tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 07 Pt. 04

Pleasant Street Ch. 07 Pt. 04

byD.C. Roi©



They ate and chatted about family things, enjoying their time together as if there were nothing extraordinary about the situation. Both of them were surprised how comfortable they'd become with their arrangement in the short time they'd been together.

After they cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, Bert reached out, pulled Carla into his arms, and covered her lips with his. Her arms went around him, and once again his hands moved onto her bottom, pulling her against him. She loved it. The day had been so exciting she didn't want it to end. She leaned back in his arms and looked up at him.

"I don't want you to leave," she said softly. "Can you stay the night?"

"I was hoping you'd ask," Bert replied. "I don't want to go home, either."

"Only problem is," Carla said, "Mel will call."

"Can you handle that if I'm here?" Bert asked.

"As long as you keep your hands off me, I can," she replied and flashed a smile at him.

"Audrey plans to call me tonight, too," Bert said. "I'll beat her to it and call her. Mind if I use your phone?"

Carla nodded. Once again, reality was intruding on their world of sexual fantasy. She felt distanced from Bert and, as she watched him walk to the phone, for the first time she began to feel stirrings of guilt. She heard him talking to his wife and went into the bedroom. When he finished, she heard him coming down the hall.

Carla laid there, her mind a jumble of conflicting emotions. She was jealous of Audrey. She shouldn't be, but she was. Bert entered the room, the phone rang, and she picked it up. It was Bert's turn to wait as she talked to her husband. Finally, she put the phone down and looked at her lover. Bert sat on the edge of the bed, an odd look on his face.

"You OK?" he asked.

Carla nodded, pulled down the covers, and stretched out on the bed. "Come here," she said and patted the spot next to her. She needed to feel his body next to hers, to know he was there, to know what they had wasn't yet over. Bert joined her and she rolled atop him, her lips covering his, licking them, glorying as he returned her kiss.

Then his lips began to move over her body, along her throat, up the slope of a breast to a turgid nipple. Once more, exquisite sensations suffused her body as he gently nibbled the rubbery tip. She moaned softly as he licked through the valley between her breasts and up to the tip of the other nipple. A rush of pleasure rolled through her. It wasn't over! Not by a long shot!

"Will I ever stop being thrilled by your touch?" she asked, her throat tight.

"I hope not," Bert said, then resumed his caresses.

Carla was again electrified as Bert's lips and hands roamed her body. They left a trail of excitement everywhere they moved. Now he was caressing the silky softness of her belly, licking her navel. She groaned with joy as his mouth moved through the luxuriant thicket of curls at her very middle.

"Oh!" she moaned when his finger began an exploration of her seething vagina. "God! That feels so nice!"

Involuntarily her hips rose off the bed and wave after wave of joy cascaded over her as he thrust his finger in and out, in and out.

"Uhhh!" she cried, body arched, as he sucked her erect clit between his lips. His finger kept tempo with his sucking and the emotions she felt turned to ecstasy. Her body writhed and bucked and she felt herself begin to quiver.

She reached for Bert's erection, managing to twist her body so she could take him in her mouth without losing the delectable contact of his mouth on her pussy. Avidly, her mouth moved up and down the rigid pole. She felt it jump and pulse against her lips.

"Mmm!" Bert moaned into Carla's spasming cunt, the vibration of his moans adding to her pleasure. When he felt her lips encircle his cock, it surprised and pleased him. His body, too, was wracked by powerful sensations as they worked on each other in the traditional "69" position.

Carla felt the throbbing in Bert's penis that signaled impending orgasm and increased the urgency of her attentions to him. Then, suddenly, he exploded. She paused momentarily, then she began to swallow. It was wonderful, she thought, then the wonder of his coming paled and skyrockets began to explode in her brain as his tongue and fingers triggered her orgasm. His swollen cock, embedded in her mouth, stifled the moans which echoed through her brain while her body jolted and shook.

Bert couldn't believe it! He'd never had a blow-job before today, now he'd had two! And his cock was still hard!

He pulled it out of her mouth, quickly moved between her legs, and crammed his still-hard penis into Carla's still-convulsing vagina.

"Ohh!" Carla was startled, but thrilled by this new turn of events. "Yes! Oh...Bert! Yes!" she cried, her body quaking under his new onslaught.

Bert was pretty sure he couldn't come again, but hoped he could wring another orgasm out of his lover. He pushed himself up on his arms and thrilled at the view of her bouncing, bobbing breasts as he pounded his cock into her. Her face was slack and flushed with lust, her eyes glazed with passion.

Carla was incredulous. The orgasm triggered by his lips and tongue hadn't yet died out when he plunged his cock into her. Her body responded by climbing yet again toward an incredible peak! Her insides tightened, coiling like a spring, the feelings so good she didn't think she could stand any more.

"Ahh! Oh, God! Ohh!" Carla cried as yet another orgasm exploded through her. "God! I'm...I'm...I'm...Ah!...coming! Yeah! Bert! Bert!" Unbearably sweet pleasure filled her body, setting every nerve ending a-tingle. Then, as the explosions continued, everything went black.

Bert felt Carla's body go into violent spasms as her orgasm hit, then he felt her go limp and was frightened. He pulled his cock from her still-fluttering vagina and examined her closely. Her breathing was regular, her face peaceful, a soft smile curved her lips.

"I'll be damned!" he thought. "I think she passed out. I fucked her unconscious!" Carefully, he pulled the covers over them, turned out the light, snuggled against her, and then went to sleep. Exhausted, the two lovers slept the sleep of people who've had a fine, fulfilling, very satisfying day. All night they lay wrapped in each other's arms, content, satisfied, more sexually sated than either one had believed possible. The night closed in protectively, guarding them as they slept.

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