tagBDSMPlease Be Seated

Please Be Seated


By the time Chris reaches the park café Candice is sat outside reading a book. On this bright Spring day the place buzzes with people enjoying the open air.

"Sorry I'm late, frozen points on the railway," he says, sitting down at her table a little breathlessly.

She looks up, arches her eyebrows and favours him with a wider smile than the joke deserves. "It's summer, and you walked here..."

"And was late leaving. Some last minute preparations."

"Sounds intriguing, I'll get us coffees then you can tell me all about it." Sinuously she rises from the chair and heads inside to the counter. Red heels just high enough to make her hips sashay alluringly when she walks, bottom showcased to perfection by tight black jeans. Chris notices at least two guys, one of them with his girlfriend for goodness sake, sneaking furtive looks.

He basks in the sun for a few blissful minutes before watching her return with a tray. Snug T-shirt, open denim jacket and - judging by just-visible nipples - Candice isn't wearing a bra. Typical teasing behaviour, "boobs just not big enough to be worth bothering, sweetheart," she's unconvincingly explained in the past.

The big brown eyes are what did it for him when they first met - instant seduction; today she's done something innovative and interesting with smoky eye shadow and piled her hair up.

Candice has always been open to new experiences - hence their 'play days'. Despite being an item for almost a year they've no desire to live together. However, once a month the pair introduce something naughty and new to their sex life. Various kinks and quirks have explored and indulged, but a consistent theme has been spanking - more precisely Candice's enthusiasm for being on the receiving end.

"I do love play days," she says, dispensing milk and sugar, "the anticipation sends shivers down my spine, wondering what's my man's thought up this time?"

Chris sips his coffee reflectively for a while before replying, allowing her excitement to grow. "A while back you mentioned never have come while being punished?"

"I know," she smiles conspiratorially, "so close a couple times and loads of orgasms afterwards, but never quite from that alone."

"I may have a cure."

"A laying on of hands?"

"Oh very droll. Seriously though, if you're prepared to trust me I've devised a cunning plan."

"You trusted me when I tied you to the bed last time, of course I'll return the compliment."

"Thought you might," Chris looks around - the guy with the girlfriend (immersed in her mobile phone so perhaps he's not entirely to blame) is viewing them with ill-concealed envy - before lowering his voice to whisper, "what I'm going to do is..."

A couple of minutes later Candice has blushed scarlet, the first time he's ever seen her so shocked. Nevertheless she holds his hand tightly, almost dragging him from the table and towards his nearby flat.


"Apprehensive," Candice allows.

"Then let's start you off gradually."

Standing behind her Chris kisses Candice's neck, allows his hands to slide slowly down the front of her body. Wriggling with delight she responds instantly to these caresses. Strong male arms encircle her waist, Candice pushes back her hips and feels his hardness against her buttocks.

Undoing her jeans Chris slides the zip down, "I always said you'd be the undoing of me," Candice whispers seductively as his questing fingers reach the crotch of her knickers.

"Damp already," Chris chides, "have you no self-control?"

"Not a lot," she answers shamelessly, "is that a gun in your pocket or?"

"Just very pleased to see you," he confirms. "Now, we'll start proceedings over here," Chris guides her, stumbling slightly, to the sofa and turns Candice, hands attempting to cover her shaven sex, to face him.

"Really? This is a time for modesty? I don't think so." In a trice - they've done this many times before - he tugs the tight jeans to her knees and pulls Candice face down over his knee. 'Time for you perform a lap dance," he announces firmly.

Seeking comfort she grabs a cushion, hugs it tightly and pulls the fabric square under her chin. Her perfect bottom juts up enticingly.

"Knickers down my girl, I want your bottom completely bare," he lowers them to her knees.

Candice turns, looks longingly at her beau and sticks out her tongue - mutely inviting her chastisement to commence.

With one arm pressing down onto her lower back Chris raises the other and begins to spank each cheek in turn. Candy's skin - warm and yielding to the touch, smelling lightly of cocoa butter - undulates deliciously as each slap lands.

Inexorably the heat begins to build and her behind assumes a pleasingly pink hue. Eyes closed, lips pursed - save for the occasional involuntary gasp - Candice enters sub space, arching her torso, pushing up her stinging bottom in response. Once he's covered every of her buttocks and thighs Chris rests his hands on the twitching globes, feeling their radiant heat.

"Oooooooh," Candice moans softly jiggling her bottom, "it smarts and stings and..."

"Makes you feel wanton?"

