tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 05

Pleasant Street Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©


Larry and Monica Tilton, who live three doors down on the East side of Pleasant Street, have been married for about eight years and have a couple of wonderful kids.

Larry Tilton has been a faithful husband. He's never cheated on his wife, but he has done his share of teasing at the parties they attend. And I'm sure he's harbored fantasies about a few of their women friends, but I'm also pretty certain he never acted on those impulses. Monica is a good wife and mother and has been a faithful wife. But...lately, she's been drinking more and more.

The Tilton's went to a party tonight, and they asked Debbie Lawrence, who lives a few doors down, to baby-sit for them. Debbie's a cutie, and maybe Larry has noticed she's looking better and better.

The Tilton's are still at the party, and Debbie's still at their house. I have an idea what might be going on. Maybe the night is going something like this...


Debbie Lawrence had been babysitting for Tilton's for several years. They were nice people, their kids were well behaved, and they paid well. And Debbie had a huge crush on Mr. Tilton, who she thought was the most handsome man she'd ever known. Because he treated her with respect, and listened to her, she felt drawn to him and, as her sexuality blossomed, she more and more began to wonder what he'd be like as a lover. When he smiled at her, Debbie got all mushy inside. She wished she was older so he'd pay more attention to her. She often thought the fact that she looked a lot younger than her 18 years probably kept him from noticing her, too.

A mass of curly silky light brown hair dangled to her waist and surrounded her pert face and shoulders like a fluffy halo. Her body was slim, well shaped and showed promise of filling out splendidly as she grew older.

Generally, Debbie was satisfied with the way she looked, except for her breasts, which she wished were larger.

She was lying on the sofa, watching a movie on TV. The kids were in bed, asleep, and Tilton's weren't due home for some time, so Debbie decided to do something she'd been doing a lot lately. She liked to go into the Tilton's bedroom and feel Mr. Tilton's things and to smell the smell of him on them. Sometimes she'd take her blouse and bra off and put one of his shirts over her naked upper body. When she did that, her nipples got so hard they hurt and she got so turned on she had to masturbate and make herself come.

On one of her forays, she discovered a cache of videotapes she hadn't seen before, hidden in the back of their big bedroom walk-in closet. She took one out and put it in the VCR in the bedroom. It actually showed people sucking and fucking! The young girl was enthralled. She'd heard of tapes like this, but had never seen one.

Once again tonight, Debbie slid one of the X-rated tapes into the bedroom VCR, then laid down on the bed and watched it. "God!" she said to the empty room as she watched the erotic performance unfolding on the TV screen, "I'd like to have a big cock like that in me!" The naughtiness of what she was doing thrilled her. Rapt, she watched the actresses and actors perform their sexual acrobatics.

Unconsciously, she caressed her breasts, feeling a strange tingling deep inside her as the film awakened delicious feelings in her slim, young body. As she watched the film, passion expanded inside her. God! She'd like something like that! The film ended, she rewound it, and put it back where she found it. Then she went out to the living room and sat down to watch a late-night talk show.

* * * * * * * * * *

She was startled awake by the sound of the door opening. She looked toward the entry hall and saw Mr. Tilton walk in and close the door behind him.

"Where's Mrs. Tilton?" Debbie asked.

"She was having a good time, so she stayed at the party," he replied. "I thought I'd come over and see how you and the kids were doing."

Debbie was thrilled to be alone with Mr. Tilton at last. Her body was still simmering with passions the erotic film had awakened. She smiled at him.

Mr. Tilton walked to the sofa and reached out his hand. Debbie took it and allowed him to pull her to her feet. When she was standing, Mr. Tilton gathered her into his strong arms, lifted her off her feet, and covered her lips with his. She could feel the lump of his erection prodding her belly.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time," he told her after the kiss ended, then he kissed her again.

This time, Debbie returned the kiss avidly. Kissing Mr. Tilton felt every bit as good as she dreamed it would. His tongue pressed into her mouth, she met it with hers, and almost fainted with delight. Wild new sensations rocked her slim frame. After a long time, Mr. Tilton broke the kiss and put her down.

Debbie's heart was pounding. She was sure Mr. Tilton had to be able to hear it. He began to caress and stroke her lank form, stoking the fires of passion already smoldering there to white-hot intensity. Her legs were so rubbery she was afraid she'd fall. Now he was tugging at her sleeveless tank top, pulling it out of her jeans. Debbie raised her hands so he could get it off over her head. She was glad she hadn't worn a bra.

