Please Nurse


OK folks – I've had some lovely comments about my stories telling you what has happened to me lately, and had some ideas thrown at me for other stories. It's actually quite horny making up other stuff so I've decided to give my wicked imagination free reign and I'll go with some of the requests – Suzy style. This one's for Richard.

Idle Hands

Nursing is a job of contradictions. The hours are long, the pay is crap and some of the people you have to deal with deserve to be wheeled down to the morgue and left there, breathing or not. On the other hand, it's the most incredibly rewarding thing you can do with your life. Bringing people back from the brink and seeing them go home again with their loved ones is an unbelievable buzz. There are tears of joy and laughter that far outweigh the stresses and worries. And then, every now and then, there are highlights that make some days memorable in ways you never imagined. Let me tell you about one of mine.

I've been nursing for about 12 years. I've just turned thirty, but haven't got around to having kids yet and am still trim and in good shape. I keep my dark hair cut short (much easier for this job) and like my uniform crisp and well pressed. We normally wear light blue scrubs, but I like to offset the look with a hairband and light make-up. It's fair to say that I turn the heads of plenty of guys on the ward, staff and patients.

So, let me tell you about one of my highlights. This happened a couple of years ago just after I found out my husband was having an affair. He didn't know I knew, yet, and I was angry, upset and trying to figure out what I was going to about it. I was on a week of nights and it was really quiet. This happens every now and then. Despite the health service being generally overstretched, sometimes the patients just don't roll in and there's a short but welcome lull in the normally busy routine.

This particular night I only had one patient on the ward. A guy in his mid-thirties who had come off his motorbike and broken both wrists, so he had 2 casts on and was pretty helpless for a while. He'd been with us for 3 weeks now and was understandably getting a little stir crazy, particularly with not having any company on the ward. At about 3.30 in the morning I was just finishing of a pile of the filing the day shift always leave for the quiet hours when his buzzer went off on the console. Glad of the distraction I headed over to see what he needed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Can't sleep – been lying here all day and I'm just not tired."

I checked his chart to see if he was up to date with his Meds just in case he needed some painkillers and saw he was up to his limit – nothing more until breakfast time.

"Nothing I can do about that I'm afraid Steve" I replied, picking his name up from the chart.

"Some company for a while would be good if you can spare the time?"

"Sure" I said "That I can do for you."

So I sat on the bed next to his and we passed the time of day for a while. I found out all about his biking and how he managed to come off on a bend a hit a fence. He found out my name (Alison) and suffered through my tales of what it was like working in the hospital. We got on really well and I started paying closer attention to him as we chatted. He was quite good looking with dark wavy hair and in good shape. He was lying on top of the covers in a T shirt and pyjama bottoms and it was easy to see he was broad in the shoulders and well-toned, just the way us girls like a guy. As I looked I became aware of the fact he was checking me out as well. I was leaning back on my hands, one leg up on the bed and the other dangling, and he was clearly looking me over.

"Like what you see?" I interrupted, just as he started going into the details of which tyres you should use on dirt roads (like I'd be interested?!).

"What?" he stammered, taken aback by the abrupt change of tack.

I don't know quite what made me do it. Maybe it was the mood of the moment, maybe I was flattered by the fact he thought he thought I was worth checking out, or maybe it was the fact I'd noticed the front of his pyjamas were starting to bulge just a little.

Flustered by the question, Steve seemed a little unsure of himself so I decided to have some fun with him. If that bastard husband of mine could play around, then maybe I should as well and Steve here seemed like an ideal opportunity to blow of a little steam while helping out a patient.

I leaned back a little further and let my legs fall open a little more.

"I said, like what you see? I noticed your eyes were wandering a little."

He gathered his courage, looked me in the eye, and replied "You are the cutest nurse I've seen around here."

My pulse quickened slightly as I became aware of the fact that the bulge in his pants had started to travel upwards.

"Why thank you, kind sir, but I'm afraid it's against the rules to encourage patients to be over familiar" I said. I smiled sweetly at him, calculating just how far I should go with this. There could be serious trouble for me if I got caught.

The elastic on his waistband was straining under the assault from below.

"You have no idea how cruel this is right now" he said through clenched teeth, and I was surprised at the passion in his voice until it hit me. I looked at his wrists, both in casts, and said,

"Oh crap, Steve, I'm so sorry. How long has it been?"

"I had the accident three weeks ago, and it was a couple of days before that."

Nearly a month! The poor guy, and not even able to wank himself off to relieve the stress. His balls must have been ready to explode.

I glanced over to the door of the ward, and everything was still and quiet. The cleaners had finished ages ago and the day shift was not due for another couple of hours yet. Unless I called for someone we were very much alone for a little while. If I was going to do this, now was the time.

I gave him a wicked grin "So you really, really need this do you?"

