tagIncest/TabooPlease Relieve Me

Please Relieve Me


Life without a father had been tough, especially for Indians living in the UK. My parents came over to this country to make a new life for themselves but my dad passed away shortly after I was born. I suppose I get the best of both words - I am indian when it want and british when I want. I still consider myself a normal guy though with normal thoughts and feelings and pretty normal health. That is until problems started appearing which I will go into in a moment.

My mum, Pooja, was born in India but moved to the UK when she was still quite young. She was in her early fifties but she watched what she ate and the cooking and house work she did kept her in relatively good shape. Her dress size was 12. She was not slim but not fat either - a normal body type for an indian lady of that age. From being a size 8 in her younger days she had filled out and gotten curves. Her skin was pale brown, a beige colour, and she had straight black hair to her shoulders.

I was 5'8" average build with dark hair and brown skin. I was darker than my mum though this may have been due to the dark hair that I had all over my body. I was not bad looking but I had never had a serious girlfriend. I had just turned 18 and it was disappointing that I was still a virgin.

Growing up, as it was only me and my mum, my mum was overtly protective of me. Being the only real woman in my life, of course I fantasised about her but she clung to her traditional indian roots and I had never seen her in less clothes than a long night dress and dressing gown that covered her whole body.

Like most indian ladies my mum was very religious. She was also quite strict. Again, this came from her being over protective. She wanted the best from me. She was a single indian mother and worked hard. She didn't have time for her children messing around. The most important things to her was god and discipline.

Mum worked in an office so wore western clothes during the day whilst at work. At night and at weekends she tended to wear indian clothes - the typical indian suit or salwar kameez as it is called.

This story concerns when I had just turned 18; I started to develop an ache in my balls. It started with a dullness that I tried to shrug off but it did not go away. After a few days, I was getting worried myself and couldn't hide the pain I sometimes felt down there.

What's worse is that trying to hide being in pain from my Mum had failed. She had noticed and demanded to know what was wrong. I did not like lying to her so had to tell her that I was in pain. It felt awkward referring to my 'privates' but that was an acceptable term in our house. Referring to anything ruder such as cock, dick or whatever would have been a definite no.

Surprisingly my Mum had not said a word about it but booked me in to see the Doctor on Monday and that's where the story starts.


I walked into the doctor's office following my Mum who went in before me. Dr. Kaur was busy typing some notes into her computer. She was a mature indian lady in her 50's with spectacles and her hair tied into a ponytail. She had a similar figure to my mum in that she must have used to be slim but had filled out in her middle years around the bust and bum.

"Sat sri akal ji [hello], how can I help?" Dr Kaur said

"Mera beta [my son], he is having pains," said my Mum with a worried look on her face.

"Acha [I understand], where are these pains?"

"They're by his..." My mum trailed off, embarrassed to be referring to my privates though she made a downwards gesture with her head that Dr Kaur followed with her eyes. I squirmed.

"Acha, and how long have these pains been going on?" said Dr Kaur.

"A few days," said my Mum.

"Ok, I will need to examine him," said the Doctor to my Mum before turning to me and saying "stand up and undress."

I almost fell off my chair when the doctor told me to undress. I looked at Dr Kaur's face and it was strict with no emotion. I then looked at my Mum who said: "do as the Dr says," also looking strict.

I stood up, undid the button of my jeans and the zip and then lowered my jeans showing my black boxer shorts. I saw Dr Kaur stand up, when I did and begin coming around the table towards me.

When Dr Kaur reached me she said: "and the rest."

I gulped feeling really embarrassed at having to show myself in front of two mature ladies. My hands were slightly shaking as my fingers went to my waistband and slowly pulled my boxers down showing my cock.

My cock was not huge, 6 or so" normally but it could grow to 7" when it was erect. It was brown in colour like my skin. I did trim my pubes to keep them tidy and, thinking like a teenager, on the off chance I would be showing myself to a girl.

Dr Kaur reached out with her hand and held my penis. This shocked me as it was the first woman that had ever seen my adult penis. Dr. Kaur bent over looking at me closely and I could feel her breath on me. Her head being so close to me was exciting me but I could not muster any response in my genitals due to the embarrassment of being examined and my mum being in the same room.

