tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 06

Pleasant Street Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

Chapter 6: Marya Stops By

As I said at the beginning of this collection of stories, I'm a writer and I live on Pleasant Street. Something happened the other day when my wife was away, something I never in my whole life dreamed would happen.

An attractive woman named Ann Truro lives just down the block from me. I admit I've had more than one sexual fantasy about her, but I've never let Ann, or anyone else, know how I feel. Ann has a daughter, Marya, who, although she's still young, is every bit as enticing as her mother, and I've had the same kind of fantasies about her.

What happened was, the other day, I went to the store and...


I came out of the store with my groceries and got in my car, started the motor, then checked my rear-view mirror. Another car was pulling in, so I waited. The car moved past mine and pulled into the vacant slot next to where I waited. It was Ann Truro and her daughter, Marya.

Ann is an attractive, dark-haired woman a few years younger than I, who happens to have an admirable backside. I'm an ass man so I notice things like that. Life provides few opportunities for pleasure, so I sat in my car, watching Ann as she walked into the store. She looked as if she might have put on a little weight but her bottom was still extremely fine. Sigh. I took a deep breath, then I got ready to back out of my parking slot.

"Hi!" a musical feminine voice said, startling me. I looked at the car parked next to mine and saw Marya Truro looking out the window of her mother's car, smiling at me.

"Hi, Marya," I replied. I could feel my face getting a little warm. Had she seen me ogling her mom? "How are you?"

"I'm fine," she said. A smile brightened her comely young face. "Yesterday was my birthday."

"Happy belated birthday," I said. "I know it's supposed to be bad taste to ask a lady her age, but how old are you now?"

"Old enough," Marya replied, flashing me a knowing grin. What did her smile mean? Could it possibly mean what it looked like, an invitation? No, it couldn't be. Marya was just a kid, younger than my daughter.

"Well..." I said, deciding to let the subject drop. "I have to get going." I backed out of the parking space. Before I headed out to the main road, I glanced at the Truro car again.

Marya smiled, licked her lips slowly, and waved at me.

"Old enough, huh?" I thought. I was on my own for the week. My wife and daughter had gone camping with my in-laws. I begged off with the excuse I had to work. My wife knew I didn't want to go and didn't make a fuss.

When I got home, I drove into the garage, then I carried my groceries into the house. I set them down in the kitchen, picked up a can of beer, went into the den, turned on the TV, and loaded a videotape into the VCR. Then I plunked down in my big old chair and picked up the remote control. I pushed the "play" button and the screen lit up with thumping music and scenes of nude bodies writhing, moaning, and performing an array of sexual activities. Adult videos are one of my weaknesses. I've got a pretty complete collection, too.

As I watched, I thought about Ann Truro. Boy, would I like a chance to boff her! Her legs looked strong, and in spite of the loose blouses she favored, she had a tremendous set of knockers. Thoughts of the mother led to thoughts of the daughter.

Marya was a looker, too. A ripe young woman blossoming into full feminine maturity, she was about 5'3" or 5'4", had tawny skin and dark brown hair. Her pretty face featured big brown eyes and a wonderfully shaped mouth that begged to be kissed.

I'd watched Marya grow from an adorable little girl into a sensual, blossoming young woman. But thinking about her wouldn't do me any good. Marya was "jail bait." Besides, all this was idle thought. I'm happily married and I didn't plan on doing anything to change that.

Watching erotic films produced a swelling in my crotch, and tightness in my chest. I was thinking about doing something to relieve the tension when I heard someone knocking at the back door. People always drop by at the most inconvenient times. If it was some Jehovah's Witnesses, they were going to be told to get lost in no uncertain terms!

I struggled to my feet, tried to re-arrange my swollen cock so my hard-on wouldn't be obvious, and headed for the kitchen. I pushed the "Stop" button on the VCR remote control.

The knocking continued. "I'm coming, dammit!" I grumbled as I shuffled uncomfortably to the door. I opened it and got a shock.

"Hi," Marya Truro said, smiling at me. "Is Clarissa home?"

I couldn't speak for a second. "Ah...no...ah, she's, um, away, with, er, her mother," I stammered.

A pretty pout formed on Marya's face. "Oh, darn. I have a homework assignment I was hoping she'd be able to help me with," she said.

At that point in time, the fact that Marya and my daughter were several years apart in age and weren't really close friends didn't occur to me. If I'd been thinking clearly, I'd have known there wasn't any homework Clarissa could have helped Marya with.

