tagTransgender & CrossdressersPleasing the Teen Futa Ch. 02

Pleasing the Teen Futa Ch. 02


Linda was lying in bed, thinking about how her life had changed in just a few days. She had been a faithful and good wife, and a respected mother. Always at her best behavior and never causing any drama or problems. Now? Now she felt like she was always walking around on her tip-toes, scared that people would call her out on her newfound naughtiness.

She looked on her husband lying next to her. For the longest of time, he had been her everything, but now she was no longer sure. Just thinking about Leah and her mother made her whole body tingle. Not to mention her own daughter, Sarah. It felt like they were much closer now, sharing a special secret. She lifted her finger up to her lips, and she felt like she could still feel her daughter's lips pressed against her own. Not to mention that they had tasted each other's private parts too. It was like this every night lately.

In bed, it seems like her thoughts always turned to her new lovers. She wanted to touch herself, but she was scared what her husband would say if he woke up. It would be hard to explain her growing sexual needs, and that they had been woken up by her daughter, and two women with massive cocks. Did they think about her too? Did her daughter lay awake, thinking about next time all four of them could make love again?

Her hand started to play with a nipple, and it didn't help with her overcoming need to get some sexual release. Her thighs very rubbing together, and she knew there was only one way to make this feeling leave. She looked at her husband again, and then gently moved out of the bed, looking at the bathroom door, but decided that it wouldn't be safe in there. Instead she treaded out of the bedroom.

Out in the hallway she looked at the door to her daughter's room. She really wanted to go in there but knew that it was not possible. Even if her naughty mind told her it would feel so good to go in there, waking her daughter up by licking her pussy, and then have an amazing orgasm as her daughter licked her. She tried to shake it out of her head. Good mothers don't do that. Especially not on a school night.

Instead she moved down the stairs and into the downstairs bathroom. She removed her gown and sat down on the toilet with her legs spread. Her lower regions were already glistening from her wetness, and she started to rub her button. Her mind started to fill with pictures and memories of being with Leah. The teenage girl seducing her, and then using her gigantic cock to teach her how mind-blowing sex could be. It only took a few minutes before she had to cover her mouth, to not wake the entire house up with her cum induced screams.


"Hello, I am home," Sarah called in a brusque teenage way.

Linda listened keenly, wanting to find out if Sarah was alone. When she heard that it was more people, she quickly came rushing. When she saw that Leah was one of the girls, she almost winced. It had been a few days since they had been here.

"Are you girls going to study?" Linda asked, trying to sound normal.

"Yes, Mrs. Sullivan," Cindy answered, smiling.

"We only have a few more tests left." Sarah continued.

Linda smiled too, watching the girls move past her and up the stairs. She couldn't help herself from looking after them. Had Leah been properly taken care of today? She wondered who of the mothers that had been on duty. She knew that if Leah needed more, it would be up to her to step in. She hoped that would be the case. It had only been a few days, but it still felt like an eternity since she had last gotten to feel Leah.

Even looking at the young girl's butt made her knees weak. A few days ago, she had never really thought about another woman in a sexual way, but now it was all she could think about. If her husband wasn't home she would sneak away to rub again, but with him in the living room it wouldn't work.


"Honey, I think I need to head out to the office," her husband called out.

It had been about two hours since the girls arrived, and her excitement had calmed down a little bit. Hearing her husband's word made it come back again. Would she be alone with the girls? Her husband sat in the living room, surrounded by papers, looking puzzled.

"What is wrong, Honey," she asked.

"I'm not sure yet, I am calling Jimmy," he answered, holding the phone to his ear. "Jimmy, can you meet me at the office? There is something I need help to clear up. Yes, I am leaving right now."

"What is wrong?" she tried again.

"I am sure it is just a mistake I made, Jimmy will be able to fix it. I will be back in a few hours, don't worry," he said, gathering up all the papers and giving her a kiss as he went past her.

She was worried, but more than that she was horny. As she looked her husband head out the door, she tried to decide if she should go masturbate, or see if it would be possible to get Leah's attention. She felt humiliated by the thought of begging for attention from a teenager, but she knew the excited part of herself had already decided.

