tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 11

Pleasant Street Ch. 11

byD.C. Roi©


Sometimes you have to get away from the craziness of everyday life. Things get hectic, you can't concentrate, and you're feeling uptight. That's why vacations were invented. Nothing calms you like getting away to a quiet cabin on a hidden lake in the mountains. There you can be alone, enjoy the peace and quiet, andd1if you have tod1get some work done.

Lots of people do just that every year. It works for them. On the other hand, even remote cabins sometimes have neighbors. One problem, especially for city people who go to the country, is the isolation. In situations like that, vacation neighbors sometimes get together. What if the neighbors happen to be of the opposite sex?

Fran Martin lives on Pleasant Street. Concerned that her daughter, Amy, was becoming too sexually active, Fran took the girl to a cabin she and her husband own in the mountains for the summer. She hoped she'd get her daughter away from temptation, maybe get her to settle down a little. Now you have to understand, both Fran and her daughter are knockouts, two very gorgeous, desirable women.

Unfortunately for Fran - or fortunately, depending on how you look at it - a writer was vacationing on the same lake and things didn't go exactly the way she expected them to.

The writer in question just happens to be a friend of mine. He told me what happened there on that lake in the mountains. It seems the people on Pleasant Street act the same as always, even if they're not actually on Pleasant Street.

Here's the story of that summer, as my friend told it to me.



The cabin I rented for the summer sat at the end of a narrow dirt road in the middle of lush, green forest. I got my suitcase and portable computer out of my car and walked toward what was to be my summer retreat. It certainly looked rustic enough; cedar shake siding, small windows facing the rear, and a large screen porch across the side that faced the sparkling blue water of the little lake.

The interior was cozy, but sparsely furnished. A kitchen-living area, a bedroom and a bathroom were all there was. I looked in the bedroom. There was a king-sized bed in it. The owner of the place apparently believed in fun. If any stray women happened along, I had the perfect place to show them a good time. Of course, that was exactly what I didn't want. I was here to work, and had chosen this place because of its isolation.

I put my things down and decided to explore the property. From the screened porch, I could see another cabin on the lake, but nothing else. A dock, similar to the one in front of my cabin, jutted into the water about a quarter-mile away. Unless I was mistaken, there was a person sunbathing on that dock. A female person, from what I could tell, although I was a bit far away to be sure.

A path ran through the brush along the shoreline in the direction of the other dock. I could tell more about my sun-worshipping neighbor if I followed it. I left the cabin, walked across the shady lawn and onto the path, through the thick brush.

The going wasn't hard and I moved quietly on my Adidas. Before long I could peer through the leaves and see the dock and the form on it. My heart rate increased. The form on the dock was definitely feminine. Gloriously feminine. It was, in fact, a young woman in her late teens or early twenties; blonde, about five feet tall, and nude. Apparently she felt she was in an isolated enough location so it was safe to sunbathe that way. My penis stiffened in my snug jeans as I stood looking at her. There I was, a voyeur hidden by thick brush, enjoying a very interesting view.

She was a natural blonde. That was obvious because she was lying on her back. Although she was short, her body was full and curved in all the right places, promising pleasure and delight. Her breasts - surprisingly large for how small she was - rose magnificently toward the sun and were capped by rosy circles in the middle of which were soft nipples. Her slim waist flared into full hips and that wondrous body tapered again into two finely shaped legs.

She lay there, unaware of my avid attentions, looking innocent, helpless, and incredibly desirable. The vision before my eyes stirred me deeply and I had to adjust my swelling cock to make myself more comfortable. My jeans were too tight for this shit!

I wasn't sure what to do next. Walking out and catching the young woman naked, nice as that might be, wouldn't get our relationship off to a very good start. I took a few careful steps back along the path, then began to move through the bush, making quite a bit of noise as I went. When I came out into the open area at the end of the dock, the object of my secret attention had donned a bikini and was sitting up, a slight flush making her attractive, almost cherubic face even prettier.

"Hello," I said and smiled at her.

"Hi," the girl replied. Her reply was shy, her voice soft and feminine. "I-I, ah, didn't know there was anyone else around."

"I didn't mean to startle you," I said. "I'm renting the cabin over there." I gestured in the direction of my place. "I just got here and decided to take a walk and get the lay of the land."

