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Please Use Me Master


The house is empty when i come home. It is so lonely. All day long i have been day dreaming about having a Master to use me. Sadly i am not so lucky. You see i did not discover I am a sub until I was nearly 25 years old and by then i was already married and although we play games he is not really my Master.

As luck would have it he is out of town on business this weekend. I am glad because I have been so horny and wanting to put my Hugh Butt Plug up my ass and clamp my nipples.

I am always happiest when I am plugged and clamped dreaming of the Master who will claim me on day.

After I have inserted my plug with only my own spit as lubrication I then clamp my big nipples with alligator clamps connected by a chain. Umm, it is so tight and hurts so much I gasp. Then I get a plastic clothes pin and clamp my clit with it. This always hurts so much that I fall to my knees and say " Take the pain slut. That's it work thought it and take the pain. You know you are just a Fucking Slut begging to be used."

As the pain begins to fad to a steady pressure I then lay on my bed and indulge myself with my favorite fantasy.

I have spent all afternoon grooming myself to my Masters specifications. I have completed my chores on time and now have plenty of time to prepare for my Master to arrive home after work.

Since my Master never allows me to cover my body with clothing unless he is taking me out somewhere it would get us arrested for public indecency I am nude when I arrive in the bathroom.

First I put my waist length blond hair in a clip on top of my head so that I can keep it out of my eyes as I prepare my body for my Master. Then I feel the enema bag with hot soapy water. Since I am only 5 ft. tall I have to stand on my toes to hang the bag from the hook my Master hung in His bathroom just for His slut to hang the enema bag on. After inserting the hose in my asshole I then get down on my knees and release the valve full open to flood my ass with the soapy water. I have been trained not to take it slowly but to allow the water to gush in to my body and flood my ass. I let out a low moan as the hot water burns my sensitive lining and bloats my flat stomach.

As I rock back and forward on my knees I look over my shoulder to see if the bag is empty. I give a great sigh of relief that it is. Clenching my asshole as tightly as I can I slowly remove to hose from my ass. Once it is completely out of my asshole I rise to my feet and setting the egg timer for 5 min sit on the closed toilet lid and rock back and forward. I allow the water to churn inside me as instructed to insure a complete cleansing. As I only weigh about 100 lbs I clutch a stomach that appears pregnant and watch the clock slowly count down the seconds until I can release. Finally, 5 minutes are up. I jump to my feet and throw up the toilet lid and release the water. I always feel such a relief and feeling of pride that I held the water and didn't cheat. After wiping my self with paper I stand and look into the bowl and see that I still have some cleaning to do. After I flush the toilet I stand on my toes to remove the enema bag from the hook and re-feel it with hot soapy water. I know I may be here for a while as some days I have to take 5 to 6 full bags of soapy water to see nothing but clear blue water in the toilet bowl.

As I shower I think to myself I am glad I only had to take 4 enemas and since today is Monday I had my pussy waxed just yesterday as is my Masters weekly ritual to keep my pussy smooth and always naked for him. my pussy still throbs from the cunt whipping I received after my Master waxed my pussy.

I was punished for yesterday. I woke my Master as usual. After climbing on the bed from the bottom I licked my Masters balls until he woke up and then begged my Master to let me drink his morning piss.

"Good morning Master. Master, may this unworthy slut slave have you morning piss?"

Master responded" slut, why would I give you the privilege of swallowing my morning piss? Beg for it you worthless slut."

"Master I know I am not worthy of such a fine offering as your piss but I beg you to use your sluts mouth to piss in. Piss in my mouth and allow me to swallow your morning nectar."

"slut, kneel on the floor beside your Masters bed."

i kneel beside the bed as Master swings his legs over the side to face me.

"Open your mouth slut and extend your tongue"

I kneel there like a baby bird waiting to be feed. i can't wait to feel the heat of my Masters piss running over my tongue and down my throat. Master takes his cock in his hand and laying the tip on my tongue begins to piss.

"Let one drop of my gift, to you, roll of your tongue and I will clamp a pair of pliers to your tongue where they will remain the entire day."

I hurriedly begin to swallow the gift you give me not out of fear of having my tongue clamped but because i Love You and would never waste the opportunity to taste any offering from You.

