tagRomancePlease Love Me Ch. 01

Please Love Me Ch. 01


"Reagan, I've got to go into work. I will be back later on tonight. Don't wait up for me," Jace Stanton called from the door way. He was a consultant for a high powered finance agency in their home town of San Diego. He was a tall and powerfully built man for a 27 year-old. He had 230 pounds of muscles to rival any wrestler piled on his beautifully tanned brown 6' 3" frame. His hands were massive and had looked to be made for building and creating but instead he chose numbers. His mind was as sharp as any scholar. He was truly a site to behold.

They lived in a beautiful part of the city where all the neighbors were polite and the houses were something out of a story book with manicured lawns and pristine white fences. Their house in particular was immaculately decorated in each room with expensive furniture and wonderful modern paintings. They were the perfect couple living in the perfect neighborhood. They had a perfect life by all appearances. But that changed when Jace started working crazy hours at the agency. Their four year marriage was hitting a serious strain.

"What...but I had some things planned for us to do today," Reagan Stanton sulked. "And there is something I want to talk to you about. I think it's important." She was upset that he was letting his job take up so much of his time. She had barely seen him for the last couple of days. Frustration marred her beautiful face and caused her delicate features to look even more beautiful. She rested her hands in disappointment on her slim hips that were just right for her 5' 6" 120 pound stature. Her brown skin was the perfect color of mocha. At 24 years old, she was a beauty. Together they were the ideal couple.

"I know, I know but this is really a hectic time at the office for me. Whatever you want to talk about will have to wait. The work keeps piling on and I have to keep up. I want to be able take good care of us and I don't need any distractions," he said, walking over to where his briefcase sat. The way he held his brief case she thought that he should have married it instead of her. It was always near. She had been feeling neglected lately and she wanted just a little of his time. Even just to talk about the weather. But something always came up at the office and it kept him away for most of the day and well into the night. She hated that she would go to sleep alone in the bed that was meant for them both to be in.

"But... this just isn't fair, Jace. I never see you anymore. I feel as though I have to call and make an appointment to see you now," Reagan stated firmly. She was at her wits' end with this. Something had to give.

He sighed and began rubbing his temples, preparing to hear the same rant he had been hearing for the last couple of days.

"Don't give me that bullshit today Reagan. I have a job to do and money to make. I won't get anywhere by just staying home all day. I have to be productive and get a head. The money won't make itself," he grounded out through gritted teeth. His anger was short today and he wasn't in the mood for this.

"That's all you care about is money! I'm tired of this. I will not come second anymore. Money and status has got you seriously fucked in the head!" she yelled at him, her face was turning red with anger as she went on. "All you care about is that damn job and that damn briefcase! It's surgically attached to your fucking hand!"

"I don't have time to hear this. I have to get to the office so if you don't have anything new to say, then I suggest you find something new to talk about," he said stoically. No emotion was discernable on his face. Ouch. And to add insult to injury, he turned his broad back and started walking to the front door as a further dismissal.

With that she turned and stomped out of the room going to her "sleeping quarters" and slamming the door. That's what she called it now. Jace was never there to warm the spot beside her and that only increased the loneliness and resentment more and more.

The tears started falling when she heard the front door angrily slam and the car start with a vengeance. Reagan knew that she would be sleeping alone again tonight. Alone.

She had wanted to talk to him about the possibility of having children in the near future but the way he dismissed her, she knew it was impossible. She had been wanting a baby for a while and wanted to introduce the idea to Jace. But as usual he dismissed her when she tried to start a conversation with him claiming he had to go into the office and he needed to focus.

As the hours ticked away and the sky became darker, it only confirmed to Reagan that she was going to bed alone tonight. That hurt worse than any punishment to her. She was slowly losing it. The last of the tears fell as she readied herself for bed, throwing on a ragged night shirt. As she slipped into the covers, she resolved that she would not cry about this anymore. It served no purpose. If he could be unemotional then so could she. With that in mind, she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

As Jace was sitting in his office, he couldn't concentrate on the files on his desk or what his assistant Kyle was babbling on about or even the cleaning lady vacuuming the office outside. His mind was at home with the argument that happened between him and Reagan.

"Damnit!" he breathed out. He sighed and dropped his head into his hands. He was worn out. His assistant looked at him with startled eyes. He then brought his head up and told Kyle to leave for the night. Kyle was only too happy to oblige. Jace let out a slow breath as the door closed. Alone- he was finally alone with his thoughts of the argument. It wasn't supposed to affect him like his. He was strong. He needed to get a grip.

As he sat in his chair behind his gigantic desk, he couldn't help but think of the way she yelled at him. The way her face showed anger marring into her beautiful features. Things shouldn't be like this he thought. His job comes first.

He hated the way things were between them. He wanted to make things better between them but he didn't know what to do. He could only hope that things would get better after he got promoted to senior consultant. He just needed to hold on.

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