tagLesbian SexPleasure in Control Ch. 10

Pleasure in Control Ch. 10


This is part of a longer story and you'll enjoy reading it much more if you've read my earlier chapters.

* * * * *

I rang Kirsten's doorbell at exactly 8:00 pm as agreed, with mixed feelings of both excitement and anticipation. I'd fallen asleep after lunch, a combination of mental tiredness and three large glasses of Shiraz, and had felt confused and disorientated when I woke at 6:30. I'd showered and washed my hair, towel-drying it and piling it roughly on top of my head. Then I'd carefully shaved my pussy, knowing it was to be the centre of attention that evening. I'd dressed in a matching set of pale blue satin front-fastening bra with light padding, and skimpy briefs with a tantalising cut-out, that I had bought in my early days at Passionella. I knew it was one of Kirsten's favourites and my newly-gym-firmed boobs swelled beautifully from between its plunge cups. I wore a crushed cotton blouse reminiscent of the 80's New Romantics and a wrap-over skirt; I fiddled with its waistband as I stood nervously outside Kirsten's door.

Kirsten opened the door wide with a flourish and waved me in. Her living room was lit by the late evening sun and the sweet smell of incense filled the air. She'd laid out a light meal with soft drinks and she invited me to choose some music. The atmosphere felt just like going round to a school-days boyfriend's house knowing his parents were out for the evening. But this was different. Kirsten had become my best friend if not my lover and we were very close. This was to be my initiation into a new area of sex. The anticipation was exhilarating and my pussy was already twitching.

Kirsten was talking to me but I wasn't listening.

"Kirsten, I just can't wait, I'm so excited. Instead of 'beautiful seduction', can we do 'ready and willing'?"

Kirsten laughed and pushed me backwards onto the sofa. I squealed and put up token resistance but Kirsten pinned my arms back above my head. I struggled and my skirt fell open. Kirsten let go of my wrists and dragged the material off me, revealing my panties. "Oh, Julie, you remembered!" she purred. Then, to my shock and delight, she grabbed the lapels of my blouse and ripped it open, cascading buttons onto the sofa.

I'd have grabbed her around the waist and pulled her on top of me of she hadn't stood up to remove her own clothes. She pulled the hem of her short dress up over her head in one swift movement to reveal her small but beautiful body seductively encased in one of Passionella's finest bodystockings. Her swollen areolae pressed forward in two delightful rounded peaks and her pussy disappeared in a dark lycra-clad triangle at the top of her firm, silken thighs.

"Kirsten, you look stunning" I complimented. I just want to hold you against me and feel your warmth."

"Julie, you know we can't. I'm sorry, but we must adhere to the company rules. LDT. But remember why you're here. To break down barriers. If we can release Linda from her prison, perhaps she'll relax the rules. OK?"

It wasn't OK at all but I nodded in reluctant agreement.

Kirsten walked across the room and opened the drawer beside her bed. My pussy jumped as I remembered what I had found there several months before as Kirsten removed a familiar-looking box. She handed it to me saying: "It's your night tonight - you choose."

I took the box with trembling hands and opened the lid. Inside were some of the most beautifully crafted objects imaginable. Two I recognised; a long, shining gold phallus which was obviously a vibrator as it had a knurled adjusting ring at the blunt end, and a heavy translucent silicon-rubber dildo which tapered to a blunt, rounded point at one end. There was also a long clear glass dildo similar to the one I'd included in my Terri story, but with a curved end. I laid them out on the bed and lifted out a layer of tissue paper to reveal a bright shiny chrome sculpture. It appeared to be made from a succession of spheres, each joined to the next one and each slightly larger than the one before. The first was no larger than a small grape. I ran my hands over the full length of the object, counting each sphere and feeling its shape and size in my hands. Number ten, the last, was nearly the size of a tennis ball.

As I familiarised myself with its smooth texture, I realised that the connecting joints between successive balls had a degree of movement, allowing me to bend the toy at any point along its length, or to straighten it to its full length of around 12 inches.

I looked at Kirsten. "Surely you can't get this into ..."