"The Johnson place," the girl said. She relaxed a little. "Mom said they were going to Alaska for the summer, but she didn't tell me they rented their place."

"Yeah, I'm here until Labor Day," I told her. "By the way, my name's Bud, Bud Connery."

"Amy..." she said and smiled wonderfully. "Amy Martin. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Connery."

"Bud, please," I said. "Mr. Connery is my father."

Amy smiled again. "OK, Bud," she said. "I guess we'll be neighbors for the next couple of months."

"Amy! Amy! It's time for lunch!" The new voice came from behind me. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know there was anyone here. I'm Fran Martin."

"Bud Connery," I replied. I looked the new arrival over and liked what I saw. "Call me Bud, please. I've rented the cabin next door."

Amy's mother was an older, fuller, but no less attractive version of her daughter. If I had to guess, I'd have said she was maybe 35, 40 at the oldest. She stood about five-three and weighed maybe one-thirty. Twenty pounds too heavy, possibly, but judging from the way her body filled her tight jeans and snug T-shirt, the weight was well distributed. It was obvious where Amy got her looks.

Suddenly, my summer in the mountains took on a whole new perspective. Being alone in the woods with these two lovelies next door filled the next few months with promise.

"Would you like to join us for lunch, Mr. Con...Bud?" Fran asked. "It's nothing fancy, but we'd love to have you."

"I'd love to," I said. "I just got here, and I don't have any groceries yet." I was glad for the invitation, and not just because I was hungry, either.

The meal was light, but good. The Martin cabin was a duplicate of mine but had an additional bedroom, probably where Amy slept.

"What do you do for a living, Bud?" Fran asked as we ate.

"I'm a writer," I said. "I'm supposed to be finishing a novel I've promised. That's why I'm here for the summer, to get away from distractions and write."

"That sounds exciting," Fran commented.

"What kind of books do you write?" Amy inquired, licking her lips invitingly. Or was that my imagination?

"Right now I'm doing a detective novel, formula stuff, part of a series," I explained. "I also do westerns for the same publishing company."

"Yuk," Amy said and made a face. "I like love stories better."

"I've written them, too," I said as I pushed myself away from the table. "Lunch was wonderful, but have to get going. I need to get into town and lay in provisions, as they say out here in the wilderness. And I doubt the stores in that little town down there stay open very late."

"Why don't you join us for dinner on Saturday?" Fran said. "My husband comes up some weekends, and I'm sure he'd love to meet you. He's a real detective story buff."

"I'd love to," I said. I turned and left. After I got back to my cabin, I got in my car, drove into the small town nearby and got groceries.

Later, with my provisions all stowed, I sat on the cabin's porch, my laptop computer on the table in front of me, trying to write. I was having a problem with that, though. Instead of being able to concentrate on the detective story, all I could think of were the two lovely blondes in the cabin a short distance away.

Amy was really something, beautiful and obviously ready and willing for sex. But I had to be careful about her. If she was too young, I'd get in trouble, big trouble. Although Amy didn't look underage, these days you couldn't be sure. Thirteen-year old girls look like twenty-five year-olds used to when I was that age.

Fran was nothing to throw rocks at, either, every bit as lovely as her daughter, and probably lonely. I wondered how her marriage was.

"What kind of man..." I thought out loud, "lets a beautiful woman like her alone for weeks at a time?"

I sat there, speculating what Fran would look like without the snug T-shirt and jeans. Her breasts were big, but were nicely shaped and looked firm. As she'd moved around the kitchen serving lunch I hadn't seen the outline of a bra.

I got up and began to pace. Randiness was interfering with my ability to write. This was exactly what I'd come up to the mountains to get away from. Finally I walked out to the dock. A canoe lay in the bushes. I picked it up and slid it into the water, grabbed a paddle, and got in. Silently, I glided out onto the lake, enjoying the tranquility.

As I glided over the calm water, I looked toward the Martin cabin. Amy was back on the dock, this time wearing her bikini. She waved to me and I waved back. I stayed on the lake a long time, enjoying the peace and quiet. When it began to get dark, I went in, pulled the canoe out of the water, and went back to my cabin.

