tagSci-Fi & FantasyPleasure Wraith

Pleasure Wraith


Jeremy awoke suddenly from a fitful sleep. The room was pitch dark, just as he liked it. He rolled over on his back, naked on the cool sheets. He liked that too. An aching burn gripped at his loins, his penis hard and erect, throbbing insistently for what it had not had for a very long time. He sighed and tried to wish it away, but it just didn't work like that. His hand came instinctively down, open palmed, and softly caressed. Masturbation was the only way.

For years Jeremy had lived alone. His work kept him there, but not as much as his dislike of the crowded city. Exercise and a waning appetite helped maintain his softly chiseled body, but he hadn't shared it with anyone but the mirror. He looked down over his abdomen, as though he could see in the dark, and considered the unrelenting desire that coursed along his attentive palm. The long shaft sent a quiver of appreciation as he gripped it and stroked evenly. He'd often dreamt of being with a woman; her hair, her eyes, her hungry and appreciative mouth, her soft lips and her hands; especially her hands. But it was only a memory.

He moaned softly as the ache eased enough to relieve the urgency, then he pulled his hand away. His penis shallowly bounced in time with his accelerated heartbeat, and his unsteady breathing. With a sigh, he wondered what it was worth, this manual passion of necessity, without a woman to share it.

His eyes were open to the darkness, only catching the hint of light from beneath the door. He closed his eyes and drifted for a moment. He'd have to finish the job, and he'd enjoy it even though he desperately wanted to ease himself deep into a real woman, hot and wet, hungry for only him.

In the shadows of his mind's eye he caught a glimpse of light. It strobed in an unusual pattern and kept his attention. His brow knotted in concentration at the strange phenomena. A luminous cloud seemed to be approaching from a distance. It then hovered just above him, shimmering in geometric patterns, shifting into colors of white, jade and purple. Suddenly a face appeared. A cherubic round-faced woman emerged from the colorful cloud, naked and smiling mischievously.

"Ah!" he cried out, snapping his eyes open. The liquid dark of his room flooded in and the vision was gone. Jeremy exhaled and shook his head. A short, relieved laugh escaped him. He thought about that face, and the full moon breasts of the young woman. He had seen her down to the thin exclamation point of hair between her legs. The ache returned to the head and shaft as he thought of her. He reached down to stroke himself with renewed inspiration. He closed his eyes.

She was still there. He could see her and her wry smile as she descended toward him. She whispered, "I will not be ignored," as she lowered herself over him, her hardened nipples grazing his chest, tingling his hair, teasing his nipples. He froze in fear that she would disappear. If it was a dream, he didn't need to wake up.

She dropped down onto him, his shaft nestling in the groove of her legs and the soft patch of hair. Her breasts flattened against his chest, and her hair blew around her face as in a soft sea breeze. He smelled lavender and juniper on her pale skin, and her hair carried a forest scent. Her eyes pierced his, her lips softly touching his lower lip. She smiled and reached her hand between them, taking hold of him, just below the head.

Jeremy startled. Instinctively he opened his eyes and she disappeared again. Yet the weight of her body was on him, the scent of her breath raising the hair on his neck, her hand gently squeezing his penis. He gasped, then closed his eyes, again. She smiled, tilted her head to the side, then began a slow writhe down his body. He watched her, his breath growing more unsteady, his heart racing in anticipation. She never removed her eyes from his as her lips drew nearer to his cock.

She examined him from base to tip as though considering which part would taste the sweetest. She kissed the tip softly, her hand nestling his sack. When her tongue licked across the sensitive erogenous zone and lapped around the mantle, he moaned aloud. Her tongue was catlike, with a slight roughness that brought shuddering pleasure at its touch. Then she opened her mouth and slipped him inside, suckling evenly. Her hand reached down between her legs, a finger slipping inside her, drenched by the hot water of intense arousal.

Jeremy arched his back, unable to resist the need to press himself deeper into her mouth. She took him with rounded lips and skimming tongue so deep he nearly came. Her hand caressed his sack and below. She pressed a finger into his anus, then began pumping him deeply and stridently with her mouth. A guttural moan rumbled from the deepest animal inside him. Relentless, she continued. Droplets of come seeped from the tip and she suckled it as though not wanting a single drop to go to waste. Then with eyes turned up, watching him closely, she bobbed her mouth in short strokes around the head with her hand caressing the shaft.

Jeremy arched his back further, his hands gripping at the edge of the mattress, and he came. His first release was followed by a series of deeply satisfying spurts across her tongue. She sucked and drank him, swallowing then suckling more until he had given her all he could. He dropped back to the bed, chest heaving, penis throbbing at the edge of disintegration, heart pounding loudly. She licked the remaining moisture from his shaft, then rose up and watched him. She breathed in shallow tremors as she continued to caress her swollen bud. She watched him with childlike interest, then slipped down and away from him in a cat's slow crawl. She slipped off the bed and then sat on its edge, feet dangling down and her fingers massaging her damp clit.

He lifted on his elbows and saw that she had moved. Her back facing him, she turned her head downward and to the side, watching him through lacy tendrils of hair. She breathed heavily through her slightly open mouth, eyes on him, fingers heightening her own pleasure. She smiled wickedly and her eyes flashed. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she sucked on them. Her eyelids fluttered with satisfaction at tasting herself. She then leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wide, her wry smile inviting him.

