tagGroup SexPleasuring Sandra

Pleasuring Sandra


Dana and I worked out a plan to get Sandra to join our little intimate group.

Sandra was totally different from Dana and I, physically. While Dana and I were of medium height and full-bodied, Sandra was tall and slender. She had a model's body, but more like a Victoria's Secret model. She really had a fantastic body and a beautiful face, framed by lovely dark, flowing, wavy hair that rested in folds on her shoulders. When she moved it was liquid, effortless, athletic, very sexy!

I got wet just thinking about inviting Sandra over for a barbecue on the next weekend. Of course, our pool was a further inducement - I just knew she'd wear a fantastically skimpy bikini! No doubt, she had the body for it! She had a body for anything!!!

When I called her I was super excited when she asked if my dad would be there. By her question I knew that Dana had told Sandra what a hunk my dad was and that 'he could be had'! You see, that was part of the plan - get Sandra tuned into seducing my dad.

Of course, I knew that would be all too easy for Sandra. Let's face it, she's gorgeous!

So, I had to bring dad into the plot. His job was to control his seduction so as to drive Sandra's own arousal through the roof! Lord knows, he knew how to do that!

Dana was to pick up Sandra and bring her to our place. Of course, dress was to be 'casual'. Dana and I knew what that meant, and so, soon, would Sandra! Dana was to tell Sandra what 'casual' meant from a dress point of view and from the point of view of my dad's pending seduction - in other words, what should Sandra wear so as to work her plan to seduce my dad? Yeah! Baby!

Dana and Sandra arrived just before 10:30 in the morning. The sun had been warm for a while and Dad and I were already out by the pool, getting some rays. Dana knew to come out back if there was no answer to the door bell.

As it happened, when they came through the side gate, dad was in the pool, cooling off.

Dana and Sandra both had their bikinis on under their 'casual' clothes, so they were able to strip down to their bikinis easily. Of course, once they were wet, they would remove them before putting their 'casual' clothes back on, with nothing on underneath. Good plan, huh?

I could see dad ogling Sandra! He hadn't met her before. I avoided telling him much about her, except to say she was one of my best friends.

So, when he saw how gorgeous she was, I knew he would be getting stiff just watching her strip down to her string bikini! Yes, I said string bikini!! flesh colored string bikini!!!!

When I saw that, I knew the plan was going to be a smashing success! Sandra was clearly intent on getting fucked by my dad! She couldn't have been any more effective in arousing my dad than if she had worn nothing!

She and Dana sat down on chaises on either side of me. I had cold drinks in a large cooler at my feet. Straddling it, I offered them a margarita.

Sandra put some salt on the back of her hand and, watching my dad watch her, sensually licked the salt off, slowly showing a lot of tongue. I could see my dad squirming and his hands were under the surface of the water. Because of the flexing of his upper arm muscles, I knew his hands were not passive!

Sandra was gorgeous! I was getting wet just looking at her, envisioning nuzzling her breasts and sucking her shaved pussy - it had to be shaved to wear that bikini!

Dad didn't seem to want to get out of the pool to greet the new arrivals. It was obvious to me he had a raging hard-on!

Sandra went over to him to introduce herself.

Really, her bikini left next to nothing to the imagination. Even though she hadn't been in the pool yet, her crotch was wet. I'm sure this wasn't missed by my dad.

He welcomed her and reached his hand up to her to shake her hand. When she reached down to grasp his hand, she feigned losing her balance, yelped and fell into the pool on top of my father. Dad works out regularly on our Bowflex, so he's in great shape. He caught her in his arms easily, but not without getting a squeeze here and there. He was holding her as if he were carrying her, with one hand under her butt and one across under her knees.

She put her face on his muscular shoulder and wrapped her arms around his sculptured chest and neck.

Sandra and dad were acting as if they both were embarrassed, but I could tell their flushes were more than that - there was arousal there, too!

Dad's hand under Sandra's bottom was up into her ass crack and I sensed his fingers weren't still. He lowered her legs into the water so she could stand. As she did so, she lowered her hands down across his chest and they disappeared beneath the surface of the water. I could see her brush across the front of his Speedo bathing suit. He jerked! Then, a smile spread across his face as she stroked the bulge in his Speedo.

