tagErotic CouplingsPlease Let Me Stay Dead This Time

Please Let Me Stay Dead This Time


{The wind through my hair, falling... I never took the time to appreciate how it felt, relentless, almost like his hands. No more sobbing now. Put him out of your mind. You made the choice of your own free will. My God the view is incredible, just like he said it would be. There is no more fear, no more wondering what unnatural thing grows inside me now, I don't care. Not any more. That is why I am here. I wish he could see me now, like he did before he changed, his eyes were much like the color of the stormy ocean in front of me then – only I could see much deeper into them than I could into this cold expanse. There should be so little time, but I can see it all so clearly, in fact I can't seem to remember anything else at all…}

Sean kicked a broken shell toward a pack of gulls cackling amongst each other, likely over a putrid crab leg or some dead morsel. Maybe if he was lucky it was a six-pack ring and one would get its head stuck and die… no he didn't mean that. Another holiday alone, teasing gulls instead of teasing some cutie's dainty cleft of maidenhood. Halloween is a fun one too. The air is cool so cuddling is high on the 'play your cards right' scale and the whole mystery of masks and makeup mixed with the erotic nature of the dark unknown makes for some truly incredible possibilities. Or at least so he imagined.

Without a gal to share the festivities he had decided to go camping by the ocean to wallow in his deep blue funk. The season had inspired him to come to this spot, as there were tails of ghosts and witches that stretched back into stories hundreds of years old. What better way to spend Halloween than in search of restless spirits?

As if on cue, the gulls shot up and around him startled, and he almost dismissed it but the fading light from the setting sun revealed something in the corner of his right eye. Curious, his head slowly followed the eye, kind of like someone afraid of getting caught might. He squinted a bit. And even as his head sort of lilted to one side he was in motion. A jog at first and then as realization hit him a full sprint. There against the bright golden waves was a woman's form, wet - and motionless.

"Are you alright!" he shouted and again, "hey lady, you alright?!" Sean was only 20 and had never had the pleasure of viewing Death sizing up a potential client. With a spray of salty sand he slid to the ground beside her, showering her with tiny grains of briny bits. Instinctively he shook her shoulders, and quickly pulled back – she was ice cold. Still, his touch sparked some pearl of life within her as her eyes left the infinite speck they were focused on at his arrival and hazily wandered to meet his own.

"CPR… that's what you do to dead people," he thought. He pulled himself together long enough to remember Health Class in high school, turned her head to the side, and proceeded to, um, remember where exactly, um, where to put his hands, goodness those are some incredible breasts, um… "SHIT dude, she's gonna die!" he cried out loud to clear his head. He locked his fingers and began pumping on her breastbone. He was ashamed but was getting some pleasure from the feel of her smooth skin under the thin, wet, silk. On the count of four he grabbed her dainty nose and exhaled warm life into her cold lungs, gently pressing his lips to hers. It was almost timeless, the sound of the breath filling her chest. He pulled back slowly as she exhaled – and then inhaled, on her own. Again. Once more. Wandering eyes focused.

"Are you alright…?" This time the question was soft, almost in awe.

"Where am I?" she moaned in a sullen tone, "am I alive?"

He noticed a gash on her forehead, very deep and purple but no blood. Aside from that her face was angelic, porcelain cheeks and green eyes framed with disheveled wet locks of red clinging to bits here and there. "You are alive, but barely, can you walk?"

She looked with distrust at her limbs and attempted to stand. Sean had to leap to her rescue as the suspect legs betrayed her trust as expected. The woman was very light, even in wet clothes. "Hey, you know, you are soaked. Even if you live through today you'll get pneumonia if you stay out here. Let's get you dry and warm right away. I was camping out tonight, right nearby up on that cliff, the view is incredible - but I can give you some clothes and a blanket or something and then we can get you home," the young hero offered. She nodded and even though she got stronger as they walked, she seemed to find ways of staying temptingly close to him. Her gown was incredibly provocative which didn't help his mood, dripping silk nearly black with water but obviously once a furious blue. It was quite archaic in design but had to be one of the sexiest things he had ever seen on a woman, obviously she had set out the evening to seduce. It made him curious.

It wasn't far and after a bit of help up the steep parts the two were safely at the top. The wind blew gently over the top of an outcropping of rocks, behind which Sean had immediately begun flaring up some dry tinder for a fire. Between blowing on the sparked grass in his fire pit he tried to quench his curiosity a bit. "Hey, my name is Sean. I'm just here to stare up at the stars a bit and pull my thoughts together. Heard there were some pretty spooky things going on out here this time of year so I figured hey why not camp out, how 'bout you?"