After I swallow the last drop of Your piss You pat me on the head and say,"Good job slut. Now get in bed I am going to fuck your ass." i quickly scramble to get on the bed and lay flat on my back. i spread my legs and raise them over my head. i then mentally thank my Master for making me do stretching exercises everyday as i take an ankle in each hand and pull my legs back beside my chest in what must look like a V. Master then keels between my torso and legs so he can push his larger than average cock in to my mouth and down my throat till his balls rest on my chin.

Then he says as he always does. "Be glad I give you this chance to make my cock wet because that is all the lub a slut like you deserves"

Then he withdraws his cock slowly so he can enjoy my throat gagging on his cock as it comes out. When he has completely withdrawn from my throat he then comes to rest with his cock head against my asshole.

"Grab the rails of the headboard slut"

I release my ankles and grab the head board while still keeping my legs in the V position. Master then takes an ankle in each hand and pushes my ankles further back so that my asshole lines up with his cock. Holding my legs spread back beside my head he begins to push his cock into my asshole. As my asshole is only lubed by the juice that has been running like a river from my needy cunt and the one coating of saliva my Master allows me I bite my lip to remain silent as my skin pulls and my asshole throbs around my Masters cock.

"slut don't cum. Remember that your body is for My pleasure not yours. your pleasure is in serving Me and being a vessel for my cum. Pleases Me"

Master is a 6ft 3in and in perfect physical condition from maintaining a 5 day a week work out routine so he is able to fuck me for hours when he wants to. This morning he is in no hurry as he does not have to rush off to work so I lie there as still and quite as I can while master fucks me asshole raw. Since i am not allowed lub it does not take long before i feel the burning start. Master says I am such a slut that it should be no problem for me to take a cock in my ass dry and he is right. I am such a slut that master is always able to fuck me dry and until I am raw and about to cry out for him to stop. He knows just the right moment when I am about to cry out. This morning Master fucks me for about 45 minutes according to the bedside clock .

i clich my asshole as Master shouts" Take my cum slut. you dirty slut take my cum up the ass."

Master pounds me hard for a moment and then collapses on my chest breathing hard. He releases my ankles to allow my legs to slid over his shoulders as he rest from fucking me.

Master then sits up and says" Come on slut lets take a shower"

We go in to the bathroom and Master watches as i unlace the red ribbon that laces though my pussy piercings. Master had me pierced the day i was moved into his home.

Master said to me," slut, I have only fucked you in the ass up to this point and I intend to continue to only fuck you in the ass until I decide it is time for you to have My child. As a symbol that I will only be fucking you in the pussy when I intend to breed you I am going to have your pussy lips pierced with rings from the top of your pussy lips all the way to the bottom on both sides. I am then going to lace the lips closed from the bottom to the top of your pussy lips with a red satin ribbon which I will tie in a small bow. This will seal your cunt closed across your pussy hole and your clit serving three purposes.

One, to reminding you that your cunt hole is only to be used to breed you and to give birth to My children. Secondly, to close your lips over your clit reminding you that your pleasure in is serving me and not in pleasing yourself. Thirdly, as it is only a ribbon holding your pussy closed it also symbolizes your willingness to serve me only with your asshole and mouth as well as to forsake your orgasms for the pleasure of being my cum vessel and the slave of My Heart."

We both get in the shower where Master washes me and i wash him. While Master washes me he comments" We will have to remove your pussy piercing after our shower so you can be waxed properly"

After our shower I dry Master and he blow dries my hair as my skin air dries. When Master is done with my hair i stand still as Master applies scented lotion to my body to keep my skin soft and sweet smelling for his pleasure. When Master is finished I follow him on my hands and knees into the kitchen to prepare his breakfast while he reads the morning paper.

I serve his breakfast and crawl under the table on my hand and knees to take my Masters balls in to my warm moist mouth and hold them gently while master eats his breakfast and finishes his paper. Anytime, Master is at rest I am to have his balls in my mouth but I am not allowed to suck on them or intentionally arouse Master. I am only to hold them in my mouth to show my devotion and to worship the alter of my Master.

When Master has finished his breakfast he says."slut prepare your meal."

