tagBDSMPleasing My Master

Pleasing My Master


She enters the room and goes to her knees, legs spread. Her forehead is on the floor, arms outstretched, palms up, waiting for her most beloved Master to use her. She is naked except for her collar and the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She grows wet and trembling with anticipation.

He approaches her - leash in hand. He only speaks one word..."up" and she rises, still on her knees, her hands on her thighs, palms up, head up, eyes down. He places a blindfold on her and makes sure it is secure. Then the leash is hooked to the collar. The silence is killing her, but she knows not to speak unless spoken to. She awaits his orders, humbly, a pretty grace about her even in her position of service.

He tugs on the leash and she immediately begins to crawl after Him, her trust complete. He will not let her be injured. He will guide her well. There is no hesitation in her movements, and He notices this and smiles. He leads her easily to their playroom, looking forward to the use of His faithful slave. Her desire to please Him and her love for Him is her sole purpose for being.

He comes to a stop and she goes back to her knees. She hears Him move around her but she does not say a word. The sudden sensation of the flogger across her shoulders, down her chest, back across her shoulders and down her back feels wonderful. She then feels the sting of the flogger across her ass. She does not make a sound, not a movement. Three quick pops of the flogger, turns her bottom red. He has much control of the tools he uses. He drags it softly across her body again, knowing the effect it has on her, before He brings it across her ass three more times. She still does not move or make a sound.

He smiles and presents His cock to her beautiful lips. She so loves to suck His cock, the feel of it against her lips makes her pussy quiver. She takes Him fully in her mouth, sucking as greedily as a starving kitten. He grabs a handful of her hair so that He can guide her pace. He fucks her mouth as He brings the flogger down across her ass, enjoying watching her strive to maintain her concentration. He notices that her juices are pouring down her thighs. He removes his cock from her mouth, "whose dirty little slut are you?" He asks roughly.

"I am yours, my Darling Master" she answers.

"You are my what, slave? Tell your Master what you are."

She replies with a soft voice, "I am your dirty slut, Master."

He tugs her hair and asks her "what does my dirty little slut want?"

She relies softly, "I want to please and serve my Master."

He yanks her hair harder, "tell me what you want to do to my cock, slave?"

With conviction in her voice she replies, "I want to suck Your cock until You cum, my darling Master, this little slave wants to taste Your cum."

Her words make His cock swell even more and He grabs her head with both hands and fucks her mouth hard and without mercy. He cums deep in her throat and she swallows quickly, not wanting to lose a single drop of her Master's cum. When He removes His cock from her mouth, she immediately responds, "thank you Master for allowing this little slave to please you."

He tugs on her leash and she rises shakily to her feet. He pulls on the leash and leads her to the bed. He pushes her down onto the bed and tells her to get into face up position. She immediately raises her arms toward the posts at the head of the bed and spreads her legs to the posts at the foot. He hooks her to each of the posts in silence. He does this just to keep her on edge, knowing the silence kills her. When she is hooked securely He leans in and kisses her softly.

He then whispers against her ear, "You will not climax until I tell you to. You may cry, scream, moan, any sound that you want, but you will not cum until told too."

"Yes Master," she whispers.

She feels the flogger once again being drug across her body and she quivers. Slowly down her arms, across her chest, down her legs. Then she feels the sting of it against her pussy. She moans in pleasure. Again and again, the flogger comes down across her pussy. She squirms and raises her hips with each swat. Then she feels the soft teasing of the flogger again across her body. She is soaking the sheets with the juices pouring from her hot little pussy.

Then nothing. No sound, no teasing, just agonizing silence. She tries to listen carefully for his movements as she steadies her breathing. She knows that if she does not she will not be able to hold back her orgasm. She feels the pinch of the clamps as he puts them on her nipples and she moans. Then she feels the small chain as he drapes it across her stomach and attaches the other end of the chain to her clit. She bucks at the feeling and again moans with pleasure/pain. He gives a little tug to the chain and a soft cry comes from her throat.

