tagErotic CouplingsPleasures in the Garden Pool

Pleasures in the Garden Pool


Our back yard is a haven for us, an oasis in an otherwise hectic and demanding world. It is not huge but does allow for a rock waterfall tumbling lazily into a small pond, then into a swimming pool with rocks and plants around giving a natural look. The separate hot tub is also natural and seems like a hot springs in the woods. We have worked hard on the yard and the sweet smell of the deep green lawn with the scents of your brightly colored flowers mixed with the sounds of the flowing water and the small flitting finches makes it all worth while.

Today it is just before noon. We pause to rest, sitting on the thick lawn surveying the gently curving line of pansies we’ve just planted which add more color to the contrasting greens and browns and bright, rich petals. It is warm and the sky is cloudless and clear blue, every once in awhile there is a breath of a soft summer breeze. Perfect. I glance over at you and you smile back. You are lovely.

You lean back on your elbows, head up, left leg outstretched and right knee bent. Your shoulder length blonde hair mussed a bit from your efforts and a stray wisp covers one eye. The other sparkles blue and gazes first at me, then the flowers as you appear lost in thought. Your full lips separate some and your white teeth show, covered now as you slowly lick your lips, a bead of sweat having just coursed down your cheek to your mouth. The sheen of sweat covers your skin adding a glow to you, poised there before me. Your tube top has always been such a tease to me, just there but almost not, your breasts firm, round, not large but full enough to move tantalizingly as you work. Your flat stomach curves down to your very short, fringed denim shorts. Daisy Duke would be envious. You fill them in such an erotic way. The top is just a bit loose and they are so short the crotch is little more than a band to cover your thong. You are wearing flip flops to complete the ensemble. A streak of dirt is angled just over your left eyebrow and your arms and legs are sprinkled with dirt from our planting. Your rich tan and lean, firm curves always cause me to catch my breath just a little when I see you and today is no exception. I have tried to match you in sensuality and sexuality in my appearance and physique but I’m never sure how close I come to hitting the mark. You have always told me my trim but muscled body excites you and I smile, trusting you to your word.

You sit up now, knees apart, feet crossed at the ankles, upright with a curious smile curling your lips. You reach over to the small metal table on the deck and grab one of the glasses of iced lemonade we brought out earlier. You bring the glass to your face and let the cool dew on the side of the glass caress your cheek. You smile again.

“Want some?”

With that you slowly tip the glass and the cool sweet liquid runs down your neck and first between your breasts, then courses over them both, soaking your top.

“Uh ohhh!”

A grin mischievously crosses your face.

“…guess I made a mess.”

You set the glass aside, get up and stand in front of me. I look up at your soaked tube top and the shorts now drenched in lemonade and grin back. Crossing your arms a smooth movement ends as your top is rolled off over your head and dropped to the grass. Your breasts are wonderful, full, wet from sweat and lemonade, nipples hardening in the slight breeze. You jut out a hip and grasp both breasts and press them together and then up toward your mouth. Your tongue just reaches first one nipple, then the other, licking the mixed liquids.

“Mmmm…..you should try this.”

You giggle and turn toward the pool. I watch as you walk half-naked and carefree over to the waterfall beside the pool. You step into the shallow water of the little pond at the base of the manmade falls, before the pool, and sit down. The water swirls around to the level of the top of your shorts. Your nipples are hard now as the falls splash over your shoulders, your hair pelted lightly by the cool splashes.

You look at me and smile again, “come on in, the water’s great.”

When I stand I see I’ve become more interested than I realized. My cock presses hard against the thin fabric of my running shorts creating a large bulge. Eyeing this you grin and nod favorably as I thumb them down over my hips and off. My cock bounces as I walk toward you in the pool. I step into the shallow pool at your feet, near the edge to the swimming pool and, on my hands and knees approach you. Your legs separate as I move to you, eyes locked with yours. My lips are wet with spray as I reach you and kiss your cheek. My tongue draws a warm line toward your lips and I suck gently on your lower lip. Your tongue presses against my lips and then between them to explore my mouth. I feel my cock swell even more as our tongues dance against each other tasting, caressing, sucking. I bend down and lengthen the warm line of my tongue to your breast and carefully roll it’s round hard nipple between my teeth. You toss your head back and the water splashes hard over your face. The sensation fills your nipples more and it seems to grow in my mouth. Always one for symmetry I move and find the other nipple as firm as the first. I hear you moan a bit as I suck and caress the nub with my tongue. Next I straighten and stand on my knees before you, cock hard, head purple, water coursing down us both.

