tagTransgender & CrossdressersPleasure In Plastic Panties Ch. 01

Pleasure In Plastic Panties Ch. 01


The following started as a PLImail to RubberPanties with the writing of which I became so engrossed that it became a story and in the end I never actually sent it, (so sorry RubberPanties, I hope you enjoy it now). I've tried to describe the pleasure I get from masturbating in feminine lingerie and plastic panties, so if plastic panties don't appeal to you, you may not want to read on. I think though that the enjoyment of sissy girly garments which is an integral part of the tale, means that it may have something all us panties wearing guys at PLI can relate to.


An Evening's Pleasure In Plastic Panties - Part 1

Dear RubberPanties

I have enjoyed wearing plastic panties for many years now. Although I don't have any at all the moment, I'll be ordering three pairs next week as a little Christmas present to myself. After the ones I'd had for a several years began to fall apart, the replacements I bought were too small so I consigned them to the bin too and surprisingly considering the erotic thrills I've had in plastic panties over the years, they drifted from my mind as I devoted myself to wearing and masturbating, (and also having sex with my wife), in satin and lace lingerie.

I'd had a few discussions here in PLI with others on the subject of plastic panties which stirred my interest again and after seeing your lovely pictures, I find I'm all excited about them again so I decided to send for some for Christmas. I'll just have to be sure to get to the post man before my wife every day till they're here. Thank you for reminding me once more of the erotic potential of plastic panties.

I like to take a long, long time over a play-session in plastic panties so that I can savour every moment and prolong the whole experience as much as I can, so I prefer wait until my wife is going to be away overnight. Although she's happy to encourage me in wearing satin and lace frillies and loves us both to dress for sex, she finds plastic baby panties a bit much and never agreed to me wearing them with her, so now I don't let her know when I've got them, keeping them stashed out of the way.

My first task in the evening is to remove my pubic hair if it has started to grow again, I'll apply some depilatory cream so that I'm completely naked and smooth and can enjoy the eroticism of a having a smooth bald cock, balls, bottom and perineum. Next I shower and then bathe so I'm all soft and clean and apply rose-scented perfume. This perfume always takes me back to my childhood in nappies (diapers) and plastic panties. Perhaps the plastic panties I wore as a child were impregnated with this scent, I can't say but it does strike a strong chord with me, the scent alone being sufficient to provoke an erection. I try to avoid becoming totally hard straight away as I enjoy the gradual transition from a soft thick heavy penis to full erection as the evening progresses.

When I'm thoroughly bathed I don an appropriately coloured suspender (garter if you're American) belt and seamed sheer nylons, (sometimes fishnets). The suspenders I favour are satin with broad gathered lace trim along the edges and down the length of the straps, I adore the fine tickly sensation of gathered lace on my fingertips and palms, it's such a turn on. I can't imagine why only girls should be allowed to wear frothy lace underwear when it's really supposed to excite us guys, it seems only natural to me that we should be aroused by wearing it too.

The static charge generated as I roll the black nylon stockings up and over my legs is delicious. Although my cock, balls and bottom are smooth and bare I keep my legs unshaven. This may seem strange but the contrast of the strong, masculine musculature and luxuriant soft black hair of my legs with the silky, girlish lingerie and my plastic baby panties is tremendously exciting for me. I strike some poses in the mirror in my stockings and suspenders, my legs are very shapely and I can well believe the story that the hosiery modelled in adverts is usually being worn by a man (though of course they must have shaven legs), as a sleekly muscled male leg in sheer nylon stockings is for me most definitely a strikingly erotic sight. The act of clipping the stocking tops to my suspenders is itself another little thrill for me, confirming that they're to be worn for long enough that this sometimes tricky operation will be worth the trouble.

The view when I look over my shoulder, of my sleekly rounded bum framed by the frilly straps of my suspender belt makes me feel wonderfully horny. I bend forward so I can see my taut and heavy balls beneath my bottom. Mmmmmmmm so lovely. I always try hard not to ejaculate for four or five days when I'm planning a plastic panties session, so that my balls will be tight and smooth and aching for days beforehand. Not only are they a sexier sight, they're much more sensitive to even the lightest of touches. In the days leading up to a plastic panties play session, I adore the constant reminders sent out from my aching groin. the little lurches and shooting sensations from cock through perineum to anus that tell me that I'm building up a big load of sperm just calling out to be released. To be going about my day-to-day business, experiencing the continual delicious ache from my knees to my belly is quite wonderful and I'm rewarded with a semi or sometimes fully erect cock at the oddest moments in the day. When I do eventually allow myself release, I know that I'll have such a lot of semen stored up that my spasms will be very long and very full and quite, quite wonderfully rewarding.

