tagInterracial LovePleasing Her Boss Ch. 02

Pleasing Her Boss Ch. 02


Keith kept watching as Michelle slowly worked her way down on her knees in front of the big black cock. She looked so sexy kneeling in front of her black boss with her slim little fingers now messaging that stiff shaft. Peter was moaning with his head back and eyes closed as the petite wife worked her delicate hands on his massive looking pole.

Keith began to wonder how many times she sucked on that black cock. How many times did she have it inside her tight little pussy. He wondered if she had stretched taking his size. Getting herself accustomed to it's thickness.

He tried to imagine her tight little pussy clinging to his massive cock. He watched as she teased the tip sticking her tongue out playing with it's hardness. Keith watched real close as she worked like a pro giving as much stimulation to his hard black cock as one could imagine. Michelle took it into her mouth. Peter moaned and put his hand on the back of her head.

"That feels so good you little white slut."

His words shocked Keith but made his cock throb with excitement even that much more. Never had Keith seen his wife suck a cock like Michelle was doing now. She'd spit on it and lick it off than do it all over again looking up at her boss's eyes.

Peter looked back at her moving his meaty hand under her chin.

"That's right. Suck that big black cock. Show me what a good little slut you are for me."

Keith wanted to stroke his cock so bad but he kept watching the action. Taking it all in with his own eyes. He wouldn't have believed it if someone had told him what a slut his wife could be and she was showing her true self at this very moment.

Michelle continued to suck on that thick black cock as she looked up at her boss. She playfully flicked her tongue around the head teasing him and making him want to fuck her that much more. She giggled once she saw the power she had over him. Seemed like they both had power over one another. Michelle giggled again than said.

"Going to stick that big black nigger cock inside me?"

Peter replied. "You want that black dick in you, don't you my little slut?''

Michelle giggled again saying. "You want that white pussy don't you...Tell me..."

Peter didn't answer her question he just backed away saying. "Lean over on the sofa. Going to fuck that pussy doggy style."

Michelle stood up playfully looking at her black boss. Wiggling that little white ass for him. "See what your going to get?" She told him.

She bent over and Peter positioned himself behind her little white ass and spread her pussy lips with the large head of his thick black cock and lunged forward sending a few inches of meat inside her tight little white pussy.

"Ugh..." Michelle moaned and pushed her little ass back against her black boss as he began pushing himself inside that tight pussy a little deeper with each inward thrust.

Peter put his meaty hands on her ass cheeks as he thrust in and out of her tight little pussy. Keith could see her thin pussy lips clinging to the huge shaft as it plowed in and out of his wife's hot body. Keith couldn't believe his eyes. It was like they forgot he was in the room with them.

"Ugh...Ugh...Shit...Ugh..." Were the only sounds coming from Michelle's lips at the moment.

Peter slapped her white ass making a loud noise that filled the room. Michelle seemed to enjoy the rough treatment she was getting from Peter as he kept ramming that thick black cock inside her belly. He pushed so hard that Keith thought he was going to hurt her in some way but she kept pushing her ass back against her black boss like it was nothing.

"You like it slut?" Peter asked as he kept pushing his cock deep inside her pussy.

Michelle was grunting and groaning with each inward thrust. She finally answered saying. "Give it to me good...Come on nigger give it to me..."

Keith could tell the way Peter's body tensed up that he was going to cum soon. Peter had said something about Michelle being on the pill now and he was so glad she was. Keith by this time had his hand inside his pants stroking his cock as he watched his gorgeous little wife servicing her black boss.

Michelle kept moaning breathing heavier by the second. Peter's body looked tense now and Keith knew that black bull was going to explode any second.

"You want it slut?...You want that baby juice in your belly?..."

"Ugh...Fuck...Yes...Give me that black baby, you bastard,,,,,,"

Peter grunted one last time. "Ugh...Fuck me...Shit...Here it comes slut..."

