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Pleasing Mom


Cindy Johnson had always been a fun loving girl. Despite having given birth to 2 children, and being naturally big breasted, she had managed to stay fit and shapely in to her early 40s and her energy and zest for life had, if anything, increased as she aged.

Cindy, as she had been all her life, was a true innocent. Born to a rich Tennessee family, she had been a debutante when she was a young woman; having met her husband when they had both attended University of Tennessee together. She had been a popular cheerleader and he was a walk-on to the football squad.

Many who knew her, considered Cindy a dumb blonde (although she was the first to laughingly admit that her blonde tresses came directly from a bottle) and her husband George pretty much agreed with that assessment. When they had married 20 years earlier George had been attracted to Cindy's awesome body, her young Dolly Parton like looks, and her lilting southern charm. He considered her bubble headed intellect just part of her vivacious personality, but as the years had gone by he had tired of her innocent outlook on life and started having affairs.

George's most recent affair was with Cindy's best friend Margaret, a cynical lawyer who'd always been in a kind of one- sided competition with Cindy. They had grown up together, and Margaret ever jealous, had often betrayed Cindy, badmouthing her and sabotaging her friend at every opportunity. Cindy for her part remained oblivious to any betrayal, and remained a caring and loyal friend.

The Johnson's had two children. Barbara, the oldest at 22 was a senior at her parent's alma mater, a bright and bookish young woman, Barbara was studying to be a veterinarian. Barbara Johnson had inherited her father's intelligence and her mother's looks and kind heart. Although close to her mother, they only spoke by phone when Barbara was away at school.

Mike was their 18 year old son, heavily recruited by college football programs he had decided to attend Tennessee as well, he was starting linebacker for his high school team and in the last year had filled out his 6'2 frame by packing on 30 pounds of muscle. He now tipped the scales at 235 pounds, hardly an ounce of it was fat.

Up until he was 16, he and his mother had not gotten along. Growing up Mike had seen how his father had disrespected her and belittled her and Mike had treated her in the same manner. He had little use for her when he had gone through his rebellious youth stage and would openly defy her, often bringing her to tears, which he would scornfully laugh at. His father when asked to arbitrate their disputes, would usually side with his son, which would cause further pain to Cindy.

In the last couple of years some things had become clear to Mike that had begun to change his relationship with his mother. Mike had begun to realize that his mother was an unflagging and enthusiastic supporter of any success Mike achieved in life. Cindy, who had been a cheerleader in both high school and college, was the only one in the family to never miss one of his football games – in fact when Mike thought about it she had never missed one in his life, from Pop Warner all the way up to his games today. No matter where it was, or how bad the weather was, she was always in the stands cheering him on. Because of their early fights, Cindy hated saying no to Mike and pretty much let him have his way. The truth was Cindy admired her son's strong spirit and had always liked men who took what they wanted in life. She tried to instill that attitude in her son and had succeeded.

Mike had also begun to realize how beautiful his mother was, with her enormous breasts on top of a perfectly proportioned body. Cindy's face was still youthful and innocent looking, her lustrous blond hair tumbled just past her shoulders, and her ever-present smile was bright and lovely. At the age of 18, Mike had begun to see his mother as a real woman with real feelings, rather than just his mother.

Mike also learned in the last few years that his father cheated on his mother. George Johnson didn't do too much to hide it, and in fact, the only person who didn't seem to be aware of his philandering was his wife. Mike was angry with his Dad, but seeing how his father seemed to have no plans to change his behavior, or leave his mother, Mike didn't like to make waves around the house.


The 1st week in November Mike's high school team lost to a powerful interstate rival. Mike had scored his team's only touchdown, on a recovered fumble he had run back for a touch down. The team carried the lead in to the 2nd half, but the offense was so feeble and kept going three and out, that the exhausted defense finally gave up two late scores and the game was lost. Mike, who couldn't stand losing, threw body and soul in to the game but even his force of will, couldn't prevent the inevitable loss.

Mike and his mother drove home that night to an empty house. George had left for a weekend of "business" in Las Vegas. Mike knew what business was being conducted but wasn't interested in making an issue out of it.

After a late dinner Cindy, who was almost as disappointed as her son in the team's loss, opened a bottle of red wine and filled a glass. Mike limped in to the kitchen.