It had been a gift from her husband a few years back. Since then it had been hiding away at the back of her closet. She had been sure it would never be used, but now would be the perfect time. She felt guilty using her husband's gift, but it couldn't be helped. If she saw someone else with a dress like this, she would think them to be sluts, but this was different. She was a good woman. The form fitting bodice with a red lace overlay, covering a fake nude underdress, with a lace hemline. The red cross straps on the back topped of the sexiness. She felt a bit uncomfortable wearing it, but looking into the mirror, she felt like Leah wouldn't be able to hold back. At least that is what she hoped.

She tried to find a sexy pair of underwear but was'nt really happy with anything she found. What did teenagers like now? She thought about her daughter's underwear, but most of them didn't look much different from her own. What would Leah think if she found that she wasn't wearing any panties? She imagined the massive cock getting so hard, that the teenager couldn't contain it. Giggling to herself, she decided that it was the right decision to make.

Would it be weird for her to show up in her daughter's room with this outfit? The girls had already seen her in other clothes today. She would need an excuse. One that would let her flaunt herself, without making them all know she needed sexual relief. She grabbed her favorite red high heels and put them on.

Walking to her daughter's room she practiced her hip movements. She was used to wearing heels, but not so much swaying her hips in a sexy way. If she had more time she would practice in front of the mirror, but her body was already aching.

"Hi, girls. I was wondering if you could help me with something," she said, stepping into her daughter's room.

"Mom, what are you wearing?" Sarah asked loudly, as soon as she saw her mother.

"I-I," She tried to say, feeling her face turn red.

All the girls looked at her. She took a deep breath to regain her composure.

"I was wondering what you girls thought about this outfit, I have never really worn something like this before," she got out.

"It is not appropriate, Mom," Sarah said, sounding shocked.

"I like it," Cindy said, biting her lip.

"You certainly have the body for it, Mrs. Sullivan," said Pauline.

Linda didn't know Pauline since before. She remembered it was the daughter of one of the mothers, but not sure which one. It made Linda feel like she should cover up, knowing that she was flaunting herself in front of a girl she didn't know. Still she remembered her true goal and turned to Leah.

"What about you Leah? Do you think an old lady like me could pull this dress off?" Linda asked earnestly.

"I like the heels," Leah said.

Linda stood looking at Leah, feeling the teenager's eyes wander over her body. She couldn't help but try to see if the teenager's cock was getting hard, but from how Leah was sitting she couldn't quite get a clear view.

"Your body looks amazing in that, but I feel like it is not the kind of dress you would buy for yourself," Leah went on.

"No," Linda confessed. "I wouldn't."

"Did Sarah's father get it for you?" Leah asked.

"Yes," Sarah confessed again.

"I have never seen you wear anything like that," Sarah said, still sounding upset.

"I like your normal clothes better, they always make you look alluring," Leah said.

"She spent the whole night talking about it," Pauline said.

"And how she covered your whole face within a minute because of how sexy you looked," Cindy added.

Linda stood in the middle of the room, unsure what to do or say. Leah had told all of them about their time together? Her plan to seduce the teenager with sexy clothes had turned around on her, so now they were talking about how much Leah liked her normal clothes.

"I had been saving it up all day, and when she stood there on her knees, showing me her cleavage, it just could not be helped," Leah said.

"It was kind of sexy," Sarah said, snickering.

"I wish I could have seen it," Pauline said.

"Me too," Cindy added.

Linda wasn't sure what to do. This whole plan seemed to have gone very wrong. She had imagined they would all say she looked good in the dress, and that Leah would get very excited from seeing her like this. Then she would leave, and Leah would excuse herself, so they could go downstairs, and take care of Leah's needs. Not all of them saying they liked her better in other clothes, and what unmotherly things she had done with Leah.

"Well, maybe we should show them, this talk has certainly gotten me in the mood," Leah said, with an intoxicating smile.

Linda was about to panic, but her horniness started to take over again. Of course the other girls would know she was part of the group to take care of Leah now, but hearing them being so brazen and open about it, made her uncomfortable.

"Kneel for us, Mrs. Sullivan," Leah said, standing up in front of her.