I wrote a little, but not the story I was supposed to be working on. Instead, I began a short story about a man who has a torrid affair with two women - a mother and daughter - he meets while vacationing in the mountains. I'd left the city to avoid distractions and here I was, distracted. I shut off the computer, went into my bedroom, and laid down.

The sun shining through my window awakened me. I sat up, stretched, then I got up and took a shower. As hot water pelted me, my thoughts drifted to the two women in the cabin next door, and I felt congestion growing in my groin. If I didn't do something to relieve tension soon, I'd be walking bow-legged for the rest of the summer.

I got out of the shower, dried off, slid into a pair of cutoffs, and made breakfast. I was surprised to discover it was eleven o'clock. I'm not normally a late sleeper.

I pulled on my Adidas and walked down to the lake. Amy was again out on the dock and it looked like she'd decided to work on a tan with no swimsuit lines.

"What the hell?" I said to myself. Silently I made my way to the spot where I had observed her the previous day. Once again a vista of feminine loveliness greeted my rather heated gaze. Apparently Amy felt not having a bikini line was worth the risk of being seen. She was on her belly today and the view the equal of what I'd seen the day before. Her lovely bottom swelled gracefully up from the curve of her back, the globes of her ass were wondrously shaped, the cleft between them inviting.

Amy turned toward me. I started to duck, then I froze. I'm not much of an outdoorsman, but I remembered from research I'd done for a book I wrote that if I moved, it would give me away. I stood there, still, and those lovely blue eyes seemed to look right into mine. I had a hard-on stiff enough to knock down trees. Maybe I was a dirty old man, but I didn't care. This was too damn nice to ignore.

Amy sat up and reached for a tube of suntan lotion, then began to rub it on. The jellied masses of her firm, big breasts moved delightfully as she did. She oiled her arms first, leaving them glistening, then her shoulders, then her left breast. Her small hands massaged the lotion into the breast with what seemed like extra thoroughness. What she was doing to herself must have felt good because I could see a tremor go through her petite body as her hand moved over an erecting nipple. I felt my chest tighten.

Then she moved her attentions to her other breast, putting lotion on it with similar thoroughness. Every so often, she looked in my direction.

Was I imagining it or was there recognition in her eyes when she looked toward the spot where I stood, hopefully hidden? Her actions were having a very powerful effect on me. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock and soaked the front of my shorts. If this kept up, I was going to be taking a lot of cold showers!

Amy continued to work the lotion into her alluring body, then laid back. Her breasts, nipples still erect, settled very little when she did. She glanced in my direction one more time, smiled, then she closed her eyes.

I walked a bit funny on the way back to my cabin because of the swollen shaft in my pants. I hobbled up the steps, went inside the cabin and took the first cold shower I'd taken in years. That helped. A little. The thing was, Amy and Fran were still over there, and Amy was still probably lying naked on the dock, and I couldn't get the picture of her doing that out of my mind. It didn't help my condition, not one little bit.

Back on the porch, I again tried to work. Still, nothing would come. I looked toward the woods and thought I saw a flash of gold among the greenery by the path. Then Amy was there, wearing a large man's shirt that came almost to her knees. She came across the lawn and approached the porch steps. Spotting me through the screen, she waved. I waved back.

"Mind if I come in?" she asked.

Warning bells rang in my head. If she and I were aloned1given my advanced state of horninessd1I might not be able to control myself. Aw, hell.

"Sure," I told her. "Come on in."

She opened the screen door and came in. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Writing," I replied. My voice was thick. "Trying to, anyhow."

"Having trouble?" the delectable young woman asked. She moved close and leaned over my shoulder to look at the computer screen. I felt the fabric of her shirt and her warmth radiating through it. Did she have anything on under it?

"Ah...yeah," I stammered. "I-I, ah, seem to be suffering an acute case of writer's block."

"I don't make you nervous, do I?" Amy asked, her voice soft and smooth. She maintained contact with me. I was afraid my cock would tear through my shorts.

"That doesn't look like a detective story to me," she whispered. Apparently she'd read what was on my computer screen. It was part of the short story I'd started the night before, a sexy part, about where the man is fantasizing what it would be like to seduce his sexy young neighbor. I should have shut the damn computer off when she came in.

"Ah...um...well," I murmured.

