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Please Tell Me They're Not Real


I may not be the most liberal person when it comes to marriage, but I'm no prude either. I like most types of sex and have an over active imagination when it comes to fantasies. Do I grab a look when a hot chick bends over and pray that her tits fall out of that low cut top? Hell yes. Am I in the loop when the guys exchange nude pictures of women that have been e-mail to them? But of course. And finally, do I imagine what it would be like to bed that cute twenty five year old I see on the beach with the piece of dental floss stuck between her ass cheeks? Well let's put it this way, I'm not dead yet. But I've found that even I have limits when it comes to sexual fantasies that I would put up with in real life.

My wife, Ann, and I've been together fifteen and married thirteen years. We've both been around the block and it wasn't the first marriage for either one of us, so we're far from being blushing newlyweds even though I refer to her as my bride. We have a wide variety of friends, of all ages, and we consider ourselves a normal middle age couple. Do I get all the sex I want? Not on your life, what married guy does? But would I cheat on my wife? Not a chance. My first wife did that to me and I wouldn't wish that heartache on my worst enemy.

So you can see I'm your typical red-blooded American male who loves sex, won't shy away from looking at a little porn and enjoys reading hot sexy stories on Literotica. However, I have an issue with some types of stories I've read over the years. As I've said I'm opened minded, but some of them get more than my dander up. I know the majority are pure fantasy but what if they're not? Then God help the poor son of a bitch in those stories. Let me give you four brief examples of what I mean.

The first ones I hate are those with the arrogant black 'Alpha' male who takes the white guys wife from him. It seems that in most of those stories, they've been married for less than five years and the Alpha male is either one of their bosses or an old friend of one of them.

After only five years of marriage, they should still be screwing like rabbits and not even looking for some strange stuff. But it always seems that wife finds something lacking in her husband, in the sexual department, and the black Adonis has exactly what she needs.

Hell, he's always over six feet tall, weights in at somewhere in the area of two hundred and fifty pounds and is so hung, his dick needs it's own zip code. Our married husband is a 'normal' white guy but a lot smaller, if you know what I mean.

His wife's new lover literally lays the meat to her and she is his for the taking after the first time. She also makes it a point to do and give him everything she's refused her husband for the past five years and always during their first sexual encounter; like swallowing and giving him her ass. Naturally the wife says that her husband is no longer sexually needed and has been told by her lover to cut him off completely, or she tells him that it's just a fling and that when it's over they can go back to being husband and wife again.

Ninety percent of the time the black guy isn't even married and why should he be when there is this endless supply of willing white wives there for the taking? The final insult is when he laughs and tell the husband that she's now so stretched out he probably would even be able to feel the side walls of her cunt, so naturally she will have to come to him for satisfaction from now on.

Now think about this, it's always a white guys wife he's screwing around with. If he was trying to do this to another brother, he'd be cut wide deep and often and left for dead, but the white husband always tucks his tail between his legs and just sucks it up. If it were me, one of two things would happen. The first time I caught her cheating on me, her ass would be long gone. "You want him bitch, he's yours and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."

If it were her boss, I'd get a good lawyer and sue him and the company's ass for six figures and come down from there. And if it were my boss, I'd go over his damn head. Sexual harassment goes both ways and no company wants their name drug through the mud in this day and age. After I won, I'd take my money and move as far away as possible an exact my revenge from a distance. If it took me ten years, I find a way to fuck him up big time. My motto is that payback a bitch and then you die. An aluminum bat or a tire iron to the knees leaves a lasting impression no matter how big you are. How macho can you be with a walker or in a wheel chair?

The next stories I hate are where the wife turns the husband into a cuckold. It's something like the first grouping, but in most cases the idiot goes along with it, why I don't have a clue.

It always seems that the wife sees a submissive side in her husband and decides to take advantage of it. She becomes the dominant member of the marriage and forces her will on the unsuspecting, and always white husband. Before he knows it, he's helping her shave her pussy and dress for her 'date nights.' Before she leaves, she gives him a list of things to clean, while she's out, and says that if he's real good, she'll bring him back a surprise; and the surprise is always someone else's cream pie.

I just can't imagine why any guy would be this submissive. Allowing someone to bang his wife and then having her bring him home a warm cream pie, come on now. I like eating pussy like most guys, but there's no way I'm going to lick out even my own cream pie much less someone else's.

Or what really fries me is when she brings her lover home and he listens to them going at it in their own bed. He's already been banished to the spare bedroom, and is then ordered asked to bring them refreshments before cleaning her out so they can do it again.

If this was the only way I could get off, I think I'd put a fucking gun in my mouth, pull the trigger and put me out of my misery. This isn't a marriage, it's your mate praying on a weakness in you and then raking you over the coals.

However, the final insult is when her lover leaves and the husband goes out and finds a new one for his wife. He usually goes to a bar and finds some young pup or calls up a friend; "hey buddy, you want to bang my wife for me?"

Every once in a while, you get the husband who rebels, 'a cuckold no more' and he takes back his life. I'm usually standing up cheering for the son of a bitch who throws the two of them naked out of the house after getting his pound of flesh. With the door locked, the wife pounds on it asking to be let in. Like he is going to let the bitch back in after what she's done to him. He then proceeds to toss the bed to the curb along with everything the wife owns; a man after my own heart.

Unfortunately, this guy is the exception to the rule. Usually he becomes sub servant slave to his mistress wife and the story fades to black. I don't know about you, but it makes me want to fucking puke.