"You're beautiful!" Mr. Tilton whispered as he gazed at her. His voice was filled with awe as he gaped at her nude chest. "Absolutely gorgeous!"

Debbie felt herself flushing with pleasure in response to Mr. Tilton's compliment. She was delighted he liked her body. He sat down on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap and his hands began sliding over her, making her wilder and wilder with need. Then his hands were at the waist of her jeans, loosing them, tugging them down over her lithe hips. Debbie was sure she was going to faint. He was going to make love to her! Mr. Tilton was going to make love to her!

"Oh Debbie!" he said. "Debbie!"

* * * * * * * * * *

"Debbie! Debbie!" Again Mr. Tilton's voice called her. Debbie opened her eyes. She was fully dressed and lying on the sofa. Mr. Tilton was standing over her, smiling. It had all been a dream! But it seemed so real!

"We're home, sleepyhead," Larry said and smiled down at her.

"I'm sorry," Debbie murmured, trying to mask the disappointment in her voice. If he'd only come in a little later, she could have finished her wonderful dream. "I guess I was more tired than I thought I was."

"That's all right," he said. "After all, we don't stay awake all night when we're home."

"Where's Mrs. T?" Debbie asked.

"She, ah, had a little too much party," Larry replied. "She's upstairs, in bed, sound asleep."

Actually, his wife had gotten bombed and made passes at several men at the party. Larry caught her kissing Bud Tillson in the kitchen and they had a huge fight. After that, he insisted they leave. The minute they got home she went upstairs and, by the time he got upstairs, Monica was passed out colder than a mackerel in their bed.

What really pissed Larry off was that Susan Drillings had been coming on to him, and he was seriously thinking of asking her to meet him later. But, he was home now, and his wife was out cold, so he wouldn't be getting any nooky tonight. He watched Debbie stretch, working the sleepiness out of her body. Her pert breasts, nipples distended, pressed out against her tank top. She fluffed her hair and his cock lurched. He wondered if the teenager knew how tantalizing her actions were.

Larry took a deep breath. "She's really something!" he thought. "Some day, some guy's going to have a lot of fun with her." He chided himself for his thoughts. After all, he was old enough to be her father. "I...I'll get your jacket," he stammered.

He headed for the hall closet, took Debbie's coat out, then walked back to where the young woman stood and held it while she slipped it on. He was acutely aware of her scent, her nearness, her loveliness.

Debbie sensed that something was different tonight. Maybe it was her imagination, but Mr. Tilton seemed tense, a little on edge. Was it possible he was turned on to her? Was tonight going to be the night her fantasies were realized? She'd dreamed about him making love to her so many times. Having those dreams become reality would be really awesome!

What Larry didn't know was that Debbie was still a virgin. "Wouldn't it be better to lose my cherry with an older, experienced, man?" she thought. Especially if that older, experienced man was Mr. Tilton. She was feeling wilder than she'd ever felt before. It must have been the porno movie she watched.

As Debbie slid into her coat, she pretended to lose her balance and fell against Mr. Tilton. His strong hands caught her, but not before one of her hands brushed across the rigid bulge of his awakening erection. "He...he's turned on!" Debbie thought. "He's got a hard-on!" The discovery sent shivers of delight racing through her.

"Whoops!" Larry said as he steadied the young woman. That her well-shaped ass was pressing against him did nothing to lessen the tension building in his middle. He thought her "falling" seemed contrived, or was he letting his horniness allow him to imagine things? If it wasn't an accident, did it mean anything? Surprisingly strong emotions ripped through him. He wanted Debbie and was beginning to think he didn't care about the consequences.

"Come on, Debbie," he said, surprised that his voice was hoarse, "I'll drive you home."

Debbie was startled by the harsh tone of Mr. Tilton's voice and her spirits fell. Maybe things wouldn't go the way she wanted after all. She followed him out to his car and got in the passenger side.

"Did...did I do something wrong?" she asked Larry softly after he'd gotten in the car.

"What?" Larry asked, realizing the young woman sounded hurt. "No, I'm sorry, Debbie. I didn't mean to sound rough. I was just, ah, thinking...oh, never mind. You didn't do anything, really you didn't."

Debbie's spirits brightened again and she smiled at him. "Did you and Mrs. Tilton have a good time at the party?" she asked.

