tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy? Ch. 03

Please Cowboy? Ch. 03


Author's note:Hope you all enjoy since you all have been waiting for it!

She was going to torture him, he thought as he stared at the black pastes covering her nips. He never thought he would be jealous of pastes in his life, but the way she kept moving around made him growl low in his chest. He wanted to touch her, suck her, kiss her, bite her, spank her, but she was in control for now.

God he couldn't wait to get his hands on her. He wouldn't have a riding crop, he would have a cane, but before he would use that, he would use his flogger. He could just imagine her being bound, forcing her to be on her hands and knees. He would stroke the strips of leather up her the curve of her back slowly, teasingly. Then he would stroke between her legs, getting her juices to coat the very tool that would cause her punishment.

A sharp sting raced up his chest as he felt the crop strike his stomach. "You need to listen, Scott or there will be more pain for you, do you understand?" She snapped fiercely, running the crop up and down his leg.

"Yes, Sugar I understand you." He clenched his jaw at the sound of her sweet giggle that escaped her lips. She was enjoying this and secretly he was enjoying this also, but Hell would have to freeze before he admitted that.

"Good, now I'm going to have my wicked way with you and there is nothing you can do about it." The crop struck his upper right thigh in a painful pattern, purposefully missing his core, moving down his left thigh. He grunted, clenching his hands into tight fist, receiving every blow.

He hadn't realized he had closed his eye, until the pain had stop and he heard the riding crop hit the floor with a echo.

"Look at me!" She said in a husky voice that caused a shudder to rank down his spine. His eyes darted to hers as she slowly moved closer to him, her hand reaching out, ghostly touching the head of his straining cock.

"Don't tease me, Sugar. Please a man can only take so much." He gasped out, thrusting his hips up in desperation. She laughed removing her hand. She placed her hands on her hip, tilting her head to the side, her hair rested on the side of her face in a seductive way.

"I can tease you if I want to, Cowboy. You have been teasing me since I can remember and I always told you pay back was going to be a bitch." He smirked.

"You know I could easily break out of these things?"

"You know that you can't, since my brother's company made them. You can move around freely, well not that freely. They retract once you cross a boundary line which you have already done before. Face it, Cowboy, you are stuck until I have my way with you or I can just leave you and invite Big Ben to have his way with you while I go shopping." His eyes narrowed instantly.

"You wouldn't" He said through gritted teeth. She narrowed her eyes as well.

"I would. Please test me today, Scott. I dare you too!" He grimaced at the challenge in her voice. For some odd reason he did not believe her. She wouldn't do it, there is no way in hell she would!

He relaxed and place his signature million dollar smile on his face, a smile he knew she loved. "I dare you." Those three words were words Lily didn't think she would hear, especially after what she just said. He was still calling her bluff. Well she'll do it his way and his cries for her would be music to her ears.

She shrugged at she went to the front door slowly feeling his eyes on her ass. She opened the door just enough to signal Big Ben from down the hallway. Big Ben was a guy that was her best friend, shopping adviser, and the one guy she could go to with her problems with Scott. He would do anything for her and she would do anything for him, like right now for example. She knew that this would come up, but she prayed it wouldn't.

Ben on the other hand knew it would happen which meant she would owe him a trip to the spa he's always been talking about since she got that new job.

Ben grunted as he moved past her into the room and Lily had to try so hard to suppress her laughter. To her Ben was as feminine as they came, but to a complete stranger Big Ben was a 6'5, English man who looked as if he could be a model, with those define muscles, tan skin, chiseled jaw, and ravishing blue eyes. He looked scary sexy, but inside he was as sweet as a muffin, but Scott didn't know that and the reaction on has face was priceless.

Scott looked at the huge man that looked at him as if he wanted to eat him alive, with unknown fear. Lily wouldn't be this cruel to him. She wouldn't leave him so this man could take advantage of him. Scott was as straight as they came. He never thought of another man touching him. Never! But this Big Ben guy looked ready to touch.

"I hear you have been a bad boy, Scotty. You have been disobeying Mistress Lily here, have you not?" Big Ben asked, his English accent thickening with anger. Scott shook his head frantically.

"No I have not!" He shouted, sitting up, tossing the sheet across his lap.

"Bullocks!" Big Ben yelled ripping the sheet away from him. Okay Scott was strong, stronger then most men he had encounter, but he would bet his life earnings that this man could over power him with a flick of the wrist.

"If the Mistress thought you were obeying her, she would not have called me here, now would she?" Scott looked to Lily who had a mysterious grin on her face. The bitch was enjoying this!

"Answer me," his voice bellowed, causing Scott to jump. Before he could respond, he felt something warm, soft, yet firm grasp his cock in a hold that had him crying out, tears brimming his eyes at the pain.

"No!" Just like that it was release. Lily looked at the interaction with the two men she loved dearly. She would have never thought that her bisexual friend would make the love of her life cry. Oh how the roles have reversed.

Lily made her way over to them as Scott nursed his bruised cock which surprisingly was still hard. She felt Scott's eyes as she gave Big Ben a kiss that would make him jealous inside and out.

"Lily," the familiar warning growl sounding through the air sent a delicious shudder down her spine. She pulled away from Ben with an exaggerated sigh and a wink. As she turned around she playfully moaned as Ben smacked her ass, causing her to spill over onto Scott. She quickly righted herself, straddling his lap, her pastes dangling right by his mouth.

