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Please Let Me Love You - Lesson 01


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Darling, I am so gratified that the Lady I love and treasure with all my being, is willing to go through this little series of steps...assignments...tests if you will...that I have devised. What will follow for you, and thus for us, is not entirely about "proving" your willingness to surrender your love to me, but more importantly, about showing you, deep in your soul, that you can do this...that you were born to love me in this special way.

Enough prelude. We are a great distance apart, yet I know that right now your tender heart is racing, your delicate face is blushing, warm...and in a moment, I trust, your trim, smooth sex will slicken the way it does, so beautifully. (Oh, by the way, did you enjoy your first brazilian wax today? I selected Heidi for you personally. I have always found her hands so gentle when she "relaxes" me here at the office, occasionally. But I digress, MyLove...

When you arise tomorrow morning you will do the following:

After your bath, or shower, you may choose which one...you will stand nude, in front of your bedroom mirror. Take the onyx marker that the maid will have laid out for you on your dressing table. Make a solid black dot with it, the size of a dime, one inch above the topmost part of your sweet pink sex. (Now you know why I had you so thoroughly "polished," down there.) You may then dress. There will be some new dresses from Paris in your smaller closet, I hope you find them pleasing.

Go out all day...go shopping, dining, see a movie...I want you to be with people, with strangers, in crowds, all day. Your CONSTANT focus, as you pass, greet, or deal with each person, is to remind yourself...to dwell on...to muse about...the fact that you are my Slut...that the secret black dot marks you as mine. Let it symbolize every indecent thought, act, or dream you have ever had. Think about the fact that you have marked yourself simply because the man who loves you, and whom you love, told you to.

At the end of the evening, you may wash off the dot. At exactly ten, your time, you will report to me how you felt about yourself during the day. You may not pleasure yourself tomorrow...actually, let's just make that a standing rule...until told otherwise, my Darling.

On day two, of this two-day first lesson...now, now, no frowning...you will begin with exactly the same routine. However, instead of the marker, you will find what appears to be a "decal," about three by five inches. Press it firmly to the same spot as before, and peel away the backing. I wish I could be there to see the look on your sweet face...even reversed in the mirror, you will see in a split-second that down there, in bold black letters atop a red heart, that you for all appearances have a wildly obscene tattoo which simply and crudely reads '100% C-U-N-T.' I cannot bring myself to utter the C-word to you my Darling...but the image of your sweetness in contrast to this ghastly 'tattoo' pleases me a great deal.

You will spend the day as before, and in the same self-examining state of mind. In the privacy of your home, take a dozen or so digital pictures of yourself in poses lewd and tasteless enough to make the sleaziest men's magazine proud. Make sure your face, and your '100%' are clearly visible in each shot. I shall enjoy these pics many years from now...by the way, the artisan who made the 'tatto' assures me it will fade in three to four days.

You are bright enough to realize, that willingly giving the pictures to me, trusting me with them...is your first act of Total Submission.

with Love,

your Protector.

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