tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy? Ch. 04

Please Cowboy? Ch. 04


Author's note: Hey guys..thank you for the comments and feeback and the emails...I love you guys so much for reading my writing, even if it has editing mistakes. This is the second to last Chapter for this series so i hope you like. Check my site for updates. You know the space below my pictures with a lot of writing...lol. Ta ta for now


A month later...

"Are you havin' fun, Lily?" Her adoptive brother, Kyle, asked her as he sat down next to her on the couch of Brody's apartment. Brody was having one of his famous football parties to celebrate the ending of the season, no matter what team that was playing or team that lost. It was just another excuse to get drunk to the point were no one remembered their first name by the end of the night.

Lily, unfortunately, was forced to be here or the whole McKay clan would tell Scott that she was pregnant. Oh how she hated herself for that night.

One, she forgets to renew her birth control shot before she planned to seduce Scott, two she forgot to put a condom on him. What a way to add on to an horrible night.

"No. Are you?" He chuckled.

"No, but free drinks means free drinks. Too bad you can't have any in your condition."

She punched him in his arm. "Don't tease me, jackass." She grumbled as he grinned. He shrugged.

"Well it's true. You have a little McKay/Hunt growing inside of you."

"Don't remind me."

"But I will, every single day darlin'. I'm going to spoil my little niece or nephew to the point...well let's just say I hope you have a boy."

She arched her brow, taking a sip of her ginger ale.

"Why is that?" He winked.

"I will be able to teach him the charms of a Hunt. I will be able to teach him to start his own panty collec-" Lily's punch to the arm cut the last part of that statement off.

"I hope I have a girl." She muttered, getting up from the couch in search of the bathroom. Why do they call it morning sickness when it happens all damn day? She thought dodging already tipsy people.

After refreshing in the bathroom, Lily couldn't help, but look at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had changed. Wanting to start over, to forget about Scott, but as her hand gently rubbed her stomach absently, she knew deep down she would never be able to forget him, especially with his son or daughter growing inside of her.

She had cut her locks into a short bob, knowing Scott loved her long hair. She removed her acrylic nails, and grew out her real ones. She even stopped wearing makeup, knowing Scott would have a cow, but as she thought about it, maybe he fell for, if anything at all, her false sense of appearance. This was her twenty four seven, before she eve started having feelings for Scott, so he could just suck it and move on.

Though the sounds of laughter, which sounded a lot like Scott, told her he may have done just that. She slowly opened the bathroom door, her breath catching at the sight that appeared before her.

She saw Scott standing behind some woman, his hands clamped tightly at her waist as he laughed at whatever Brody was telling him. Something inside her broke, almost making her knees buckle.

He really did move on? She thought as she opened the door wider, stepping out slowly. The slender blond who toyed with his hands at her waist was pretty, but way to thin for his taste or maybe that was what he was into now. Skin and bones, nothing more.

Any future she thought she could have with Scott, even after that shit he pulled over a month ago, was way out of the picture now as she watched him kiss the side of the woman's neck.

"Lily over here!" She heard Cade call out from the kitchen. At the sound of her name she watched Scott's eyes search for her, finding her moving through the crowd of people.

His heart cringed at the sight of her heart broken face she only gave a glimpse of before she ducked into the kitchen. He missed her, he thought as his new fake date toyed with his fingers at her skinny waist. God he hated girls like this, nothing but skin, nothing to grab on. If it wasn't for his publicist telling him this would be a good image for his new campaign he would not allow her to be in his company.

Lily. God his Sugar. He hadn't seen her in over a month and so much has changed about her. He knew she cut his hair in spite of him and the not wearing makeup part, but he had to admit he like her like that. She looked...free. As if she was finally moving on, but he had check in with his brothers to make sure she hadn't moved on to any other guys.

"You should go talk to her." Brody advised as Amber, his date, excused herself for smoke break. Nasty habit, he thought running a hand roughly though shaggy locks. He shook his head.

"I doubt she wants me to even look at her." He growled. Brody laughed.

"I highly doubt that."

"Brody I hurt her." He sighed looking at the kitchen door, hoping she would come out soon.

"I know you did Scott. How could you lie to her like that when all of us know you two love each other? Cade, Kyle, Loral, Laelia and I all placed a bet when you guys would finally admit your feelings for each other, get married and have kids, even though the kid part is already a part of the picture." Brody said, mumbling the last part, hoping to God Scott didn't hear it, but of course he did.

Brody looked up into his brother eyes, noticing the complete silence and stiffness about him.

Oh shit, he thought with a sigh, out of all the brothers why did it have to be me who spilled the beans?

Scott looked down at his brother with shock at what he just said. Some part him still couldn't believe it. Lily was pregnant. His Lily was pregnant and he would bet everything he owned on the fact she probably told everyone else and was not going to tell him until the baby came. That sneaky bitch.

"How long have you known?" Scott snarled through gritted teeth. Brody, startled by the tone of his brother's voice, took a step back, watching as Scott clenched his fist.

"Well Laelia, Loral, Big Ben, Sam and Kyle were the first to know because they found her passed out on Samantha's kitchen floor. Then Sam with her big mouth told me and I of course told Cade, who told mom and dad."

"That's not what I asked you. I asked you how long have you known?" Brody swallowed rather loudly.

"Since the second week of her pregnancy. So barely a month." With that, Scott made his way to the kitchen with a determination no man or any one for that matter would stand between the woman he love and the baby that she was carrying.


Lily went to Cade's side and leaned against his shoulder as he watched people mingle about eating there way through just about anything and everything Brody had set out.

"Who is she?" She whispered to him, keeping her eyes cast down, feeling the tears prick at the back of her eyes.

"Shit, Lily. I'm so sorry, darlin'."

"Who is she, Cade?"

No answer.

Breathe, she thought as she looked up at him.

"Did he really move on that quickly? After I told him I loved him, did he really go into some other woman's arms? I knew he did this stuff in the past when woman got too clinging, but me? Why would he do this me?" A small sob escaped her lips as betraying tears slid down her cheeks.

"Don't do this to yourself, Lily. Don't put unneeded stress on yourself, or the little McKay that growing inside of you." She shook her head, knowing he was right, but still the fact that he came here with her hurt. She wiped her tears away and stepped away from Cade.

"You understand why I have to go right?" She whispered heading for the back door of the kitchen. Cade simply nodded with a shrug.

"You have to do what you have to do. I didn't know he was bringing someone, Lily. You have to believe that."

"I do." She answered quickly, turning the knob. She gave him a small smile before she opened the door.

"Lily wait." She gasped at the sound of his voice, so close, but not close enough. She looked up. Their eyes met. Every emotion clouded his face, but her poker face told him nothing. If it wasn't for the tear stains against her cheeks, he would have never known how she truly felt right now.

Lily ran. She heard him shout her name, but she couldn't stop her feet from moving. She climbed into her car and sped away, ignoring the calls of her name being shouted in the distance.

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