Pleasure-Pain Works!


This time your fingers crawl down my breasts and very, very slowly encircle my nipples. "Yes!" I arch my back to push my nipples further into your hands, but you slide both hands slowly away, sliding your fingers off until only the tips of your fingers have a soft grasp of both my nipples. I feel so turned on! I'm your sex object, and it's incredibly exciting. You can touch me and play with me any way you want, and I can only ask you to stop, or do something; I'm helpless to defend myself, and the turn-on keeps increasing the more I think about it.

Your fingers continue to hold just my nipples. I try to push them harder into you, but you maintain soft flexibility in your fingers so your soft, gentle grasp neither firms or loosens; they move with me. I start to pull on my arms to move my whole body - my chest, especially - harder and harder towards your hands, but your grasp remains the same. My nipples feel like they're on fire! I want to you touch me more! Just touching my nipples is very teasing, and it's working! I want more. "Please touch me more, Sir!" But all you do is start to roll your fingers gently around my nipples, first in one direction, and then the other. Only your fingers move around my nipples! First left, then right, then left, little circles, always softly but firmly holding my nipples, sliding around on them. I think I'm dripping down my thighs! I can't tell if it's just hot, or also wet! I don't care! I want you to touch me - more, harder! "Please! More! Harder!" Your grasp gets a little firmer, and now as you circle your fingers, I feel you twisting my nipples just a little! It's terrific! I love it! It's more exciting! God! I never thought I could get so hot from someone just playing with my nipples! Then you let me go, and I feel the void. I suddenly miss your fingers on my breasts, on my nipples. "Wha..?" I ask, hoping to feel you again, but not seeing where you are.

"Ohhhh!" I can't believe it! You touched my pussy! You barely touched my clit - just above it - for just a second, and I almost came from the shock! Omigod! Please do it again! I can't even say it; I'm panting, I just want you to touch me again. I open my legs a bit to give you more access, but not so far as to lose my balance; but your hand disappears into the darkness, and I don't feel you.

"Ow!" I cry as I feel your fingers suddenly and abruptly pinch one of my nipples very hard for just a second, then release it. "Easy, please," I request. Not being able to see you coming to me, raising your hand and grabbing me, but just suddenly feeling your firm pinch, shocked me. I hunch my shoulders in defense, pulling on my extended arms above my head. The pinch wasn't much harder than you've done to me many times; it was the surprise that caught me off guard and intensified the pain. By now, only a slight tingle remained.

"Ouch!" I cry again as you repeat the effort on my other nipple. I try to jerk my body away from you, knowing I can't go far. "Please," I beg. Now both my nipples are tingling. "Oh!" You pinch the first one again. "Ohh!" The other again. "Ohh!" Each time you pinch me, you first hold my nipple, then squeeze firmly until just before it really hurts, then you let go quickly. It's fairly hard, not very painful, very brief, and each time, I jerk involuntarily. "Ow!" "Ouch!" I can't tell if you're pinching me with one hand or two, but it doesn't matter. The pinching kind of hurts each time you do it, more from the surprise than the pain; sometimes one, sometimes several seconds apart, yet my nipples are both now very hard, and the tingling is spreading through my body. I try to curve my back to pull my breasts away from you a little, but it has no effect. "Ouch!" "Ouch!" "Oh!" "Uh!" "Oh!" My nipples are incredibly on fire now, and I'm shaking my head trying to shake off the feeling. It's more surprise and discomfort - not so much pain. It feels great when you do that. You don't say anything, just keep grabbing, squeezing, and releasing. "Ouch!" "Ouch!" "Ouch!" Now, you hold my nipple, squeeze, twist one way, then the other, and then let go quickly, all within about a second. Again, and again, and again, and again!! It seems to me as if the grabbing, squeezing and twisting goes on forever. "Ouch!" "Ouch!" I try to follow your rhythm, but your timing is erratic I can't effectively anticipate the next one.

"Ouch!" I try shaking my breasts to keep them from your fingers, but you find them again. "Ouch!" "Ow! Please, it hurts!" It doesn't actually hurt quite that much, and I feel it exciting me, but I don't want to encourage you, so I tell you it hurts. I'm pulling on my arms, to no avail. I wait for the next one, and I take a breath and hold it as the time extends longer, but it doesn't come. I exhale, take another breath, and hold that. No pinch, I exhale again, breathe again, only a tiny bit more relaxed. "Owww!" When you squeeze and twist both my nipples at the same time, and just as abruptly release them, the feeling is twice as intense, and my head reels with the impact. "No! It hurts!"

