tagRomancePlease Not Like This Ch. 03

Please Not Like This Ch. 03


I took some time away from this story but recently felt the need to finalize it. There are many different samples of other sections here (i.e. bdsm, anal, non-consent, romance, etc..) please read through and if need be revisit the other chapters. Thank you MV

Months had passed and Chad and Charity had engaged in many a wonderful nights teasing and discipline. But finally something had waned, the girl had continued her conversations with David secretly while Chad had been at work. Then one day she had disappeared, all her things gone and a small note telling him she was sorry but it had to be over, her love for David was still to great and he had offered her all she wanted.

Chad sat silently many nights reading and rereading this note, until the pain would no longer go away and his hand was finally forced, he had after all laid claim to her body, and mind before David had spoken up and he was about to risk everything he had to regain her for once and for all.

He lay his plans carefully, studying his habits and making notes of when and where David was at all times. This had taken only a few short weeks as David was a creature of habit easily visibly disturbed when something was out of place or if his bus was only a minute or two late. Documenting all this and noting how David seemed to pick up his cell phone often within minutes of the bus picking him up to presumably call Charity, his Charity on the phone to ensure she was still at home and doing her chores and hadn't run off on him the way she had on Chad.

After a few weeks Chad noticed the routine and had everything down pat, David would stay on the cell phone for exactly seven minutes each day, sometimes a tad bit less but always within thirty seconds of seven minutes. That would be the window of opportunity Chad would need.

He had rented an old rustic cabin out in the woods nearly thirty miles from David's home and knew that he could get the girl there and secure her within an hour. The trick this time though was to show her just how serious he was. No not really a trick, but to show her that David was not the one for her after all. He wasn't the true master of her heart, only a clever man who had managed to somehow convince her momentarily of his faux power over her long enough to bring her up to this godforsaken place. Hundreds of miles from all the rest of her friends and family and still keep her in a "lockdown" type situation.

It was nearly Christmas and as the first snow fell Chad knew that Christmas Eve day was the time to go for broke. He would bring Charity back here and sit her down, no tie her up and talk to her with his words, hands, paddles, toys and whips, and finally his tongue and cock. Either way he planned on letting her go out the door that night, fully clothed and let her make her choice of her own free will. She would either be his Christmas present to himself and for herself or the lump of coal that he knew would reside in his heart forever.

Finally the morning arrived and he looked around the cabin one last time making sure that the heat was set just right and the fire was blazing in the fireplace. Also he made sure that the food he had brought was prepared to throw in the oven the moment he walked through the door with her and that all the evenings little surprises were just where they should be just within grasp of wherever he would need them. Finally he sat the small box he had brought with him to the porch, and as the snow fell and covered the ground he placed it under the tree he had decorated outside the cabin. No one would be by here he hadn't seen a soul in the month he had been up here and now that it was Christmas Eve he was doubly sure no one would be just traipsing around that evening and stumble upon his gift.

Chad slowly slipped behind the wheel of his Landrover and drove down the dirt driveway that was covered now by nearly an inch of snow. Every radio station played Christmas music and it reminded him of the times that he and Charity had sat together on this same night for many years and sipped eggnog and just talked. That had been before their night of lust and ensuing relationship though, he knew he would never be able to be in the same room without touching her again and he was determined to not even let that be a possibility.

Putting the vehicle in park he sat outside and looked at his watch. The morning conversation with David should just about be over now and as he looked around the back of his Landrover making sure that he had double checked each detail in his mind and again that morning he looked past the caged divider between the passenger and driver area and the little cuffs that would hold his young lady in place before he got her to the cabin.

Satisfied he stepped out of the vehicle and brushed the snow from his brow. It was now or never he thought as he slipped into the side yard. He knew that within moments Charity would be coming out to empty the trash can from the kitchen into the large outside can and that he had to be in just the right place to keep her from seeing him until that last moment.

Just as the white hood slipped over his head and he pulled down the white ski mask to blend in with the falling snow and side of the house he heard the backdoor open and then her quite sniffles as she made her way nearer to him. He heard Charity open the lid and then close it all the while mumbling to herself, now was the time.

He reached out and closed a hand around her neck, placing the chloroform rag from his pocket over her nose from behind as she stepped away from the can. As her body went limp he looked her over, she had lost a little weight and seemed to be a bit ragged, he had expected this having known her for so long and yet was still taken back. The girl he knew hadn't let things get to her like this for many years and yet here she was wasting away again afraid to take that first step and get out from under a bad situation. He would see to it that stopped today. From now on her decisions would be happy ones, ones made by her or by Chad for her. But with her best interest in mind.

He picked up Charity and carried her to the Landrover pushing the unlock button on his keychain as he neared the drivers side passenger door to the rear of the vehicle. As he slid her inside he lay her down carefully and then locked her arms and legs in place, he put a blanket over her just to be safe and then closed the door relocking it. In five short minutes he had grabbed most of her belongings from the house and placed them in the back of the vehicle and then locked the door to the house not leaving behind a fingerprint or footstep to trace. He then took a branch from the rear of the Landrover and walked to the backdoor slowly he backtracked sweeping away the footprints they had both left before stepping into his vehicle and pulling away. The first phase of the day a success he thought as he drove away slowly headed toward the cabin.