"Can I have a slug of that? " Mike asked his mother.

"Sure darling," his mom answered pouring another glass, "after the night you had I don't want to be saying no to you a lot."

Mike smiled, as Cindy handed him the glass, the two of them made a silent toast and then both drank deeply. When their glasses were empty, Cindy refilled them.

"Do you have a party to go to tonight?" Cindy asked as they sipped their wine, "I don't want you getting drunk and going out."

"No way, I'm not going out, I don't feel like hanging around the other guys hearing them making excuses for why we lost."

"Good," Cindy giggled, "we can get drunk and drown our sorrows in the safety of our own home."

"I think I'm going to crawl in to the hot tub and soak my sore muscles," Mike said, " care to join me?"

Cindy smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Cindy loved the hot tub in their big enclosed back yard, and used it often. It was part of their back porch and even in the cool fall nights it was warm because they had a big patio heat lamp.

"Sure baby," Cindy gave Mike a pat on the chest and walked out of the kitchen, "Go turn it on, I'll meet you out back."

Mike gave a start, when his mother touched him,his cock had lurched. Mike wondered why he would get a sexual charge with contact that innocent, and suddenly remembered his pre-game ritual of not masturbating for 72 hours prior to kick off – he had not had a chance to break his "fast".

"Oh drats!" Mike heard Cindy call out. "Drats" was about as much as Mike ever heard his mother swear.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked poking his head in her bedroom. Cindy was rummaging through one of her dresser drawers.

"I just remembered all my swim suits are in the laundry, I don't have a clean one".

"Don't worry about it, it's just the two of us, you don't have to wear one," Mike joked.

Cindy looked at him, the fact that he was joking had gone right over her head.

"I guess that's true," she said innocently, "Ok, I'll meet you out there."

Mike made a hasty retreat from her room; not wanting his mom to see the erection that had just sprang up. He couldn't believe his ears, was his mother really going to let him see her naked? Couldn't be, Mike figured she must have been joking as well. No way would his lady like mother let her son see her naked. At the most she would come out wearing some shorts and a t-shirt. Mike began to wonder if he might actually get to see her in a wet t-shirt. The thought kept him hard.

Mike grabbed a towel from the closet and headed outside. He started the hot tub and let it warm. He thought about going to his room to get in to his own swim suit, but then he thought better of it he wanted to push his mom's buttons, so he just stripped down, folded his clothes and climbed into the tub. His hard-on hadn't diminished at all, and he was just contemplating stroking it, when he saw the light go off in the house and the porch door slide open.

His mother stepped out on to the dimly lit patio. The only light was the orange glow coming from the heat lamp. Cindy was wearing a short robe, carried the open bottle of wine, and had a big beach towel slung over her shoulder.

"OK, don't look, while I'm getting in," Cindy chirped.

"I'll turn around," volunteered a stunned Mike, and turned around and looked in the opposite direction of where his mother was standing.

What Cindy didn't realize, as she untied her robe and let it drop from her shoulders, was that she was giving her son a clear view of her in the reflection in the glass door of the house.

Mike's cock got a little harder as it pressed against the side of tub and he got a good look at his mother's nakedness. Her fat tits first drew his attention, but his eyes soon moved down to her muff, a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair. He watched intently as his mother gingerly bent down to feel the water temperature and then slowly slid in to the tub. Mike was disappointed when she disappeared from view, but soon heard her soft voice.

"OK honey, you can turn around now" she cooed, sipping her glass of wine.

Mike turned around and the two of them smiled at each other. Cindy asked Mike about the game and soon they were talking and laughing about the game.

Mike could tell his mother was getting drunk by the way she giggled at every lame thing he said, but he was surprised when, looking for the wine, his mom stood up and awkwardly grabbed the bottle that was near by. When her body emerged partially from the water, she made no move to cover her huge boobs and her son got a long, clear look. Mike was dumb founded - what had gotten in to his mother?

"Oh my," Cindy giggled, " What did you just see? I forgot I wasn't wearing my suit".

"I didn't see anything," Mike replied, " except a very beautiful woman who looked a little like my mother."