Meanwhile, Sandra was looking at him intently, licking her lips.

His hands, now both behind her, cupping her ass cheeks, alternately squeezing and stroking her backside.

Wow! This was moving much faster than I expected, but then, they both are extremely attractive people! The now evident fact that they were both attracted to each other only heightened the prospects for the day, and evening!

I didn't know how Sandra would react to sapphic activity, but I certainly intended to find out. I wanted her! I wanted to make passionate love to her hot body! And, while my dad fucked her hard!

While those two were getting acquainted, Dana had come over to my chaise, knelt next to me and began to rub my nipples under my bikini. It was then I realized we needed to take this into the house, before the neighbors caught on to what was taking place in their neighbor's backyard.

I reached over and whispered to Dana that we should go in the house. Then, I slipped my tongue into her ear and wiggled the tip - she yelped and shivered, her luscious tits jiggling delightfully.

I called to dad and Sandra that we were going into the house. They didn't seem to hear me.

However, after Dana and I got up, Sandra and dad moved to the side of the pool and he lifted her up to the concrete. Then, he lifted himself up and out, coming to stand directly in front of Sandra.

She cupped his face between her hands and kissed him gently, just brushing her luscious lips over his mouth. He reached to put his arms around her and she quickly turned fully around such that his hands came to rest on her breasts from behind. She pulled his hands onto her breasts and pressed them hard onto her. Then, she arched her back, turned her head, leaned back and accepted his tongue into her open lips.

It was one of the most erotic sights I'd ever seen. Sandra was a fantastically sexy lover!

I knew dad must be finding it terribly difficult to hold back from just ravishing Sandra right then and there in full view of the neighbors.

Watching from the family room sliding glass door, Dana and I were all over each other. This was so hot! Our plan was working so well, it was unreal!

We saw they were slowly working their way to the family room, so we went over to one of the sectionals, where we both stripped off our bikinis.

We started with a passionate kiss! Dana and I were so turned on by having watched one of the most erotic sights imaginable!

Our tongues were dancing with each other and our hands were stroking our breasts, tweaking our rock hard nipples.

I slipped my right hand down Dana's tummy and across her neatly trimmed thatch to her soaking wet pussy, sliding one finger between her slick lips. I circled her clit with my finger. She moaned in my mouth and pulled us both down onto the sectional. We quickly assumed the sixty-nine position, licking and sucking each other's sopping wet pussy.

Neither of us really knew exactly when dad and Sandra came into the family room from the pool, but were aware they were there when we heard Sandra gasp. "Oh, my God! That's sooo hottt!!" she exclaimed upon seeing Dana and I going at it, slurping each other's cunt juices.

In the haze of my lust for Dana's pussy, I thought, 'success! we have another fantastic member of the group!'

At that very moment, Dana and I simultaneously had mind-blowing orgasms, which momentarily diverted dad's and Sandra's attention from themselves.

Dana and I collapsed entwined with each other.

Dad and Sandra went over to the other sectional. I watched as dad slowly and gently stripped off Sandra's bikini. I was right - her pussy was bald and beautiful!

Dad gently pushed her back down onto the sectional and pulled her hips forward to the edge of the seat.

Before he knelt between her spread thighs, he pulled his Speedo down and off. Sandra gasped loudly. Her eyes were riveted on his gigantic cock, seeming as big as her forearm! Momentarily, a look of fear traced across her eyes. She swallowed noticeably! at the same time, running her tongue across her lips.

But then, he began his tongue assault on her gorgeous cunt!

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched, pushing her pussy as hard into his mouth as she could. Her breasts heaved with her ragged breathing. Her head thrashed from side to side and a continuous stream of load moans flowed out of her open mouth. Her tongue was loosely flopping in her mouth. Her hips were bucking and swirling. The muscles in her legs and thighs were clenching and her arms and hands pulled at dad's head, pressing it hard into her pussy.

He was giving her the premiere treatment, the best tongue fucking she'd ever had and perhaps ever would have. However, I know from experience that dad just gets better and better!