Over my stockings I wear little white lacy anklets or ankle socks which also excite me tremendously. These sexy little socks are surely only made in adult sizes to excite and provoke sexual desire in whoever is wearing them or admiring them being worn. (I do know someone whom I find very attractive, who owns some of these too and we flirt terribly whenever we meet but that's another story),

During my dress-up sessions I like to wear a flouncy pastel coloured (baby-blue or pale yellow being my favourites), translucent satin babydoll nightie with big lace frills round the bottom hem and puffy half length sleeves with an elasticated and frilled edge half way to my elbow. My babydolls are all very short coming just to hip level, so that when I'm wearing one it allows a clear view of my panties and suspender straps below

Now I select whichever pastel coloured plastic panties will match my suspenders and babydoll, (I usually have white and pink as as well as pale blue and pale yellow plastic panties. For the purposes of this little tale I'll be wearing baby blue). I always wear cloudy or translucent plastic panties so I can see the loveliness they provoke within. Opaque panties feel fine but they tend to be thicker and I can see nothing through them, tsk tsk! I'm not so keen on the clear transparent ones either, perhaps because they're not really babyish enough, so I've never owned any of these. I always buy pull-up panties, elasticated all round the waist and legs. The stretchy freedom of wearing these is much more exciting than the pop-stud plastic panties I've seen and which also don't appeal to me. I take some time fingering and smelling my panties and running them slowly across my chest and belly and face, up and down my thighs and along the length of my uncut cock which is by now thickening and becoming sensitive to the lightest touch. I take such tremendous delight in the perversity in which I'm about indulge.

I love the little puckers into which the elastic at the waist and legs draws the plastic of my panties, it's delightful. I draw my fingers into and down the little folds, stretching and smoothing them out and watching entranced as they immediately pucker up again with the passing of my fingers. I stretch and release the panties, marvelling at their smooth milky texture, teasing my nose and lips and cheeks with the yielding plastic fabric. I inhale the lovely smell, always rose scented and no matter how well I wash them at the end of an evening, the aroma of sex can always be detected, even if only faintly. I marvel at the soft crackling that emanates from the plastic as I touch and fondle them, my cock stiffens some more.

Now, checking first that they're the right way around, I hold the panties out in front of me and insert first one stockinged, frilly-socked foot and then the other into the leg holes. I draw them upward pausing and stretching my toes when my feet emerge, admiring the lacy frills of my white ankle socks contrasting with and complimenting the crinkly plastic garment. As the panties reach mid-calf level, the sheer black nylon of my stockings is revealed above the little socks.

There is simply no practical need for anyone to wear these frilly little socks with stockings, that's part of what thrills me so about wearing them. As I said, the only reason for them, is to provoke sexual pleasure in the wearer and in anyone else lucky enough to view them being worn. To combine these delightfully frilly little things with smooth stretchy nylon stockings is so completely unnecessary as to be just a perfect statement of sexual perversity. To anyone observing, it says, "I'm wearing these because they arouse me, I hope they arouse you too."

At the same time as my panties reach mid-calf level, I feel the light pressure that the tension of the elasticated leg openings begins to exert on my legs. Ohhhh it's so delicious. My cock twitches in anticipation. I spread my legs slightly to stretch the panties a little, feeling the increased sensation of the waist and leg elastic on the outside of my calves. The feeling transfers to the inner surface as I relax again. I move the panties gently side to side around my lower legs, repeating the delicate caress again and again. Now I slide the leg openings fractionally up and down my legs, gradually inching the panties up to my knees, thrilling at the variable caress I can give myself by manipulating the elasticated legs to and fro.

When they're round my knees I pause to admire myself in the mirror. My, what a strange and erotic sight! A handsome slender man with his cock nearly fully erect, dressed in a pale blue ruffled, silky baby doll nightie and sheer black stockings and frothy satin suspender belt, lovely girly little white anklets adorning my feet, pale blue plastic panties bunched loosely around my knees. Oh divine!

