Please Me, Eve


She had asked her mother and Gabrielle to stay in the last town they had encountered, for she alone must go and ask forgiveness of the Amazon nation. She alone must confront her wicked past. She alone must bring the era of erotic-forgiveness to the sisters of this lower Amazon tribe. The last of what Amazons were left.

Eve rode her mare through the damp green and brown forest where the Amazon's dwelled. Her heart heavy with pain and anguish for leaving her new found lovers behind, and for the event in which she could not predict. Would it be "cake... or death."

"HALT!" came the silence shattering voice of a young Amazon.

"It's Livia!" One called out to the rest of her sisters.

"Livia, bitch of Rome!" was the chat that picked up quickly as ropes seemed to fly out and wrap themselves around her neck.

Countless women circled the young daughter of Xena and jerked her off of her mare and dragged her behind them screaming and shouting swears and curses at the former Roman warrior.

Eve could swear the dragging went on for hours when she was finally brought to the middle of the Amazon village and left in the middle. Music blaring through the air in a sound of victory. Her eyes beholding the world around her as one giant concert of dancers with menacing faces.

Blood poured over her head and her eyes clamped shut from the sting the blood caused her.

All the Amazons danced around Eve with the victorius music shaking the ground. Their mouths taking in powders and other strange looking delicacies. Wines and other hard alcohols being passed around by this menacing gang of rabid women.

The hate in the air could be felt as much as the hard thrust Eve felt against the back of her head which a few seconds later sent her sprawling to the ground in utter discomfort, her world turning black. .................?

"WAKE UP!" the powerful voice of an Amazon spoke. Waking Eve to her even worse discomfort.

"I was saying..." it was Varia standing before Eve. "You must be the dumbest bitch alive to walk right into Amazon territory when there's a price on your head."

"I..." Eve voice was horse and choked as she tried to speak.

Varia tossed down a goatskin of water in her rude fashion at Eve's hand.

As Eve took a powerful gulp of the sweet waters that her throat yearned for, Varia reached down and grasped Eve's neck in her hand and pulled her to her feet with a hard choke.

"You have five seconds before death to tell me what in Hades you were thinking when coming here!" Varia's eyes filled with rage at the Greek Roman woman.

"I.." Eve's voice choking in Varia's grip. "I came... to.. sayyyy... I, WAS, ...sor..ry."

"You WHAT?"

*Cough* "I came to say..."

"I heard what you said." Varia tossed her down aside. "What in the hell of the known world possesed you into believing we'd forgive you after a simple 'I'm Sorry', huh?"

"I came to make peace and amends." Eve's eyes staring up into Varia's with a staggering hint of bravery in them.

"And how could you possibly make amends to us." Varia's interest shown in her angered voice.

"I kept the slaves in my power dominated by me in every way..."

Varia's eyes raised in amusment as she realized the meaning of 'in every way'.

"I've come to be slave to Amazons for a time until my mother returns on the proper date in time, to come for me and return me to my new home."

"A slave, huh?" Varia's hands gently reached out to Eve's hair and began to caress before her grip came hard and powerful... "A SLAVE!!" she screamed. "you want to be our slave."

"To any extent you desire, MISTRESS, Varia." she emphasized the word 'Mistress'.

As if a plague of sexual arrousel made way through her body, Varia felt her tension rise into more than a ball of violence, and for the first time she had to admit to herself, the attraction she was feeling towards the young girl.

"You want to be a slave girl?" Varia's voice simmered down to a calm as her soft hand reached out to take Eve's face.

"Then you will do all I say... no questions, no yes or no's, no nothing but just doing it."

Eve nodded slightly at the instructions. "BITCH!" Varia's hand came acrossed Eve's face.

"I said, 'nothing'." she demanded.

Eve just looked into Varia's eyes and did nothing. Varia seeming pleased with how fast of a learning Eve had become.

"Dance, Eve." Varia moved to a far corner and rested upon a bed a straw as Eve stood. Nervous, obviously.

"Dance, Eve." Varia said. "Dancing slowly and prove to me your promise of loyalty."

In the still of the night, Eve's body slowly swayed ever so slowly from side to side. Her hips seeming to express a nature of rhythm that was mellow and exotic. Unseen but seen many times before. Though she swayed in nervousness, her form was strongly belonging to this form of express.

All at once, as if taken by the balance of lustful intrudings, Eve's eyes locked upon Varia's and her arms raised overhead and hands connecting into a diamond while her hips made erotic circles to help her movement cause her to turn around slowly and passionately in a circle.

Eve arched backwards, her arms extended to the farthest of her left and right, as her breast protruted high with her feet stepping into place to cause her hips to sway and shake so ever slowly but beautifully. Bringing Varia's eyes to a trance while watching her devoted new slave, perform the most sensual dance before her.

Varia was tempted to end this and kill her before it was too late, but all in all. It truly was too late to end.

Eve, still swaying to the music in her mind, knelt in dancing on her single knee and foot while her hands gently and sensually roamed the smooth and soft thighs of her hater.

"Livia..." Varia's voice lost for words due to the breathlessness caused by Eve's sexy form.

"Eve." She said before laying her lips passionately upon Eve's. Their pillowy flesh called lips played the tune of passion's victory upon one another.