"I don't know, sweetie, I've not dared try it yet. I bought it over the internet from a specialist e-shop and I'm keeping it for a special occasion. But I think that's too advanced for you. I suggest you try the dildo. Trust me"

Kirsten placed the silicon dildo in a bowl or warm water whilst we nibbled at a few pastries she'd bought, but neither of us had any appetite. In contrast to the rough way in which she'd undressed me earlier, Kirsten tenderly unfastened my bra at the front and slipped it carefully back over my arms. She laid me back on cushions and pillows and I shamelessly lifted my legs so she could pull off my pants. Kirsten sighed with delight when she saw my naked, shaven mound and admired my exposed temple for a moment.

Holding the warm dildo with both hands, Kirsten looked down at me again. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" she asked.

"Kirsten, I just can't wait. I'm so excited, it's like joining an exclusive club."

I watched as Kirsten smoothed some lubricating gel onto the glossy rod, taking her time to ensure all the surfaces were coated. She knelt on the floor at the foot of her bed and I pulled up my knees, spreading them wide apart. I felt the moistness of my vagina as it peeled open, and the cool air on my smooth mound. My heart was pounding as Kirsten leant forward and I felt her rest her elbows on the bed between my feet.

Kirsten touched the tip of the dildo against my perineum, just an inch below my vagina, and all five of my senses were assaulted with an intense combination of feelings. The sight of the translucent object as it disappeared between my legs. The taste of my dry lips as I rasped my tongue over them, trying to replace the moisture evaporated by my heavy breathing. The smell of my intense natural sexual aroma and my perspiration breaking out on my torso, arms, legs and forehead. The glorious squelching sound of the freshly-applied lubricant mixing with my own oozing juices. And the touch. Oh, the TOUCH! The intense feeling of that small, rounded tip as Kirsten made delicate contact with my soft skin. The warmth of the rubber, slightly higher in temperature than my delicate, willing flesh. The smoothness of the dildo's surface and the slight, steady pressure that Kirsten applied. I cried out with pleasure and a kind of release that the first step had been taken, but in the certain knowledge that the fun had only just begun.

Kirsten pulled the tip away and looked up at me. "Nice?" she enquired.

"Again," I sighed by way of an answer.

I waited for what felt like an eternity (Kirsten was not going to rush this) and eagerly anticipated the imminent contact between my pussy and its invited guest. Kirsten touched its tip against me again and I flinched, pushing my mound towards the source of my pleasure, but Kirsten pulled away.

"Bitch!" I growled. Kirsten smiled; she knew the battle was already won.

She pressed its tip against my perineum for a third time and the feeling was so intense that I felt a fresh wave of lubricant well up in my tunnel and trickle down to the very point where the toy made contact.

Kirsten took advantage and spread the natural lube with the tip of the dildo, describing small circles, each one just a little closer to my open pussy. Next she ran its tip slowly up and down the length of one of my inner labial lips, then she did the same along the other one, up, pause, then down. She repeated this a few times and the feelings were exquisite. I could tell that my vagina was wide open and ready to welcome in its first foreign body.

"Oh Kirsten, push it inside me now, please," I pleaded. "Don't tease me. How am I supposed to know what it feels like if you won't put it where it belongs!"

"But Julie, this is your training," Kirsten reminded me, continuing: "Remember, you won't be able to rush Linda. She has 16 years of pent-up anguish to overcome."

I knew full well, but I was in ecstasy. Kirsten continued her journey of discovery.

"How does this feel?" she asked. Stupid question. She stood the dildo vertically upwards and rested the side of it against my labia, but not allowing the tip to touch my clit. I rocked my hips to try to make contact with my pleasure-button but Kirsten matched my movements so I couldn't achieve my aim. "Greedy!" she teased, and pulled it away. I tensed my pelvic floor muscles to concentrate the feelings where they were most needed and I steeled myself for what might happen next.

Kirsten rested the dildo against my labia again and lowly slid it up and down repeatedly. She started to count the strokes. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - and on 7 she tipped it horizontally and pushed its narrow tip gently against the entrance to my vagina.

I gasped and spread my legs wider, waiting for her to push it inside me.

But no.

Instead, she started again, sliding its slippery length up and down between my labia.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - and on 7 she pushed it a little further into the entrance to my vagina, its tapered point gently opening the gateway to my inner sanctum.

Once again she counted and once again I felt its slippery length rub against my pussy. By now, my labial lips were so swollen and sensitive and Kirsten's teasing technique was so effective that she had me dangling on a thread.