I know I can't stop the game anytime like I used to by saying the safety word, because I gave up the security of the safety words. Deciding to be your committed sub (when we agree to role-play) with no influence on your control over me was an incredible turn-on, but now I can't stop you or even slow you down. I wish you didn't hurt me quite so much, but it's not really that bad. My complaining is actually part of the game, and it's really my emotional release of the pleasure/pain you are inflicting on me. I can feel the dripping between my thighs now, and I know I want more; I just have trouble admitting it to you - and to myself. Yet while I know it's a game, I really don't have any control over your actions: I simply trust you not to hurt me – too much!

Suddenly I feel your hands on my ankle, and in a moment or two I realize you're tying another rope on it. My nipples ache, and the feeling has spread throughout my body, and I'm on fire. But this gives me a break, and I try to breathe, and relax, and absorb the pain you've inflicted - the pain and the sexual excitement: I feel both - intensely. I hear you walk away when I feel the tug on my leg. You pull it to my side and I have to shift my weight to the other leg as you do. When I hear you come back to me I test it, and realize I can't pull my leg back. I'm still standing with some weight on it, but you've pulled my leg at about a forty-five degree angle away from my body. I sort of know you're about to do the same to my other leg when "Ouch!" "Ouch!" You pinch my nipples again, and my attention is instantly refocused on them, holding my breath for a few seconds as the shock and brief pain subsides, as it has each time. I feel you tying my other leg, and you pull that one in the other direction about the same distance. I have to hold some of my weight on my arms, and only a little on the other leg as you secure the rope. My legs are now wide apart. My arms are stretched further up, fully extended. I feel totally exposed now, my womanhood wide open to you, my breasts, my whole body, at your mercy. As I think this my body jerks involuntarily, and it takes me a second to realize it's your finger touching my cheek, caressing my face again. "Mmmmmm," I murmur, feeling good, and warm and sensual with all the attention you are directing to me. Somehow I feel your face coming closer to mine, then your tongue on my lips, running slowly back and forth. I open my mouth to take your tongue, but you just continue to run it along my lips. I stretch my head forward to you trying to kiss your lips, but you keep the distance, balancing your movements to mine to just keep your tongue gently on my lips. It feels wonderful; warm, soft and gentle, and I feel the gentle stirrings in my loins as you continue licking my lips so softly, in contrast to the hard pinches of a few minutes ago.

You continue licking my lips as I feel your hand rubbing small, slow, gentle circles around my cheek, then down the side of my neck, my shoulder. I curl my neck to the side trying to keep contact with your hand on my cheek. Then my shoulder, my collarbone, my upper chest, the upper slope of one breast. You flick my nipple and I gasp slightly, but your tongue is still licking my lips, which are now very sensitive, almost raw; they feel swollen and, despite your tongue, my mouth is dry. Your hand continues its small circles on the underside of my breast, which is one of my most sensitive areas of delicate skin, and I get goose bumps. I can tell you sense me shudder because you keep circling there longer than you did elsewhere, feeling my goosebumps.

Then your hand travels lower across my stomach, tickling my navel. I suck my stomach in, feeling self-conscious of having a little belly, but it doesn't faze you at all as you continue to rub small, gentle circles, still heading downward, and I start to breathe heavier as I know where you're going.

As your hand reaches my mound, I sense the moisture between my legs, but I can't really feel it because my legs are far apart. Your hand continues to circle lower, just barely touching the upper side of my clitoris, and I gasp! I try to swing my hips away from you in a reflex movement, but your hand stays with me. Then it touches my clit, and I push my hips into your hand as best I can, even though I can barely move. My feet have to stay on the ground. You press your finger onto my clit, and I gasp again. I'm really hot now. I can't believe you got me so hot so fast again! My head is spinning a little as your tongue continues to rub my now hot, swollen, raw lips. I try to pull my head back from yours, but you just lean forward to keep the contact.

"Ouch!! Ouch! Omigod! Ouch!" I shout into your mouth as your other hand squeezes my other nipple suddenly, very hard and quickly several times. Your other hand is still pressing against my clitoris, and I don't know what to think about first. "Ouch! Ouch!"