Larry thought about the way Susan had been rubbing against him in a dark corner of the Brixton's living room, and his cock jumped. "It was, ah, nice," he replied, "but parties bore me. What about you? How come a pretty girl like you is babysitting on Saturday night instead of being out on a date?"

"Oh, you know," Debbie said, "Most boys my age are only after one thing and they're so...so immature. Besides, I need the money for college."

"Well, I think it's a shame," Larry said. "Back when I was your age, a pretty thing like you wouldn't have had time to babysit. There would have been too many boys wanting to take you out."

"Mr. Tilton!" Debbie exclaimed. She felt herself blushing, but didn't realize her embarrassment couldn't be seen in the dark interior of the car. "You're terrible!" Impulsively, she reached out, patted his thigh, and in doing so felt something hard in his pants, lying against his leg. He still had a hard-on! Thrilled and emboldened by her discovery, she didn't take her hand away.

Larry Tilton wasn't sure what to do. He was in his car, in front of his house, with a pretty teen-age girl's hand on his rigid cock. And he liked it. He'd been turned on when he got home and watching Debbie stretch, seeing her hard-nippled breasts pushing out the material of her tank top hadn't done a thing to calm his turbulent body. Now this!

"Ah...Debbie...do...do you know what you're doing?" he croaked.

Debbie nodded. "Uh-huh," she murmured. Her mind was awhirl with unbridled wonderment. She couldn't believe Mr. Tilton was that turned on just from her touch!

"I...um...maybe we...um...maybe we should, ah, go somewhere else, then," Larry rasped. "I...um...don't think this is a good place to, ah, you know."

"I...I guess it...isn't," Debbie agreed. Her mind was racing. She was elated by the way things were going. It really looked like Mr. Tilton was going to make love to her! She knew it! Her dreams would come true!

Larry put the car in gear and started down the driveway. "I-I guess I'll have to try to find a better place," he said. But he had no idea where to go. It had been a long time since he'd taken a girl parking. Parking. He wondered if they still called it that.

Debbie slid over until she was pressed against Mr. Tilton on the front seat of his big car. She began stroking the bulge in his pants and felt it twitch. He was so big! Suddenly, she was worried. What if he was so big she wouldn't be able to get it inside her? Then what? What if she wasn't woman enough for him? She leaned her head on his shoulder and kept up her caresses as he drove. What had she gotten herself into? She didn't care. If Mr. Tilton wanted to, she was going to let him make love to her!

Finally Larry pulled off the main road onto a side road, then onto a smaller one into a grove of trees. He turned off the lights and engine.

"Well," Debbie thought, "this is it! No turning back now!"

Larry's heart was pounding and his breath rasped through what felt like undersized passages. His cock strained against his pants. He felt like he had when he was a teen-ager taking a girl parking for the first time. He hadn't made love in a car since he got married and wasn't sure he remembered exactly how to do that. He turned and looked at the lovely young girl sitting next to him. She stared back at him, wide-eyed, apparently as nervous as he was.

"Uh...Debbie...are...are you sure you want to do this?" Larry asked.

Debbie heard his question, but was unable to answer. She nodded slowly.

Larry turned to face her and his hand moved, tracing the outline of her face softly. Nothing she's experienced up to now had felt as sweet to her.

"You are so incredibly lovely, Debbie," Larry said, thrilled by the silken softness and warmth of her skin.

Slowly, his touch electrifying Debbie, Mr. Tilton's hand moved from her face to her neck, then to the area of her chest exposed by the low-cut tank top. Her breasts ached and her nipples stiffened even more against the soft material of her blouse.

"Oh! Mr. Tilton, that feels so nice," she murmured.

"Oh, Debbie, your skin is so soft, so fine," Larry whispered. His hands continued their explorations. He slid one hand into the neck of her top and cupped one of her firm young breasts, his thumb went to her straining nipple.

Mr. Tilton's caress flooded Debbie with sensations more intense than she ever dreamed existed. Nothing she'd ever done with boys her age felt this good! Her head lolled against the seat and she moaned softly.

Larry helped her slip out of her jacket, then tugged the tank top out of her jeans and pulled it over her head. Debbie felt cool air swirl over her as her upper torso was exposed, then she saw Mr. Tilton's head move and a sweet tremor rocked her as his lips closed over one of her nipples.

"Yes!" Debbie groaned, "Yes! Oh, God, Mr. Tilton, that feels awesome! My God!" Her hands grasped his head, pulling him against her as his lips moved from one tingling breast to the other. Her hips began to squirm on the car's velour seat and she felt dampness forming in the crotch of her jeans as juices of excitement began flowing from her.

