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I watched her as she dashed her fingers along my wet flesh, ooh I could feel it, I was gonna cum any minute; dripping wet. The bed covers shook beneath my fingertips, I panted, my nipples practically solid, her soaking tongue penetrated deep within me for the first time. That's it, I couldn't hold it, I screamed at the top of my voice as I -

"Bella! Wake up, you were groaning in your sleep again, Nan might hear you!" I heard as Hannah's elbow nudged deep into my side, I hit her playfully and yawned, to my disadvantage I smudged half my make-up when I rubbed my face. As I came back to the real world, I realized where I was, my elderly grandmother had invited us over for brunch.

"Do you do want to watch something on television?" Nana asked, offering the out of date TV remote to us, I shook my head, while catching a glance of Hannah, we both giggled like school girls, but I stopped the second I caught a glimpse of her lips, I longed for them; freshly glossed, soft, and oh-so kissable.

"I'm going to the bathroom, won't be a tick." she mumbled, heading for the door, I grinned madly; biting my fingers, just wanting to touch and hold my secret girlfriend. The moment the door closed she turned to me.

"Oh my god, I thought she'd never leave. What is her deal?" I leaped to the sofa; closer now, we both held each others warm, delicate hands. I gazed at her, losing myself in the beauty.

"Sorry, she's. . . an old fashioned lady, you could say." I stared passionately into her sapphire eyes, they glowed vividly in the bright light, just making me want her more.

"Doesn't matter, just let me. . ." she jumped onto me, pushing my legs between her thighs, and proceeded onto my neck, kissing softly at first, then more denser. But I protested and pushed away.

"Hannah. . ." I started. "She'll be back soon, what if she sees?" This was the one secret I couldn't let her find out, my family in reality are really homophobic, I don't want to be thrown out like some outcast. At that point, Han tilted to my ear and spoke.

"We'll just say it was an accident" I pondered for a instant, but decided to let my body take over. I smirked and flipped her on to her back; I preferred to be on top - in control. Soon after I brushed my reddened lips against her skin, from neck, then gradually to collarbone. Her sweet spot, I could feel her trembling under my breath, she ran her silky paws to and from my back, then repeated it but under my shirt - her arms were so cold, I shivered. My lips moistened as I enthused onto hers, my fingers began to twiddle with her glossy hair as she moved to my waist, it was soothing. . . Just being with her, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

A soft moan pierced my lips. An innocent tug on my waist pressed me against her hot, gorgeous body. Closer now, I could practically smell the passion fruit essence; without end, lingering in her locks; I loved it. But my wave of pleasure ended as I broke up the kiss.

"What's wrong? You're all tense." She said, begging for my lips. I hesitated. I wanted her, right there and then, I had to choose my words carefully.

"It's just. . . something doesn't feel right." She smiled, some what mischievously and rolled me underneath, now she was on-top. Without warning she went for my shirt, ripping the first half-dozen of buttons; scattering them around the room. A finger accidentally swept the lower of my neck, I shuddered briefly. She finally loosened the last button; flicking it open, revealing my bare chest. Already the gentle air bathed me with clouds of dust, making my body lines more apparent.

Hannah bent in closer and slowly sunk her hands into my breasts; tingles flew to and from my spine, my back arched as her fingers hovered over my firm, hard nipples, I gasped breathlessly. Her eyes collided with mine, equally timed as she spoke.

"Well how does that feel?" she murmured gently; dampening her lips and moving onto mine, I was powerless to resist, she circled the ring of my mouth playfully, and began to head south, one kiss at a time.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of her delicately supple lips, leaving my skin at every moment, a limp touch, the soft endurance of ones lips moving all over me, I was so lucky to have her. I briskly felt one of her palms traveling up my leg, and steadily pulling the black skirt I wore to my ankles, along with my high-heeled shoes, which I quickly kicked off. Her head was now placed just above my ribcage; using her lips to tickle my skin. Movement became of my arms, as I to ran them down her spine, working from the upper, to the center, and to her tail-bone; inches away from what I really wanted. My hands shook again. . . Uncontrollability, I tried to concentrate on the clothes she wore, they had to come off! I couldn't afford to ruin that stage of bliss, the bliss of me losing my virginity. To my advantage her jeans were incredibly loose, nervously I started to slide them over her rear, and they dropped to floor, I grabbed her skin intensely and pulled her to me. The heat of the moment clouded us both. Hannah relocked lips without warning; exploring my widened mouth; sinking her tongue inside my jaws, while playing with the tip of mine, constantly teasing me; keeping me guessing. I started to grip tighter, literally clawing into her, she liked it rough.

I had enough of the foreplay, I wanted her inside me right now, I was so eager to finally be fucked, the sexual tension almost killed me, I forcefully pushed her out of my mouth and signaled for her to go down on me, she smiled willingly and ran to my bellybutton, leaving dabs of saliva along the way, also fiddling with it momentarily before looking up at me with panda eyes, I nodded again and started breathing rapidly. My comical underwear, with the words, 'my bed, my rules' imprinted on them, flashed before her; encouraging her to rip them off, and she did just that, until they dangled freely, ooh I really wanted to cum for her, for her to screw me, for her to -

"Isabella! What do you think you're doing?!"

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