As I said in the beginning, I don't condone cheating by either party but there are a ton of stories out there where one party thinks the other has cheated and decides to get back at them. It's usually the wife who thinks the husband is cheating on her while either working late or while he's on the road for business. She usually sets up this elaborate plan in which the husband is either tied up and force to watch or, the wife videotapes it and leaves it for the husband to see.

Now lets think about this in a logical fashion. How is your getting your revenge on him and then rubbing his nose in it going to help or save your marriage?

I can just see this conversation. " I'm sorry I cheated on you honey but I really appreciated you tying me up and letting me watch you get fucked to get even with me."

Like that's going to happen.

If she wants to get one up on him, go to a damn motel, ball some guys eyes out, enjoy the moment and then figure out what you're going to do with your marriage, but that's not what normally happens.

First of all, she has no real proof. Someone says this, or a friend sees him at lunch with some supposed tramp or she finds something in his pants pocket. She adds two and two together and gets eighteen and acts on it. I myself have written stories about this, but at least most of the time I make sure the wife finds something concrete she can sink her teeth into, but not in most of the stories where the brain dead wife acts on nothing more than here say evidence.

And to top it off, she always goes for the ultimate humiliation. The wife will go to either end of the spectrum. She'll talk his best friend into doing it with her, or worse, a fellow co-worker of her husband that he hates more than life itself, who jumps at the chance to get one up on him.

Dressed like a real slut the wife gets her idiot husband to allow himself to be tied up to a damn chair. Now think about this. If you and your wife were going to have this hot night of sex, why would she be tying you to a chair instead of the bed? Can someone say 'First Red Flag' for Christ's sake?

She then brings in the guy and announces that she's going to screw him and he only has himself to blame. They go at it, moaning, groaning, with her having the best sex of her life and of course always unprotected.

Just before they start, the husband is always gagged or his mouth has been duct taped so he can't scream while watching them going at it. The wife notices a tear in his eye but ignores it and goes back to what she's doing. The final insult sometimes comes, and I hate this part the worst, when she kisses him after swallowing the guys cum or rubs her used pussy over his face. She tells him that now they can go back to being faithful husband and wife because they're now even.

Here's my problem, have you ever been tied to a chair? Unless she's used handcuffs, no husband is going to let anyone, including his wife, hogtie him to a chair; it just isn't sexy. Wooden chairs will break and if he was in an over stuffed chair, I'd like to know how he was restrained. I guess I'm asking questions I shouldn't be asking, because in the story he struggles but can't get free.

Thankfully about eighty five percent of the husbands enact some type of revenge on the two of them. In the end, the wife can't believe she was wrong and always begs the husband for a second chance. "We can get past this," she tells him.

I think when everything is said and done, I would just tell them to run. In a calm and monotone voice I'd tell them that they'd better start running because when I get loose I'm coming after them and they'll wish to hell they had killed me by the time I'm done with them. I mean what jury in the land would convict me after hearing all the facts?

The final thing I hate, is when a husband decides to shares his wife with a group of guys, strangers or his good buddies. I can see a couple swapping where each one gets something out of it, but this type of thing goes beyond reason. Hells bells, I don't even share my power tools much less my wife.

It usually happens in their home when the husband is having his buddies over for cards or to watch the big game. The wife is always in some skimpy outfit serving the guys beers and snacks.

The orgy starts in a million different ways, she gets drunk, they play strip poker, he bets his wife and loses or she's upstairs in the bathroom when one of the guys walks in to relieve himself. No matter how it starts, she always ends up screwing them all and at least two at once.

The husband watches as his beloved wife sucks and fucks his buddies all the while saying how sexy she looks. A slut is sexy?

Think about it, how many times have you had friends over and offered them your wife? Never? How come? Or, let's look at it this way, when's the last time you were at your neighbor's house for a BBQ and had him tell you he wanted you to fuck his wife? I bet it happens so often you can't even count the number of times. And how sexy would your wife look to you, after four or five of your friends had their way with her? With shit coming out of both holes I don't know about you, but I'd want to drop down and eat her out right then and there, especially with everyone watching and cheering me on. This is fantasy not reality, or I at least I hope to God not.

This goes right along with the husband who wants to see his wife with another guy. She is totally against it until her husband wears her down and she decides to do it because she loves him so much. I have a hard enough time getting my wife to get me a beer much less blowing one of my buddies.

They go at it and do the big nasty, while he beats off while watching them. In the end the wife has an epiphany that she really likes it and becomes his personal slut; sound familiar? The story goes on with him handing her out to anyone who will fuck her and in the end they express their undying love for each other; gag me with a spoon.

In real life, the wife would tell the husband to take a hike, divorce him and take half of his shit. In the end, he has only half his shit left and his pecker in his hand asking himself what happened.

There are probably a bunch of others that get under my skin but these are the worst and I know that I'm not alone when it comes to reading these stories. Most of the reviewers are brutal and I'd hate like hell to see the scores on some of these stories; but that makes Literotica Literotica. You can post what you want, within reason, and put it out there for the world to enjoy or disagree with.

I will continue to read them, get pissed and go on to the next, thankfully knowing that they're just a figment of someone's warped imagination.

Well I hope anyway.

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by darthdax12/02/18


DUDE!!!, you just read my fucking mind!!!!! Thats trippy

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by Anonymous09/10/18


you are 200% right the cheaters should burn but the courts in real life reward them

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by Schwanze107/31/18


Stories that make you say WTF?

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by Anonymous06/11/18

I Am 100% Behind You

I also grit my teeth when the husband (1) falls into alcohol, (2) deletes phone messages or texts or destroys evidence that could help him in a divorce, (3) doesn't think to use his phone to take picturesmore...

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