the TV in your room, so I went in," he said hesitantly. "You were asleep, and, ah, well..." He looked away.

Lois's hand dropped to his leg and he stiffened. Lois didn't notice. She had a body full of confounding feelings. It wasn't easy to think clearly. "What...what you did was...it was wrong," she told him.

"Bullshit! You loved it and you know it!" The lascivious thought flashing in her mind, confounded her.

The warmth of Freddy's body radiated into her hand through the covers. She looked where her hand lay, on his thigh. "My God, he's got an, a hard-on. It looks huge!" she thought.

Her recent exquisite release hadn't calmed her at all. "What is the matter with me? Don't I have any control of my own body any more?" Lois wondered.

"I, ah, I didn't mean to scare you," Freddy murmured. He sat up and bunched the covers over the rigid pole rising in front of him.

"Freddy, what in the world made you do something like that?" Lois asked.

The young man pulled his knees up. "I, ah, your, um, breasts, they, ah, I couldn't help touching them," he stammered, his face brilliant red. "I-I'm sorry, I really am."

"He wants you. Why don't you just slide in under the covers with him?" The nagging voice continued to keep Lois off-balance. "You need it as bad as he does, for Christ's sake!"

"You...you think I'm a pervert now, don't you?" Freddy whimpered. His shoulders shook as he sobbed. "Everybody else does, even Mr. Drager."

Lois felt a rush of sympathy for the sobbing young man. When she was his age, she'd been called weird because she wanted to stay a virgin until she was married. She had, too. Rod was the only man she'd ever slept with. She put her arm around Freddy and pulled him against her, wanting, somehow, to take away his pain. Stiffly, he moved into her embrace, nestled his face against her shoulder, put his arms around her and clutched her while he continued to sob.

"I-I-I'm sorry," he sobbed. "I-I'm so ashamed."

"It's all right, Freddy," Lois said. "No harm done."

"You just had the first orgasm you've ever had, thanks to him!" That lewd voice was becoming very irritating. "I'll bet he could give you an even better one with that big cock of his!"

Lois shook her head, trying to clear it of the lascivious thoughts that shouldn't be there.

Freddy leaned back and looked at her. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

Lois shook her head. "No, nothing at all," she murmured. "You ought to let him fuck you!" the lecherous voice told her. "But you have to promise you won't do anything like that again," she continued. "Never."

"I won't," Freddy said. "Honest! Just don't tell my folks or...or Mr. Drager!"

Lois stood up, smiled at Freddy, and started for the door. "Good night, now," she said. "Get some sleep."

"You're nuts, you know that?" the licentious voice continued. "You're leaving him here like this, with that succulent cock of his all hard and ready to go. It would feel heavenly poking into your cunt!"

Lois hugged herself and tried to force the unwanted thoughts from her mind.

"Good night, Mrs. Drager," Freddy said.

"Good night, Freddy," Lois replied.

The door closed behind her. The nagging voice wouldnt let her alone. "What is wrong with you?" it demanded. "You just walked away from a horny teen-age boy who's dying to fuck hell out of you!"

Lois stood outside his door. "I'm old enough to be his mother. I'm his teacher, for God's sake!" she whispered. She wasn't sure who she was talking to. Probably herself.

"He's probably in there, masturbating, right now. What a waste!" the voice replied.

She was getting tired of that damn voice! Knowing she shouldn't, and not understanding why she couldn't stop, Lois turned and put her hand on the doorknob of Freddy's room. Last chance to turn back. Quietly, she pushed the door open.

Freddy was too busy to notice he had company. His eyes were closed and his hand slid up and down the swollen column of flesh poking proudly out of the blankets.

"Mrs. Drager!" he moaned softly but passionately. "Oh, Mrs. Drager!"

"See, he needs it as bad as you do! He's calling your name because he wants you!" the voice said as Lois moved stiffly across the room, her heart pounding. Rod's was the only penis she'd ever seen, and she didn't look at it often. Good girls didn't do that. He'd tried to get her to suck him once, and they had a big fight when she refused. She looked at Freddie's cock and wondered what it would feel like to kiss it. Her tongue caressed her lips and she took a deep breath. As if drawn by a magnet, her hand went out and touched the tip of the engorged red shaft.

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