Cindy laughed, and blushed, and went back to sipping her wine. Mike watched her, and being somewhat drunk himself, decided she was a stunning woman.

"Hey mom, how about giving me a neck massage?"

Cindy looked at him, and gave him a dazzling smile.

"Sure baby, slide over here, I'll give you a rub" Cindy said, holding out her arms and inadvertently raising her breasts out of the water again revealing a glimpse of her nipples. Mike's cock was now hard as a rock, he was careful to hide it under the water as he moved over to his mom.

"How do you......how do you want me to sit?" Mike stammered.

Cindy knitted her brow in deep thought for a moment and then brightened and scooted back in her seat.

"Here, there's a little room on the seat here, just come between my legs," Cindy said smiling, apparently unaware of the double entendre.

Mike, as if in a daze, turned around and sat down with his back to his mother, Cindy reached up and put her hands on his shoulder, and started to massage. Mike, hoping to feel his mother's big jugs against his back was disappointed when he realized there was still a space between them. He decided to take a chance, he leaned back and relaxed in to Cindy's fat rack. Mike's cock sprang to a now rock hard state as he felt her chest fully flattened against his back.

"Baby," his mother cooed in his ear, " scooch forward a little, I can't really use my arms with you so close".

Mike leaned forward a little, but this time his hips moved backwards at the same time and his butt slid in to his Mom's hairy muff. Feeling her scratchy pubic hair he ground slightly against her. Cindy moved her hips back in her seat. Mike slid back again and once again made contact.

"That's better" Cindy whispered not attempting to move her crotch away from her son's ass this time, as she continued to massage his shoulders.

The two off them stayed like that for a while with Cindy continuing to move her hands up and down Mike's shoulders and back. Mike was gently grinding backwards in to Cindy's lap, and he could now detect her lightly pumping her hips against his muscular ass. Cindy's hands now moved down from his shoulders and slowly and sensuously began to massage Mike's chest. Mike moaned and sank back in to his mother's big breasts.

"You took so many hits today I started to cringe on every tackle," Cindy spoke, holding her lips close to Mike's ear, " You must be sore all over".

"Mmmm, I am, but your massage is making it all worthwhile."

"You're so sweet, I'm glad we're finally growing close," Cindy said her hands moving down over his belly and running gently back and forth over Mike's stomach.

"I think I finally realized how much I love you," Mike whispered, his mind reeling from the sensations he was feeling.

Cindy giggled again lightly in his ear, this time her hand that had been stroking his stomach, moved down and her fingers entwined themselves in Mike's thick thatch of pubic hair. Mike moaned again and he turned his head and kissed his mother's throat and neck.

Now it was Cindy's turn to moan as she stretched backwards to allow Mike easy access to her long throat.

"Mmm, honey, be careful that's my weak spot," Cindy whispered.

Mike pushed further back against Cindy's body, and this time, his mom's legs lifted up and wrapped themselves around him.

"Mom, this is so nice," Mike said in a low voice, "I really like being this close to you. God mom your making me feel so good."

"I want to make you feel good, Mikey, after your tough game," Cindy whispered in a husky voice, her fingers which had continued to run themselves through his pubic hair, had started bumping in to the shaft of his erection, now they brazenly grasped his hard pole and began gently stroking it up and down.

Mike reached back and softly grabbing Cindy's head he pulled her down and their mouths met in a wet, sloppy kiss. While they swapped spit Cindy continued to stroke the thick piece of cable that was Mike's cock, expertly working up and down with firm, even, strokes. Suddenly Mike broke their kiss.

"Wait, Mom, I'm sorry," Mike gasped, "but you can't do that."

"I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to...." Cindy stammered looking upset and almost afraid.

"No, no, it's not that," Mike laughed, "It's just I don't want to cum in your hand."

"Oh," it was Cindy's turn to laugh, hers was with relief, "it's alright I want you to feel good."

Cindy blushed furiously; she bit her lower lips and looked away from Mike.

" You can..... cum in my hand, you need to be able to relax and get some release", Cindy whispered.

Mike smiled and this time he turned around fully and grabbing Cindy, he stood them both up in the tub. Now face to face, he embraced his mother, and kissed her full on the mouth. Cindy crushed herself up against her son's body and once more reached down and took hold of his powerful erection and began to squeeze and stroke it.