She stared into his eye, lust radiating off of them. "Are you ready to obey me or do we still need Big Ben?" She asked huskily.

"Will you obey her?" Ben asked before gripping Lily's hair, jerking her hand for a bruising kiss. Scott gripped Lily's hips, hard enough she tore away from Ben only to stare directly into Scott's glare.

"You are mine!" He shouted, "and if I have to obey you to get this man's hands off of you then so be it, but keep playing this game with me Lily and someone will be getting hurt." The promise in his voice made her gasp. She brought her lips to his in a soul crushing kiss that had them both moaning. In the distance she heard the door open and shut, but she didn't care about that right now. All she cared about was this man and the way he was making her feel.

"Lay back." She whispered against his lips as she made a path of wet kisses down his chin, to his neck, spending a little more time on his neck, biting and sucking, marking him as her own. She made her way down his chest, flicking her tongue over his nipples, teasing them, until he gripped her hair, pushing her head down to the very part that was straining for attention.

She grinned taking his hands from her hair. She shook her head kissing the insides of his palms.

"I thought I was in control here?" she asked, sticking her tongue out, teasing the head of his crying member. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head at the taste of him. It was addicting, something she knew she would miss if it was gone.

"Stop teasing baby." She heard him whisper. She sighed as she took him into his mouth, she gripped his hips as they shot up, preventing him from stabbing his cock in the back of her throat.

She pulled back, her teeth scraping under the head, causing him to shudder continuously, until she pulled back allowing her tongue to circle the weeping tip. She sucked him back into her mouth, his essence filling her senses. She had no clue how her pussy got in line with Scott mouth or how his mouth got a firm grip on her clit.

She heard herself cry out at the sensation. "Oh

God Scott!"

"Open up, Sugar. Take me all the way in while I suck this honey into my mouth." He demanded. Without a second thought, Lily sucked him in, all the way in, until her nose came face to face with brown fuzz he kept trimmed. Scott wasn't small in the least, so when she swallowed she wasn't surprised to her the shout shoot from his mouth.

"Damn, Sugar. That's it, keep fucking doing that." She moaned around him as he went back devouring her pussy as if it was the sweetest thing on earth.

Her deep throating him was amazing, but when she added her hand to the mix she was excellent. Excellent enough that he knew he wouldn't last and he wanted to come inside of her. As her hand circled the thick based he gave her one last lick, before he tossed her off of him.

Lily whipped her hair out of her face with a gasp. "What the hell Scott?" Scott leaned over, picked her up at the waist, and forced her to straddle him.

"Scott?" She asked, worry laced in her voice.

"I want you naked now, but leave on the stockings and heels." She found it hard to breathe under his stare, but she found herself getting wetter. In seconds she had everything off besides the stocking and shoes and before she could ask what was next, he impaled her with a hard enough stroke they both froze.

Lily gasped as she finally opened her eyes that she didn't realize she closed. Scott looked too determined, too lost in lust to play anymore games. He would show Lily who that pussy belonged to, even though he was the one chained up.

"You wanted this?" Scott said through gritted teeth as he gripped her hips and slammed into her with an unknown emotion. Lily could feel her heart squeezing.

"You wanted me to loose control." He said with each thrust. "You want me, Lily? Answer me!" Lily was too lost in the state of pleasure to answer him, but that didn't sit well with Scott. His palm came down on her ass with enough force the pain overcame the pleasure. She whimpered looking into his eyes that were dark with pleasure.

"You want me?" He asked again, smacking her ass with every word.

"Yes Scott. God yes I want you!" she cried out as he began to move faster.

"Harder!" she mewled, wrapping her arms around his neck, her mouth slamming to his. Thrust after hard thrust, Lily found herself almost reaching the point of heaven. Scott could feel her teetering on the edge, he was almost there himself, but he wanted to feel her come before he spilled his seed inside her.

"Ask me?" He whispered against her lips as she rode him, meeting him thrust for thrust. She looked into his half hooded eyes and with a light kiss against his lips, she asked.

"Please Cowboy?" With that his thick middle finger breached her ass and that sent her sky rocketing into oblivion.

"Oh God Scott! I'm Cumming!" He held onto her, his finger still pumping in and out of her as he stroked one, two, three times before he spilled himself inside her. Her pussy clamped onto him, milking him. Their cries filled the room, until there mind blowing orgasms subsided and only their breathing filled the silence.

Scott laid back, holding her for dear life against his chest before sleep started to take over.

"I love you Scott." He heard Lily say. He gasped, looking down at her in disbelief at her light brown eyes that were filled with so much love for him. He looked away from her regretting what he was about to say because he knew it was a bull face lie and that it would hurt her to the point she may never speak to him again.

"Don't, Sugar. Don't waste your love on someone who doesn't love you like that back." Lily looked at Scott with complete and utter shock. He did not just say that. No he couldn't have just said that. They both loved each other, everyone knew that, they both knew it. Why was he doing this? Why was he doing this after the mind blowing sex they just had?

"Scott?" She whispered, but he just threw an arm over his eyes and pushed her off of him. Tears streamed down her face as she ran into the changing room to grab her things. She didn't spare him a second glance as she ran out of the room. Her destination, Cade's office and then calling a taxi to go home, so she could try to forget about the hurt Scott McKay plagued her heart with over a carton of Ben&Jerrys.

If only going home and Ice cream could cure a broken heart.

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