tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 07 Pt. 06

Pleasant Street Ch. 07 Pt. 06

byD.C. Roi©



"I'm going to take a shower," Bert said. He kissed Carla, slipped reluctantly from her embrace, and headed for the bathroom. He'd just gotten the water temperature right when she joined him.

"Couldn't let you do this alone," Carla said. She slid her arms around him and their lips joined.

Bert thought that he'd reached sexual satiation, but, as Carla's wet skin moved against his, he realized he was wrong. His penis began to swell. "God...damn!" he said.

"What's the matter?" Carla asked, looking concerned.

"You're turning me on again!" Bert told her.

Carla looked down, saw what was happening, and grasped his cock in her hand. "I guess I am, aren't I?" she said. She sank to her knees and put him in her mouth.

Bert groaned and leaned against the wall of the shower as Carla's lips worked magic on him, launching exquisite sensations, which bounced around inside him like ping-pong balls; building, growing. He was so hot he couldn't understand why steam wasn't coming from him when the cascading water touched him.

"Carla!" he groaned. He was getting too close. He loved it when she sucked him, but he didn't want that now! He pulled her to her feet. "I want you!"

"How?" Carla asked. She was puzzled. They'd have to get out and dry off. They couldn't get in bed wet like this.

"Bend over," Bert told her, his voice thick. "Like so." He showed her what he wanted and she did it, feeling his body brush hers as he moved behind her.

"Oh God! Another new experience!" Carla thought as he moved close behind her, his cock slapping the cheeks of her graceful bottom. "What is he going to do this time?" she wondered She gasped as his rigid pole slid into her and felt ecstasy flutter through her. How was she ever going to get along without having him? They'd been fucking and sucking constantly since he arrived and neither of them seemed able to get enough! At least she couldn't! What was she going to do when things returned to normal?

Bert, meanwhile, looked at the beauteous woman he'd impaled and passion continued to rush over him as he thrust into her. She was so beautiful! He reached over, took the soap and got one of his fingers all lathery, then began to tickle her exposed anus, probing it, teasing it.

Carla went wild. "Bert! Ah! What...? Oh God! That feels so lovely!" she wailed when his finger probed at her rear opening, then entered her. Another new experience was hers, the thrill of being double-fucked! The sensations were intense! Too intense!

"Oohh!" Carla wailed as rapture overwhelmed her and she exploded!

"I'm coming!" she cried. "Bert! Bert! Yes! Oh, Bert! Yes! Do it! Do it! Yes! Don't stop! Oh, God! Don't stop! Don't stop! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Gahh!" Bert cried as he, too, came, spilling his juices into her, riding out ecstasy with her, his cock and finger driving into her.

Somehow they managed to finish their shower. They dried themselves off, and went back to the living room. Both of them were sated so they decided to watch another movie. They did just that cuddled together on the sofa. When the film ended Bert turned and looked at Carla.

"It...it's not going to be easy to go home in the morning," he said.

"I don't want you to," Carla replied. "But I know you have to. It's going to be terribly lonely with you gone. Maybe I'll go to my folks' after all."

She pressed against him, as if trying to meld their bodies together. "What have we started?" she asked.

"Up to now, something wonderful," Bert said. "Only it seems like there's a painful side to it, too."

"I know," Carla replied. "I...I don't know if I could stand it if I thought I'd never have all this again. Or even a small part of it."

"I know," Bert said and kissed her. "Thing is, this is going to be our last night together for a while and I'd like to spend it in bed." He got up, scooped her up in his arms, and carried her down the hallway to the bedroom.

Carla wasn't sure why, but she found his action quite special. In the room, he laid her on the bed, then he laid down next to her. There seemed to be a shared awareness that, somehow, this time would be different.

Bert's lips covered Carla's and her lips and tongue moved urgently against his. His hands slid over her body, his touch once more startlingly tender. Again, Carla felt her body begin to come alive. This time was different somehow. There was less urgency, less intensity. There was, however, caring and warmth.

