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Pleasing Angel


It had been about two weeks since Angel's gangbang. Her sexual appetite seemed to have increased since that fateful night. I was kept very busy spending a lot of time sucking her sweet pussy nightly which I loved to do. She had multiple orgasms but never seemed to quite get enough.

Due to my erection difficulties from the radiation treatment of my prostate cancer, I still could not get hard enough to penetrate her. I used my mouth and hands to keep her happy. She never complained but I felt she missed the hard cocks she had experienced that night at the strip club.

She would suck me off two or three times a week which was about all I was capable of doing but deep down inside, I knew she wanted more fucking, and more sucking cock, which she loved.

What to do, what to do. I loved her deeply, I knew she loved me, and our life together was wonderful but I couldn't help but feel guilty about not giving her all the sex she needed.

She had two previous marriages and both had not been very fulfilling, sexually or otherwise. She had told me that I had opened her up (so to speak) to a whole new world of sexuality. She loved our adventures, going to the Valentine's Fetish Ball as a sea captain with his captive mermaid, occasional visits to a local S & M club for some kinky play, playing dress up all day and various sexual games.

Still, I couldn't help but feel she was missing the deep penetration pleasures she had experience with her ex-black master Ron and his friends. I decided to broach the subject on the weekend.

That next Saturday after dinner I asked, "Do you miss those hard cocks you had at the strip club when you had your gangbang baby?"

"Well," she replied, "I'd be lying if I said no, but you are all I need honey, it was exciting but so are you."

"I have never seen you cum so hard, long or often as I did that night my love, and was wondering if maybe you felt a little deprived or depraved?" I asked jokingly.

She looked at me, smiled and asked teasingly, "Are you sure you're not the one missing the excitement? The thrill of seeing your woman ravished by a group of men before your very eyes, the humiliation of being dressed likes a sissy and serving me and my lovers?"

It was a fair question. Was that it? Was I projecting my own dark, perverted needs on to her? Hmm, maybe I was, but was playing my dark little games worth the risk of losing her?

Make no mistake; everything I have ever read or heard regarding the subject of cuckolding, speaks of the many risks of this lifestyle. Casual sex with men seems to come more naturally. With women, it's a different matter. Their emotions can get all tangled up with the excitement of sex. They love with their minds and bodies at the same time where men seem to have an easier time separating the two.

I decided to drop the subject when she said. "I'll tell you what, my little sissy cuckold, (she knew just how to push my buttons), if I decide I want some big, hard cock, I will let you know." I could feel my cock tingle as she said the words.

Later that night, while she was sucking and playing with my cock she started teasing me. "Such a little insignificant cock, or maybe we should call it a peewee, it's not a big, hard cock like Ron or his friends have. "Maybe I should call him and line up another session?" she teased, "I'm sure he and his buddies would be very pleased. He emails me two or three times a week, you know, is that what you want baby?"

As she talked, she stroked my cock, giving me a wicked smile. I could feel my orgasm approaching, Oh god; her words were turning me on, making me cum. I shot like a fountain. "My, my" she said, "Isn't that interesting"? , wiping the cum that had landed on my stomach with her finger and feeding it between my lips.

For the next several weeks we would periodically use the "Black Master & Friends Cuckold Fantasy" as part of our sex play. I would speak to her while manipulating her clit and pussy. I would say, "Oh baby, I love to see you taking those cocks. I like to watch you suck on one while riding the other. You can barely get your mouth around it. I don't know how you can take it so deep in your throat without choking. I love seeing you pussy stretch to its limits from receiving their huge dicks. You get so hot. I get so turned on watching you cum again and again. How I wish I could give you the deep penetration you so need and deserve".

I could feel you cumming as I spoke to you and played with your sweet cunt. Then, finally after two or three orgasms you would lay next to me, drained and satisfied. I enjoyed using various fantasies to please you. Like the "Soup de Jour". Each day we would explore a different fantasy.

You used the same technique on me. Whispering sweet words in my ear as you stroked my cock. "I think I'll call Ron today. I really need some big, hard cocks. You don't mind, do you? After all, you can't expect a woman to just have oral and digital sex all the time, can you? I need to be stretch out. I need to feel a big cock, deep inside me where you could never reach. You don't mind, do you? Why don't you call Ron and ask him and his friends to come by? I'll let you watch, and if you are real good, you can clean me up after they have cum in me. OK?"

OK? OK? She knew by my rising orgasm it was ok. She knew by the way I would shoot my cum high in the air and watching it land all over me, it was OK. She's got my number.

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