What did register was that Marya looked incredibly desirable. She had on a color-coordinated pale green outfit that looked stupendous against the deep tan of her smooth skin. The top was wide-necked and loose and ended just above the waist of her slacks, exposing a strip of smooth, tan belly. Her budding breasts pushed out the top, adding immeasurably to the sensual look of the outfit. A thin white bra strap peeked out from the edge of the neckline.

Her slacks were the same color as the top and had an elastic waist. Like the top, they were also loose, but clinging enough so they hinted at the finely shaped wonders they covered. If Marya hadn't had a good figure, the outfit wouldn't have worked. Marya had a super figure.

"Could I have a drink?" Marya asked. Her request jolted me out of my silent, avid inventory of her charms.

"Ah, sure, I guess," I stammered. "Soda...um...OK?"

"Great!" Marya said. A smile blossomed on those full, kissable lips. She walked past me, into the kitchen. As she did, I smelled the soft, fruity scent of the perfume she wore. She moved across the kitchen and swallowed hard as I watched the globes of her bottom move under the clinging slacks. Wow!

My legs weren't working properly as I moved to the refrigerator and my cock was threatening to burst out of my pants. "You better watch yourself," I thought. "You could get in big trouble for what you're thinking!" "Ah, is...is diet cola OK?" I asked my lovely visitor.

Marya nodded. "Sure," she said and smiled at me.

I reached into the refrigerator, got out a can of soda, and handed it to her. It took every bit of effort I could muster to keep my hand from shaking. I reached back inside the fridge and got myself a beer.

Marya sipped her soda, then set the can on the kitchen counter, put her arms out behind her, and leaned against it. The action thrust her breasts out. The fact that I could see her partially hard nipples through the cottony fabric added to the inner turmoil I already felt. "It's sure hot today!" she observed. "That soda tastes good."

"Yeah," I muttered as I fumbled with the tab on my beer can. I had a hard time getting it open, but finally managed. I took a long swallow. Why didn't it cool me off? "So, um, yesterday was your birthday?" I said. My voice sounded hoarse.

"Yeah," she said.

"You get...ah...a lot of presents?" I asked.

"All kinds of stuff. Clothes and money mostly," she replied.

"So how old are you?" I asked. I clutched my beer can with both hands; I couldn't stop it from shaking.

Marya gave me a sexy smile. "I told you before, old enough," she giggled. How did she do that? Her smile was innocent, sweet, terribly sexy and enticing, all at once.

"Old enough...for what?" I stammered.

Marya smiled at me some more, then pushed herself away from the counter, walked over to me, and stood in front of me, looking up at me, that smile still on her face, her pretty brown eyes wide. "What do you think?" she asked softly.

I couldn't move. I wanted to. Things were getting out of control, but my legs wouldn't work.

"Don't I get a birthday kiss?" Marya asked. Her tongue moved over her lips, moistening them. Her actions and voice were hypnotic.

I knew I shouldn't, but I bent to kiss her, watching that lovely face move closer and closer. Warmth radiated from her. Her breath teased my skin, thrilling me. When our lips touched and delightful electricity arced through my body. Her lips were so soft, so warm. It felt as if I was sinking into something wonderful.

My beer can clattered to the linoleum floor. My hands, moving as if they had a life of their own, slid around her waist.

"Ohhh!" Marya giggled. I could feel her warm skin moving under my touch, "Your hands are cold!" Her arms snaked around my neck, her lips pressed against mine again and parted. Her tongue probed my lips, shocking me with sensations I could no longer fight. My legs got rubbery while my tongue dueled hers and our lips and bodies pressed together.

Because we needed to breathe, the kiss ended. Marya leaned back in my arms, looking at me, her perfect features flushed, her chest heaving. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "That was the best birthday kiss I ever got!"

"Marya..." It was all I could do to talk. "We...we shouldn't...shouldn't be...ah...doing this."

"Why not?" Marya purred, pressing her hips against my tumultuous groin. "Don't you like me?"

I took a deep breath. "Oh God, Marya, yes, I like you!" I exclaimed. "But...but we shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong. We, ah, I, um, could get in trouble."

"Only if I tell," Marya said. "I'm eighteen, now, and I know what I'm doing."

The insistent pressure and movement of her hips had me about to explode in my pants. If I didn't figure some way out of this, I wouldn't be able to...

"Your mom..." I gasped. "Won't...won't she wonder where you are?"