"Check for yourself."

Chris slides two fingers into the apex of her thighs, "Very wet," he observes, "but let's provide some additional assistance." Reaching for a tube of KY he squeezes a generous dollop onto his fingers and massages it into her pouting labia, eliciting groans of pleasure.

Abruptly, these intimate attentions cease; Candice mewls with disappointment as he hauls her to her feet.

"Quite enough enjoyment for the moment,' decides Chris. "So, jeans and knickers off, shoes back on, stand over there and face the wall. No questions and no looking around." For once she obeys without argument, shuffling over to the corner with her glowing bottom delightfully displayed.

"Can I?"

"I said no questions, and no, you can't rub, however sore.

Unless you want to feel a hairbrush on the back of those lovely thighs you'll be quiet and face forward, I won't tell you again."

Oh but she loves it when he takes charge. Don't get her wrong, spanking should be consensual and safe, thinks Candice, fidgeting in her corner, but when Chris assumes control like this she just about melts. His to do whatever he wants with, although right now she's no idea what the next instruction might be; somehow her trepidation make the moment all the sweeter.

"You may find what follows rather challenging," says Chris; judging by his amused expression Candice suspects this may prove an understatement. A dining chair now occupies the room's centre; the object standing vertically in the middle of the padded seat causes her to take a sharp intake of breath.

"What a big dildo!"

"Thick rather than long," Chris explains, matter of factly "flat base, very stable."

"And you expect me to..."

"Face the back of the chair and - probably rather gingerly - sit on it, legs astride the seat."

"Hence the lube, and then?"

"Your cute, curvy tush will be overhanging the edge, a perfect position for me to apply a wickedly flexible cane. Bought especially, as was the dildo, no expense spared to ensure this time you do actually come while being punished."

Candice picks it up, circles the girth with her forefinger and thumb. "Impressive," she observes.

"It wasn't the biggest'" says Chris.

"Seriously! The thought of trying to get anything bigger into my pussy makes my eyes water," she replies. Playfully Candice runs her tongue around the dildo's top. This - the action clearly implies - could be your cock.

"More KY please," she says.

He passes the lubricant; Candice pools some in her palm, clenches her fist around the dildo and runs it expertly up and down the shaft. In case the allusion isn't completely clear, with a wicked look she makes it explicit: "Wouldn't you like to be wanked liked this right now?"

He would, Chris thinks longingly of how skillfully her hands have pleasured him in the past, his erection is throbbing.

"You do realize such provocative behavior can only increase the severity of your imminent correction?' he replies.

"Oh God, I'm shaking, not sure if it's fear or excitement," she answers nervously."

"You can say no."

"Or better yet I can say yes."

Chris gives a silent cheer

Hesitantly Candice walks to the chair, opens her legs and awkwardly straddles the big toy. Softly touches her vulva, runs a finger - instantly coated in wetness - along the slit and traces slow circles around her clit.

"Give me a minute, got to..."

"Get comfortable?"

"Not the adjective I'd choose - relax my internal muscles, accommodate this thing". Gently separating her labia Candice grasps the toy and slowly lowers onto it, opening like a flower. Tentatively pushes the dildo inside, taking frequent breaks to reset her vaginal muscles around its width. Pauses for an instant to ensure it's directly aligned before continuing to impale her crotch on the artificial phallus, inch by inch.

Cunt soaked, clitoris engorged Candice presses determinedly down towards the base of the dildo. Clenching it tightly, the stimulation so intense she clutches the back of the chair for support and groans. Feels the pressure begin to build as she struggles to contain the intrusion.

"Bloody hell, it's stretching me to the limit; hurts a little, but sooooo good."

"You need to take the full length, thighs spread wide so the chair seat supports your weight," advises Chris, struggling to marshal his excitement and maintain a neutral tone of voice.

Candice takes several deep breaths. "Wow!" her eyes widen. "My knees are trembling," she moans. At last, the entirety disappears into her honeyed portal, "Oh my, filled to the brim," with a gasp of satisfaction her bottom cheeks finally make contact with the chair. "All the way up," she declares triumphantly, "I daren't move."

"I'll make sure of that," announces Chris. With lengths of soft cord he adroitly binds her wrists to the backrest and each slender ankle to a chair leg. Tilts her chin up to him, kisses the proffered red lips. "When you say the word I'll commence caning this delightful bottom. By my reckoning as the cane begins to make itself felt you're going to start moving, convulsing your hips, forced to bounce on the dildo until..."