"I sure am going to miss this," Bert said, his hand cupped Carla's breast, teasing a nipple. "But I'm not sure we'd be productive citizens if we kept up this pace for the rest of our lives."

"It's a nice dream, isn't it?" Carla replied. Then, "Ah! Bert!" His lips captured a nipple and sucked it.

He pushed her onto her back and lay atop her, his erection sliding between her legs, caressing her steaming cunt. He didn't move for a while, he just lay there enjoying the warmth radiating into him from her. It felt so good!

Carla liked this. She liked having him on top of her. She adored the way his cock teased her cunt. She moved her hips in invitation.

Bert raised himself, grasped his cock, and guided it into her. God, she felt heavenly! Her legs locked behind his and again he lay down on her.

"Damn, it's wonderful being in you!" he said. Then, holding her against him, he rolled on his side. Joined, they lay face-to-face, their bodies moving languidly, inducing soft, gentle waves of sweetness that tenderly infused their bodies.

"This is marvelous," Carla replied, thrilled as her body filled with warm sensations. Every time they made love it was different. Most of the times it had been wild and exciting and they'd shared a level of bliss she had no idea existed.

Now they were again making love. Only this time it wasn't frantic, wasn't wild, wasn't a maelstrom of passion. It was peaceful and loving. She sensed that although this session might not end in a mind-numbing cataclysm, it would be the most memorable joining of their time together. This was the special one, the one they would treasure.

Bert kept up his slow, steady stroking, and he, too realized this time was different; more wonderful than any that had gone before. His urgency began to increase so he lay still, hands stroking her.

"Why did you stop?" Carla asked.

"Don't want this to end, yet," Bert replied.

"I love you," Carla said.

"I love you, too," Bert replied. His lips covered hers and once again his hips began moving.

Twice more Bert paused in his lovemaking, cooling them down, drawing out what might well be their final joining. Each time he did it, he realized his passion was building to an explosive level that could not long be denied.

"Take me!" Carla urged, pulling at him with her hands. "I need you! Please! Make me come!"

Then Bert's body opened up and his hunger would be denied no longer. His body, filling with new and wondrous feelings, emptied his juices powerfully into his lover. "Now! Carla! Now!" Bert cried as he clutched her ass and drove against her. "Come, baby! Oh, ye! Come! Come!"

"Take me! Take me! Yes!" Carla cried as she joined him in ecstasy. "Yes! Now! Now! Yes! Oh, yes!"

Carla's orgasm was like no other she'd shared with him and she clung to him as the beautiful experience ran its course. Afterward, they slept, and too quickly the alarm rang, signaling the end of their utopian weekend and the return of real life. They got up, showered, and dressed. Neither of them seemed to know what to do or say. Both of them felt odd being clothed for the first time in two days and acted almost as self-conscious as they had when they first went nude.

They walked to the door so Carla could take Bert back to his car. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "Don't go to your parents," he said.

"Why?" Carla asked.

"I-I can probably get away a couple of nights this week," he said. "Audrey has meetings at least three nights."

"Is...is that the way it's going to be for us?" Carla asked. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Clandestine meetings, sneaking around, none of it appealed to her. On the other hand, she couldn't imagine going without what they'd had.

"I love you," he told her. "I-I'll leave Audrey if you want."

Carla shook her head. "No, you...you can't do that," she said. "It wouldn't be right."

"What then?" Bert asked. "I...I have to see you. I'll go crazy if I can't."

Carla smiled at him. "I thought you said Audrey had meetings three nights this week," she said softly.

Bert kissed her again.

"Mel has another one of these week-long seminars coming up in September," she whispered, clinging to him.

"I'll see if I can talk Audrey into going to her folks for the week, then," Bert said. He smiled. "A week together would be nice, wouldn't it?"

"It would be heaven!" Carla said.

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