I smile and say, “over here.”

I walk backwards on my knees and then hop off the ledge of the shallow pool into the swimming pool. I pop back up and rest on the ledge on my elbows, my feet just touching bottom, the water gently flowing against my chest before spilling over the edge.

Your feet are in front of me and you start to slide down, the water pushing you from behind. As you approach your legs separate and I see your short shorts and just the edge of your thong.

“Hmm… this will not do,” I say and I unbutton your shorts and you lean back as I tug them off, the water helping as both shorts and thong slide down your firm thighs and off your feet to fall on the water behind us and sink.

I see your mischievous grin again as you position yourself before me. Your feet now are raised and rest on the rocks to the sides of us. Your ass is right before me and your pussy now opens to my eager face. With both hands I reach around and caress your back and above your ass. I slowly begin to nibble and lick first one inner thigh, then the other. The gentle stream from the shallow pool dams behind you and flows around you now, your inner thighs and pussy protected. I draw lazy designs on your thighs with my tongue, always aiming closer and closer to the center, my target. Your pussy is shaved, bare full fleshy lips slightly pink, folding like a small shroud over your cunt and hiding your button of a clit. I love the velvety softness of the inside of your lips and my tongue is drawn to that treat. You taste sweet, juices covering your soft skin. I take one lip between mine, turn my head and caress the inside with my tongue, the outside is pressed under my upper lip. My teeth lightly graze your skin and I sense you tense at my touch. I slide my tongue sideways into you, fucking your gently and probing deeper and deeper. You moistness increases. Now I tilt my head again and as I massage your ass I take your other lip between mine and provide equal treatment. You moan as I suck and fuck. My thumbs now approach your ass and caress your round star pucker, I feel you twitch as I press and massage. I move again and now my teeth rest against your hard clit. My hands slide up your thighs and then my fingertips pull gently on your lips more fully exposing your clit.

“Mmmm,” I growl as I taste you, using my tongue as a tool to explore every crevice in your pussy.

I rest on your clit and then press in a broad, hot wet crush, tongue spread hard over your clit. As I stroke with my tongue I feel your pelvis make quick rocking movements and I can tell a climax is building. I press my teeth to your clit now and fuck you again with my tongue. Harder and faster I move until your body spasms and rocks to the rolling pleasure that arises from deep in your pussy. It seems to last for many minutes as I press and suck and lick until finally you settle back, the water now flowing around your breasts and coursing over your pelvis. Finally relaxed and refreshed by the water you rise on your elbows and grin again.

“That’s nice, now it’s your turn.”

I smile in return and move to one side as you scoot down and slide into the water beside me. I hop off the bottom and launch myself up to the edge of the pool and, turning, sit with my butt at the edge, my balls hanging freely near the edge and my cock like a pole pointing out, hard, swollen. You lick you lips as you move around in front of me and gently rub my legs with your hands. Not wasting any time you purse your lips and kiss my purple head. I seem to be straining to grow still more as I respond to your touch. You nibble softly and pinch me between your lips as you now move down my shaft. With your fingertips your grasp my head and hold it steady as you lick me from side to side in big sloppy swipes. Your tongue feels so good as you lick down to my base. My balls tighten as you approach and with your other hand you cup them and gently squeeze. The sense that pressure releases is incredible and I feel a tension build in each ball. You take first one and then both in your mouth and softly turn your head, tugging ever so gently on my sack. Your hand now presses forward and I feel your fingers massage the base of my sack and back to rub the spot between my balls and my ass. I feel my ass spontaneously clench as you touch me. Now you leave my sack and make long strokes with your tongue up the rod underneath my shaft.

