tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 10 Pt. 03-04

Pleasant Street Ch. 10 Pt. 03-04

byD.C. Roi©


The ultimate betrayal occurs when a person sleeps with their best friend's mate. Or does it? After all, what if they're attracted to each other and find themselves thrown together unexpectedly. It isn't as if they're planning to run off with each other. Maybe what they're doing will result in more pleasure for everybody involved.

Ron and Linda live on Pleasant Street. Lynette, Linda's best friend from college, is staying with them for a while so she can get over a very messy divorce.

Ron told me once he's had the hots for Lynette for years. What if she has the hots for him? Since she's now living with Ron and his wife, a very volatile situation could be developing right here on our street. Ever since Lynette - who is one of the hottest-looking women I've ever seen - arrived, I've been wondering what's going to happen. Will Ron be able to resist temptation?

Like I said, I've been thinking about it. Like I do with a lot of my thoughts, I made a story out of it. Maybe the story tells what actually is going on, maybe it doesn't. Actually, does it matter?



Lynette awoke in the morning, her middle plastered with the dried remnants of her delightful, unexpected interlude with Ron the night before. She slid her hand across her belly, between her slim legs, and felt the dried remnants of Ron's come on her crinkly pubic hair. "It wasn't a dream!" she thought, shuddering with delight, "It really wasn't!"

She stretched, got out of bed, slipped into her robe and slippers, and went down to the kitchen. Linda and Ron sat at the table, eating breakfast.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Linda said.

"Good morning," Lynette replied. She felt a little funny, facing her friend, and her friend's husband after what had happened.

"Good morning," Ron said, but he concentrated on his cup of coffee, avoiding eye contact with her.

Both Linda and Ron were dressed and Lynette assumed they'd be going to work. Lynette, who had gotten extremely good alimony as part of her divorce settlement, was looking for work, but hadn't found a job yet. She decided she'd be fussy. She wasn't going to take the first job that

came along. She had no appointments to go anywhere that morning, anyhow.

Linda stood up. "I have to get going," she said. "I have a busy day ahead of me. Would you mind making supper tonight, Lynette?"

"No, of course not," Lynette replied. "After all, you two have been wonderful about letting me stay here."

Linda picked up her jacket and purse, kissed Ron, and left. Lynette and Ron sat there, listening, as her car started, and the sound of it moved down the driveway.

Ron stood up. "There's something I have to do," he said, and walked toward the living room.

Lynette carried some of the dishes to the counter and was rinsing them when Ron returned. He stood in the doorway, watching her for a minute, noting the way her robe clung to the curves of her body, and the way that body moved as she worked at the sink. Then he crossed the kitchen, came up behind her, and slid his arms around her, pressing against her from the rear, cupping her breasts in his hands, squeezing the lovely orbs gently.

Lynette responded by pressing back against him, moving her hips against his already swelling cock. "Don't you have to go to work?" she asked.

"I just called and said I wasn't coming in," he said, and kissed her on the neck, enjoying the sensation as her soft hair caressed his face.

"Oh!" Lynette's reply came out as a soft moan when his thumbs began to tease the tips of her breasts. She pressed her ass against him and felt his erection pushing against her firm


"Let's go upstairs," Ron whispered into her ear as his lips moved thrillingly over her neck and shoulders.

Lynette was delighted. Electrifying sensations inundated her body, from her hardened nipples down to her quivering groin.

"Yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes!"

Ron took her hand and led her up the steps to the bedroom she was using. Inside the door, he pulled her into his arms, his lips covering hers. Immediately, in response, her lips parted and her tongue flicked out, caressing his, striking sparks of delight. Ron's hands slid down to her ass, cupping it, pulling her against him.

Lynette felt as if her body had turned to jelly. Need flooded over her like a tidal wave. His hands on her ass felt so good! Now he was pulling her against him and through their clothes she felt his hard cock pressing against her soft belly. His hands left her ass and moved up to the waist of her robe, opened it, and pushed it off.

His hands moved over her nude skin. "You're incredibly beautiful!" Ron exclaimed as his eyes moved excitedly over her unclad form.

Lynette felt herself blush, then she gasped as his hands cupped her breasts and teased the nipples. Her body moved under his touch and all she could do was moan and gasp as rapture overwhelmed her.

"Oh, God!" she crooned, "That feels so wonderful!"

"Glad you like it," Ron murmured and continued experiencing the silken sensation of her skin with one hand while he undid his clothes with the other. It wasn't easy. Excitement robbed his fingers of dexterity but, eventually, he managed to get his things off. Once he had disrobed, he pulled her against him, his hard cock sliding between her legs.

"Ah!" Lynette groaned as the meaty shaft rubbed her vaginal lips, sending turmoil rippling through her. It didn't matter any more that he was her best friend's husband! She wanted him! She needed him! Her hips began to thrust, rubbing her vagina against his hard cock.