Dr Kaur then lifted my penis up and began examining my balls. She poked at them with her hands and finger and I felt no small amount of discomfort when she did this. After a few moments the Dr stopped.

"I will need a semen sample," she said to me sternly handing me a cup. "Go on."

I looked around the room embarrassed. The doctor wanted me to masturbate in front of her and my mother - there was no way I could so such a thing!

"Go on, now." Dr Kaur said to me even more sternly.

Despite her stern expression, the doctor did have a pretty face and a nice bust. My gaze went down to her brown neck area which was exposed in her white blouse. As I looked down I could see that her boobs were a good size and I felt a few tingles in my penis as I imagined what they looked like.

I reluctantly touched my penis with my hand and tried to stroke myself. The pain came upon me and

I winced, "ahh," I said.

"Ok. Stop and turn around" said Doctor Kaur sternly.

I did not know what the doctor was planning but turned around putting my back to the doctor and my mother. I felt the doctor come up to me again and slowly push me forward so that my body was forward bent over at around a 45 degree angle.

"Hold that beaker there," Dr Kaur said and I obliged holding my penis over the beaker.

Suddenly I felt something (a finger?) press against my bum into the passage. It was a quick movement and just as suddenly I felt myself cumming. The release was so quick and unexpected and I couldn't help but shoot into the beaker. I felt exhausted even though the process had lasted only a few seconds.

I also felt dirty having released myself in the same room as the doctor and my mum. I was at least glad that they had not seen me.

"Put the beaker down over there, dress and sit down" said Dr Kaur as I felt her retreat away from me and heard her sit back at the desk. I did as I was told with a glum expression on my face - I felt awkward.

Dr Kaur's face went from stern to a more mute expression as she turned from me towards my mother.

"Your son has a blockage in his gland which is causing him pain. I have released this now but if it builds up then he could be in pain. I will send the sample obtained to the lap and we will run tests to determine what is causing this blockage - it could be a hormone deficiency or other cause. We will see." Dr Kaur said matter of factly.

The doctor then looked at my mum and her face adopted a more serious expression: "To prevent further blockage your son must have regular release. At least once a day. He can be released as I just showed you or through more normal measures with your hand. Do you understand"

My mum's face looked stern but she nodded her head.

"As he is in pain when he releases himself you will have to make sure this is taken care of. Do you understand?" Dr Kaur continued emphasising the word 'you'.

I could not believe what I was hearing. I was dumbfounded. The doctor was asking my indian mother to make sure that I masturbated every day - no, more than that. The doctor was asking my mum to help me do it!

"Han ji [yes], I understand," said my mum. Her face showed no emotion.


The journey home was a quiet affair. My mum drove and my mind was drifting all over the place. The pain I had felt had subsidised for the time being but I was worried that it could come back. I had been in agony previously but felt a bit better now.

My mum was also quiet, she didn't mention what the doctor had told her to do. I guess she was responsible for my welfare but, this was my mum! She was a middle aged indian lady. Sex and anything to do it had always been taboo in our family. We were the type that turned the channel if a kissing scene came on the TV.


When we got home I changed into my sweatshirt and joggers. I computer played games in my room but was distracted as I couldn't stop thinking about what the doctor had said. After an hour or so I heard mum call me from downstairs to eat dinner. I made my way downstairs slowly.

My mother pointed to the table when I got downstairs which indicated that she wanted it set. She looked cross.

I fetched the plates and some spoons for our curries then helped my mother make the plates. We did not usually talk much when we ate but even still the atmosphere seemed to be a bit more uncomfortable than usual.

"Are you feeling ok?" my mother said to me after a particularly long silence.

"Yes, I'm fine," I replied and moved the food around my plate.

"Are you hurting?" mum asked.

I blushed deep red thinking back to what the doctor said earlier but simply replied a non-committal grunt that mum took to mean that I was ok.