{There he is. So tall and commanding, he'd have made a fine ship's captain if he'd not been drawn to the cloth. Each day he sneaks from the prying eyes of the town to our spot. He loves this spot, always mentioning how incredible the view is. High above the ocean we draw ourselves nearer to God by bestowing the gift of ecstasy to the other in warm sunny beach grass. His lips are strong, as his whole body is, but it is his lips that make my heart flutter. Each time we meet he kisses me with those lips all over my eager frame. It's those lips that drive me to dance on the moon as he probes around in my unspeakable places, his tongue caressing my labia up and down as if savoring some chocolate morsel. He won't enter me with his manhood yet – by his will not till we marry – but there are days I think on tempting him into sin.}

It seemed he kept drawing her stare from some deep well of insight two inches this side of reality, but this time she was quick to respond. "I don't remember. Anything. I don't remember anything." Then she paused a bit and focused that stare directly into his eyes, deep, penetrating, unwrapping something he knew not what. "Except," she whispered, "you saving my life… I owe you my life."

"No you don't, I would've done it for anyone," he chuckled but easily sensed the un-joking tone in her voice. "Hey, I got the fire going, but I've still got to get you out of those wet clothes and into a nice dry blanket!" He was trying to lighten the mood, purposely wording that thick with insinuation to rouse a grin or a giggle or something. As he gazed at her standing calmly by the fire as the sun finished it downward path, he kind of wished it could become more than insinuation.

{Something odd has gotten in his head as of late. His studies take him down a path I cannot say could possibly be holy anymore. Had I thought on that a bit perhaps I'd have lit again on my actions.

On All Hallows Eve I used the moonless night to sneak into his house, frustrated by his negligence to my needs. He hadn't been to the shore once since September and I had tired of having only my own fingers for companionship. I would have him this night, feigning excuse of being bewitched if somehow failing – but I would not fail. Under the cloak I used to hide me from unwanted recognition was a dress I made of truly scandalous nature. A merchant from the orient had brought a dark indigo silk of such rare texture it made me weak just imagining it clinging to my curves. I pinched each bit twice and soon had enough saved to purchase the delicate material. Once home I transformed it into a piece that Satan himself wouldn't allow on his daughter. I knew it would have the power to charm any male into frenzy.

I crept into the flickering light of his study. He sat hunched over a pile of books acquired from a locked chest deep in the catacombs below the church.

"Please let this work," I thought. He was lost in the dark pages and ignoring his life, he needed to be rescued. Unshaven, unwashed, and hair unkempt but still my true love. I positioned myself in just enough light and let the cloak slide to the dusty floor. I knew I was desirous to men and I could imagine my full figure with the luscious silk draped about it in the dancing candlelight.}

Almost as if on cue the angel lifted her hands and began to pop the top button of her silk dress. Sean barely kept his jaw from dropping. Her eyes were on the task at hand as the second black disc parted from its mate, then the third. Each successive one spread the damp blue cloth wider and wider revealing a glorious tract of pale cleavage. As her belly button threatened to come into view her eyes danced up and she asked, "So, are you going to get me that dry blanket?"

He wasn't sure when it happened, but his jaw had in fact dropped at some point and her words almost knocked him back on his feet. He tried to use the stilted motion to gracefully make his way into the cheap tent he had set up earlier to retrieve his blanket. It wasn't graceful. The zipper was closed and he nearly wiped the whole thing out in one swoop. This was too important to mess up though and quickly the flap was opened and his blanket was in hand. As he turned to display his prize, he was truly aware of the goddess that had landed at his feet. His new religion had her back turned to him with the fire between the them, the top piece of two off and the bottom being slowly inched down from side to side. Only the top of her ass cheeks were visible as he first turned, but more and more was revealed to the glow of the flaming oak as the indigo silk lowered. Soft curves, perfect little bulges in all the right places – not bony, not fat, not rock toned muscle – perfect little bulges, soft as down he imagined.

The damp skirt was slow to move so he turned his attention to her back. Again, perfection as the fluid lines created picture show shadows from the flickering light dancing on each subtle surface. He found shoulder blades to be amongst the most erotic of places on a woman. Sean reached out and touched her perfect back, only barely cognizant of when he had bridged the distance between them, with the blanket in hand - offered in faith that she would not use it. Her task was finished as the wondrous outfit lay in a cold heap at her feet. She did take up the blanket and wrapped it loosely about her shoulders. If anything it accentuated the lust growing in him, barely covering the tantalizing shadows hiding her treasure. She turned and just drank in his eyes and he hers. He was nothing special, but she looked at him as lustily as he was looking at her.

"I'm cold," she whispered, "hold me close so I am warmed up. Please." Her tone was strange, almost predatory, and her accent could not be placed. Still, he knew she wanted him.

He began to close the gap between them but she put a hand on his chest. "These will keep your heat in," she spoke of his windbreaker and sweatshirt, "take them off."