"Wait, I can't take that," Mike groaned, "I gotta cum".

"I know baby," Cindy chirped, as cheerfully as if she was agreeing to make him breakfast, "I want you to, I want to feel you in my hand."

"No, not that way."

"Then what?" Cindy asked with a look of confusion that gave way to a bright idea, "Do you want me to suck you?"

Mike smiled; he realized that his mother was willing to do anything for him. He had no idea how this had all come to pass, this totally unexpected turn in their relationship, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Turn around," Mike said in a rather commanding voice.

Cindy was again confused, but she dutifully turned around so that her back was now facing Mike. Mike's big hand came up to her shoulder and firmly pushed her forward until Cindy grabbed the sides of the tub to keep her balance, she was now bent over with her plump ass sticking in the air. Mike admired her dark bush, so different than the color of the hair on her head. It glistened from the combined water and Cindy's own juices. At that moment Mike thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

With her son's big hands pushing her firmly towards the tubs edge Cindy became aware that she was presenting to him – she suddenly realized what was happening – and the idea alarmed her.

"Wait baby, I don't know if we should do that, I mean it may not be right, I still love your fath----Ohhhh."

Mike running his long prick strongly and smoothly right in to her pussy had interrupted Cindy's protestations. Her son bucked forward and Cindy immediately and without hesitation began fucking back.

Cindy had never believed in being indecisive, and now that her son had decided to take their incestuous relationship all the way Cindy was going to throw herself into it with the enthusiasm of a true zealot. She had always believed in giving her all to any project that she undertook, she understood that anything worth doing was worth doing well, so she couldn't help but instinctively bring the same energy to screwing her son.

Mike couldn't believe how warm and tight his mother's pussy felt as he sent his big pole pummeling up inside her. His hands were on her flared hips and he was pulling her towards his groin making their bodies come together with a lewd slapping sound. With every push forward Cindy's big tits flopped into the water, and when she thrust her hips back they would pop out again, in a kind of perverse baptism.

As the water roiled around them, the sounds of lust from mother and son filled the air. Cindy, ever the cheerleader at heart, kept a running commentary of encouragement going in her soft, lilting, southern accent.

"Yeah, that's it baby........uh huh.... You're stretching me out so good BABY..... making me your woman now.....AHHHHHH......baby ahmmm so close to cumming...so close to cumming all over your big tool......oh my god never felt so good....put your baby batter all up inside mommy's tummy.....make me your woman.... Never been so full of cock....."

For his part Mike just kept pounding a way at her hips, pushing himself further and further in to his mother, the two of them moving towards the inevitable crescendo that would release them.

"Can you fuck me harder, babe," Mike's mom cried out.

"Yeah Mom," gasped Mike, " but I can't hold out much longer, I want to cum in you face to face."

Mike pulled out, and Cindy pulled herself out of the hot tub and quickly spread out her towel and sat down on it. Mike climbed out of the tub and for a moment towered over his mother. They were both almost trembling as Mike sank to his knees and Cindy lifted her legs to welcome him once more in to her waiting twat.

"Are you going to shoot your manly seed in mommy's pussy?" Cindy asked in the voice of a charming southern belle.

Mike gave no answer, but instead grabbed his mother's legs at the knees and almost pulled her right to him. After getting her at the exact right angle, Mike leaned forward and sank his big dick into his mother's steaming pussy.

"OHHHH GOOODDDDDDD," Cindy screamed out as Mike's cock went all the way in, instinctively her arms and legs locked around her son's back, and the young football star pounded in to her accepting pussy like he was trying to nail her into the floor. Cindy, although pinned under her son's weight, responded by thrusting her hips back up at him trying to, if humanly possible, get another millimeter of his cock in to her starving cunt.

Once more the two of them were screaming and moaning in passion until, this time, it was Cindy who cried out that she couldn't hold on any longer – she was cumming.

"OHHHHH GOODDDDDD BABABBBBBEEE, HERE I CUMMMMMMM" Cindy screamed out as her body bucked off the wooden deck and into to her son's hard body. She clutched him tightly, crushing her body against his, losing control to her overpowering orgasm.

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