"It's filthy what the doctor said to you earlier," my mum said. I did not say anything, instead playing with my food. "You realise that don't you? It's disgusting? It's against god."

I nodded to my mum and then finished my food as fast as I could. I told mum that I was feeling tired so would go to sleep early - given the awkwardness in the house I would much prefer playing computer games upstairs in my room to watching TV downstairs. My mum nodded and told me to take some water upstairs and keep hydrated. I nodded back and did as I was told.

When I got upstairs I lay back on my bed and looked at the ceiling trying to contemplate what had got on at the doctors - maybe they were wrong? Maybe I would be ok if I didn't masturbate as often as they told me to. Would I have to have daily release for the rest of my life? My mum was disgusted by the idea. She was a traditional indian lady! How could the doctor even suggest such a thing.

My thought process was disturbed by my door handle turning and my door beginning to open.

I looked at the door, slightly dazed after all of the heavy thinking. My mum never knocked, it was her house so she did not feel the need to.

Mum shuffled into my room. She was still wearing her indian Salwar Kameez she had worn for most of the day. She had a day off work and I had the day off College to go to the doctors. Her face had a slight frown on it.

"Beta [son], are sure you hurting?" mum asked

"No, I'm fine" I replied after a moment.

My mum continued to edge into the room and then sat on the left hand edge of the bed where I had been laying.

"You need to don't you..." mum asked

I blushed as I realised what the she was referring to - masturbating. I shook my head slightly and said "No, no I'm fine, not at the moment."

"The doctor said you have to, every day. It's filthy, it's a disgusting thing to do but you have to do it. I have to help you."

I did not know what to say. My mum was shaking her head. Her brows were furrowed as if she was confused about what to do.

My reply was an 'umm' sound though it was quite low in my throat.

"Yes, yes...you have to do it. You have to do that filthy thing" mum said.

"Umm...," I replied. I didn't know what to say as I did not know if she was talking to me or herself

Both of us stared at each other in silence for a moment before she looked at me again. Her face seemed to be cross again.

"Pull it out then. Come on, pull it out now," my mum said.

I did not want to argue with her in this mood so put my own fingers on my waistband and underwear and started pulling both of them to expose my cock. My black pubes came into view, followed by the base of my shaft and balls. I paused for some reason before revealing the head of my penis and looked at my mum as if to ask for permission. Mum nodded and I pulled the rest of my bottoms and pants down. The hints at wanking my mum made had caused by cock to be semi hard.

"Ok" mum said as her right hand moved to wrap around the base of my cock. "Does it hurt?" she then said as she lifted my cock up by the base so it was sticking straighter in the air.

I tensed when she first touched my cock as the coldness of her hand on my cock made me jump. I didn't know what to think - my mum was touching my penis. My brain felt all fuzzy. All I could do was nod, however, indicating that it was ok for her to continue.

My mum then began to slowly move her hand from the base of my cock to the top. As she neared the top she folded the foreskin of my cock over the top of it, almost covering the head. She then slowly began to move her hand back down to the base of my cock, pulling the foreskin back and exposing the pink head.

"Filthy thing," mum said looking at my penis. "Is this hurting?"

I moved my head side to side to indicate a 'no' to my mum. The soft hands on my cock felt incredible. I looked at mum, she seemed to be concentrating on the movement her hand was making. I could see her breasts slowly move underneath the material of her indian Salwar Kameez also - they were a pleasant handful and I had fantasised in the past about what they may look like.

"Is this working?" Mum said to me as she continued stroking me, although slightly faster.

I was getting hard. It was not just the softness of my mum's hands touching me but it was what she was saying. I would never have expected to be in this situation with my own mother and it was making me excited.

"Hurry up then. You know how busy I am," Mum continued.

I was enjoying it. Mum had got into a good rhythm now almost a milking motion, rubbing my cock from the base to the top in smooth systematic strokes. It felt phenomenal.

I realised that I had been moving my hips back and forth in time with the movement up and down of her hand as if trying to fuck my mother's hand. The bed was very gently squeaking as my backside moved on it. The sound of my mother's hand moving seemed to get a bit wetter and I realised that I must have been leaking cum. I was getting close.