Ron backed off, laid down on the bed, and pulled her to him. Eagerly, she joined him on the bed and pressed against him, needing the feel of his cock. Ron rolled over her, and she felt the massive wand slide between her silken, slick vaginal lips. Then it was in her! Ron pushed down with his hips, sliding himself still deeper into her willing, yearning body.

"Yes! Yes!" she groaned. Her hips rose, her legs locked behind his.

Ron was again thrilled by the sensations her engulfing cavern gave him. He was overwhelmed by how intense the experience was.

"Ah!" he moaned, "Oh, baby!"

Once he had his cock buried deep in her welcoming body, Ron began to rotate his hips, grinding his pubic bone against hers.

"Oh God! Yes!" Lynette purred, "Oh God! Did I ever need this! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Ron! Fuck me!"

Ron responded to the urgency of her plea and began to thrust harder and faster. He felt how hard her body was straining against him.

"I-I can't wait!" Lynette shrieked, "Oh, God! I can't wait! I'm coming! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! I'm coming! Fuck me! Oh, Ron, fuck me!"

Ron felt spasms begin in the lovely body working beneath his and then his own body loosed itself.

"Oh! Oh, God! Yeah!" he yelled, as he jetted his hot, sticky cream deep into her body.

Lynette's peak passed and, at last, spent and satisfied, she relaxed and left herself lay there limp.

For a few minutes, Ron continued stroking into her then he stopped and rolled off next to her on the bed.

"That was unbelievable!" he told the lovely woman lying next to him.

"I needed that so badly," Lynette said. "It's been too long."

Ron pulled her into his arms, and their lips met. Lynette's arms went around him and pulled him snugly against her. When the kiss ended, Lynette looked at him seriously.

"What...what about Linda?" she asked.

"I-I don't know," he replied.

"I don't want to hurt her," Lynette said, "or I didn't, anyhow." She wasn't sure what her friend would think of what had just happened, but she had an idea she'd already caused her best friend more than a little pain.

"I don't want to hurt her, either," Ron replied, "but I'm not sure I can give you up now that I've had you."

Lynette kissed him gently. "I'm not sure I can stop, either."

Ron remembered something. "You know," he said, "a couple months back we were watching a porno video. Two chicks were making it and Linda got really turned on by that. Then they showed a threesome and she got even more wound up." He looked at Lynette. "How would you feel about that?"

"When I was in college I had a relationship with another girl," she told him. "It was wonderful. I've always wondered what that would be like with Linda."

Ron was thrilled. Having two women to make love with would be fantastic! "I guess, then, all we have to do is get Linda involved," he said. He was tremendously excited by the prospect.

They laid there, talking, trying to figure out exactly how to initiate Linda into their delicious activities. One thing was sure. When Linda got home from work, she was in for a big surprise.


Linda got home from work that afternoon and found Lynette, wearing only a filmy robe, working at the kitchen counter. She looked at her friend and felt a shiver go through her body.

"She's really beautiful!" Linda thought. "She's always had a good body, so slim, so firm. I wish I didn't always have to worry about my weight. I bet Lynette doesn't." "Hi, Lynette," she said and Lynette turned and smiled at her.

"Hi," Lynette said. "I hope you don't mind that I didn't get dressed. I didn't feel like it."

"That's OK," Linda said, "Sometimes I don't get dressed either when I don't have to go to work." She felt her friend's gaze on her and sensed the beginning of sexual tension in the room. "What's going on, here?" she wondered.

Linda had never admitted it to herself, but she'd always felt desire for her friend; it was one of the reasons she'd gotten close to her. But, a strict religious upbringing in a very conventional family had taught her that Lesbianism was wrong, so she'd repressed her feelings and been satisfied with the close friendship she and Lynette shared. Being with her a lot had been enough.

Lynette sensed that something was different with her friend, but wasn't sure what it was. She walked over to Linda, put her arms around her, and hugged her. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"Uh...no, not really, I guess," Linda replied. She was feeling things she knew weren't right. Lynette's nearness was disturbing, but in a very pleasant way. What was wrong with her? Why was she reacting this way to her friend, her woman friend?

"Look," Lynette sensed Linda's unease, "you want to talk about something?"

"I...I'm not sure there's anything to talk about," Linda replied. How could she tell her friend that her nearness was exciting, that she wanted to take her in her arms and kiss her? She knew if she did that, Lynette would run screaming from the room.

Lynette put her arms around Linda and pulled her close. "Look, we've been friends a long time," she said softly. "If something's bothering you, you can tell me."

"I-I can't," Linda stammered. "I-I just can't."

Lynette took Linda's face in her hands. "There's nothing you can't tell me, love," she said. "I hate to see you this upset." She kissed Linda on the lips.

The pressure of her friend's lips on hers was all it too to break through Linda's wavering defenses. With a groan, she returned the kiss, her arms wrapping around her friend.