Keith watched as Peter had a tight grip on Michelle's little ass. He pushed forward one last time as he grunted and groaned holding himself as deep as he could inside Michelle's little pussy.

Michelle spoke in a low whisper. "Hot..."

Keith figured she could feel the hot cum squirt inside her womb. This was so hot Keith thought. He looked at the way Michele had given herself completely to her black boss. There was no doubt about it. She was his woman now.

Keith clicked off the TV leaving the living room in complete darkness. Only the moonlight shinning through the window illuminated the room now. Heavy breathing from Peter could be heard as he caught his breath after shooting his hot load of cum inside Michelle's pussy. Keith stood back in the darkness as he saw Peter plop down on the sofa cushion.

Michelle laid pretty much still on the sofa next to Peter with her little ass still up in the air after being fucked so hard just minutes ago. She seemed as if she fell asleep after getting her pussy stretched by Peter.

Keith thought he would just move back into the darkness in the far corner of the room and see if anything else was going to happen. Then he saw Michelle moving a little. She finally lifted herself up off the sofa enough that the sound of Peter's cum and air fluttering out of her well fucked pussy could be heard.

"Oh my God...Peter?... Are you here baby?"

"I'm right here baby." Peter replied.

"Oh shit. Where's my husband?

"Fuck. I don't know baby. He must of went to bed already."

Keith listened and was a little confused when Michelle called him her husband when she was supposed to be divorced.

"Are you sure he went to bed?" Michelle asked.

Peter laughed. "Guess he as still wore out from his long drive."

"Shit. I wanted him to see this."

"Don't worry baby. We got plenty of time for your old man to see us fuck. Like I told you before. Don't worry about him. I've seen plenty of guys just like your old man. He's the cuckold type for sure."

"Well. I hate keeping secrets. I'm upset I had to lie about our relationship. I never told Keith I was fucking anyone." Michelle giggled before continuing. "I love your cock you know."

Peter laughed. "Well, you could divorce your old man for real you know!"

"Stop it Peter. You know I love my husband."

"You love his little dick." Peter chuckled.

"Stop it. Keith can't help it." Michelle sighed. "He tried so many ways to please me."

"Yeah...You're a born HotWife. You love getting this big black dick in you."

Michelle punched him in the ribs. "It's all your fucking fault you know. I honestly came to work for you because I needed a job and you had to find a way to get into my pants."

Peter laughed. "It worked. Now that you got a taste of this big black dick you want it all the time."

"You know I do so stop it already." Michelle said as she pushed him away from her playfully.

Peter laughed again. "Your tried to act shy and coy when I first met you but I knew what you wanted baby. I saw all the signs of a white wife in need of a good black fucking."

Michelle giggled. "Yeah. And you gave it to me good."

"Your spoiled now!"

"You spoiled me!" Michelle giggled.

"You want to fuck?"

"Can you get hard this soon?"

"What do I look like? Your little dick husband?"

"Stop it. He can't help it."

Peter laughed. "That's what I'm going to call him from now on. Little Dick."

"That not nice." Michele replied.

"How about Limp Dick?"

"Peter! Stop it now!"

Peter laughed again. "You're the one that told me all this shit baby. I remember how you told me...Oh, my husband is so small. He can't stay hard...What I'm I going to do?..."

"I didn't say it that way."

"Bring your little white married ass over here and sit on my lap."

Michelle hesitated being playfully but finally gave in and straddled his legs. She arched up putting her hand down between her legs guiding Peter's huge black cock between her pussy lips for the second time tonight.

"Ugh. God your so fucking big." She said as she slowly slipped down on his thick black cock.

Peter held her ass cheeks kissing her tits as he bounced her up and down his pole.

"That's it baby. Fuck me good." Michelle chanted.

"Mm...Yeah baby. Move that little ass for me. Squeeze that dick just like that baby...That's it...So good baby...Love your pussy..."

Keith kept himself hid behind the chair peeking out at his wife and her black boss as they fucked on the sofa. He was trying to take everything in they were saying.

