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Please Sir!


Her heart was pounding like a crazy jackhammer in her chest. He whispered "bring your hands up in front" and he then held up the cuffs and expertly put them on her wrists with one quick motion. One click and it was done. She held her breath while he looked at her. She could see the desire in his eyes and she let out sigh of relief, it wasn't so bad after all. Perhaps she might even enjoy it. It was, after all, her first time being controlled.

He grabbed the link between her wrists and led her to the bed. Pulling on the cuffs, she fell onto the bed. She was now on her back and she could feel his eyes on her. "Raise your arms" he commanded her. As she did, he could see that her supple nipples had hardened to the curiosity of his actions. Guiding her arms she heard a quick "clack" as a tether was fastened to her cuffs. She lifted her head surprised to be under his complete control. She looked up at him as he put his hand over her mouth. Her thoughts began to race as he kneeled over her now exposed tits, and took a long lick over her erect nipple before he took it into his mouth. Suckling her, she let out a soft moan beneath his hand. She could feel his fingers running over her body as he lapped at her tits.

Soon she could feel his fingers had found her warm, moist pussy and he began opening her lips and rubbing her throbbing clit. Giving in to her desires she worked her mouth from under his hand and started sucking his finger like the hard cock she wanted in her mouth. He continued to play with her pussy, spreading her lips and fondling her clit. As her moans grew she could see his raging hard cock within his pants. He unzipped and stripped, letting his hard cock fall out before her. He grinned down at her as he began to straddle her chest. She gave him a light smile. unaware of what was coming.

As she opened her mouth to gently take him in, he suddenly drove his hard cock into the back of her throat, nearly gagging her. She pulled her head back but realized she could not escape as his cock and he again drove into her throat. She could feel his balls smacking her chin as he continued to ravage her mouth. Tears slowly began to well up in her eyes. He now started playing with her pussy as he fucked her mouth. His fingers sopping wet from her excited pussy. He stood up over her and demanded "turn over on your knees now." She did as she was told and could feel her vulnerability grow as her supple cheeks spread.

"Mmmm doesn't that look tasty" he said, as he got in close for a lick of her anus. She could feel his fingers enter her pussy again, first just one finger, then two and before she knew it three fingers dug deep in her pussy and his tongue entered her anus rimming her tight hole. She moaned as the tension built within her. His tongue worked in and out of her anus as his fingers pounded into her. In and out faster and deeper, his tongue buried deeper within her anus while his fingers fucked her simultaneously.

Probing her thoroughly, his chin hair began to soak her sweet pussy. She could feel her pussy begin to tense as she endured this sexual prison. She took a deep breath as his fingers slipped out of her. She could feel his tongue releasing her anus. She could still feel his presence behind her as the head of his enraged cock smacked against her now swollen and sopping wet pussy, certainly inviting with its glistening clit throbbing for more.

He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her out to stretch out her arms and leave her breasts exposed while his hard cock rested over her anus, still wet with her saliva. Her eyes raced about now scared but yet intensely excited. He then wrapped her thighs in a loose leather strap. He released her wrists from their tether only to lock them to the strap on her thighs. Her face now pressed into the bed as she realized the only thing for her to do was accept what was coming. Her breathing began to quicken as the head of his cock ran over her wet anus, soon to be sliding between her lips and over her clit. She shuddered with anticipation.

He held his cock in order to rub over her pussy, getting it wet with her sweet juice. He pulled her cheeks open, spreading her pussy lips as his cock entered her inviting cunt. Holding on to her cheeks he drove his cock deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as he began to fuck her throbbing cunt mercilessly. He could feel her tight lips around his cock. "Just as tight as your mouth I see" he murmured. He began to pound her little cunt harder. She looked back as far as she could to whimper "yes, Sir."

His eyes lit up with her response and his fucking became more urgent. Pounding his cock deeper into her pussy, his finger wet with her pussy's syrup , he began to tickle her anus before his finger entered. Working with his hard cock slipping in and out of her, he began to with her anus sliding his finger in deeper, then inserting another finger.

Her moans grew as she could feel him totally control her every move, her every sensation, her pleasure. His hand covered her mouth again as she yelped feeling the deepest penetration. She began to milk his finger again as she was taken in all holes. Realizing she had no control over what was happening the excitement rushed over her and she spread her own lips inviting him in deeper, then rubbing her clit she could feel how close she was to climaxing.

She could no longer control herself and she began to moan even with her mouth full. Her pussy then tensed up as his cock again pounded into her. He could feel how excited she was and pushed harder into her. He whispered into her ear "that's a good girl." Just as her pussy exploded with pleasure, gushing juice all over his and her thighs, squirting out on to the bed, he continued fucking her as she squirted. She screamed as she could not bare the pleasure. Her hands frantically trying to push him back but he would not give up. As his own climax began she could feel his hot cum shoot into her cunt as he pulled it out and basted her anus and pussy in his hot cream. She could feel it drip into her anus and pussy, running down over her clit and down her thigh. The bed below her was soaked from her intense orgasm. She again began to rub her pussy covered in cum, feeling it on her fingers, she wanted to taste it.

Lost in her thoughts she realized she was asleep. Her head popped up and she said "what the fuck!" She looked around but he was nowhere to be seen. The cuffs were gone and tethers too. All that was left were the marks from her restraints and the intense relief she had never felt before.

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