tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 10 Pt. 01-02

Pleasant Street Ch. 10 Pt. 01-02

byD.C. Roi©


The ultimate betrayal occurs when a person sleeps with their best friend's mate. Or does it? After all, what if they're attracted to each other and find themselves thrown together unexpectedly. It isn't as if they're planning to run off with each other. Maybe what they're doing will result in more pleasure for everybody involved.

Ron and Linda live on Pleasant Street. Lynette, Linda's best friend from college, is staying with them for a while so she can get over a very messy divorce.

Ron told me once he's had the hots for Lynette for years. What if she has the hots for him? Since she's now living with Ron and his wife, a very volatile situation could be developing right here on our street. Ever since Lynette - who is one of the hottest-looking women I've ever seen - arrived, I've been wondering what's going to happen. Will Ron be able to resist temptation?

Like I said, I've been thinking about it. Like I do with a lot of my thoughts, I made a story out of it. Maybe the story tells what actually is going on, maybe it doesn't. Actually, does it matter?



Ron's back arched as he drove his hips down, thrusting his cock deep into his pretty wife's willing, lush body. "Baby!" he groaned, "You're incredible!"

"Shh!" his wife, Linda, whispered and pressed her hand against his mouth. "Lynette is in the next room. She'll hear us!"

Ron was aware of that. What Linda didn't know was that half the reason he was this horny was Lynette, Linda's blonde, gorgeous former college roommate, who was staying with them while she tried to get her life back in order after going through a very messy divorce. Ron always had a yen for Lynette and her presence their house had him in a state of perpetual randiness.

Lynette was a very sexy lady, he thought, and the way she dressed accentuated that. In addition, she'd been dropping hints ever since she arrived that Ron would be welcome in her bed any time he chose.

"Oh!" Linda moaned softly, "You are horny, aren't you?" Her body quivered with delicious feelings of pleasure his driving penis sent rocketing through her. She had no idea why he suddenly was so horny, but she loved it. She hadn't been fucked so well, or so often in a long time. She'd begun to wonder if he no longer found her attractive.

"Unnhh! Unnhh!" Ron groaned. His efforts to be quiet faded as thrills shot through him. He looked down at his buxom, dark-haired wife and watched, delighted, as his thrusts rocked her body and caused her full breasts to bob and jiggle. Her gorgeous face was flushed with passion.

Then he closed his eyes and slammed into her even harder, imagining it was slim, petite, blonde, Lynette into whose body he was driving. That did it. With gut-wrenching intensity, massive quantities of scalding, gooey cream gushed from him, splashing into his wife's vagina.

"Ahh!" he moaned, "Take it, Baby! Take my come!"

"Yes! Oh! Yes!" Linda groaned in reply. "Take me! Take me! Oh, Lord, that's good! I'm coming, too!" Powerful spasms convulsed her as his orgasm triggered hers.

When he finished, Ron pulled his softening cock out of his wife's body and rolled onto his back next to her on the bed. Although he'd come wonderfully, he felt an ache, an unsatisfied need. He wanted Lynette! But she was Linda's best friend, so it was an impossible dream.

Linda, satisfied astonishingly well, snuggled against her husband and fell sound asleep. The sleep of a sated woman.


While Ron lay next to his wife, thinking about her, Lynette flopped into her bed, more turned on than she'd been in a long time. She had been walking down the hallway, heard the moans coming from the master bedroom, and through the slightly ajar door watched her former college roommate get screwed silly by her husband who, it seemed, was quite a lover.

Alone in her bed, Lynette trembled with need. She moved her hands over her body, caressing herself through the thin material of her nightie. She cupped her small breasts, the nipples already hard and pointed. The movement brought a low moan of delight from her rosy lips.

Since Tom left her, she'd gotten quite good at loving herself. Actually, now that she thought about it, what she did to herself made her feel better than Tom ever had. She'd never, ever been loved the way Ron had been loving Linda, though. Just the memory of what she'd seen pushed her excitement up another notch.

Ron, still awake, continued contemplating the possibility of making it with Lynette. He imagined what her slim, girlish body - in contrast to his wife's lush, full form - would look like

unclothed. How did she act when she was making love? What would fucking her feel like? As he fantasized, his cock began to swell and grow hard again.

Meanwhile, Lynette had her nightgown pulled up and was caressing her naked belly and legs, her body moving with building passion. Her hands slid between her thighs and she began exploring her own vagina.

"Mmmm!" a soft moan escaped from her lips, as thrills provoked by her own touch, shot through her. Her body quaked as she slid first one, then two, fingers into her needing hole. Her other hand began a circular motion on her engorged clit. She pleasured herself, her body writhing, soft mewls of pleasure issuing from her ruby lips.