Your lower hand continues to rub in small circles, now reaching my labia, now my upper, inner thighs, still rubbing small, slow circles with your fingers, my hips pushing into your hand as your palm brushes against my clitoris. As your fingers pass over my pussy lips, you press a little firmer and your fingers dip into me a little, then out and around a bit, then in a bit again. I try desperately to pull my legs together to grab your fingers there, but I'm wide open and can't move. I feel like I'm dripping wet, your fingers slipping and sliding around my pussy and my uppermost inner thighs. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" "Oh! Oh! Oh!" You grab my one nipple again and squeeze several times, your tongue still working my now worn lips.

Then, nothing! Nothing! My body is squirming against its bonds trying to make contact with you, but there is none! Where are you? All the touching stopped! All the sensations stopped! "Please! Where are you? What are you doing? Rub me! Please!" Nothing. Not even footsteps. I know you're there, you're teasing me, but I want contact. "Please! Please? What do you want? Please touch me!" I keep pleading.

"OwOwOw!" Squeezing my one nipple again! It almost hurts. Then nothing. Long seconds. I wait for more, but you don't give it to me. I wait for the pleasure-pain, but it's not there. Seconds seem like hours. Please, touch me! It hurts, but it's contact, and I need it - now! "Yes! Do it again!" You do. "Ouch! Yes! Ouch!" I'm dizzy with desire. You've got me there again! I'm feel like I'm past cumming, just so very excited, and I'm already asking you to hurt me because it excites me so much! My legs feel a little wobbly, and I'd probably fall down if I wasn't tied up.

"You're making much too much noise for me! I don't want you to make any more noise!" I don't feel you, but by your voice I know you're right in front of me.

"Yes, Sir!"

"Ow!" Grab and squeeze, release, grab and squeeze, and release, again, and again. No other touching, just my nipples. Pinch, pinch! I swallow my cries, trying so hard to not make noise as you requested. I scream "Ouch!" in my brain, but I tighten my lips together!

"No," you say. "Don't tighten your lips. Open your mouth. I want your mouth open. I want you to not cry out from self control, not by tightening your lips." I try.

"Mmmm!" "Ahhh!" You keep pinching. My nipples are now really sore, and rock-hard, and I still want it! I feel totally embarrassed - no, humiliated - by allowing you to see that you can excite me just by touching me like a toy. I'm like your automatic sex machine: touch my nipples any way you want, Sir, and my pussy will get wet, Sir, my nipples will get hard, Sir, my mouth will get dry, Sir, and I'll want you to touch me more, Sir, hurt me more, Sir, fuck me, Sir, suck me, Sir, do anything you want to me, Sir! Just do me - Please!! I feel so excited now I think I can cum just by keeping my thoughts going this way! I pull on my legs trying to rub my thighs around my pussy, but all I do is stretch the muscles in my outstretched thighs! I want you to fuck me. My mouth is open! My pussy is open! You don't want me to make any noise! I really want you to masturbate me, fuck me, even pinch me until I cum. I don't care what you do!! Just make me cum! "MMmmm!"

"You're still making too much noise. I'm going to have to gag you!"

"Oh, no!" my mind screams, but I don't make any sounds. I shake my head violently in disagreement, my hair whipping side to side. My mouth is still half-open. You're still pinching first one nipple, then the other. I accept that pain now, as it's no longer pain: it's incredibly erotic stimulation coursing through my body with every pinch! I'm amazed at my own body's reaction, and how it absorbs the contact.

Then nothing again. I feel - and hear - my heart pounding. I hear my breath coming in heavy pants. My arms are pulling against the ropes holding me up to the ceiling. My legs are not uncomfortable, the distance being just more than akimbo - just enough more to make me feel a tiny bit stretched. But I'm naked, and so exposed, and showing you how excited you make me, and that makes me flush still hotter, which gets me even more excited.

"Open your mouth. Wide."

"Please, no, I'll be quiet. Do you have to gag me?" I plead, playing, knowing I really want you to gag me, binding me even more, making me even more vulnerable.

"Be quiet and open your mouth!", you order me. I comply. "Wider." I open wide.

I feel you pushing a fairly firm solid rubber ball into my mouth. Not too far in, I don't gag, but it fills most of the front of my mouth. I can breathe through my nose, and if I puff my cheeks I can breathe around the sides of the ball, so I'm not concerned about suffocating, but it certainly makes me feel immobile, vulnerable and totally exposed to you. I'm getting more excited by the second. I try biting down on the ball, and I can tell there's something in it. I feel a tautness on my cheeks, then your hands touching the back of my head. I figure out your tying strings, and I realize that the ball has a stick through it - and you're tying the strings from the ends of the stick that must extend about four inches on either side of my face. I can readily breathe through my nose. "Mmph!" Pinched again! "Mmph!" And again. I can barely make a sound.