Jeremy shuddered; electrified by her display. He slipped off the bed and around to face her. Her down-turned head and upward glance seemed to beg him to touch her. Jeremy stepped close and between her legs, and then drifted to his knees. He ran his palms over her upper legs from knees to hips and back. Her folds smelled of hot, freshly baked bread. He leaned forward, his nose just touching her manicured hair, and inhaled deeply. As he did, she draped her legs over his shoulders and lay back on the bed and exhaled a shuddering breath.

His eyes closed, he saw her as clearly as though sunlight bathed her drenched curls. Mesmerized for a moment, he took in the beauty of her skin, the promise in the liquid trapped in the web of her hair. He began slowly, first drawing his tongue from lower fold to her clit, drinking in her heated wine. A shudder of pleasure accompanied his drink. He wanted to eat her whole, but restrained himself. Continuing to taste of her extended flesh, he suckled on her hair and lightly tongued the excited opening below her bud. Her knees shook slightly, her muscles trembling under his attention. Gripping her legs with arms below and hands above, he wrapped his lips around her clit and suckled gently. His tongue pressed inside her, then lapped upward, drawing pressure across her bud. His lips and tongue then came together to again suckle and massage the hot pear at the apex of her folds.

She moaned in a timpani, driving him further on. Her legs squeezed his neck tightly. She brought her hands to his head, and dragged her nails into his scalp. Using his hair, she guided him to what she needed. He was in no need of direction, yet her insistent clawing of him recharged his penis, and the ache of hunger returned in full measure. He moved a hand down to stroke himself. His tongue searched deep inside her and across the ribbed walls of her expanded pussy. Jeremy began a methodical licking, tasting and suckling of her clit and lips while pressing two fingers deep inside her. Her body gripped at him. Excitement escalated, and his fingers worked faster and deeper inside her as his tongue and mouth lapped and drank of her. Her moisture flowed down over his fingers, slippery and fragrant. He sucked on her bud, drawing it into his mouth where the tip of his tongue darted over her most responsive skin.

Her abdomen rose up as she arched her back, changing the angle of her hips, forcing his tongue and mouth harder against her. Jeremy responded by pushing his tongue deeper inside her while closing his lips over her bud. She quivered and shook. He drank and sucked. She moaned and cried out softly. He hummed and drank deep of her.

Suddenly, she pulled her legs off his shoulders and swung away from him. Breathing and heaving, she gasped as she turned away and pointed to the head of the bed.

"I need you inside me. Now," she hotly whispered. "Sit."

Jeremy licked at his lips, catching the remnants of her hot liquid that had gathered on his chin. His eyes were glazed beneath his closed lids, and he saw her in a soft blur. Her breasts moved like cream in silk when she bounced with impatience. He rose quickly from his knees and crawled over the bed, sitting against the headboard. Her eyes were on his hard penis, like a cougar in the hunt. She turned her back to him and moved over his tall shaft. With a hand, she held it, then guided herself over it and eased it inside her. Her head flew back as she dropped down as far as it would go. An inch longer than she could take, she gripped at the base, then leaned down with a hand on his knee to steady herself. Insistently, she pumped up and down as deep as she could take him, bouncing on strong legs. Jeremy moaned and watched the line of her back, the pillows of her ass slipping upward and down over him. Light glistened on his damp shaft, made wetter by her renewed flow.

"Oh ... Oh god ... " he whimpered as her tight pussy pulled and pushed on him, sucking him in, pulling him out and repeating it for what seemed an eternity. Her hand on his knee gripped at him tightly, her other hand griped at his shaft, her head alternately leaning back and then fell forward, tossing her hair over her breasts. Down hard on him, then up again, and down hard ... Jeremy opened his loins and let her take him wherever she wanted. The tip of his head pressed close to her cervix, then nearly out of her body. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her bouncing dance until he could take it no more. He gripped her hips tightly and took over, pulling and pushing her as the short strokes tightened the small of his back.

"I want you to fill me, Jeremy. Fill me till I overflow," she cried out for all the world to hear. Groaning and grunting, he continued to pull her down on him, and her legs responded by pulling upward. Finally, he could wait no longer. Liberated, released, sent exploding over a landscape of flesh and hot, slippery moisture, he came and came. His come flowed down his shaft, squeezed out of her to overflowing. His head flew back and against the headboard, his hand tightly gripped her waist. She lifted her head up, her mouth open, her teeth bared, and exhaled long and loud. The walls of her pussy gripped at him like steel, and he breathed repeated gasps in a staccato rhythm until he had spilled all of himself into the eternity of blissful orgasm.

In a move that he could not quite make out, she turned to face him, his penis remaining deep inside her. He slid down from the headboard and on to the damp sheets. She lay down on him. Her warm body was extended across him, her knees near his, her legs touching his, her toes interleaving with his toes. She kissed the hair on his chest and sighed long and satisfied.

She nuzzled to him, holding him deep inside her, and then laid her head on his chest. She rose and fell as he breathed. The air around them was calm and sweet. Jeremy smiled. His dream had come true. After lying together for a while, she slipped off of him and cuddled to his side. She looked up at his face. He wasn't the most handsome man, but you wouldn't know that from her look of adoration. A sad smile overtook her lips.

"Find a woman, Jeremy," she cooed softly, her eyes imploring him hopefully. "And be happy." She'd done what was needed, and it was time to go. She twinkled and shimmered, then faded away.

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