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Pleasing a Straight Girl


If you want to know how I look, I describe myself in the first paragraph of "I Thought She Was Straight".

I have this friend named Julia. Not to be confused with my friend Jody, who does stuff with strippers because she doesn't really have a choice (I talked about that in my story Heaven and Stripping Isn't So Bad). Julia is more straight than that, or at least she was.

At the beginning of our friendship, I was still unsure whether I was bi or lesbian, but Julia knew that I was into girls to some degree. We were talking once, and I asked her if she would ever do anything with another girl, and she said no. She said she wouldn't even peck a girl on the lips, because she didn't "experiment" like I did, as she put it. A year or so later, however, the subject came up again. By this time both of us had pretty much accepted the fact that I was a lesbian but I never showed it off in front of her. It was like knowing that your friend is black or something. You know it, but you just don't think about it all that much.

I asked her again if she would do anything with a girl, and this time she said that if she had been friends with the girl for a while, and if she was attracted to the girl, she would make out with her. This was a complete surprise. I guess my gayness (did you know that gayness is a word according to Microsoft Word? I didn't either until now) must have spread to her or something. Another time, we were talking and she said something about how she didn't want to have sex with a guy, and she put the emphasis on "guy", before she got married. I let it drop and it didn't come up again until several months later.

I have to say right now that had I never had inappropriate thoughts about her. I asked her these things out of idle curiosity. I had noticed she was pretty, it's hard not to notice those kinds of things. She's a couple inches shorter than me, around 5'1 or 5'2. She has straight, long, black hair and very large dark brown eyes. Her best feature was her lips, they were so full and soft without being overly large. She had a petite body but with curves in the right places. I could wear her clothes if I had to but they were usually tight, especially in the chest area. She has small boobs, but that's better than having mountains on your chest. There is nothing grosser than really large implants. I have a seriously hilarious story involving my guy friend and a stripper with implants, or actually the story is about the guy and the implants since they had a life of their own, but I'll tell it some other time. Anyway, I had noticed a lot of guys (and girls, sometimes) staring at her and guys would often have crushes on her. She was pretty, but I'd never felt attracted to her before.

I was sleeping over at her house one Friday night. We were watching the movie Mean Girls, again. We've watched that movie together a million times. Actually, maybe about 15. It's just so funny though. The casting is absolutely perfect. So the part where Janis announces that she had a big, lesbian crush on Regina came on and Julia said, "You know, I have to tell you something. But you have to promise not to tell." She always says this so I barely even acknowledged that she'd said anything and continued to pay attention to the movie. You would too, she makes me swear up and down not to tell a soul about something, and then she says something like, "I tripped on the stairs" or "I wrote this really long email to the guy I like". In that sense, she's a stereotypical girl. You know, melodramatic and extremely detail oriented.

We finished the movie and got ready for bed. She has a queen size bed so we both sleep in it whenever I sleep over. We had settled in and started talking about unimportant things that I don't remember, then she said, "I still haven't told you."

I said, "Ok what is it?"

She went on for, I swear, ten minutes making me promise not to tell anybody, then changing her mind about telling me in the first place, and so on. I was ready to punch her in the uterus, and I'm not even a violent person. Finally I said, "Jesus Christ, just tell me already. I'll probably forget what you're going to tell me by tomorrow anyway."

She said, "No you won't. Or I hope you won't. Or I mean, I hope you don't because if you do then that means that I'm not important to you, but if you do then..." She's like that.

She got to the point a few minutes later and said, "I was thinking about what you were telling me earlier, about what it's like to have sex with girls, or not have sex with exactly...(and then she went on a tangent)...and I was thinking I'd like to try it too once just to see what it was like." She explained to me for a while about why she wanted to experience it, basically her reason was that she was curious.

I said, "Ok. Have fun."

She seemed embarrassed and said, "I was kind of thinking, maybe I could try it with you? If you want to. You don't have to if you don't want to, and if you don't then I'll never talk about it again-"

I turned over on my side facing her and cut her off. "Let me think about it."

I looked at her looking at me. Before then, I had never thought of her sexually. Ever. I had never even thought about how weird it would be to make out with her. It just never occurred to me that she was also a sexual being with desires. To my surprise, the more I looked at her, the more and more attracted to her I became.