Varia's hands rested on Eve's shoulders an applying a small grip, they firmly pushed away the young dark haired princess at heart. Their push kept with slow gentle speed until Eve was no longer reaching with her lips and merely staring into the Amazon queens eyes.

"Please me." Varia's eyes ridden with lust and a cherry dark red aura. Her voice short and rasped.

Eve traded form with Varia by placing her hands upon her new Queens shoulders and slowly, ever so gently pushing her down to her back.

Varia down staring up at the girl named Livia, named Eve, named lover.

Eve's hands reached and removed Varia's top, causing a gasp and groan from the throat of the Amazon Queen as her back arched and thrusted her breast high to Eve.

Eve merely sat beside her mistress and took her right hand in her two hand. Raising the right arm of Varia's slightly in the air and holding steady. Eve rested Varia's hand in her's as her right hand reached for the goatskin of water.

"Wine would normally do much better for this." Eve commented.

Varia then felt a shock of electic excitment rush through her as Eve poured the water over her naked from waist and above. The cold enticing and exciting while Eve's hand rubbed it into Varia's flesh.

A hiss escaped Varia's lips from between her teeth. Eve's hand making small rubs against the flesh of Varia's right arm. Soothing downward before rising up to the fingers before lowering to Varia's shoulder.

Eve's smile shinning from above on Varia. Her middle and index fingers against one another, making small circles around and around the soft flesh of Varia's shoulders down to her chest. Touching not her breast, but moving slowly between. Then by causing air to leave Varia's body as her three longest fingers seemed to circle then tap the flesh of Varia's abs. Brining another arch from the warrior woman.

Eve then chose to connect her four fingers, index-middle-ring-pinky, to rub into the flesh of Varia's upper body just above her breast. Coming around and around down the left and right sides of Varia's breast. Throwing shivers from the woman as her breast are touched gently by her lover.

"Eve..." Varia's voice came in a whisper. "Oh, Livia."

Eve looked low and down as she remembered she had left Varia with little clothing, but the way Varia looked in the tiny covering and nothing more caused Eve to feel the twitch and slight ich intrude her womanhood.

Ignoring herself, Eve brought the rest of the water towards Varia's thighs and let the cold substance course all over her lovers lower body.

Eve remembered something her teacher of the Asian land taught her once before. With her hands just a short distance from Varia's most private temple, Eve felt her own energy surge from her body and fire immediantly down into Varia. Bringing a loud moan and whimper from her mistress.

A smile coursed its was over Eve lips as she realized she had still the power inside.

"Oh my Goddess!" Varia heaved a breath. "What did you do to me."

Eve made no answer, but only brought Varia's right leg up to her own shoulder and let it rest while her hands cupped over Varia's calf. The energy souring within her finding way into Varia, like before.

Eve's hands straightening slightly before her palms began opposite circle motions into Varia's flesh. Moving seductivly down Varia's calves, to her thighs with their motions. When Eve's hands reached as low as possible before coming in contact with Varia's sex. Eve extended one hand again holding it over Varia's pussy, and while moving in a small circle, Eve consentrated her energy once more into Varia, causing once again an amusing gasp and moan from the Queen of the Amazons.

Eve loved the feelings that surged through her as she used her energy to excite the woman below her.

She repeated her custom with Varia's other leg, moving to Varia's left and seating herself before doing so.

Her palms completing opposite circles around Varia's calves and down her thighs ever so slowly.

Varia felt as if her body were becoming one with the mush that came to the dirt after rain. Her vains stretching within her body, ready to burst the blood of her passion out at the girl that she hated so much within. She wondered all the while what Eve could possibly be doing to her that would cause such a pleasurable feeling in her loins without any contact of human flesh.

Eve lowered her head and let her hair dangle onto Varia's flesh as her left hand rested right on top above Varia's pussy... with a firm motion Eve's hand made a slow circle over and over and again.

Varia felt the familiar tingle of energy surge and thrust from Eve's touched into her.

Eve could only thank her Asian teacher for showing her a way of making love that seemed far too impossible and good to be true.

Eve open Varia's thighs and let her left hand fingers trail above Varia's vagina and send slight twitches of her own sexual energy into the Queen.

Varia's eyes and mouth opening wide. She kept a steady stream of loud gasps coming on more and more as Eve kept this energy induced orgasm building within her.

Eve's hand seemed to twitch harder and circle faster. Causing Varia to convulse and arch over and over again. The Queen moaning louder and louder. Thrashing about. Crying out in pure and utter ecstasy. Tears streaming from the whimpering Queens eyes as her body seemed to come apart at the seems. Her breathing harder and harder as her voice squealed out whimpers of tormentus pleasure.

Her body felt as if it were about to shut down completely as her sex let forth a hard pent up stream of passion. Her orgasm overtaking her completely... her mind giving away to the unearthly pleasures being given by Eve and no touch.

Varia's hands balled into fists and came down hard onto the ground as her orgasm shook and almost destroyed her momentus sanity.

Eve's smile could not be mistaken for pure and utter amusement at the pleasure she was granting this young Queen.

Varia's body shaking and stirring in the last throws of her orgasm as she looked into the devilish and seductive eyes of Eve... the bitch of Rome who reduced her to mush.

* * * * *

To be continued... if asked nicely.

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