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Pleasure in Paradise



Barclay's Islands

I stepped up to the bar located at the entrance of the resort; I was visiting the Barclay's partially for business and partially for holiday, but most of all I was very thirsty for a drink whilst I waited for the restaurant to open for dinner.

"I don't need a drink Thank-you." Said the blue eyed brunette next to me.

I started to chuckle, I was of Dutch-Caribbean background on an English island, with caramel coloured skin I didn't much resemble the much darker staff.

She turned to me and blushed. "You don't work here?"

"I'm friend's with the resort owner's son." I said grinning.

My ordered my drink, and things went quiet between us. When she took a sip from her glass I used it as an excuse to look her up and down, hopefully without her noticing. She wore a tight dark shirt and grey caprice, not the sort of clothing you'd wear in the tropics, but it was evening.

She was petite, and her pale white skin told me that she hadn't been at the resort very long. Although I glanced at her briefly I could see that her curves were very nice, they gave the impression that she was very busty.

My drink arrived, and she spoke up. "I recognize you now."

"Have we met before?" I asked.

"Not really." She declared. "But you almost ran me down on the beach!"

I smiled in response as she kept speaking, I did indeed run up and down the beach with Jonathan, the resort owner's son. I had been hired to get him into shape, and teach him some weapons handling along with self-defence. I didn't much feel like telling her that, so I kept listening and watched as her eyes wandered up and down my body.

"Where did you get all those white tattoos?" She asked stopping to take a sip from her drink.

"Let's go somewhere with some better lighting, and I'll show you them." I suggested. "I warn you now that they aren't tattoos."

Her face perked up at this, and grabbing our drinks we made our way outside. As we walked side-by-side through the resort I spotted my old friend James and nodded. He saw the blue eyed lady with me and nodded in return.

She introduced herself as Mackenzie, but emphasized not to call her Mack. She was a thirty-four year old born in Oregon, but now living in Vermont. I decided that asking if she was a Green Mountain Mack was not a good idea.

The pathway we strode upon went alongside the beach, whereupon Mackenzie halted and pointed out towards a boat out on the ocean.

"That lady needs some sunscreen!" She said. "She's so white she'll get a burn even at night!"

I looked at the platinum blonde woman in a baby blue bikini, she was indeed ghostly white. In her hands she held a camera with a massive lens on the end. When she saw us waving, she quickly went below deck on her boat.

For a moment I thought the blonde woman was familiar.

"Maybe a stripper?" I thought to myself.

As we continued our stroll along the red bricked walk-way with no-one around us, our discussion started with Tinder then moved on to sex in general.

"I don't cum very easily." Mackenzie stated.

"I'm sure I could show you a big orgasm." I challenged with a smile.

She giggled at my words then stopped in her tracks to speak. "We can't go here!"

"Why not?" I asked baffled at her words.

"This is for premium guests and time-shares." She said shaking her head.

I held up my wrist with its red band and spoke. "You mean this?"

"Lead on Richie Rich!" Mackenzie said giving me a shove and laughing.

"Holy shit!" She said. "How did you pay for this? What do you do?"

"Would you believe I'm on holiday?" I said like a smart kid in the principle's office.

"Whatever." Mackenzie replied sitting of the sofa, she still seemed wide-eyed at my room.

I sat next to her and moved closer. Her big blue eyes said more than her lips could, so I moved in for a kiss.

My lips pressed against hers, and like an expert fencer, I teased, parried, then when the time was right I stabbed her with my tongue. She in return moaned softly as I pulled on her hair and pushed my pelvis into hers. When we stopped for a breath we had found ourselves missionary on the sofa.

Although we had met that very hour, we moved like a silent well-trained sniper team. Standing up we shed our clothes, I made a point of unlatching her brassiere. The first three popped off quickly and the fourth was an unexpected surprise. She giggled quietly until I had it undone, when I saw her breasts I was pleasantly impressed! They were much larger than I had expected.

Kissing we moved unto my bed, she on the bottom, and I on top. I didn't initially push my manhood into her, instead I commenced a slow dry hump. She cooed in delirium as I pressed my cock against her as we kissed deeply.

Shifting my weight, I had her legs up and my train lined up with her tunnel, our eyes locked together as I wet the head of my helmet on her juices before pulling away. I then brought it forward a second time, pushing incrementally further than before.

Mackenzie squeeze her eyes shut tightly then held her breath until I withdrew. I kissed her neck as she exhaled, then nibbled as I pressed deeper. She was lost in a distracted ecstasy as I slid in slightly, withdrew, then repeated.

When I had buried my ebony sword to the hilt I halted and waited. We stopped kissing to catch our breath. It was a timeless moment as she adjusted to the depth and girth of my locomotive parked inside her.