"You were watching me earlier," she whispered, her mouth very close to my ear. "I saw you hiding in the bushes." She giggled. "That story you're writing sounds exciting! Is it about me?"

What the hell! I pushed my chair back from the table and pulled her onto my lap. Her arms went around my neck and our lips met. Fire coursed through me. Her tongue traced my lips and mine came out to meet it. My insides were a raging inferno of desire and my erection pressed up against her firm buttocks.

"I want you!" Amy moaned, clinging to me, writhing her delectable bottom against my hard shaft. "I wanted you to come and fuck me on the dock!"

"Ah...your...your mother," I croaked.

"She's in town doing laundry and getting her hair done," Amy murmured. "She won't be back for hours." Her soft hands moved on my body, thrilling me.

I finally managed to get my hands to move and unbuttoned her shirt. Under it she was as naked as the day she was born. The shirt fell to the floor and my lips captured a turgid nipple.

"Oh! Yes! Suck them! Suck my tits!" Amy moaned and tangled her fingers in my hair, pulling my face against her chest. At that moment I wanted her more than I'd ever wanted a woman in my life, and I could have cared less if she was old enough or not!

"We...ought...to...to get more comfortable," I stammered. After urging her off my lap, I stood up, scooped her into my arms, and carried her into the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled her warm body against me.

I laid her on the bed, stripped off my shorts and shoes, and joined her. My lips and hands explored her compact, wondrous body. Before long she was writhing and twisting, her hands grabbing at the sheets. Moans of ecstasy poured from her.

"I need you!" she groaned, "Please! Please, Bud! Take me!"

I moved between those curvaceous legs, grabbed my pulsing cock in my hand, and slid the head between the silken, juice-soaked lips of her opening, then drove my swollen shaft into her tight warm cavern. It felt so good I almost came! Amy's body writhed and twisted, her hands pulled at me and loud cries of rapture echoed in my ears as her body was wracked with pleasure.

"Eeeee!" she squealed, "Jesus, does that ever feel good! Ahh! I'm gonna cum! Ohh! Ohhh!" Her hips bucked up against me and her body strained against mine as she came.

I could wait no more. My fluids bubbled up and spewed into her pulsing cave as our bodies struggled against each other, drawing supreme pleasure from our joining. It was everything I knew it would be!

As I spewed into her, she continued to shriek out joy and her hands raked my back. Her orgasm was the most powerful I'd ever seen!

Later, we lay in each other's arms. Amy's back was to me, her appealing ass snuggled against my groin. My arm encircled her, my hand cupped a firm young breast.

"I thought this summer would be a drag," she said softly, moving her bottom invitingly. I could feel myself begin to stiffen again. Amy giggled and kept up her stimulating motions. "I can see it won't be, though. It looks as if it's going to be a lot of fun."

I kissed her behind the ear. "Kind of looks that way, doesn't it?" I said.

She rolled onto her belly, then pushed her ass up in the air. "Fuck me again!" she murmured. "From the back. Take me from the back! Fuck me again!"

I needed no further encouragement. I moved behind her and slid my re-vitalized cock back into her tight, warm cave.

"Oh, God!" Amy exclaimed. "Does that ever feel good!"

I reached under her, grabbed her breasts, and began to thrust into her again. My thighs slapped against her ass, and my fingers mauled her erect nipples. I couldn't remember any sex being this good!

Amy's body shook from the force of my thrusts and her moans began increasing in volume. Her snug pussy was rippling around my invading cock and I knew she was about to come again.

"It's happening again! Yeah, Bud! Oh, yeah! Give it to me! I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" the tiny blond vixen cried, her body once more going into paroxysms of bliss.

The massage I was getting from her tight sleeve was doing wonderful things to me and I felt my own orgasm approach. As wild cries of bliss I'd heard only a short time before again echoed through my cabin and her body bucked wildly beneath me, I exploded then, filling her once more with my hot essence.

When I shot into her, Amy went wild all over again. It seemed like an eternity until she collapsed under me.

"I have to go," she said later as she slipped back into the big shirt. "I need to be home when Mom gets back. One of the reasons she dragged me up here was to take me away from temptations like this. I'll see you tomorrow." She knelt on the bed, kissed me longingly, then she was gone, the screen door slamming behind her.


I thought I heard knocking, opened my eyes and realized it was dark.

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