From knee to mid-thigh is another long drawn out journey of delight for me. Coaxing the plastic panties up and down my toned athletic legs, the gentle embrace of the leg elastic transferring to my skin through the sheer black nylon of my stockings. The rustling of the plastic fabric is music to me, so provocative, so full of promise. So strange yet so very, very welcome and desirable.

Now the panties pass the bands at the tops of my stockings and the elastic within the legs and waist caresses my bare thighs, oh so sensual!! What a delight to feel their gentle gripping of my skin. I tease them up and down, rotating them slightly to enjoy the caress of my panties moving in a new direction. My cock is hard now, eagerly anticipating the touch of the plastic panties. I admire myself in the full length mirror turning this way and that with my plastic panties mid thigh and my tight little balls and glistening member quivering just above. What a sexy perverted creature I muse, so welcoming so appreciative I am of my own sexual desires.

Finally I ease the panties to my crotch. I cradle then caress my balls through the slick shiny fabric, marvelling at how smooth and tight they feel, how perfectly wonderful the sensation of my hard flesh touched through filmy smooth plastic. I cup my balls in one hand through the plastic and stretch the seat behind me up and over my buttocks, Oh God, I could almost explode where I stand such is the delight with which I then stroke and caress my plastic covered bottom with my hard-on still poking over the elastic at the front.. I stretch the rustling garment out in front so that as I look down from above, the waist elastic extends beyond the end of my now engorged and rigid member, bobbing up at an angle to my hard belly.

I now ease the plastic panties fully up to my waist and gently allow my penis to contact the soft baby plastic it so desires. Heaven.... To be encased in big soft plastic baby panties is such a delightful sensation for me I find it difficult to express. All my nerves are alive to the touch of the garment, my ears attuned to the soft rustling as I move, my nose is filled with the aroma of Rose perfume, though not yet by the added scent of warm vinyl.

Turning this way and that I strike different poses in the mirror, presenting my body for my own delectation. I feel so good dressed in my frilly nylon babydoll nightie, provocative stockings and suspenders and of course my saucy little anklets. I look over my shoulder and marvel at the loose puffy folds of the plastic panties on my bottom, visible through the translucent smoky blue plastic. I bend forward so the plastic panties tauten over my buttocks which thrust brazenly and seductively backwards, just begging to be fondled. Naturally I do so, cupping the smooth plastic shrouded globes in my palms, sliding them around and around on my receptive skin feeling the delicious warmth of my flesh beginning to seep through the plastic fabric. My perineum, so sensitive to touch, so smooth so lovely. Oh ...... it's all so very, very good

Turning round I admire the sight of my panties, big and puffy around my protruding member nestling so beautifully within. My un-circumcised penis when erect is of average length, about seven inches, but it is wonderfully thick and sturdy, a quality which is appreciated when I happen to be penetrating a partner. I love my penis and have often wished I could take it in my mouth but sadly, however I've tried, I cannot do so. My beautiful hard cock with it's thick firm veins is visible through the cloudy translucent plastic which drapes and folds delightfully around it. I so want to grasp it and massage it through the swishy smooth plastic panties but not yet......... not yet.

I caress the plastic folds of my panties, still cool in the front at this early point in my game, where they are not directly touching my flesh. I manipulate the folds gently with my fingertips sliding plastic against plastic, enjoying the firmer texture the plastic has at this stage but which very soon will have become softer with my body heat. The consistency of the plastic and the crisp rustling sound it makes this early in their wearing is quite different from that it will have shortly. I know I don't have long to enjoy it before it softens and becomes more clingy.

Cool, the vinyl folds will still stand puffy and proud quite readily and the sound when the plastic rustles against itself has a clearer more crackly quality.whereas later, when the plastic has warmed and become more malleable, the panties will drape more closely and softly on my skin and the rustling will have a softer susurrant sound. This is just fine with me as I enjoy both states but very often when I'm playing in plastic panties, to allow a contrast, I will slip off my warm panties and slip into an identical cool pair so as to enjoy the varied sights, sounds and sensations of warm as against cool plastic panties. Indulgence is the source of my pleasure and indulge I surely do.