Lynette was surprised and excited by what was happening. This was going better than she'd expected. She put her hands on Linda's buttocks and pulled her friend's body against hers. "I want to make love with you," she whispered into Linda's ear.

"Oh, God!" Linda groaned, both excited and repulsed by what her friend whispered to her. She pulled out of Lynette's embrace, dashed down the hallway into her bedroom, and threw herself on the bed, sobbing.

Lynette followed her friend. Ron wasn't there and wouldn't be for some time yet. He had reluctantly agreed to leave for several hours to give Lynette time to do what they both wanted. Time to seduce Linda.

Lynette entered the bedroom, walked over to the bed, and sat down next to her sobbing friend. She laid her hand on Linda's back. Linda pulled away from her.

"Don't touch me!" she said, her face buried in the pillow.

"I want you," Lynette said softly. "And I think you want me."

"No!" Linda exclaimed. "It's...it's wrong, it's sick! I can't want you!"

"But you do," Lynette said and again laid her hand on her friend's back. "We both know that. It isn't sick. How could it be sick for two people who care about each other to want to show that?"

"No!" Linda moaned, hating her body for the way it felt. She did want Lynette, wanted very much to make love with her. But she couldn't. What if Ron found out? He'd probably make a scene and leave her. And she loved him. She felt Lynette's hand begin moving softly up and down her back. Why did that have to feel so good? What was wrong with her?

"I know you want me," Lynette said. "I could feel it when we kissed. You can't deny that."

"No!" Linda groaned, her body slowly responding to the soft, insistent caress of Lynette's hand. She had to get out of here! If she stayed, she wasn't sure she could continue


Lynette bent over and kissed her friend on the neck. "I want you so badly," she whispered. "See?" She took her friend's hand and placed it on her breast, against a hard nipple.

Linda wanted to resist, but she couldn't. Then she felt the heat of Lynette's soft, warm flesh, and her friend's hard nipple pressed into the palm of her hand. With a groan, she turned, pulled her friend down to her, covered Lynette's lips with hers, and thrust her tongue into her friend's mouth.

Before long, the two lovely women were nude and avidly exploring each other's body. Lynette was kissing Linda's breasts, then sucking the nipples. Though Linda's breasts were large, the nipples were surprisingly small. Lynette quickly found out her friend's nipples were highly sensitive.

"Lynette! Oh, God, Lynette! I'm...oh! Jesus! I think I'm gonna...I am, oh, God, I'm coming! I'm coming!" Linda shrieked, pulling Lynette's face tighter against her heaving chest. "You're making me come! Gahh!"

Lynette continued to suckle the big, firm globes of flesh until Linda's ecstasy seemed to wane. Then she kissed her friend, who returned the kiss with passion.

"I do want this!" Linda exclaimed, as much to herself as Lynette. "I want to make love with you!" She pushed Lynette onto her back and began caressing and kissing her friend's lean body.

"Yes! Yes!" Lynette moaned as Linda's lips covered and sucked her breasts. Meanwhile, Linda's hand was moving everywhere on her body, thrilling her, exulting her. This was even better than she'd dreamed it would be!

Linda avidly moved her caresses and kisses down Lynette's body, thrilling the blonde, exciting her beyond belief.

Then, although she knew it was coming, Lynette gasped and clutched at the bedspread as Linda's mouth moved onto her vagina. "Linda! Oh, God! Yes!" Lynette cried as her friend's lips and tongue began working over her pussy. The feelings were so intense, so undeniable, so wonderful! Then, suddenly, she felt her body begin to quake, and skyrockets of joy began exploding behind her tightly shut eyes.

"Coming! Linda, I'm coming on your mouth! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God yes!" Lynette cried as joy filled her.

Lynette could hardly move once her orgasm passed, but she somehow found the strength to do so. She rolled atop Linda and buried her face between her friend's thighs. Linda went wild.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, darling, eat me! That's it! That's it! Give me your tongue! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She, too, thrashed out a wild orgasm.

"What are we going to do?" Linda asked breathlessly as she and Lynette lay locked in each other's arms after their shared delight. "What is Ron going to think if he finds out?"

"He's going to think having Lynette here is a pretty terrific thing," Ron said as he walked naked toward the bed, his rampant cock preceding him. He'd come in unnoticed as the two women were in the midst of sharing joy. He laid down on the bed between them.

"You...you aren't angry with me?" Linda asked her husband.

He kissed her. "Why should I be? Would you be angry if I told you Lynette and I had already made love?"

Linda was shocked at first. "What? When? You..." She looked at Lynette, who smiled at her. "I..." Then Ron captured one of her nipples between his lips, while Lynette did the same.

As passion again swept over her, she knew she was entering a new, different, and totally wonderful world of experiences.

Having Lynette here was going to be wonderful! Linda surrendered to ecstasy.

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