"Come on then. Do your dirty business," Mum said

I tried to think of unsexy thoughts so as to suppress my urge to cum but it was difficult given that the whole experience of mum being in my room wanking me was out of this world. I glanced at mum's breasts. They were moving up and down as her hands moved and I could see a faint ripple in her indian Salwar Kameez top. I felt the cum rise in my balls.

Mum's continued to pump my cock at a steady pace.

"I'm almost there" I said just audible over the sound of mum's hand moving faster and faster.

"I'm going to cum," I then said.

As I felt the cum move up from my balls it occurred to me that I had not planned where I was going to cum. My orgasm hit me before I could do anything and I felt a splurt of white cum erupt from my balls. This was followed by a few smaller jets that covered my mother's hand.

Mum quickly released her grip on my cock and looked at her breasts. My cum had hit her Salwar Kameez top and a sticky stain was forming over her right nipple.

My mum looked furious as she got up. She held her right hand in front of her, afraid to touch anything with its stickiness and worried that my cum might drop from her hand on to the floor. She was startled - as if she had not expected what would happen when I came. She turned and quickly moved out of the door. I heard the bath room door open and her go inside.

I pulled my bottoms back up, thankful that I had had some relief but worried about what my mum would say. A few moments later I heard my mum move from the bathroom to her bedroom and the door slam. She normally said goodnight to me before she went to bed but not tonight it seemed.

That night I struggled to sleep worrying about whether I had offended my mum - I had never used the word 'cum' in front of her and showing her my cock and cumming on her hand had surely damaged the relationship between us forever?!

I also felt ashamed that there was some smug satisfaction in showing her my cock and I thought about how she would look tugging me off without her indian Salwar Kameez top or even if she put her delicate lips on my cock instead of used her hands.

Most of all, I wondered what the next day would bring.


I didn't see my mum when I woke up the next day before I went to College. She went to work later than I went out so that was not unusual in and of itself it's just that I couldn't help thinking that she was angry with me.

All day at College I struggled at lectures thinking of what had gone on the night before. I still could not believe the doctor had prescribed my mum to masturbate me. I was worried about what the test results would say about the blocked glands to my penis but I couldn't help me excited too thinking back to my mother touching my penis with her hands.

The day at College went by slowly, I kept watching the clock hoping for home time. When it finally came I was the first to rush out the door and go home. This surprised my friends as normally I hated going home to such a strict traditional indian family.

When I got home my mum was not there - in my haste I guessed that I had got home before she had even finished work. I went upstairs and started playing computer games and completely forgot about what I had even rushed home in the first place.

A few hours must have passed when I heard my mum shout at me for dinner downstairs. I turned the computer off and then went downstairs sheepishly. I still had not spoken to mum since last night and the last thing I had heard her do was slam the door.

"Dinner's on the table, sit down and eat," mum said to me as I entered the kitchen. She had her back to me and was busying herself at the cooker.

I saw she was wearing an indian Salwar Kameez of a pink material with her black hair down tucked behind her ears.

I sat down at the table and began to eat. The food was good - my mum was a good cook. I just felt a bit down as she seemed to be even more unhappy with me than usual.

"After dinner, go upstairs and clean your room." Mum said to me as she continued making cooking noises in the kitchen.

I gulped down my food. The stern tone she was taking with me had taken the taste of food out my mouth completely and I felt a bit down. What's more, I felt that dull ache in my penis begin to return. It was only feint, however.

After finishing my dinner I took the plates to the kitchen and then went back upstairs and started cleaning my room. It had been a mess and it took me a good hour to tidy it all up and make things neat.

I stopped when I heard the door knob to my room turn. My mum entered into the room.

"Sit down," she said, gesturing towards the bed.

I did as told and moved to my bed and sat down on it, lying against the headrest.

"You need to do your dirty business again, don't you?" She said to me.

I didn't reply to her and just stared at my feet. The ache in me had been beginning to grow whilst cleaning but I had tried to ignore it.

"You took too long yesterday. I have not got time to mess around for ages," mum continued.

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