"Show us what a good mother you are," Sarah said.

A good mother shouldn't come into her daughter's room, to seduce her friend. A good mother wouldn't then act it out, in front of the daughter, and two of her other friends. Still, Linda sank down to her knees, seeing the outline of the gigantic cock again. Last time it had been fully to the side, but now it was straining the fabric down the leg.

"Take it out, and show us what you can do," Leah said.

Linda couldn't believe how brazen Leah was. Normally she was so sweet, but for the second time in her life, she felt like she was being controlled by the strength and confidence of this young woman. Like a spell that told her to listen to this teen's every command, and get excited from doing so.

She felt everyone in the room look on her, but all she could see was Leah's crotch. Her hands went out and touched the tight jeans. She felt the cock over the jeans, and it felt so alive. Her hands darted up to the fastening, seeing that it was all held together with buttons, she ripped wildly, making all of them burst open at once.

Knowing she must look desperate, she pulled down the jeans to the knees, taking a second look at the panty draped cock, before moving up to touch it again.

"Stop," Leah called, grabbing hold of Linda's wrists.

Linda looked up at her, feeling like a kid being caught doing something bad.

"Do you want me to go around with the pants around my knees? Take them off all the way," Leah continued in a kind, but demanding voice.

Linda felt ashamed. She had only been thinking about the cock, and how much she wanted it. What if Leah wanted to move? Having the skinny jeans around her knees, would force her to move like a penguin. She wanted to apologize, but instead just started to pull the jeans lower, helping Leah step out of them.

"Good girl," her daughter called out.

Linda realized the others were there again. For a moment she had forgotten, lost in her excitement. She wanted to touch the cock again, but looking up at Leah she felt compelled to ask for permission first, after the previous incident.

"May I touch it?" she asked.

"Panties first," Leah answered.

Linda swallowed hard, trying to find some composure again, and then reached for the sides of the panties. They were a lot like the panties Leah had been wearing the time before, only this time yellow. Linda could clearly see the outline of the cock, pushing the fabric, as it tried to move down the leg, held in place by the panties.

As she pulled downwards, she could only look at the cock. Slowly it came into view, making her whole body tingle. When it sprang free she had to close her mouth, fearing she would start to drool otherwise. She had learned her lesson, pulling the panties all the way down, and helping Leah step out of them, but made sure to never lose eye contact with the prize dangling before her.

"Is that what you came in here for, Mrs. Sullivan?" Cindy said.

Linda hadn't noticed the girl kneeling down beside her.

"Yes," she answered, not taking her eyes away from the cock.

"Does it look as good as you remembered?" Cindy continued.

"Yes, better" Linda answered, as in trance.

"Have you been thinking about it?" Cindy continued her questions.

"Yes," Linda answered.

"A lot?" Cindy asked.

"A lot," Linda confessed.

"I could tell. Sarah and Pauline, look at the inside of her legs," Cindy said.

Linda heard the two girls move about, but she couldn't stop staring at the strong female cock. She could guess what they were looking at. When Cindy mentioned it, she could feel it herself. Her pussy was dripping, and it was all running down her leg. She couldn't do anything about it, she hadn't been this excited since she was their age.

"Wow, Mom. I knew you would bend over for big cocks, but this is taking it to a new level of sluttiness," Sarah said.

"I'm not a slut," Linda said, trying to sound convincing.

"Did you come in here without your panties on, Mrs. Sullivan?" Cindy continued her questions.

"Yes," Linda admitted.

"Because you wanted that massive tool to have quick access to your juicy little pussy?" Cindy went on.

Not only that, she thought. I wanted her to get hard from seeing I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Yes," she answered after a short pause.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Linda wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to devour that cock. She wanted Leah to toss her on the bed and hammer her like she had the first time. Still she sat there, just looking at the beautiful rod, trying to not think that her daughter, and two of her friends, was about to see her devote herself to pleasing the teen futanari.

"Are you going to let Cindy do what you talked about earlier?" Pauline asked. "Because if you do, I am starting to think I want a taste to."

"Oh, that will absolutely happen. Linda will not mind at all, as long as she gets to suck my cock," Leah said confidently.