While Lynette twisted and squirmed in lonely passion Ron, still unable to sleep, decided to go to the bathroom. He slipped out of bed, put on his robe and started down the hall. As he passed Lynette's room, he thought he heard a moan.

He stopped at her door and listened. It was a moan and it seemed to be coming from Lynette's room!

"I'll be damned!" he thought. "Those sound like moans of pleasure to me!"

Curious, he opened the door a tiny bit. She'd left her light on and what he saw sent shock-waves of excitement through him. His erect cock jumped and parted the folds of his robe.

Lynette, beautiful, lithe, blonde Lynette, was lying on top of the bed, her nightgown pulled up around her neck, her body twisting and jerking as she pleasured herself with her hands!

Her breasts - small, but perfectly shaped hills of flesh - were topped by swollen, dark

areolas and rigidly extended nipples. Her eyes were closed and her long golden hair had fanned out, framing her flushed, lovely face which was slack with passion.

"Oh! Ohh!" she moaned softly, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ron! Oh, Ron! Fuck me!"

Ron couldn't believe what he was hearing! In the heat of passion, Lynette was calling out his name! She wanted him! He opened the door and, stiff-legged, walked toward the bed where the beautiful woman lay, lost in self-induced passion.

As Ron walked toward her, he shed his robe. His cock, a swollen, veined obelisk with a purple arrow-shaped head, pointed toward the object of his desire.

Lynette, totally absorbed in the rapture she was giving herself, wasn't aware he'd come in to her room. Eyes tightly shut, she was still imagining that Ron was the source of the incredible joy that ripped through her body. God! It actually felt as if he was touching her, his hand sliding over her belly, replacing hers, caressing her inflamed clit! It felt so incredibly good! Never had she experienced such a real fantasy!

"Oh!" she moaned and her body arched upward. She opened her eyes, or thought she did, and saw Ron, naked, bending over her, his hand in her groin! She blinked. She wasn't imagining it, he was caressing her!

"Ron! Oh, no!" she groaned, her excitement jumping to unbearable levels.

"Yes," he replied softly. "You want me, and I want you."

He got onto the bed next to her and moved between her legs, the whole time continuing

the circular movement of his hand, keeping her so wild with rapture she couldn't think straight.

The continued rise and fall of Lynette's hips encouraged him, as did the fact that her movements became more urgent when he slid his finger into her.

Lynette was too turned on to resist. She felt Ron kneel between her legs, then the hot, sticky tip of his penis slapped against her aching pussy. Her hands pulled at him as he placed the tip of his cock between her soaked vaginal lips, and thrills cascaded over her as she felt the massive pole of flesh invade her, fill her as she hadn't been filled in a long, long time!

"Yes! Yes!" she groaned. She didn't care! She wanted him! "Oh, heavens, I need that!"

It hadn't been that long since he'd come, but Ron was as turned on as he'd ever been. The sweet sensations caused by her clasping, enveloping vagina squeezing his sensitized cock soon had him atremble with need. Fully buried in her, he forced himself to remain still, relishing the incredible feelings, marveling at how really wonderful it felt.

"You're so sweet!" he whispered. "So tight!"

Lynette knew she shouldn't be fucking her best friend's husband, but couldn't stop. She needed to be fucked so badly! As he started to move in her, her hips responded, causing glorious sensations to radiate through her body from the friction of their joined organs.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried, "Fuck me! Oh! Fuck me!"

Her plea stirred Ron to greater efforts. His hips pounded against hers, her body jolting, her small, jellied breasts jiggling slightly. In and out, in and out his hard pole worked in her

tightly clutching cavern, the sensations so sweet it was almost unbearable.

"Ah! Ah! Ahh!" she cried, "That's it! Yes! That's it! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!" Her body arched and strained as release rushed through it.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah!" Ron moaned, his cock pulsing, powerful blast after powerful blast of his juices spewing into her.

Done, he lowered himself on her and covered her mouth with his. Avidly, Lynette returned the kiss. They lay there, lips locked together for a while, their bodies occasionally twitching as after-shocks of pleasure rippled through them.

"That...that was wonderful!" she told him. "I...I really needed that. But...but we shouldn't have."

Ron smiled and kissed her again. When the kiss ended, he looked at her. "I don't want to, but I guess I should get back to my own bed," he whispered. "I'll see you in the morning. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't going to end here." He kissed her again, slipped out of bed, and was gone.

"This doesn't end here?" Lynette wondered about his comment after he'd gone. "What did he mean?" The possibilities occurred to her and she shuddered with delight.

Finally, wonderfully satisfied, she fell asleep.

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