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Pleasure Arises


My red, high heeled shoes played their delicious staccato on the waxed tile floor, and I could feel my skirt riding up to hug my round little ass as I was slinking toward the elevator. My fingers met the pliable cool of a button, and with a monotonous ding, the lights began to taunt me in slow non-compliance. I was more than a bit nervous about meeting with the CEO of the company, and I could feel my pulse building. After a few palpably slow minutes, there was a clanging, and the door opened. I stepped into the elevator, and was distracted by the solid presence of a man in the corner.

He was an incredible specimen, tall and broad shouldered, with chestnut hair and smoky, hazel shaded eyes. His suit was tailored divinely, snugly encasing his dignified brawn. His arms and legs looked so powerful; I thought to myself that he must ride like a Clydesdale.

We were alone in the heavy steel gray of the elevator shaft. The hum of its rising was like a dull vibrator, and I closed my eyes for a second in the sweet exhilaration of fantasy. It felt so good to cease thinking of the interview for a moment. The very smoothness of my long, shapely, bare legs rubbing skin on skin started to tantalize me.

Soon, I began to detect this stranger's weighty gaze as it moved up my calves to my thighs, and over the taper of my waist to my full, firm set of 36D breasts, which were straining against my taut, silky blouse. His intent stare seemed to warm my nipples with its electricity, and they stiffened, outlined in the thin, shimmery cloth.

Just as my eyelashes began to flutter open, the elevator bumped to a resounding, and abrupt stop. My eyes flashed open to pitch blackness. I could feel my heart, and my pussy lips, throbbing.

I knew that the handsome man had moved closer in the darkness, but I quivered when his warm, strong hand reached my creamy thigh. I pulled back, bumping into the thick wall of the elevator car. My skirt caught on the hand rail and ground up even higher. He thrust his fist up my skirt and yanked off my soft, white panties. Forcefully, yet without a word, he pushed me to my knees in front of him. Struck with a pang of indignant fear, I started to cry out, but was stifled by my own wet panties, now commingled with his slick saliva, for he had been licking the thin film of their interior, and coating his tanned, chiseled face in the scent of my sex.

Now able to breathe only through my nose, I took in a long, deep drag of his hot musk. He brought his exposed erection centimeters from my face, and I longed to encompass it in my mouth, despite myself. My eyes lolled back as he rubbed his juicy globs of precum into the softly moisturized skin of my face. He heard me moan, muffled by the sweet taste of my damp pussy juices. He teased the material across my tongue, watching me savor it, stroking his elongated prick in my face with his other hand.

He slowly removed the gag, and I did not try to cry out--I buried my mouth down on his rod, until I could nuzzle at his balls. He groaned, the first sound that he had made, and I realized that I was pleased. I slurped up and down on his cock like the most delicious lollipop... He just seemed to heat and expand, and grow wetter, and saltier...

Soon, I was purring, rubbing my pink little tongue around his head and shaft. I was sucking him so intensely; I could feel his orgasm building up.

When he was dripping with lubrication, and quivering in my throat, he withdrew, almost weary with disbelief at my hunger for him. I reached out my tongue helplessly, not wanting to stop without a mouthful of cum. He stepped slowly back, making me crawl for him. When he had me leaning forward all the way, he stopped me, and set his boiling balls upon my face. I writhed with excitement, and started to tongue them in wild abandon.

He reached down and fondled my gorgeous melons, pinching up my aroused nipples between his fingers. I tugged softly at his short, curly hair with my teeth, and he plunged his cock down the scooped neckline of my blouse, cupping and clasping my breasts around it. He squeezed and kneaded them, as I rocked back and forth on my knees, his wet member making loud slurps and smacks as it disappeared in and out of my mountainous cleavage.

He began a crescendo of grunts in rhythm, and I was sure that I would soon receive the decadent cum bath that I so lustily craved. My pussy was aching, and I began fingering and rubbing at it ...When the lights came on, in a fluttering surge, and the elevator resumed its ascension. We slid apart, and both stood up, almost guiltily... but his eyes blazed down at the beautiful, abstract stripes of his fluids on my protruding tits, and I looked down at his rigid, bulging cock, aimed at me as if it had so much purpose.

...My eyes met his with a sultry, seductive glance, and I reached over to press the "stop" button. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him against me in a passionate, tonguey kiss, feeling his long member slide between my waiting ass cheeks as it pulsed on the frantic bud of my clit. Our tongues licked and bathed together in the taste of our arousal, and its products. He trailed down my neck, sucking intermittently, as he lifted me with his muscular arms to prop me on the corner of the rail.

I let out a pleading moan, and he responded with a swift, fluid thrust, hitting his mark like a Bull's Eye, popping his round, hot head into my cunt. I gasped, and tried to wriggle his shaft inside of me. He held me up effortlessly, but he had much more impressive muscle control elsewhere... He flexed his mighty cock, and wrenched open my tiny pussy to sheathe its enormous girth. My body tensed, in the ecstasy of being penetrated, and he started to pant as he speared me over and over and over again.

He grabbed onto the rail, and bore down into me, burying his meat so that his head was grating against my cervix, and his nuts were grinding at my clit simultaneously. I began to shudder from my pussy walls out, in a quaking ripple. I came around him, squealing tremulously, clutching him in my depths.

"Ohhhhhh..... OHHHHHHHHHH......."

I had never felt so full in my life. I sighed breathily as I was spent. He looked me straight in the eye, with a steamy sort of determination, and continued to fuck me. He pounded me, he rammed his greedy tool up my sensitive little tunnel, relentlessly thrusting with his whole body. I dug my claws into his back as his steel muscles tensed.

I screamed, and quivered in tiny aftershocks of orgasmic lust.

With a surmounting push, his cock exploded in torrents of seed. He kept cumming and cumming, over-flooding me with thick, creamy jizz. He drew his head out with a slick pop, and ejaculated the last spurt like a jetstream onto my clit, making it buzz with pleasure again.

He slid me down off the railing, kissing me tenderly, and running his fingers through my hair, getting his frothy and abundant syrup in its sleek, auburn waves. I began to panic, and sought out my watch. I had missed my appointment by half an hour, and I was rumpled, and saturated with cum.

The stranger watched with bemusement, and tucked away his content member, as I battled between the fret and satisfaction in my mind. He restarted the elevator, and I scarcely had time to smooth my make-up before its door re-opened upon the lobby.

He picked my underwear up off of the floor, and crammed them eagerly into his suitcoat pocket. He took my tongue in one last lingering kiss, and then tucked something into my strainingly full bra as he hurried out.

I closed my eyes, and breathed in the vapor of our hot fucking. I pulled the stiff object from my bust, and open my eyes to read a business card:

"Darren Charleston, C.E.O."

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