"I climax, understood, there's just one thing."


"Afterwards you must take me to the bedroom and fuck me properly."

"Request granted."

"Then I'm ready, you may begin."

Taking up position he sets the cane neatly across her unmarked, bare bottom. Measures the distance, tapping it repeatedly on Candice's perfectly proportioned posterior. The wait is terrible. Please get on with it, she thinks, tense with anticipation. Please.

Chris commences her discipline with practiced flicks of the cane, skimming the surface of her taunt skin. Too late to stop now, the ordeal has begun. With a sharp whistling hiss the cane cleaves the air. Soon a greater discomfort spreads across her lower cheeks. Despite her bonds, Candice starts to wriggle animatedly. Digs her heels into the floor, raises her hips to meet the strokes, already she has a taste for more. Her bottom jumps with each stinging impact, narrowly concentrated bands of hurt causing her backside to spasm involuntarily.

"Oh yes," she pants, face and lower neck almost as red as her derriere, testimony to burgeoning sexual arousal. Eyes closed, adrenalin flowing she awaits the next searing impact.

"Get ready, harder strokes from now on, they'll hurt, try and ride out the pain and focus on your pussy," instructs Chris.

With a crack the next stroke hits her bottom, Candice yells, her bottom throbs and another thin red welt appears. Again Chris takes aim, lifts the cane and whips it down across the underside of her bare buttocks. A line of pure, searing agony explodes, she's never felt anything remotely like it. Knuckles white she clings trembling to the chair. Frantically wriggles her hips to ease the terrible heat searing her tender undercheeks and sit spot.

With each successive stroke an electric turmoil surges through her loins, charging her entire body with pent-up desire and frustration. She continues to wriggle against her restraints; futilely hoping movement might lessen her suffering. A masochistic passion possesses every fibre of her being, suffusing body and spirit, an awakening of uncontrollable urges. Candice surrenders to her need for gratification, inviting the cane's impetus, each stroke urging her forwards onto the deeply penetrating dildo. Her nipples harden, as her arousal peaks so her pain tolerance rises.

Candice jerks wildly, breath ragged, head thrown back, completely focused on her hyper-stimulated cunt and the orgasm she so desperately craves. Surrenders to her libido, thrusts her pelvis forward, lost to the moment, a fusion of pleasure and pain.

Yet again the chastising rod bites into the softness of her upper thighs, she cries out, alternate sensations of pain and heat flood her in surging waves. Vivid crimson cane-marks cover the entire lower half of her lewdly jiggling bum. A crescendo approaches.

"Oh don't stop, I'm coming," she shrieks. Chris delivers two final, blazing strokes. Candice screams with pleasure, finally achieving her sexual release.

Arching her back she stills her breath allowing the intensity to ripple throughout her lower torso. Candice quivers with emotion, experiencing what the French poetically term 'the little death.' Pushes back a final time against the orgasmic contractions; stays with the intensity as long as she is able and, when she can bear it no longer, releases herself to an ecstatic synthesis of conflicting emotions.

She slumps forward and Chris moves to assist her.

"No, don't touch me yet. Still feeling the aftershocks."

Minutes pass, eventually, dishevelled but deeply satisfied Candice proudly lifts her head. "I did it - took the dildo took the caning - and came, and came, and came."

Spent and panting she feels his palm delicately rub her well-caned bottom, gives a grateful sigh and instinctively lifts her beaten buttocks to meet his tender, soothing touch.

He unties the cords. "That was so intense, I can barely stand," she whimpers, wiping tear-smudged makeup from her face, hair a mess, Chris holds Candice close, helps her up. Like a conjuror producing a rabbit from a hat she triumphantly removes the dildo; vagina gaping from the onslaught, unable to stem a concluding climatic squirt.

"Oh my poor bottom, is it marked?"

"Yes," he replies, "and will be for a couple of days. Face down on the bed for you." Chris scoops her up in his arms.

"Oh, just like 'Gone With the Wind'," she says delightedly.

"I'll happily play Gable to your Dehavilland,' he responds, carrying Candice to the bedroom.

"Slow, gentle, I want human contact, skin-to-skin, to feel you close," she says dreamily. And so it goes.

A little later - entwined in post-coital bliss.

"Any other fantasies on your bucket list?" he asks.

"Well, you've never whipped my tits, or pussy," she muses.

Chris just loves play days.

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Proper use of the cane!

Well caned; well fucked. Add some pictures of her tortured arse

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