"Does my little slave like this?" he asks.

"Yes Master," is her simple answer.

She hears the buzz of the vibrator and her heart quickens. He touches the vibrator first to one nipple and then the other, sending the vibration through the chain to her clit. Her moans almost sound like meows as she arches to the touch of the tormenting item. He runs the vibrator up her thighs until he reaches her clit. He touches her clit only for a moment and she bucks her hips and moans. He pulls it away and smiles...loving the pure pleasure/torture of teasing her slowly. Once again to each breast, holding it a little longer this time and she cries out softly. He knows it will take a lot for her to beg, but beg she will today. He runs it down the length of the chain and she can feel it in her nips and her clit. He then holds the vib to her clit and she cries out loudly as she bucks, fucking air. She struggles to fight the wave of pleasure threatening to overtake her. He removes the vib from her clit and notices the flush across her chest, up and over her face. He leans in and licks and sucks each nipple...trailing his tongue down her body to her clit. Here he gently licks at her clit, knowing that this gentle teasing is just building her fire. Once again, he touches her clit with the vibrator as he alternately licks at each nipple.

She cries out, "Please Master, oh God, please."

"What does my little slave want? Tell me!" he orders her.

"Please my Master, please let me cum!" she cries out.

"Not yet" he replies with a smile.

He continues his teasing torture on her clit until she is crying with desire, her whole body shaking from her effort not to cum. He whispers to her "now" and she lets the wave of pleasure wash over her.

"OH GOD, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!" she screams as she cums, harder than she has ever cummed before. Her juices gush from her tormented pussy and he leans down to lap at them, loving the taste of her. The feel of his tongue licking and sucking at her pussy drives her over the edge again and words are not possible, all she can do is scream in pleasure. She is soaked in sweat, breathing hard, and shaking from the force of her orgasms.

"Thank You Master" she manages to whisper.

He kisses her on her forehead, then her lips, "you have done well my darling slave. But this night is now over."

He unhooks her wrists and ankles. "Face down, on your knees," he orders her. She responds immediately even though she is exhausted from earlier. "You will not touch yourself, no matter how much you want to do so. Doing so will result in punishment my pet," he tells her. He places himself between her legs and showing no mercy slams his cock hard into her dripping wet pussy. She cries out again and moves back against him. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls her body back roughly as he pounds into her. The chain pulling slightly on her clit and nipples along with the force of his fucking has her crying out in pain and pleasure. The sound of her cries along with the feel of her pussy drives him to fuck her harder and harder. As he feels his orgasm near he orders "CUM NOW!"

He slams into her once last time and as he cums she goes over the edge and cries out "Oh god yes, Master, I am cumming, god yes, please god yes I am cumming!" The feel of her pussy milking every last drop of cum from his cock pleases him well. He lets his cock slip from her quivering body and she collapses on the bed, tears of happiness, pleasure and exhaustion running down her face. He rolls her over and removes the blindfold that is soaked with her tears and gently wipes her face. He gently removes the clamps from her breasts and she cries out from the pain of the blood rushing back into her nipples. He gently kisses and licks each. He then removes the clamp from her clit and she screams hoarsely. He again rubs and kisses her clit until the pain subsides.

"You did well, my little one. You have pleased your Master very much."

She smiles softly and whispers with a cracking voice..."thank You my Master, your little slave loves you very much."

He smiles back at her, "your Master loves his slave very much also."

He gently removes her wrist and ankle cuffs and her collar and leash. He rises and goes to run a warm bath for her. He then returns and noticing her near sleep, picks her up and totes her to the tub and gently places her in. He then gets in behind her and gently washes her exhausted body. After he gets out and dries off he has her rise and he does the same for her. He then totes her back to the bed and gently lays her down. She immediately crawls to her place at the foot of the bed and falls into a deep slumber.

He crawls under the cover and smiles to himself and says to himself, "yes this one will please me for a long time to come."

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