Again, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. I was becoming delirious and I was rocking my pelvis to match Kirsten's rhythm to intensify the feelings.

Then she stopped.

I stopped.

I waited.


This time she slid the dildo smoothly and effortlessly over half way into my open, waiting vagina. I cried out in pleasure and also from the release, the joy that finally she had pushed that beautiful object right where I wanted it.

Clever Kirsten. By spinning out the foreplay, far from being nervous about having a sex toy inside me for the first time, I was actually crying out for it. So when it happened it wasn't threatening, or painful, or unwelcome. No, I wanted it. I needed it inside me, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Fuck me, Kirsten, fuck me," I demanded. "Fuck my cunt with that beauty, babe. Do it to me."

Kirsten withdrew its length and held it with the tip at my entrance. I took a deep breath and she pushed it back inside me, a little further this time.

"Oh yes, babe, yes," I cried out.

Kirsten developed a steady rhythm, each time pushing the dildo in slowly but smoothly, and withdrawing it slightly quicker. I locked onto the timing and savoured the feelings. But after the initial excitement, the feelings reached a plateau.

"Oh Kirsten, I want to come, but its not going to work."

"I know, Julie, our pussy walls are really not that sensitive. Most of the pleasure you're experiencing is in your mind - you want to feel good. Most women can't climax just from vaginal stimulation. Did you ever come just from a man thrusting his penis into you?"

I shook my head.

"No, me neither."

And I thought it was only me, all those years.

Kirsten knew exactly what I needed. She withdrew the dildo and placed the tip just below my navel; 'Why should she do that?' I wondered.

Then she started to draw a line of small circles down my belly. My abdominal muscles tightened involuntarily; I looked down and my tummy looked flatter and sexier that I could ever remember. And Kirsten's eyes looked sexy too as she looked up at me from under her eyebrows from her position between my feet.

It didn't take me long to realise where this vertical line would end and I closed my eyes in expectation. When Kirsten reached my shaven mound, an inch or so above my clit, she slowed down. The dildo was wet with my vaginal lube and Kirsten smeared my own juices over my smooth flesh making it slippery. Her movements became easier and more sensual and she held the dildo's narrow tip against me very lightly so I could hardly feel its touch. I had to concentrate hard to track its inexorable journey downwards until finally I felt it enter the top of my pussy slit, over the smooth, inner surface and up onto my clit hood. 'Oh no, here it comes', I thought to myself.

Kirsten touched the small tip of her dildo against my pink, swollen clit and I shouted an obscenity. My instincts told me to either pull away or to press my clit against it, but I maintained my self-control and allowed Kirsten to continue. She held the tip against my bud for a moment, then started to move it. Holding the dildo like an expensive fountain pen, she drew small rings around my clit. Every few seconds she changed direction, then she made tiny figures-of-eight. She moved it up and down and from side to side and she made quiet cooing noises of encouragement.

I needed no encouragement. In fact, I was holding back, savouring every moment, until I could hold on no longer and I let go.

When my beautiful orgasm arrived I was submerged in deep, intensely wonderful feelings, a warm glow of satisfying pleasure that spread from my pussy up to my rock-hard nipples and back down again. I moaned and squeezed my thighs together, trapping Kirsten's hand, to extract every last drop of enjoyment form the experience. I flopped back on the cushions and relaxed.

"Kirsten," I mused, after I had recovered my composure, slipped my bra and pants back on and downed a large glass of orange juice that my lover had passed to me. "You may find this surprising, but that's the first time that someone else has brought me to orgasm, I mean by masturbating me."

"But Julie, you said that you'd never come from penetrative sex."

I nodded.

"But didn't your male partners bring you off in other ways, before or after sex if not during?"

I shook my head.

"Bastards!" she half-whispered, half-growled.

"Really," I confirmed, "I've masturbated myself so many, many times but no-one else has ever done it for me, till now. Not that I can compare myself to Linda, it's just that no-one else has ever really cared about me enough to do what you just did. Thanks, Babe."

Kirsten smiled.

I walked over to the sofa to pick up my clothes when Kirsten surprised me. "No, sweetie. We haven't finished yet."

"But I've enjoyed myself so much already and now I want to ..."

Kirsten stopped me short. "You didn't come here to enjoy yourself, you came to learn. Sit down where you are, on the sofa. You haven't tried the vibrator yet."