The look of mingled hope and lust on his face was priceless. The prospect of a pretty nurse about to sort him out, without me actually saying I was going to do anything sent his mind racing.

He sealed the deal by looking down at the cock straining to escape from his clothing. I decided to do it, but in a way that would leave him begging for more every time he saw me from then on.

Slowly I slid off the bed, leaned over and put my hands into his waistband, either side of his hips. Years of giving bed baths had made me an expert with this particular manoeuvre.

"Wriggle" I ordered as I started pull and he lifted his bottom so I could slide his pyjamas down over his hips. The movement took his hard-on with it until they were far enough down, and then a very stiff, very aroused seven inch cock slapped back into place on his stomach.

I was impressed. Balls not quite bald, but very nicely trimmed. His cock was thick and strong, with a very shapely glans that glistened slightly at the tip, a teardrop of pre-cum making its presence know. He really was gagging for this.

"Nice" I said, looking him in the eye "Three seconds."

"What?" he panted, breathless with expectation.

"I'm going to make that cock cum harder than ever before in three seconds."

Steve looked confused as I sat back onto the next bed, not having touched him yet.

I loved the play of emotions across his face. Disbelief, questioning, frustration at being left in this state, all in matter of moments. He really had no idea what was going on, and I was loving the way it felt to see him lying there, arms weighed down on the bed in their casts, pants halfway down and a raging hard on he could nothing about. He was at my mercy.

I was going to tease the life out of this poor guy, and it made me feel as horny as hell.

I sat back on the next bed and reached up to gently touch my breast. My other hand snaked down the inside of my thigh and I stroked my way slowly back up until I paused, hand resting between my legs.

Steve watched, holding his breath.

My hand carried on up to my waistband, and then my fingers slipped underneath, reaching down.

His cock twitched.

I squeezed my breast, making myself groan.

A little more pre-cum oozed out of the end of his cock.

My hand pushed down and my finger made first contact with my wet pussy lips.

Steve sighed.

My cunt was thoroughly wet and I dipped my finger in to grab some of the creamy juices, making myself gasp with the sensation.

His cock twitched again, sending a stream of pre-cum gliding down onto his tummy.

I lifted out my hand, shuffled on the bed and pushed down my scrubs and wet knickers in one smooth, if hurried, motion. I sat back, opened my legs and let Steve see me in my fully aroused glory, wet, ready and clit standing out like a little hard cock.

He almost whimpered, captivated by the show I was putting on for him. I didn't think it was possible, but I'm sure his cock had gotten even bigger, waving like a flagpole in time to his ragged breathing. I was torturing the poor guy.

I reached down with both hands this time. My right hand covered my clit and I began to rub in earnest, frigging myself hard and fast. My left hand reached further down and I slipped the middle two fingers into my cunt, curling up to find my G spot. This was my favourite wank, one I'd practiced a thousand times and I was going to give Steve the show of a lifetime. I finger fucked and frigged for all I was worth, overcome with lust and need. I looked Steve in the eye and started to screw up my face with tension as I felt my orgasm climbing inside me. He couldn't tear his gaze away, taking in the whole scene of my abandon as I lost control and a wave of cum squirted out around my fingers. It jetted onto the floor between the beds, spraying in all directions as my frigged myself crazy, my hand a blur over my clit. My orgasm went on and on, crashing through me, waves of pleasure and lust stopping my breathing and robbing me of all other senses, before subsiding slowly into the warmest afterglow of satisfaction.

I had never had a wank, or orgasm, like it before. And as the world came back into focus I glanced across at Steve who looked like he'd been concussed by a shovel. His jaw had dropped, he was barely breathing, and as he stared at my cum glistening around my pussy lips, his cock throbbed gently in time to his ragged pulse. He was set to explode.

"Now," I sighed, "This is what I meant."

I slipped off my bed, leant across his and.......

One – My lips closed around his glans, tasting the pre-cum that was dripping freely across the purple head.

Two – I sucked hard as I slid my lips down his shaft, taking him fully into my mouth, my hot breath and saliva engulfing his length.

Three – He groaned loudly as he shot hot spunk hard and fast into the back of my throat. Long powerful spurts jetting out of his tormented cock, powered by his hips bucking underneath me, threatening to gag me with a Tsunami of cum.

I swallowed it down greedily, loving the taste and feeling the energy of the delivery. God this was good. I couldn't remember ever enjoying a cock quite as much.

I stayed that way for a little while, feeling the tension leave his body as his cock started to soften, and then, as I let him go I looked up to see Steve laying back on the bed, a Cheshire cat grin on his face, snoring gently.

Typical, but at least I had helped him get off to sleep. I pulled up the sheet to protect his modesty and headed back to the desk, wondering just what to write in the handover report for the day shift.

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