Larry felt as if he was in heaven! This luscious teen-aged morsel was really hot! He suckled Debbie's sweet breasts and felt her trembling. This would be a memorable encounter! He slid his hand over the silken surface of her belly and began to undo her jeans. When they were open, he worked them down. Debbie raised her hips to help and the snug jeans slid down her lovely legs.

When Debbie's jeans were on the floor of the car, Larry slid his hand between her slim legs and began exploring her sopping pussy. He pushed the elastic of her panties aside and slid a finger through the dampness of her vaginal lips, making her gasp. Then his exploring finger found her clit and the young woman's gasps turned into feverish groans.

"Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!" Debbie wailed as her body arched and squirmed. "God, Mr. Tilton, that feels so good! Ohhh!"

Reluctantly, Larry abandoned Debbie's breasts and watched as she writhed on his exploring hand. The way her body rocked and shook from his touch delighted him. His wife never acted like this any more when they made love. Nobody he'd been with in a long time had reacted this violently to his touch, and it thrilled him immensely to see the power he had over this luscious teen.

"I can't wait any longer, Debbie," he said softly, "I have to have you!"

"Don't wait! I don't want you to wait!" Debbie hissed and reached for him. "Please! I-I want you, too."

Larry pulled his fingers out of her and rapidly opened his pants. Then he slid over and guided her onto his hips facing him, his erection pressed between them.

Debbie saw Mr. Tilton's erect cock for the first time. "It's so big!" she thought, panicked, as one small hand reached out and touched it. It was hot, too, and throbbing.

Grasping the girl's hips gently, Larry pulled her closer. At his urging, she raised herself off the seat. He reached between them and slid the arrow-shaped tip up and down between the well-lubricated lips of her vagina.

Debbie's body writhed involuntarily from the exquisite sensations his actions caused. It felt more incredible than she ever imagined it would! Then, slowly, she began lowering herself onto the huge rod and felt it enter her body and stretch her open. Oh, God, it felt good! So good! She couldn't breath, couldn't think. All she could do was feel wonderful!

"Ohh!" she groaned. "I-I never felt anything like this!"

"You're heavenly!" Larry whispered as his cock slid slowly into his young lover's tight cavern. He'd never had a woman this tight! Her clasping cunt caused such intense sensations of pleasure he was afraid he'd come before he got all the way into her!

"He's making love to me!" Debbie thought. "He really is making love to me!" She tingled with pleasure from her toes to the roots of her hair as Mr. Tilton's shaft penetrated her. Her groin filled with sensations that kept growing and building and threatened to overwhelm her. It felt so good it hurt! Then, just as she thought it was impossible to feel any better, something snapped inside her and indescribable ecstasy burst through her. Her hips went wild, her arms locked around him, and her body strained against his.

"Ahh! Mr. Tilton! Ahhh! What's happening to me? I can't stop! Oh, God! I can't stop! Ahhh! Ahhhh!"

The sudden frantic burst of movement from the young woman's hips took away what little self-control Larry had left. His built-up tension unleashed in a flood of pleasure.

"Oh, you sweet thing!" Larry groaned. He clutched her hips, shoving himself into her. "Oh, yes!"

Larry's cock throbbed and pulsed, pumping gusher after gusher of hot, gooey juice into Debbie's rippling, spasming opening.

"My God!" Debbie shrieked when she felt Mr. Tilton's hot cream flooding her, driving her to still higher plateaus of delight, "Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!"

Once their passion abated, they sat there, Debbie atop Larry, his penis, softening, still deep in her.

"You are really something!" he whispered in her ear, licking it with his tongue. "You are really something!"

"That was incredible!" Debbie replied. "I knew it would be good with you. I'm glad you were the first for me."

"What?" Larry exclaimed, shocked. "You mean...?"

Debbie nodded. "I-I was a virgin," she replied and giggled. "But I'm not any more."

"I-I didn't know," Larry stammered, flushing. "If...if I'd known..." He was overwhelmed to think that this gorgeous young woman would choose him to surrender her virginity.

"I wanted you," Debbie replied, suddenly feeling older than her years. "I wanted you to be the first."

"But..." Larry didn't know what to say. He had no idea. She looked so sexy and all, he'd assumed... He wasn't sure how he felt about this. Still...

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