Then without warning I moved my hips with the power of six horses pulling a wagon. She in turn grasped my arms tightly as she tried to hold on for the ride.

When I slowed down, I finally got to have a moment to explore her beautiful bust. Her nipples were pink and erect, I licked and sucked upon one, then went to the next. Under me she moaned softly as she ran her fingers through my hair.

Sensing from her body language, that it was time for a new position, I pulled out and guided her onto all fours. Because she was so petite, I had to adjust my stance before pushing my caramelled coloured rod back inside. Her grunts as she adjusted to my girth made me smile.

I gripped her hip with one hand and with the other I took a fistful of her thick brown hair and pulled. I was certain that Mackenzie didn't cum, but I could feel her powerful feminine muscles gripping me tightly during my thrusts. This was paired with an increase of her natural lubricant.

Letting go of her hair and hip, I did a complex move, which in the martial arts realm they'd call a pancake. In the blink of an eye I knocked out her hands propping her up as I swept her knees up from under her. Mackenzie gasped in surprise, which was followed by laughter.

Her giggles however quickly subsided as I started pushing and pulling my full eight inches of rock hard black man meat in and out of her. Her moans of joy competed with the sounds of the surf coming from outside our room.

My hands initially held her wrists down, but soon I moved them up and under her armpits, then snaked them to meet behind her head, whereupon my fingers interlocked! Confused at my swift movements, Mackenzie said nothing as she sought to catch her breath. When I started fucking her again, I could feel that we were approaching that massive orgasm.

Mackenzie had her face turned to the side as our bodies continues to collide in our sweaty naked dance. I tried to kiss the side of her face, but found my kips meeting her ear lobe. She didn't notice my smooches, as she was in a state of near nirvana.

I had learned about this position that very day whilst running with Jonathan. He described it in great detail, it was entirely possible that Mackenzie could have overheard it. Regardless, she was certainly enjoying it now.

I shifted my locked hands from behind her neck to under her chest, in a few short moments I had found her nipples. Giving them a tug, I gasped in delight. Like a piston inside an engine moving up and down driving an automobile forward, my own light brown hips crashed repeatly into her smooth white buttocks. The sound of our slapping flesh filled my fancy room.

Her breasts were large and soft, her nipples hard and erect under my manipulations. Despite the air conditioning my brow was dripping sweat; I was like a shaken can of pop, ready to blow at any moment.

When I couldn't take it any longer I pulled out and leapt off of Mackenzie. Taking a fistful of hair I directed her unto her back, with her head at the end of the bed. Her pleased look told me that a good hair pull was exactly what she desired.

I stroked my obsidian coloured phallus above her face; she couldn't see this happening, her eyes were peacefully closed. When I came I bellowed a roar louder than the surf outside.

My semen spat forth like a cavalry charge, sweeping all foes before it! The large clumps of white goo materialized on her forehead, nose and left cheek. Like icing on a cake, Mackenzie looked ready to serve!

I went and soaked a cloth and slowly commenced cleaning her beautifully painted face. Mackenzie silently relaxed on her back, slowly catching her breath until I spoke up.

"I followed through on my promise." I said.

"What promise was that?" Mackenzie asked propping herself up on an elbow.

"I promised you that you'd experience a massive orgasm, and you did!" I replied with a wink.

"Huh?" She said in confused reply, then discovering my real meaning she tried to swat at me!

"You asshole!" She said finally laughing.

I laid down beside her, my still erect penis pressing against her ass, I still felt randy.

"What is that back there?" Mackenzie asked.

"I'm good to go again if you are?" I replied.

"You left me raw and sore!" She stated. "Give me a few minutes, then we'll talk."

In the moments that followed we chatted softly, then drifted off to sleep. I was in a deep dreamless rest when her phone rang loudly.

"Klerelijer!!" I hissed as I wiped the sleep from my eyes.

Mackenzie spoke into her phone before leaping up and getting dressed in a hurry! I looked up at her puzzled.

"What's with the rush?" I asked. "You're moving faster than the White Rabbit!"

"I told my friends I'd be in the lobby to meet them once they arrived from their flight!" An exasperated Mackenzie replied putting on her shoes.

"Maybe we'll have second round another time?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"What are you talking about?" Mackenzie asked with a wink. "They know my rep! I'm going say high to them, then meet you for dinner."

I smiled greatly at this.

"After dinner maybe you'll tell me more about those white tattoos?" She said before giving me a kiss and stepping out the door.

I smiled to myself as I dressed; then a thought ran through my mind. "I wonder what will happen next if I follow her down the rabbit's hole?"

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She is lucky she found him in paradise!

"She was lost in a distracted ecstasy as I slid in slightly, withdrew, then repeated." That line says everything you need to know about this story. Clever and erotic.

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