I take the crotch of my panties between my fingers and gently draw them fractionally down my thighs, just stretching the elastic an inch or so and then I release it again. This allows the crinkly elastic to caress my sensitive inner thighs above the tops of my stockings and I sigh at the pleasure I'm giving myself. The plastic flexes and loosens alternately as I stretch the crotch up and down creating differing pressures and caresses to be transmitted to my twitching penis, now strauining hard against the deliciously thin plastic membrane.

I also grasp the sides of my panties at my hip jiggling the whole of the panties gently up and down so my cock bobs and throbs within, each movement sends sweetly intense waves of pleasure coursing from the tip of my cock through my bowels and anus. I spend some considerable length of time repeating and varying the sweet caresses and manipulations I apply to my gorgeous plastic garment.

Now I can't resist any longer and grasp my rigid member through the loose folds of my plastic panties and gently ease my hand back and forward just a fraction of an inch or so with each stroke, massaging and ever so gently exerting pressure. My flesh feels wonderful through the thin vinyl membrane. Hard, ridged, veiny and hot, abnormally hot I feel. When I hold my erect cock in my bare hand or caress it through a pair of loose satin panties, the temperature seems unremarkable to me but when I clasp it through plastic panties it seems to be hotter than usual. Perhaps this is an imagined sensation brought on by the increased arousal I experience when dressed in my strange finery. Perhaps there is some explanation which could be given according to the laws of physics. I don't really have an opinion on this, I just know that it feels very, very good in my hand.

With the lightest of touches I move my hand to and fro on my erect receptive penis through the plastic, feeling warm waves of pleasure build in my loins, mmmmm I love this feeling so. I caress my plastic panties front and back with both hands, the soft slippery touch under my palms so sensual. Occasionally I run my hands onto my frilly suspenders which emerge from beneath my panties, savouring the crisp springy texture of the gathered lace, running my thumbs beneath the elastic straps and pulling gently out to create a delicious tension against my stockings and suspender belt. My palms course down the straps and I fondle the metal clips which hold up my stockings, fingering the contrivances which allow me to be so lightly but tautly nylon clad.. Now I move over the bands of my stocking tops stroking the fine silky hairs of my thighs and finally my fingertips renew their acquaintance with the fine silky texture of the nylon encasing my legs.

I enjoy my stockings for some time before running my hands up over my suspender straps and the sides of my plastic panties, lingering over the top of the lacy satin suspender belt protruding from the waist of my panties, onto the bare skin beneath my silky babydoll nightie, feeling the ridges of the muscle groups beneath the warm skin of my sides and belly as my hand s slide upward. Such a gorgeous body, so warm so healthy, so sensual, I've been so blessed. I caress my little nipples provoking them to erection and lightly flicking them and rolling them in my finger tips, then my hands roaming freely over my body beneath the translucent silky nylon, I admire myself once more in the mirror.

I next caress my torso through the double layered filmy nylon nightie smoothing the soft fabric silkily over itself and over my skin, at times caressing the soft frothy lace frills which adorn the hem. Such a slippery fine and feminine garment, how I love my little fetish. I'm so lucky to have found this pleasure. I'm so entranced by the firm masculine beauty of my form enhanced by the delicate feminine lingerie I wear and of course the added element of my big loose plastic baby panties. I'd love to make love with another dressed as I am, someone who likes to dress as I do and who also is aroused by plastic panties and frilly girlish lingerie, so far I haven't found him or her.

I massage and fondle my erection inside my plastic panties for long, long minutes, alternating with further appreciative exploration of my plastic pantied bottom and my delicate silky garments till the heat I'm generating begins to cause the plastic to cling to the skin of my penis. I've reached the stage where I need some artificial help and taking up a tube of lubricant kept ready for the purpose, I ease out the waist elastic and squeeze a modest amount onto my hard twitching cock inside my plastic panties. The lubricant on its' own I find has a viscous clingy quality which isn't for long conducive to pleasurable masturbation, so I thin it down somewhat with a few drops of water sprinkled inside my plastic panties. With further slow masturbatory strokes of my panties up and down my straining penis the lube spreads and the result is a deliciously sensuous, almost friction-free gliding of plastic panties over my erect and hairless penis.

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