"I guess I'll do it. How far do you want to go?"

She said, "I don't know. What do you even do with girls?"

I leaned over so my face was close to hers, and I whispered into her mouth, "This," before kissing her gently. I know, I know. If I could do it over again I would do it the same but without the cheesy "This" part. But what's done is done, and she didn't seem to mind since she shuddered a little as our lips made contact. I started off very slowly, giving her time to get used to kissing another girl. She was very submissive throughout the whole thing, which I kind of expected. It fit her personality.

She didn't really know what she was doing since she wasn't even experienced at all with the boys. She held her lips and body stiff and only started to relax after a while. I climbed on top of her, pressing the length of my body against hers. As I did this, I licked along her bottom lip then took it into my mouth, sucking and biting lightly. I did the same to her upper lip, then slid my tongue into her open mouth.

Her tongue didn't move for a while, but after some gentle prodding with my own tongue it started to come to life. It tentatively touched mine, then she grew bolder and pushed her tongue so it went into my mouth. Our tongues played with each other for a while as I slipped my hand under her shirt and traced my fingers over her ribs. She gasped into my mouth and I pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her perky breasts. I pinched one nipple a little, then took it into my mouth, licking and sucking on it. Julia wasn't making any noise except for heavier breathing. I think she was feeling very awkward and nervous since she said a few times how weird this was.

I spent a long time on her nipples, getting her used to the idea of another girl's mouth and tongue on her body. I slowly kissed my way down her stomach, giving her time to object if she wanted to. She didn't say anything except to let out a high pitched moan of anticipation. I slid her shorts down, revealing her pussy. She had a full forest of black, curly pubes on her pussy which turned me off slightly since I don't like licking something that's really hairy (trimmed is fine), but I still wanted to do it. I could see moisture glistening around her entrance and I smiled to myself, thinking "Another convert to bisexuality," before taking some of her juices with my tongue and spreading it around her clit. She remained absolutely still, I couldn't even hear her breathing anymore. I think she was holding her breath.

I licked around the base of her clit, between her lips and her clit. She let a moan escape and pushed her hips up against my mouth. I sucked her clit into my mouth and as she wrapped her legs around my head, I put my hands on her butt cheeks and started squeezing them. Her hips kept moving but I kept my mouth sucking firmly on her clit, then added my tongue. This made her buck her hips and her hands flew to my head. She was losing her self control and anxiety, which was being replaced by lust and the need to come.

I slipped a finger inside her but she said that hurt, so I took it out and I went on with sucking and licking her clit. She liked to have her clit stimulated up and down, instead of in circles, so I flicked my tongue over her clit until her thighs clenched around my head and she came with a strangled sigh. She lay back panting as I slid my body up hers and kissed her, wondering how she'd react to the taste of a girl in her mouth. She was hesitant at first but soon seemed to develop a taste for it. She showed no interest in returning the favor though, so I laid down next to her asked her what she thought. (I'm going to give the abridged, edited version of what she said since if I typed everything out it would be too long).

"It felt really good," she said after thinking about it for a while and trying to find the right words to describe what she was feeling.

I asked her if she would do it again or go farther, and she said, "Maybe. I don't know. I kind of want to do the same thing to you, but I'm kind of scared of going down on a girl. I don't know if I want to do it."

I said, "You don't have to if you don't want to," half hoping that she would say that she would try it.

She didn't. She said, "Thanks. We have to wake up at 8, so I'm gonna go to sleep now. And I want to think about what we did. You're an awesome friend. Good night," and rolled on her back to go to sleep.

I was sort of pissed off. I can understand her not being sure about going down on a girl (that doesn't mean I have to like it), but just rolling over and going to sleep? At least she said thank you. It turned out that she was straight and she didn't particularly want to do anything with a girl again. She said she'd do it again if the opportunity came up, and maybe even go farther, but she wouldn't look at girls any differently than she has been and she wouldn't go out of her way to get a girl. And she certainly can't see herself in a relationship with a girl. It's fine, at least it means she's open minded and not prejudiced against lesbians. Some girls should just stay straight.

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