Marya shook her head. "No," she murmured, continuing to grind her body against mine. I still had my hands on her waist and her silky skin felt so warm it almost burned my hands. "She's gone to Aunt Elyse's place for a couple of days."

"But...I'm old enough to be your father...!" I stammered.

Marya kept rotating her hips against my groin. "Feels like you have something I'd like," she said sweetly.

Somehow, I found the strength to tear myself away from her. "Marya! We can't do this! We just can't!" I exclaimed. I turned and walked into the den, plopped down in my chair, and tried to organize my thoughts. I had a serious problem! I had to get Marya to go home somehow. She was just a kid! I couldn't take advantage of her! It wouldn't be right! My mind raced, thoughts jumbled. But...did I really want her to leave? She was so desirable!

Marya walked into the room. "What were you doing before I came?" she asked. I couldn't get over how calm she sounded.

"Ah, nothing," I replied.

She sat on the arm of my chair and the proximity of her warm, young body again stoked the fires of passion already smoldering inside me.

"You were watching a movie," she said. She noticed the TV was still on. "What was it?"

"Ah, nothing," I told her. I realized the last thing I needed was for her to see what kind of movie I'd been watching.

"Come on, what was it?" Marya asked. She leaned her delectable form across me, picked up the VCR remote control, and pushed the "Play" button.

"Marya! No!" I yelled.

"Why not? What's the matter?" she asked. She turned her attention to the TV just as a pretty nude blonde slid her lips over the huge, straining cock of the man she was making love with.

"Oh, wow!" Marya exclaimed. "That's wild!"

"Marya, please!" I protested weakly. "You...you shouldn't be watching stuff like this."

"You sound like my mom," she said. "But I don't care. I have to learn sometime, don't I?"

"It's...it's not right!" I protested. I was losing control of the situation. No, I'd already lost control. Marya was in control from the minute she walked in my door.

"That's awesome!" Marya stared at the screen. "Do people really do that stuff?"

"Ah...yes...I-I guess so," I replied.

"Do you and your wife do it?" she asked. Her eyes were glued to the TV and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. She reached into my lap and caressed my swollen cock. "Would you like it if I did it to you?"

"God help me, yes!" I groaned. I didn't care any more. If she wanted sex, I'd give it to her!

She got up, eyes shining, then she knelt in front of me. Her petite hands undid my belt, then the clasp at the waist of my pants. I clutched the arms of the chair as the zipper of my slacks buzzed down. Her hand moved inside my shorts and brought out my swollen shaft. It felt so good!

"It's huge!" Marya whispered as she gazed at my distended cock. Her eyes were wide, her face flushed. Her warm, dainty hands moved over the veined surface of my swollen tool.

"Oh, God!" I groaned. My hips writhed on the leather chair. The sensations were unbelievable! Marya may have been young, but she had natural talent! Lots of it!

"It's spitting," she giggled softly as a glistening drop of pre-cum oozed from the slitted tip of my straining shaft. She massaged the fluid into the purple tip.

"Ahh!" I groaned. "You...keep that...Oh!...up...it's...Ah!...really going to spit!"

"Does that feel good?" Marya asked ingenuously, her hands moving maddeningly up and down on my swollen pole.

"Jesus, yes!" I groaned. My pulse was pounding and there was so much sexual tension inside me I was afraid the top of my head would come off. "Unnhh!" I cried when she kissed the flared tip. It wasn't possible to feel better than this, it couldn't be! "Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God!" I groaned. Desperately, seeking some measure of control, I tried to think of other things, ice, snow, garbage, anything to distract me from the incredible sensations shooting into my body as a result of what the gorgeous teen-ager was doing to me.

"Ahhh!" I moaned when she licked the tip, then swirled her tongue around and down the super-sensitive flesh. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. Try as I would to tone down the sensations rocking me, I couldn't; even with my eyes closed. A picture of that lovely mouth and dainty tongue working on my cock flashed behind my tightly closed eyes, driving me wild with need for release.

Warmth and wetness engulfed the whole head of my cock then. She'd taken it in her mouth! Tender lips, causing exquisite friction, teased the tip, her tongue poked into the tiny opening at the head of my cock.

"Agghh! Unnhh!" I was clutching the chair so hard I was afraid I'd rip the fabric.

Slowly, giving me indescribable delight, Marya's lips slid downward and my shaft entered her divine young mouth.

Somehow, like the girl in the film, Marya managed to get all of me in her mouth.

"Ahh! Ohh! Ahh!" I groaned as shock wave after shock wave of ecstasy thudded through me, shaking me. I couldn't stop trembling.