Then nothing again! For a long time, it seems. Then I feel more rope on my skin - across my chest. I feel your hands touching my breasts again, and my excitement heightens still more! I can't believe it! I feel on the verge of cumming, without the waves! I can't remember ever being so excited! I feel the rope on my breasts a few times, and I realize your tying my breasts! Omigod! You run the rope around my chest, my ribs, my back, around and around, three times, I think, pulling it fairly tight. "Mmmmph!" I can feel my nipples so hot and hard I think they're popping, my aureoles and nipples sticking out between the bands of rope you've tightened around me. My eyes are wide open, but I see only black, and I feel totally exposed, vulnerable, embarrassed - and aroused. I want to feel you in and all over my body.

Then my thighs. I feel you tying rope around my thighs! Twice around one, then up high right next to my pussy where my thigh meets my hip, then up and around my hip, around my waist once, then down around the other hip from back to front and around the front to that same joint next to my pussy on the other side, then around again, and then I feel you tie it off. Omigod! I can feel the ropes on both sides of my pussy, but not on my pussy! You left that exposed! You left my clit exposed, but the ropes are right next to my lips! I can feel them! I can feel the ropes on my breasts, and I'm getting even more excited. "Mmmph!" I try to gyrate my hips the bare inches I can move to try to rub my labia against the ropes, but the ropes move with me and I can't get the friction I so desire. "Mmmph!" Please fuck me! Please put something in me so I can cum! Please rub my clitoris so I can cum! Even pinch me! All I can do is think about cumming, now. Nothing else matters.

Then nothing. The - Omigod, is that your tongue on my calf? Oh! Oh! "Mmmmm!" Your tongue is sliding back and forth on my calf! Then higher! Oh, yes! How wonderful that feels! I want to press your head onto my leg! I want to hold you! Squeeze you! My pussy tightens as if there's a cock in it! I want to pull you to me! But all I feel are the restraints, and the ropes, as your tongue moves further up my leg, behind my knee! Up my thigh - to mid-thigh. I think I can cum now, you've got me so excited - but I can't! Not yet! I'm not ready! Your tongue moves up further! Now my inner thigh! Higher, then higher, and I shudder as your tongue reaches my inner hip joint! I can feel your tongue right next to that rope! Oh! Oh! Yes! Suck me! Lick me! Please! Lick me! Make me cummm! "Mmmmm!"

OH! OH! OH! OH! Your tongue slides over my pussy lips, sliding into me then out, then in, then out, then in, then out; then around my lips again, then in and out, then around, and again!. My hips are trying to move in rhythm with you, but I can't control them and they gyrate even faster than you're moving! I'm ready to cum! Oh, am I ready! "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" I want to cum! I so want to cum! Please make me cum!!! Please please please please!!!! But your tongue slides over to the other side of my pussy! I try to swing my hips to follow you, but I cant! "Mmmmm!" I can hardly breathe! My mouth is open wide around the ball gag, so I'm getting air, but the strain of concentrating on my breathing efforts takes away from my concentration on cumming, and keeps me just on that verge! My thigh muscles are so strained I think I'm going to rip them! You keep licking, now my other thigh, and you slowly work your way back down to that calf. My pussy is so wet I can feel it dripping down my thigh, following your tongue! My nipples feel like fire-rocks - burning, and incredibly hard! My breasts are tingling from the rope loops you have firmly tied around me. My pussy pulses as you tongue travels up and down my thighs as I feel it touch and lick over the ropes on my thighs. As your tongue reaches my other calf, you stop. I think you're standing up. I don't feel anything!



I hear it in the air. I jerk away from the noise. Then I feel a little breeze. Swoooosh! Again. Then I feel what I think is a very thin, flexible stick on my stomach, sliding lightly up and down, back and forth. Please, I just want to cum! Please rub me so I can cum! "Mmmmph!" is all I can say! This is very frustrating, and it excites me more.

"This is a very special, extra-thin, highly flexible, imported bamboo whip I have just for you, my sextoy, and it will get you so excited you won't know what to do. Aren't you glad?" Then nothing.

"Mmmm!" I'm trying to say "Where are you?", but I can't. A whip!? Are you kidding? "Mmmmph!" is all that comes out. I'm panting through my nose, catching a full breath through my mouth around the ball every third or fourth breath.

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