He was beyond being impressed. As her hand stopped him it revealed a happy pink nipple on a luscious ripe breast, full and young. It induced a near frenzy in his soul, he would have this woman. In one motion he stripped the top clothes from his frame – gracefully. The same movement took her hand and pulled her close to him. They met, flesh to flesh, woman to man, the exposed breast joined by its partner, soft, incredible. She was oddly cold though. It stimulated him in ways he had never imagined. Her kiss was like sweet, iced tea and her body cool sheets on a summer day. Her lithe fingers had already freed his pants from under the blanket, the dry material sliding much more easily than hers had. He was driven wild as her cool hands brushed tender parts in the process. They pressed even tighter and his now rock hard cock was jammed against her abdomen as her still damp legs wrapped around him. He reveled in the feel of her pubic mound grinding against the base of his shaft as they danced to the music of lust. Her ferocity grew steadily, as her tongue probed deeper into his mouth and her body swayed back and forth along his hot member. She pushed him backwards onto the sandy ground, letting the blanket drop from her shoulders, and followed him spreading herself wide enveloping his torso with her thighs.

{"This is why I am here my love! Take my life, take my soul, fill me with your seed!" I pleaded out loud as we locked in passion for the first time. I think on the words with ironic disgust. Upon discovery of my willful lust he insisted we go to the point immediately, in fact he said he had planned on taking me this night for weeks and was very pleased that I had come to the same destined conclusion. To my disdain a tome was in tow as we raced to our sacred meeting ground, but I could not fathom its purpose in my state so made no contest. I needed sex so bad I kept rubbing my mound from time to time as we leaped and bounded across the grassy beach up to the high cliff just to keep sane. Out of breath we crested the top and I noticed candles set up and lit waiting to make the mood perfect. Thrilled that he HAD been planning this night I reached around his thick neck and kissed him deeply and without question of intent. "I want to bless this wondrous occasion my mate," he interrupted.

The tome was opened and thick, foreign words poured from his mouth. I paid no attention, proceeding to do the most whorish strip tease I could muster. First I began slowly popping the buttons open down the front of my top, swaying seductively and tossing my hair first one way then another. Spinning to keep the best out of sight, I slid the blue silk off my shoulders – a dry waterfall gently touching each muscle and gliding off leaving only pale, bare skin in its wake. I think he stuttered a bit so I knew he was watching and I arched my ass toward him, knowing the dim candles he spread about would play tricks on his eyes as my perfect rump was revealed slowly with the receding skirt. I looked over my shoulder as he finished reading. He had managed to strip while I did my tease and was approaching me with his eyes shut. I thought it a game! I tagged him and tip toed around, finally leaping at him and embracing him close. He had never before let me see or touch his cock, preferring to pleasure me only. It was so marvelous to feel against my skin. My chasm ached to be filled with it and I ground my cunt against his full erection to make my desire wholly clear. I needed him and so tackled him to the ground, straddling his mid-waist, and worked to impale my virginity upon it.}

In one forceful thrust Sean answered her with passion. He buried his shaft deep in her cold pussy. She screamed and cried, a faint trickle of blood mingling with her sexual juices which were readily flowing. Deeper and deeper he went and she kept pulling him into her screaming in lust. The rhythm was intense. He kneaded her breasts as the firelight played through his fingers and her crimson hair. Each thrust was an orgasm itself, or so it seemed until he finally came. This time the scream was mutual as he unleashed a stream of hot life into her womb as he had breathed life into her earlier in the day, only this was a thousand times the sensation that was. His back was arched two feet into the air with her on top as wave after wave of semen pounded into her. He began to get dizzy as the world raced around him and while his warmth passed into her, the cold closed in on him. The tears that streamed down her face now were not of ecstasy.

{I can not begin to describe his penis inside me. The pain was buried by the rush of adrenaline that kept washing over my impassioned psyche. He was pumping harder, ripping deeper into me and the pleasure began to change to… fear? Before I could make up my mind about his intent, we climaxed in perfect unison. First the orgasm cleared my mind, filling it only with the raw carnal power that is your first true orgasm, but then the burn of his semen changed the mood. It wasn't supposed to burn like this! I screamed in pain and he opened his eyes, and I screamed in terror as his orbs were revealed wholly black with a pin spot of fire for an iris. His face was changed, twisted and dark and my fear turned to panic. I grabbed the heavy tome beside him and planted it aside his head with a fury gained from terror. It had dense metal bindings and popped his skull much more readily than could be believed. Life obviously left him in an instant and his eyes returned to their prior, beautiful state. I was in shock. In a daze I raised myself from his beaten corpse and suddenly raced with deliberation toward the edge of the cliff.}

The memories returned as Sean's heat spread through each limb. Why couldn't she ever remember before the act was through!? Why couldn't he have let her die on the shore!? She must somehow break the cycle, break the madness. This kind man will now be another tale told in whispers, as had every other man's story whose fate she had sealed here. Once again she rose from her murdered lover and leaped into the cool October air to dash herself upon the rocks below.

{Please God, let me stay dead this time…}

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