Two hours later Charity awoke startled, fearful and yet at ease. She could smell his scent, Chad had finally come for her and her heart leapt. She had tried to leave David so many times but he wouldn't allow it. He would not leave money in the house nor allow her to call any number but his cell phone or work numbers. He had disabled the phone and computer so that she couldn't do anything he didn't approve or command her to do. This wasn't what she had agreed to when she had fled to him months ago, this was the other side Chad had warned her about when she had first brought David up.

Finally she opened her eyes, she still had no idea what he would do to her nor what her feelings were about the situation. She had given herself to David no matter what he had turned into shortly after she had arrived and yet, she still longed to believe that Chad would come for her. As he had, as she had known he would deep down, it just took her by surprise when it finally came.

"Open your eyes wider and look at me Charity Ann," his thunderous voice boomed.

She turned her head in the direction of his voice and smiled up at him, conveying her emotions in one glance. He knew she was terrified and yet relieved also that she was about to be forced to make a life altering decision before the end of the day. She knew Chad was dramatic that way and there would be no other way he would ever tolerate.

"Sit up, I have given you enough slack to do that you slut," he told her.

Charity winced at his words but also was thrilled he would still refer to her at all after this time with no call and no contact. "Sir..."

"Shut up slut, you will speak when asked a question, that is the only time you are allowed to open that whore mouth of yours."

Charity slid up and looked at him, he had grown a bit of a beard and yet kept his head cleanly shaven and was still as handsome as always. She knew that her lust for him was growing again even now along with the love she had for him. She had been so stupid to leave and wished she could tell him but for now she knew she had to bite her tongue in order to please him. He would allow her to speak her mind soon enough, he always had, it would just be a matter of time before he decided she could talk on her own without prompting.

"Now little one, let's start at the beginning. Why did you flee to him?"


Thwack, a light little slap across her face quickly reminded her who was standing over her on the bed and just how powerful he was to her. It sent shivers up and down her spine as well as reminded her that she was his first and foremost.

"Sir, it started, forgive me sir, it started when he, David kept up emailing and calling and telling me he loved me and wanted me to belong to him. I guess, Sir, that we had just moved so fast that I felt scared and figured that if I left you and went to him I would have time to sort things out completely and have one last fling before, well just before."

Chad's face was crimson by the time she had gotten this much out and she knew that he was pissed off and going to let her really have it sooner or later. Secretly she wished he would just begin the punishment/healing now so that they could move on. In the end she knew he would parlay all this into a learning experience for her and wouldn't let her off as easily as her mind hoped for.

"Charity Ann," he began, "that is absolutely ridiculous, if you needed time you didn't need to run to him, I suppose you would still want me to take you used up ass back and start your training all over again as if none of this happened. I tell you what that isn't an option. Tonight what's going to happen is this...I, your master, am going to let you loose, we are going to eat and you are going to serve and service me. I am going to be rough with you and then when all is said and done I am going to leave you outside the door with an option."

Charity whimpered as she sat there not understanding all this but knowing she would crawl over broken glass at this point to be back in his good graces. He had given her a glimpse before of what a real and true D/s relationship could be like and she knew that he might do so again but this time it would be for keeps. No playing around behind his back with David and that she would be under constant scrutiny over her every move. So be it she figured she could deal with that if that is how he wanted it.

"Yes, sir," she finally stammered.

Quickly he untied her and told her to go place the food in the oven and warm it up and to prepare settings for dinner. She was to follow everything down to the letter of what he had taught her thus far and what she could recall. She knew that if she failed one step or faltered at all he might put her outside wherever they were and leave her permanently and that wasn't an option in her mind so she set herself to her task.

Carefully she let him see her as she disrobed. He had always instructed her to be naked in his presence so that he could either watch her nude body as she did her chores or he could take her and or tease her at his leisure. As she pulled off the little thong she had on she knelt down and kissed his feet before looking up into his dazzling hazel eyes and asked if he wanted anything else before she began dinner.

"No but you are doing good so far girl, now Cherry, go and prepare our settings and food and be fucking quick about it I'm famished."

Quickly she stood up with her head bowed and went to the cabin's kitchen area and inspected everything. She hurriedly started by grabbing the trays he had prepared and popped them in the oven. Then she set forth to prepare their settings at the table. This was a task she loved to perform for him and she took the time to show him her gratefulness and love for him as she ran her fingers around the edges of the plate he would eat from and the glass he would drink from to ensure their would be no nicks to cut his sensitive lips or tear his fingers open. Finally she pulled out silverware and used a towel to polish his utensils until they shined in the dim light that shown in the cabin.

Soon the buzzer on the oven went off and she made her way to remove their food. As she set it down and peeled back the aluminum foil on each she found their favorite dishes prepared and warm and ready to eat right in front of her. She had forgotten how thoughtful Chad could be even when he was angry with her. He had taken the time to prepare each morsel for them, she thought perhaps as if this could be the last meal they shared if she failed to please his every whim that night.