I could see Sandra building to an intense orgasm. I motioned to Dana for us to get on either side of her and service her breasts while dad ate her out.

Dana and I each mouthed one of Sandra's nipples at the same time. Sandra screamed and was immediately lost in the throes of the most intense, shattering orgasm of her life. All three of us were hard pressed to maintain our positions servicing her body as she thrashed about and bucked and twisted and heaved. All the while, Sandra was screaming with passion and lust!

Her orgasm seemed to just go on and on - I realized then that she was 'multi-orgasmic' and that rather than experiencing just one massive orgasm, she was being torn apart by a lengthy series of very intense orgasms, one after the other. Slowly their intensity began to subside as dad, Dana and I reduced the intensity of our assaults on her pussy and tits.

Sandra seemed to collapse, but her breathing evened out and she seemed to be resting. With her eyes still closed, her fingers began to run through dad's hair, caressing him, a warm smile spreading across her face. She slowly relaxed her grip on his head with her thighs and her flowing pussy was revealed to us as her legs spread out again. Dad tenderly lapped up the copious juices flowing from her and she sighed deeply.

Then, her hands reached up and caressed Dana's and my cheeks. Her eyes opened and she smiled up at us warmly. I bent down and gently flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue and then presented my lips to hers. We kissed softly at first, but I soon perceived her passion was growing again. I knew that now was the time to prepare her for a good fucking from dad. I pulled back, running my tongue across her parted lips.

Dad stood and slowly stroked his raging staff directly in front of Sandra's face. Her eyes seemed to pop out of her head. I couldn't tell whether it was from fear or lust, but soon found out when she leaned forward and grabbed his massive cock and drew it to her lips. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and the head of dad's cock slipped into Sandra's mouth. You could see her tongue lashing the underside of his cock wildly.

She couldn't get much more into her mouth, dad's cock was just too big around. But, Sandra still seemed to love it as she was going wild, rapidly sliding the huge purple head in and out while assaulting that sensitive area under the head with her laving tongue.

Dad was obviously enjoying this, but I knew the real objective was to get his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy.

Dana and I looked at each other and simultaneously began to stroke and lick and suck on Sandra's bouncing breasts while she was sucking dad. As we did this, Sandra's body jerked and then she arched her back. She grabbed our hands and pressed them hard against her breasts, sucking on dad without holding his cock with her hands. His cock slipped out of her mouth and she threw her head back and moaned loudly.

Dad's cock was dripping with saliva and precum.

He knelt between her spread thighs again and directed his cock head to the entrance of her, again, dripping cunt. Seeing this, Sandra seemed to shudder, but reached out grasping dad's ass cheeks and pulled him toward her. Dana and I continued our assault on her breasts. Her body squirmed under our touch and her breathing became very ragged. She orgasmed. The jerking and spasming of her body tended to work dad's cock further into her pussy.

The intensity of her orgasm increased as dad pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could see her pussy lips being drawn into her vagina as dad's big, fat cock slid further into her.

Sandra was continuously orgasming as dad's cock moved deeper into her and finally came to rest all the way into her. He held still at this point to allow her to settle down.

Sandra was still pressing Dana and my heads onto her breasts and we were still running our fingertips over her chest and tummy, even sometimes drifting down to run over her shaved pussy area. All this was being done very tenderly and softly. We licked at her rock hard nipples and gently drew them into our mouths while flicking our tongues across the tips.

Sandra's legs were splayed out on either side of dad. Her breathing evened out and her head stopped thrashing from side to side.

Dad gently pulled her calves up over his shoulders and began to withdraw his turgid cock from her dripping pussy.

Realizing this, Sandra screamed out. "No! No! Keep it in me! Don't take it out! I want it in me! Oh, God! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!! Oh please!" she begged.

She quickly pulled her legs up and thrust her feet beneath dad's arms leaning on the sectional and wrapped her legs around his lower back, pulling him with a vice-like grip back deep into her steaming pussy.

