tagRomancePlease Her First, Always

Please Her First, Always


There is an inherent pleasure in finding yourself between a woman's thighs; it is a gift that should be received with reverence.

I take my time, making eye contact, telling you how gorgeous you are, how beautiful your flower is. I kiss your ankles, calves, knees, and the tops of your thighs before working my way down your inner thighs. You are a delicacy to be savored, this is not something I feel I have to do, it is something I have the great pleasure of doing. Working inward, always caressing your body, looking into your eyes, I find my way to your delicious center, the source of my pleasure, and yours. I tease you, making my way around your pussy, kissing and gently petting, only the slightest of brushes of your flesh do I make. Your scent is intoxicating, I breathe deeply, taking you in, overcome with a desire to please you I make the first exploratory kisses just outside your lips, licking along the edge, caressing the other with the tip of my finger, breathing deeply making sure my warm breath blows across your clit. You shudder, your breathing ragged.

*Please* you whimper lustfully.

I take your outer lips between my own savoring my first taste of you, this sweet, slightly sharp, yet so very exotic a flavor floods over my taste buds, now it is my turn to shudder and to breathe unsteadily. I pull at your inner lips, each in turn, before reaching the outer lip of the other side, you are quite wet, seeing your juices I push your legs back ever so slightly, I lean in and slide my tongue the full length of your pussy, then quickly again, savoring your essence. You have allowed me to be here, and so you deserve to reap the full benefit of what expertise I have, so I go with passion and explore you, dipping my tongue inside of you, pleasuring you in every way that I can, nibbling, kissing, licking and sucking. You have a hold of my head, pulling me deeply in, slowly raising and lowering your hips, you moan with each motion, your pace increasing rapidly, I take your clit between my lips as I slide two fingers inside of you, gliding in and out several times before finding your g-spot and gently tapping with alternating pressure. You vocalize in the most erotic way, moaning and muttering, your head moving back and forth while your feet slide up and down my back until you finally wrap your legs around my head and start thrusting wildly against my lips and fingers, your body tightens, legs spasming as you cum on my face, blessing my mouth with your glorious gift. As your orgasm subsides I lick up what remains of your cum and gently begin to tease you, a fever pitch soon to come again, with more orgasms to follow. You are my goddess, your pleasure is my paramount concern, and eating your pussy is the most wonderful reward you could ever grant me.

Teasing you as you come down from your first powerful orgasm I gently lick your lips, occasionally flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue, you shudder repeatedly, whimpering for me to stop, so I let you rest for a very, very short time, kissing and caressing your body, I move up pulling your body against my own and kiss you gently, your juices fresh upon my lips you suck them in, kissing me passionately,

*Fuck me* you plead.

*No, my love, not yet.*

*Mmm, please?*

I respond by moving back down your body, kissing your neck, pulling your earlobes into my mouth, whispering to you how much I want you, telling you how delicious you are, I move to your shoulders, to your clavicles, taking my sweet time listening to you moan, knowing now that you are enjoying yourself. I move to your breasts and suck your nipples into my mouth,

*Oh, God!*

You moan and in that moment I feel your hands upon my head pushing me downward, when I reach your pussy I look up at you and I see you smiling down at me and all you say is...


My addiction to you takes over. I slide my hands around your thighs, up under your ass, and finally around your hips settling in kissing and teasing the flesh of your inner thighs, I breathe deep, that sweet scent making me light headed, there is nothing more exquisite than your scent, save the joy of lapping the delicious juice from within which makes me so hard I can barely stand it, but you will always come first, second, third, and fourth, before I even begin to think of myself, I want you to melt like butter in my arms because of the sweet treatment I am able to offer with my mouth due to my dedication to always make your pleasure my main concern. You are so wet with glistening juice that I can't help but lick my way gently inward, slowly, enjoying myself, finally I glide my fingers into you once more, after you begin to press your hips into my hand I move to take my fingers in my mouth, but you grab my arm and pull it towards you, sucking first one finger then the next deeply into your mouth.

*God you turn me on.* I say as I wrap my arms back around your hips and kiss your inner thighs for a few moments before succumbing to my need for you. I lick the length of your pussy once again, the taste overpowering my logical mind, I know that you are fresh from the shower, so seeing that your juices had leaked down I dip and run my tongue over your rosebud, you moan in a new and fascinating way, hoping to replicate the reaction I again dip my tongue.

*Oh yes!*

You seem to enjoy it so I continue for many moments as your hand comes down and begins to massage your clit, your juices continuing to leak down. I lick and probe, having a new found pleasure for us both. However, my desire to taste you from the source is too much. I return to your pussy with renewed fervor, sliding one finger, then two into your beautiful center, my lips replacing your fingers on your clit, I place my top lip just above pushing back the hood as I begin flicking it at a fevered pace, up and down, then back and forth, and finally around, all the while pumping my fingers into you at an increasingly rapid pace, your thighs strain against the strength of my broad shoulders and as you arch your back you deliver to me my second reward, another orgasm shudders through you, your legs quaking, I lick and suck the cum that didn't end up in my mouth from your body, savoring it as you continue to come. My face is wet from all the grinding, after licking up all of your cum and while you are still recovering from your second orgasm I return with eagerness to my task causing you to squeal, you push against my head trying to stop me for a few moments but soon you are clutching the back of my head pulling me deeper against your pussy grinding against my face, a third orgasm well on its way, I continue to lick, lap, and probe, your pussy and suck on your clit, tapping your g-spot as your body starts to shake, your thighs absolutely vibrating,

*Oooohhh, Fuuucckkk!! I'mmmm Commmming!!*

Your third orgasm more powerful than your second I am flooded with your cum, I swallow mouthful after mouthful, never having seen you squirt this much in my life I lavish in this euphoric gift as you continue to cum, your moans grow louder and you arch your back, seeming to reach your limit you suddenly go limp, you pass out. So I crawl up beside you and take you in my arms, cradling your head, gazing at your beautiful face, waiting for you to wake.

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by Anonymous12/15/18

Oooohhh .... BAD writer...

… your story had my dick hard / hurting from the beginning!! Really liked this short piece!!

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