They talked slowly over dinner and she revealed how horrible David had been to her and that in the end she figured he was going to toss her out and sever their ties anyway but he was holding on because he loved having her at his beck and call. She told Chad of the things David had done to her and how he had degraded her and made her feel fat and she had not eaten more than handfuls of food at a time for the past month in an effort to lose some of the weight.

Now it was Chad's turn to talk and he told her all that he knew from trailing David to watching her through the windows and that he had been miserable without her. But before he would lay further guidelines if she were to return to him that tonight would be filled with hard, fast and furious sex and punishment. She had to feel the rage and he had to release it.

Finally she nodded and confirmed his thoughts, before sliding out of her chair and beneath the table to the space between his legs. She unbuckled his belt without a word and then unbuttoned his jeans. Grabbing the waist of his jeans and boxers she tugged as he lifted up and then tossed his pants and shorts to the side. Sitting there kneeling between his legs she knew that he was going to allow her this one pleasure. He was going to allow her to suck his cock without being commanded. She didn't know if he would get rough with her but secretly hoped he would take over soon and take her, use and abuse her until she felt whole again.

Chad scooted the chair back and watched as Charity slid her tiny hand up his leg tentatively and then grasp his cock in her tiny hands. She leaned forward and licked up and down his shaft as he grew hard in her hand. She loved feeling him harden in her mouth and was leaning forward to do this as her hands cupped his balls and her lips parted slowly. She licked the tip of his cock and tasted man meat between his legs once again as he started to rapidly grow in her mouth.

Charity was elated at the sensation of his prick growing like this in her mouth and she was determined to leave a lasting impression tonight. She took a deep breath and lowered her mouth all the way to the base of his cock deepthroating him and starting to suck and swallow as her hands rubbed the large sack beneath his cock. She pulled back and swirled her tongue around the head before plunging to the base again.. Over and over she did this until she felt him start to seep precum almost continuously. Now she had him on the verge of cumming and wouldn't release his prick unless he commanded it.

Chad loved watching this hot little slut at work on his cock and he knew that she had him close to cumming so he slowly stood up never disengaging from her lips and grabbed the sides of her head before driving his big cock deep into her waiting throat. She gagged a little but quickly recovered and put her hands over his on her head to let him know she wanted it like this, loved it like this. Then her hands went around to his ass and grabbed a handful of his asscheeks as she helped him fuck her mouth hard and fast.

"Charity here it comes you cocksucking slut," he moaned as his seed released into her throat.

She pulled back only long enough to get a mouthful of cum and then pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off over her big tits. In that time he knew that she had decided her fate already but what would she do when he fucked her ass and pussy later after spanking and teasing her for a while.

That thought lingered in his head as Charity looked up and smiled at him opening her mouth and showing him the prize she had held in her mouth. His cum fresh in her mouth she tilted her head back and swallowed the remains and then went back to work on his cock, she wanted to clean him off without being told and hoped he would ravage her now as she needed.

That's when he gave her the quickest change he had in a long time. He pushed her away and pulled her up over the table. In one fluid motion he had cleared the table with his large hands sending the plates and leftover food crashing to the floor as he picked up his belt and told her to grab the other end of the table.

"Yes, sir," she said with a wicked content smile on her face, one that he figured was there but that she still couldn't help.

And then it started, the belt sung through the air and then snapped just as it cracked across her ass with a loud thwack. The first few blows were the lightest, he quickly increased speed and force with which they came. Soon enough her ass was blood red and already starting to bruise as he stopped. Charity was sobbing uncontrollably but not for the reason he thought.

She was so happy that he had decided to give her punishment which meant in her eyes and mind that there was more than a fleeting chance he would have her back that she had been having mini orgasms throughout the belt lashings.

Chad didn't wait for her to stop her sobbing and just barked out, "Prepare to get fucked hard in tonight My whore."

With that he slapped her bare ass with his hand and then spread her legs and drove all of his mammoth cock into her tight pussy with one thrust. She was already soaked and open so this didn't take much effort on his part. Chad grabbed her hips and drove forward pounding into her again and again. Their body slapping and the crackling of the fire could barely be heard over her wails and moans of pleasure as he took her like he had before, hard, fast and on his terms.

Charity was easily climactic that evening as he took her again and again as she bent over the table and as she felt her tight pussy begin to get sore she knew that he wasn't done with her yet as he pulled out. He slipped his hard cock from her dripping pussy and put the wet tip against her exposed asshole.

"Sir, no," she feigned fear in her whimpers, "it's been too long since I had your big hard cock up my ass, I don't think I can take it without being ripped apart."

Chad grabbed the back of her hair hard and pushed his cockhead against the tiny ring of her asshole as he planned on thrusting hard and deep into her. He knew she loved it when he fucked her ass and he was giving it too her wether she wanted it or not that night. The clock chimed Eleven as he slipped past the tight ring and his cock slowly slid up her backdoor.

He leaned over and bit her shoulder and up the nape of her neck as he swatted her ass and drove the length of his shaft deep inside her ass.

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