"That's it baby. Milk that cock for me."

"So good...Baby...Give it to me...I want your cum inside me again..."

"You want that baby don't you?"

"No..." Michelle replied.

"Yes you do, don't lie to me now. Tell me you want dat black baby inside your tummy..."

"No...Stop it Peter...Not now..."

"Yes you do...Tell me..." Peter kept insisting.

"Ugh...God...Peter...I told you not now...Have to think about it..."

"That's right...Keep working dat pussy for me...Show Daddy what you want from him..."

"Ugh...Fuck...Good...Peter...I...Not now...OK...We'll talk about it later..."

"You love me don't you..." Peter asked.

"Peter...I...Told you how I felt...about you...I love my husband..." She replied.

"Oh...Yeah...Keep moving it...That's it baby... Nice and tight that way...Ugh...Yeah..."

"Oh God Peter...Your driving me insane..."

It was too dark for Keith to actually see the details of what was going on but he could hear them very well as they fucked on the sofa.

"Oh baby, work that pussy around that black dick for me."

"Give it to me darling."

"That's the way I like to hear you talk little angel. I love the way you call me darling...So sweet..."

"Ugh...Yeah...Push it up into me harder..."

"You feel it little angel? It's hitting your cervix...I'm all the way in...Nice and tight..."

"Oh God Yes...I feel it deep..."

"Gonna plant my seed baby...Any minute now..."

"Ugh...Yes...I want it..."

Keith could hear them kissing now in the heat of passion.

"Oh...Yeah...Give it to me darling..."

"My seed..."


"You want my baby...Want Daddy to make a black baby...Tell me want you want..."

"I can't..." Michelle replied.

"Yes you can little angel...Make your little belly swell up with a black baby..."

"Oh God...Stop talking like that...I...I'm going to...cum...Ugh...Shit...Ugh.."

"Daddy's gonna cum angel...Take my seed baby...Take it...'''''Ugh...Fuck...Yeah.."

"Oh god...Yes.. I feel it...Your giving me your baby...Black...Baby..."

All Keith heard now was grunts and groans coming from both Michelle and Peter. Heavy breathing now and little moans coming from Michelle.

"Oh God Michelle, that was so hot..."


They were still breathing hard trying to catch their breath.

"Oh Fuck baby. I pumped enough juice in your belly to make a thousand babies tonight.."

"Yeah I know. Going to be all sticky.."

"When you going to go off the pill for real?"

"Oh God...Don't make me answer that right now...I can't..."

"You told me you wanted a real man to knock you up. I'm here. Let's make it happen..."

"Darling...Stop it now...I told you to give me more time to think..."

"You told me you loved me the other night...Remember?"

"I remember...I just need more time."

"Time for what?"

"Talk to Keith?"

"Shit man...He's got a little limp dick. Never going to give you any kids. Besides. I know how these guys think...They want to see their wife knocked up with a black baby."

"You don't know that about Keith."

"Trust me angel...I know how they think and I'll prove it.."


You'll see. Just let me prove it to you."

"Oh God...Your so nasty..." Michelle replied.

"Yes, and you love it..."

Keith heard them kissing again but also heard them moving around.

"You better get going."

"I'd rather stay and fuck you all night..."

"Me too.." Michelle replied.

More kissing sounds filled the room.

"What you going to do?"

"Go sleep with my husband."

"Have him clean you up."

Michelle giggled. "Stop."

""I'm fucking serious...Let him lick you clean...Tell him what a great fuck you had tonight with a real man. Your Bull...Your Black Bull...!"

Keith heard kissing again.

"OK. I will...You better get dressed.."

Keith heard the get up so he crawled along the floor into the dark hallway before they saw where he was hiding out. He made it to the back bedroom and quickly took off his clothes before Michelle came in. Keith got under the covers feeling his still hard dick. He wondered if Michelle was serious about having him lick her pussy clean.

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