I lean back and relax as I feel the pleasure mount within me. Next I feel your mouth on my head again and then your lips surround me. Your tongue plays with the tip, probing the small hole. You press firmly at my ass and with the other hand now take my balls and hold me steady as you move down my shaft. I feel your heat, your pressure as you slowly descend. The sensation is almost unbearable. I can hardly hold back the urge to explode but I know more is to come if I wait. I groan to the pleasure and feeling as you reach the base of my shaft. I look down to see your eyes sparkle and gaze back at me, your lip buried in my hair as you take me all in. You open your mouth wide and I feel your throat close around my head in spasms of pressure. Your lips close around me again and with gentle in and out movements I feel you slowly pull away.

Finally, with a string of saliva and precum connecting my head to your lip you lift your head and smile, “was that fun?”

I breathe again and croak, “you haven’t seen anything yet, Babe.”

I slowly gain strength and lift myself up and rest on the edge again. I feel as though my balls will burst if I don’t find release soon but I have an idea. I slide into the swimming pool beside you and pressing my body next to yours I hold your head and kiss you first softly then hard on the lips, tasting the last remnants of my precum on your lips.

“Come here with me.”

We walk and paddle to the shallow end of the pool and over to the large inflated cushion floating next to the steps. I take your hand and lead you to the cushion. It is long with a large pillow at the head. Next I turn the cushion over and smile at the large lump at the head. I next hold you close, hugging you and enjoying the crush of your breasts against me, your thighs pressed around one of mine, your lips pressed to my neck. I hold your head in my hands and kiss you again, then guide you to the cushion positioning your pussy against the edge of the top of the cushion and then help you bend over and onto the upside down cushion. The large pillow holds your ass up out of the water and your head lays on top of the lower portion. Knowing what is coming you grasp the cushion and shift a bit for comfort, your legs separating wide and resting on the edges of the pillow. Mercy. The sight of your ass, firm, smooth, pale with your pussy and delicious lips wet with water lapping against them keeps my cock hard and straight. I push you over toward the deep end until my cock is levelled perfectly to press into your pussy.

Using just my fingertips I hold your ass against my cock. My hard swollen head rests against your ass and as I hold the base, I paint lines up and down with my tip. Not able to resist now I press down slightly and guide my head between your wet hot lips. I feel you begin to close around me in a wonderful blanket of pleasure. The support of the cushion in the water makes us feel almost weightless. With little effort I let you slide over me. My vision blurs a bit as I concentrate on my cock. As I disappear inside you my balls begin to jerk spasmodically. I move lightly and feel you slide up and down my cock, fucking ever deeper and harder. You arch on the cushion slightly and I feel your muscles clench around my cock fighting to hold me inside. The pressure is incredible and wonderful and brings me to the edge. With great effort I hold onto my climax and let you slide off me. My cock twitches with tension, aching to shoot. I carefully hold the base again and press the slippery head against your ass. You moan and I feel my pelvis jerk toward you and I grin as I watch my head disappear inside your tight ass.

You growl, ‘Fuck me, fuck me in the ass, Babe!”

In a smooth motion I press harder and I disappear slowly inside. We rock back and forth and I watch as I move in and out, my cock seeming to alternately grow and then shrink as I fuck you. Your pelvis now jerks as you begin to release the pleasurable tension you’ve been holding, I feel the pressure rise from my balls and in a white hot explosion I release. In long spurts I cum inside you. I fuck you still, rhythmically as we come together and with each thrust another set of jerks cause more cum to be sucked from me. I grasp your ass and press deeper inside you in a final jolt. You grunt at the sensation and finally I relax, spent. My cock drifts out of you, a twirling trail of white cum following in the water. You don’t move but after several moments I push on one side of the cushion and spin you around to face me. We smile and kiss. You roll off the cushion and into the pool. I take your hand and lead you up the steps. With our last efforts we walk to the hot tub, kept on the cooler side for summer. We step into the lukewarm water and drop in to our shoulders. We smile, kiss and let the water hold us, floating in the afterglow of our lovemaking. I hear the water burble beside us, smell the wonderful mixture of your cum, my cum and the flowers and grass of our garden. The sun blankets us in it’s warm embrace. Perfect.

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