Pleasure In Plastic Panties Ch. 01


The lubrication inside my plastic panties takes the sensations of masturbation to new heights and I'm breathing heavily and occasionally emitting litttle gasps of pleasure as I work my hard member through my panties and settle now to a near continual coaxing of my cock and balls. I have to restrain myself however, as I've still not finished dressing yet and want to postpone my orgasm till I'm complete. I continue to pleasure myself though, bringing myself to the warm breathless brink again and again but easing off each time crisis approaches, the waves subsiding from near final intensity to merely hugely erotic surges of nerve impulses coursing through my belly and groin and a leakage of clear slippery seminal fluid into my panties adding to the slipperiness within..

In this way I can have a series of mini-orgasms, my tension peaking and draining again over and over as I play in my plastic panties. After each near eruption I draw back, resting for a moment before resuming a gentle caressing of the rest of my body through my nylon undergarments. This process can continue for an hour or two until I feel I'm in danger of being unable to control the peaks of my pleasure. At this point I desist from touching myself for several minutes as I know the addition of my final erotic piece of apparel may otherwise cause me to come without any additional stimulation.

The last touch to my outfit is a big frilly pair of rhumba panties. Soft silky nylon in the same colour as my suspenders, nightie and plastic panties. These panties which I've also seen advertised as "pettipants" are wonderfully frothy, with five or six rows of ruffled lace all around the front and back and a big wide ruffled lace trim to the legs. I have three pairs from e-bay where in addition to edging the legs, four rows of ruffled lace also extend under the wide crotch of the panties so that when I stand or lie looking in the mirror with my legs spread, my crotch is a mass of fluffy lacy frills, between which are seen occasional glimpses of silky satin, this I find hugely stimulating.

I step into the panties, once more re-living the process of delight I'd experienced earlier when donning my plastic panties, as I slide them up my legs. They're so pretty my frilly panties, big and loose and silky so that they completely cover my big plastic panties and slip freely around on top of them. The silky satin glides deliciously over the smooth slippery plastic of my baby panties and I spend some time caressing the rhumba panties back and forth over my plastic encased bottom with both hands, the voluminous lace ruffles standing full and crisp rewarding my caressing palms with delightful tactile stimulation, and it's so lovely I can't help touching myself more and more.

Eventually I admire myself in the mirror again. The effect is for me immensely stimulating. The plastic panties I'm wearing mean that the big frilly rhumba panties stand out in a spectacular puff ball of frills all around my waist and buttocks and groin. It's an intensely erotic sight for me. Frilly translucent nylon nightie, big flouncy frothy puffy rhumba panties, frilly lacy suspenders emerging beneath and the sheer black stockings sheathing my shapely legs clipped below, ending in the little frilly girly anklets covering my feet.

I tease the frilly panties around on my lower body, easing the crotch up and down the inside of my thighs as I do, thrilling to the sensation of the gathered lace around the legs caressing the sensitive inner surface of my thighs above my stocking tops. I cup my buttocks, very lightly, feeling the full froth of the layers of lace beneath my palms, oh yes!! Oh such pleasure!!. The joy of the delicate overly-feminine dainties enfolding and caressing me is exquisite.

Being a pretty masculine boy, erect and straining in such wonderful frilly feminine clothing is a sensation of which I just can't get enough, I want it and love it. It makes me so horny, so exquisitely sensitive, so full of semen desperate to erupt from my thick hot cock. I stroke the front of my frilly satin panties around on top of my plastic panties ever so gently, sensitively and delightfully. There is negligible pressure applied to my twitching cock beneath, but the infinitesimally gentle slip of silky soft frilly nylon satin on top of the plastic panties which cover it, transmitting to my yearning, quivering erection is enough. Again and again I move just the nylon fabric lightly over my plastic pantied cock, thrusting lightly with my hips, so good....... so fine, the thrill of each gentle movement so intense.

As I continue to caress my rhumba panties, my silky nylon nightie and my stockinged legs, time stretches or collapses, I can't be sure, I have lost all sense of anything other than my pleasure. Finally I'm ready to give myself to it.

I prepare to surrender myself to my orgasm, it builds in my belly in an unstoppable rage as I smooth the filmy nylon over my plastic pantied cock. Hot and full and torrential, throbbing tension pulses down my stockinged legs to my frilly anklet clad toes and up through my belly and chest and neck to my head. I'm coming, I'm finally filling my panties. Involuntarily I arch my back thrusting with my groin, the pressure behind my eyes is enormous, the waves of ecstasy surging through my spasming cock are profound. My buttocks clench and twitch as the semen spurts and shoots forth from deep within my balls, wave after wave erupts from my cock into my plastic panties. Even through the roaring in my head I can hear the sound as the jets of five days' worth of thick heavy sperm thrum against my plastic panties as it surges forth.

I cannot breath but gasp and strain, the pressure so intense I feel I'm going to burst, but the bursting is all happening in my panties. My cock continues to eject pulses of thick, hot sperm still with no direct stimulation from my hands which now are clamped one on my buttocks the other on my belly over my nightie. My knees are spasming in time with the waves of orgasm rushing through me so that I buck and bob and groan as I ejaculate, jetting my sperm over and over into my lovely plastic panties.

I call out now, "My panties, oh my panties, oh so good, oh yes so good!" To hear my voice uttering that magic word aloud sends me higher still as the crescendo of my orgasms crashes over and through my being, tearing me apart, delivering me to another plane where my eyes see only blazing light and colour, my voice becomes one long desperate groan. Such intensity cannot naturally be long sustained and the cycle of climax following climax begins slowly to wane.

I sink to my knees as the final waves of semen pulse into my panties, face against the carpet, clutching my frilly pantied bottom with both hands now, still bucking and twitching as the spasms slowly begin to subside but racked occasionally by breathless flashes of higher intensity as little by little, the waves drain gradually away. Groaning and gasping I bow my head and murmur to myself about my panties and how good it is to be a panty boy.

The evening is young yet and I have only begun my tale of masturbating in plastic panties, there is more fun to come, oh yes certainly but I'll leave that till the next instalment if there's to be one, this writing lark takes rather a long time.

I hope some of you enjoyed this tale, let me know if it appealed. I don't by any means imagine it will strike a chord with everyone, but at least I enjoyed writing it. It's the endlessly varied way in which we can take our sexual pleasure that makes us such sexy and lovely little things.


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