Then, ever so slowly, the engulfing mouth and tight lips moved back upward, until only the tip remained between her sweet lips.

"Marya...Oh, God, Marya!" I babbled mindlessly, "That feels incredible! You better stop, I'm gonna to come!"

I looked down and saw was the most erotic scene I'd ever viewed in my life. That innocent, youthful face, my cock embedded between those luscious lips, the wild look in her eyes; it made the best sex film I'd ever seen look like Walt Disney.

"Marya! Oh, God, Marya, I'm gonna come!" I cried, "If you keep that up, I'm gonna come!"

The warmth left my cock, and it stood there, cooling in the air, as her petite hands worked on it, massaging, stroking. Marya looked up at me, her lips shiny. "So?" she asked, a smile brightening her face, "Go ahead. Do what you gotta do." Her mouth descended over my cock once more and she began moving her head up and down rapidly, her tongue lashing the shaft.

"Oh, Jesus! Ahh! Ahhh!" I cried as the tension in my groin flashed past the bursting point. Like an unwinding spring, my body released and ecstasy filled me, rushing through me with incredible intensity, shaking me as I'd never been shaken before. I felt my cock begin to pulsate, then it exploded, shooting powerful spurt after powerful spurt of hot, viscous cream into the teenager's mouth.

"Oh! Ohh! Annhh!" I cried as Marya sucked me dry. Overwhelmed by the effect of what she was doing to me, I thought I'd faint. Still, she kept on, until the fantastic feelings began to ebb, and my erection began to soften.

I watched Marya continue to work on me. My penis was limp, but she still had it trapped between her lips. She looked up at me, eyes bright, and let the limp tube of flesh slide slowly out of her mouth and across her pert chin, a gesture I found incredibly erotic. Her face was shiny and wet with my juices. As she looked at me, her tongue came out and licked her lips.

"I loved it!" she murmured. Her tongue continued to move, seeking more of my spend, "It was awesome! I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did! I loved it! Oh God, did I ever! You taste so good!"

My strength had returned, so I reached down, grabbed Marya under her arms and lifted her onto my lap, facing me. She snuggled against me and our lips met.

"That was the most wonderful thing anyone's ever done for me," I told her when the kiss ended. "You are something!"

"Did you really like it?" Marya asked.

"You better believe it!" I replied.

Marya worked her nubile body against me. "You...you don't' think I'm...you know...a sicko, or anything?" she asked, again showing that surprising combination of innocence and sultriness I found amazing.

"Of course not! There's nothing wrong with what you did," I told her. "It was wonderful!" I slid my hands up her back, under her loose top, and felt the muscles of her slim body move in response.

"Ohh!" she whispered, "that feels nice!"

"I think..." I whispered as my hands continued to move over her incredibly smooth young skin, "...it's time I did something to make you feel good, too."

"Ohh!" Marya squealed, squirming against me. "I'd like that!"

"Let's go upstairs, then," I said. I kissed her neck and shoulders, my hands cupped and squeezed her firm, budding breasts. Through the filmy fabric of her bra I felt her hardened nipples. As my hands explored, a soft moan escaped her lips and a shudder went through her body. She slipped out of my arms and we stood up. My pants fell around my ankles, I stepped out of them and scooped Marya up in my arms. She seemed almost weightless. Her slim arms went around my neck, and her head fell against my shoulder.

With the lovely young woman riding easily in my arms, her lips teasing my ear, I carried her up the stairs to the bedroom I had previously shared with only my wife. I set Marya on her feet next to the bed and stood there, shaking with excitement.

Then I took a deep breath, reached out, and lifted the hem of her blouse. She raised her arms and I pulled the garment over her head.

Suddenly, as I looked at her partially bared body, Marya seemed to become very young, and very nervous. She moved her arms as if she didn't know what to do with them, her lacy white bra a stark contrast against her tawny skin.

"Are you nervous, sweetheart?" I asked, more than a little surprised at her change in demeanor.

Marya hugged herself and nodded, her eyes averting contact with mine. I ran my hands up and down her arms softly, watching goose bumps rise at my touch. The transformation from wanton vixen to shy, scared, little girl added to the desire I felt for her. My penis began to swell anew.

"Don't be scared, Marya," I assured her, "I promise I won't hurt you."

I pulled her against me, feeling the warmth of her through the shirt I still wore as she snuggled into my arms. I cupped her chin, tilted her face up, and covered her soft lips with mine. As the kiss went on, I felt her begin to relax.

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