Half of me said I was tired and wanted to go home to sleep but the other half was eager to experience new sensations. How could I find the right way to break down Linda's barriers if I hadn't experienced the feelings myself? Kirsten was right, that's what I was there for.

I lay back on the sofa and tried to relax. Linda pushed a couple of cushions under my bum to raise me higher and picked up her toy-box; she removed the shiny gold vibrator and held it up for me to see. "This is a fairly common buzz that you can buy in the high-street of most cities these days," explained Kirsten in a matter-of-fact way. She passed it to me. "Here, switch it on. You just twist the base."

I took the golden rod in a trembling hand and felt its size and weight. I turned the switch with my free hand and it purred into life almost silently. I experimented with the variable-speed then switched it off, offering it back to Kirsten.

"No, you try it," instructed my teacher. "Hold it against your face first to get used to the feeling."

I did and it sent a pleasant feeling through my cheek. I ran it down the side of my face and onto my neck, which felt very relaxing. I settled my bum deeper into the cushions and enjoyed the sensations as I massaged my neck and shoulder muscles, trying different speeds and pressures.

"It does feel good, thanks," I remarked, handing it back to Kirsten.

Again, she declined to take it from me, instead making more suggestions. I ran it along my arms and upper chest then looked up at Kirsten.

"Go on," she said, "it will feel great on your boobs."

I was rather hoping that Kirsten would say that. I turned the vibrator to medium speed and placed it in my cleavage where my breasts swelled proudly between my bra-cups. I squeezed my boobs together with my hands to hold it in place and felt the lovely vibrations transmitted through my fingers and the palms of my hands, through the light padding of the bra to my nipples.

I removed the vibrator from its nest and turned down the speed. "Shall I?" I asked my mentor.

She knew exactly what I meant. "Yes, of course. It'll feel terrific."

It did. I unclipped the front fastening of my pale-blue satin bra and placed the tip of the vibrator first on one nipple then on the other. They grew and hardened quickly until they were engorged and wonderfully sensitive. I had to pull away but Kirsten understood and passed me her tube of slippery gel. I applied a generous amount to each fiery pink bud and massaged it over each areola with my fingertip for longer than I needed to.

"Oh, strawberry!" I exclaimed, smelling the lubricant but resisting the temptation to suck my finger.

I turned the switch again and ran the tip of the vibrator around and over and on each nipple in turn and became immersed in the glorious slippery, tingly feelings. I was becoming turned on again and my tiredness had gone. My pussy was waking up and starting to draw attention to itself.

Reluctantly, I abandoned my nipples and Kirsten took the humming toy from me, suggesting: "Let me give you a little tuition." She sat cross-legged in front of the sofa and, anticipating what was to come next, I spread my thighs wide apart. My delicate satin panties stretched tight across my pussy.

Kirsten placed the tip of the vibrator onto my bare flesh just above the top edge of my panties. She ran it back and forth across my tummy, tracing the neat stitching of the waistband (if you could call it that since it sat much, much lower than my waist).

She teasingly prodded me through the little cut-out design in my pants, just above my mound. It felt good, but not as good as what came next. Kirsten pointed the toy downwards and very delicately slid it over the blue satin that offered little protection against its vibrations. I pressed my hands down on the sofa to steady myself and lift my bum off the seat. I shuddered as Kirsten ran the length of the humming rod over my pussy; she held it there for a few seconds whilst it transmitted its tiny oscillations through the material into the full length of my widening slit, then took it away.

"Good?" she asked.

I let out a long, wavering sigh.


I nodded.

Kirsten placed the vibrator on my pussy again and I felt my labia opening wider.

"Stop, please." I begged, fearing that my clit would peep out from its shroud and make contact, "I don't think I can take it".

I sat bolt upright with my knees together, like a prim maid.

Kirsten switched off the toy and passed it to me "Here, hold it up" she instructed, and smeared lube onto the end of the vibrator. Then she took hold of the two narrow side straps of my pants and pulled then down my legs. "Oh, no, please, ... I don't want you to ..." I moaned, putting up only token resistance. Kirsten lifted my feet straight out in front of me so she could pull them off.

Now I'd lost my final layer of defence; I couldn't back out now so I opened my legs and closed my eyes, wondering where Kirsten would start my tuition.

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