I know this to mean to prepare a smoothie for my meal containing all the vitamins necessary to keep me healthy. Master keeps me on a strict liquid diet so he is careful to provide all that is necessary to my health to be added to my meals.

"After you have had your mealcome in to the dinning room"

i quickly prepare my meal and drink it. Then I rush to clean the kitchen and crawl into the dinning room where i hope I have not kept my Master waiting for long. When i arrive in the dinning room I see that master has set up the restrains for my waxing.

"slut, get on the table."

i lay down on the table and reach my hands over my head. Master ties my hands together and runs the binding under the table to a hook he has installed under the lip of the table. Master then pulls my body down the table until my arms are stretched tightly. Master then walks to the end of the table at my head.

"Give me your ankles slut"

I then bring my legs up over my head. Master grabs an ankle and ties a binding to each ankle and the corresponding table leg. In this position I am held still with my pussy and asshole open and available for my Master to easily apply the wax.

"slut, I expect to you be silent while I wax your pussy and ass. I also expect your cunt to be dripping your desire when I am done. Do you understand slut? If you are a good girl and behave well I will allow you to cum. If you make a sound or move from me in any way I will beat your cunt. The choice is yours as always slut." Master says as he removes my piercings.

As you begin to smooth the wax over my lips I try very hard to remain still because I know that if I don't earn the right to come today it will be a week before I am allowed to try again. If I am very good, remain still and quiet then when You are done You will use a very powerful clit vibrator on me until i cum. i know that the orgasm will be so intense and so powerful that i will lose control of my bladder and pass out as i cum and when I wake up you will have cleaned me up and re-laced my pussy until next week. If i do not remain still and quite then You will beat my cunt with a pussy paddle until I am crying and begging you to stop. You will not stop until my pussy is so swollen and sore that you know it will remain as a reminder for days to do better next week and earn your approval and an orgasm. I am quite and although it is hard I do not jump when you pull the strips of fabric and wax from my pussy. i really think i will earn another cum this week. As you begin waxing the area between my cunt hole and my asshole I prepare myself knowing this is the hardest part to get though. When You pull the cloth off I involuntarily jump and cry out. As soon I still I begin to sob quietly because I know I have disappointed you and have earned a cunt beating.

"slut, stop that crying. you know the rules."

"Yes Master", I say as I try to stop the sobs.

It does not take long and you are finished and I am satin smooth.

"Prepare yourself slut." You say as You raise the pussy paddle.

I immediately begin to cry out as you paddle my pussy, "Master I am sorry I will not disappoint you again. I promise Master please Master please I'm sorry."

"Shut up slut I should beat you longer because you dare to lie to me and say you will not move again while I wax your pussy. Beg me to beat your cunt slut. Thank your Master for correcting you."

Sobbing I shout," Thank you Master for beating your unworthy slave. Please, Master beat my cunt. Hurt my worthless cunt, Master. Thank you, Master." On and on I continue to scream as you beat my cunt. Just when i think i am going to pass out you stop.

"Thank you, Master I will try harder next time. Master may I please suck on your cock."

"No, slut," you say as you untie me.

"Follow me slut"

When we arrive in Your bedroom you walk to the corner that holds my cage. It is really just a large dog carrying case. You hold the door open and motion me in. I crawl in and you shut the door.

"slut, spend your time of isolation thinking on how you can be more pleasing to Me"

With that You walk to the bedroom door turning out the light and closing the door.

I spent the rest of the day in isolation thinking of how I can be more pleasing to You.

One of my chores for the day was to prepare an essay on this topic. As I continue to shower and ensure my legs are as silky as my pussy I realize I have spent to much time in the shower and now have to rush though blow drying my hair. Lucky for me you forbid me to wear makeup so it will not take me long to finish preparing my body for You.

I rush though blow drying my hair and moisturizing my body. Running to the door I grab my essay from the computer table.

I kneel down in front of the door. Gripping my essay in my teeth I lace my fingers behind my neck and kneel tall as the clock strikes 6:00 p.m.

The door opens.

"I see you have done your homework, slut" Master says as he shuts the door.

By the end of my favorite fantasy I have masturbated myself to so many orgasms the bed is wet from my juices and the bedroom smells like hot cunt.

Masters, thank you for sharing this with me and i beg you. "Please fuck this hot, horny slut sub."

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