Linda didn't know what they were talking about, but her mouth started to water at the prospect of having the thing in her mouth.

"May I suck it," Linda asked politely.

"If you suck it, you are giving the girls consent to taste your pussy, or anything else they want to taste of you. After me and Sarah told them how good your pussy is, they have been wanting to have some too. Especially Cindy. Are you going to be a good mother and suck my cock?" Leah said.

Linda tried to focus on what Leah was saying, but as Leah spoke she also grabbed her cock, and started to swing it in a circle. She didn't care about the conditions. She was already doing so many things that were so wrong. Things no mother should ever do. It didn't matter what else happened, no matter how depraved or shameful, as long as she could have that beautiful hard cock.

She wanted to kiss it. She wanted to lick it all over to make Leah feel extra good, but just as she was about to start doing that, a big glob of clear fluid appeared on the voluminous head. Without thinking, her mouth fell open and mid circle, she swallowed the swaying cock head in her mouth. She sucked eagerly, her mouth filling up with the taste of precum. She loved it. She loved the taste, and how the perfect head filled her mouth. She wasn't an experienced cocksucker, but now, on her knees, she knew she loved sucking gigantic futanari cock.

As she started to suck the grand cock, her body entered horniness overdrive again. For days, she had needed this. Needed to be with Leah again. Needed to feel the strength of her marvelous phallus. Her hands flew up, first grabbing hold of the member, but as she started to move her mouth, her hands also started to work.

A soft moan from Leah spurred her on even further. She loved making the teen girl feel good. It was only fair since Leah hadn't only made her feel good, but changed her whole person with the pleasure. She sucked harder, wanting to hear more of the young woman's moans.

Suddenly Linda felt something being pressed against her pussy, her instinct was to try and take the cock out of her mouth, and turn around, but a hand on her head holding her in place, stopped her from doing so. She looked up, cock in mouth, seeing Leah looking down at her. Further movement around her pussy, made her wince in pleasure. She locked eyes with Leah as she tried to think what was going on back there.

Could it be one of the other girls doing it? It felt like a face, fully stuck in there. She was so wet. She figured the poor young girl must have pussy juice all over her face now. She wondered who it was. It would be bad if it was her daughter, doing such lewd things in front of her friends, but it might be worse if it was one of the other two.

How would she explain that she was sucking Leah's cock in front of the girls, letting one of them suck her pussy, when the whole point of this arrangement was to stop the girls from taking part in devious acts? In a way she felt that the whole arrangement had failed, when she had first taken care of Leah, as it had led to her daughter getting ravished by Leah's mother, but now she was dragging other girls into it too. Certainly, the other mothers would be appalled by her behavior, but it felt so very good that she knew it couldn't be stopped.

"Wow, Mom, you are juicing up her face," Sarah said.

Linda sucked harder, stroking faster with her hands, still eyes locked with Leah. Since her daughter just spoke, it meant it was either Cindy or Pauline being face deep in her pussy. One of her daughter's friends was eating her out while she was choking on another one. She was the worst mother ever, but instead of stopping, it just made her even more horny. Her daughter had said she was juicing her friend's face up, and Linda knew it was about to get even wetter.

Her mind was going blank as the orgasm started to overtake her body. Leah's hand on her head kept her mouth impaled on the cock. Her butt jutted out, making the young girl's face and tongue, push further into her pussy. She felt so depraved. That she was the only woman in the world that would do something this naughty, and love it. Her hands clung to the powerful cock, needing to hold it, in order to not collapse, as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss was shaking her very being.

"Wow, she came. When you said that your mother was a complete slut, I didn't know she was this bad," she heard a voice say. It sounded like Pauline. "Can I have a taste now?" the voice continued.

Linda was trying to regain her composure the best she could, still holding Leah's big cock in her mouth. She couldn't believe she had just came in front of her daughter and three of her daughter's friends. Maybe there was some truth in them calling her a slut, even if the thought made her appalled. Even if she had just come, sucking on a big cock while having her pussy licked, it didn't mean she was a slut. She was a woman and a mother, and even if years of pent up horniness had made her go a little wild now, it wasn't the same as being a slut.

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