Sandra's grip was so tight, all dad could do was rock back and forth with his pelvic bone rubbing against Sandra's clit. As he continued to do this, Sandra started to buck and shudder and shiver. It was clear she was mounting to the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Her moans and gasps grew louder and deeper and suddenly her grip on dad seemed to strengthen as she could feel his massive cock expanding and pulsing, buried deep in her.

Dad started to grunt and show signs of his impending orgasm.

Sandra screamed out, "Yes! Oh, God, yes! Cum for me! Fill me with your cum! Cum in me!!

Dad thrust as deep into her as he could and just held it there, lifting her body in the air as he exploded with spasm after spasm of his seed spurting into her flowing pussy. His cum started to leak out of her sopping pussy around the base of his huge cock.

Sandra was orgasming continuously, her body hunched around dad's spurting cock, gripping it, milking it of all his load.

"Aaaaagggghhhhhhh! Oh, God, yes!! aaauuuugggghhhhh!! uuuuuggggghhhhhhhh!!" Sandra kept groaning and moaning and screaming out her joy and peaking passion.

Her eyes were wide open but sightless with pure lust!

It seemed her orgasms just rolled on and on, one after the other, with an intensity she'd never known.

Watching this, taking part in Sandra's joy and passion, I found my own orgasm building until it finally burst over me! I clutched my hands between my legs, pressing down on my pussy while my orgasm wracked my body.

I noticed Dana was also orgasming - her head thrown back and her body shaking with her hands gripping her gorgeous breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples with passion.

As dad's cock began to soften, Sandra began to come down off her incredible high. Clarity slowly came back to her eyes. She looked so lovingly at dad. Then, her body shivered and we all collapsed into a heap on the sectional, dad's softening cock still buried in Sandra's cunt.

After what seemed ages, we all began to stir.

Dad spoke first, suggesting we all take a warm shower and clean each other off.

My response was to get between Sandra's spread thighs and I began to lick and lap her and dad's juices off her thighs and bottom and pussy. I was adamant - this opportunity to taste their mixture was not going to be lost!

Dad and Dana got up and went to take a shower together, while I finished off Sandra.

By the way that Sandra responded to my ministrations, I could tell she was amenable to sapphic activities. Her fingers lazily played through my hair and occasionally pressed me into her as my tongue and lips played over her pussy lips, or tugged softly on her clit.

I could sense she was beginning to build to another orgasm and ended off, wanting her to want me, later. After all, we still had the rest of the day and I, for one, was getting hungry!

I rose and held my hand out for her to stand. She gripped my hand with both of hers and pulled up to stand before me. Her knees almost buckled, but we gripped each other, wrapping our arms around each other for mutual support.

"Thank you, Bobbie! Oh, thank you so much! This has been the most incredible experience of my life! I'll never forget it!"

I smiled at her warmly and said, "Sweet Sandra, believe me, this is just the beginning! Not in your wildest dreams could you know what's still in front of you!"

She flushed! "Oh God! I can't wait!! she breathed hotly.

"Hey, are you as hungry as I am?!" I asked.

"God, yes!" she said, put her arm around my waist and we walked out of the family room to the shower.

Some people just can't get enough!!

When Sandra and I got to the shower, there was Dana with her legs wrapped around dad's hips, with her back against the shower wall. He was pumping his huge cock deep into her pussy and she was moaning with delight. As we approached, they both exploded with orgasms!

Dad thrust his cock into Dana to the hilt and she clasped her legs tighter around his back, pulling him deeper into her as her own orgasm exploded through her body. They almost fell down as their orgasms wracked their bodies, but dad's strength held them up.

Sandra and I crowded into the shower space and began to rub down dad and Dana with soap, assuming they had not done that yet, their lust for each other having likely overcome their original intentions for going to the shower.

Sandra went for dad (to be expected) and I soaped up Dana, enjoying it thoroughly!

Before we were done, we all had been cleaned up in every 'nook and cranny'!

Dad said, "Hey guys, let's do a barbecue! I'm starving!"

We all got into our bathing suits and went out to the grill in the pool area. We all contributed to the preparation of the food, in order to get it done as soon as possible - after all, we still had plenty of other things we wanted to do!

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