tagToys & MasturbationPledging Phi Sigma Nu Ch. 01

Pledging Phi Sigma Nu Ch. 01


Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are over 18. All of the characters in this story are a work of fiction and any likeness to any person is purely coincidental. This story contains adult themes and explicit sexual acts and is not intended for anyone under 18.

Chapter 1 – The Sybian Test

Rena was eighteen and had just started school at the University of Utah. She was pre-med and working towards becoming a nurse midwife. Today her thoughts weren't on her studies, but rather on her desire to get into Phi Sigma Nu. This was THE sorority on campus and she had been invited to participate in pledge week. She still wasn't sure how she had ended up on the invite list, but the invitation had been clear:

Dear Rena,

Welcome to the U! We've been made aware of your potential by one of our sisters and wish to invite you to pledge week. It's an experience you won't soon forget and one that many girls aren't brave enough to attempt. If you are interested in joining us please plan to attend our pledge night kick-off on at 9:00 PM on Sept 25th at the Phi Sigma Nu house. Dress to impress.


Phi Sigma Nu

As she read the golden lettering on the page, her stomach churned just a little, she had no idea what she would have to do to get into the sorority, but she wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity to find out. Phi Sigma Nu was rumored to have produced some of the finest women in many industries including midwifery.

Per her instructions she had "dressed to impress". Her 5'2" body was sheathed in a tight little black silk dress that hugged her slim body in all the right places. She loved the feel of the soft material on the bare skin of her stomach and thighs. The hem of her dress stopped just above her knees. Her milky, 36C breasts were encased in a black silk and lace push-up bra that accentuated the pale valley of cleavage which could be seen in the v neck of her little black dress. She wore silk stockings attached to her favorite garter belt, clasped at her thighs. She had done her dirty blonde hair up in a French twist – her boyfriend always said it was his favorite way she wore her hair because it left her kissable neck bare. She wore just a hint of makeup, accentuating her sapphire blue eyes and making her lips a deep pink. On her feet she wore what could only be called "Fuck Me" heels. The strappy 4 inch stilettos she always wore when she wanted to feel sexy -- and when she wanted to look taller than she was. She looked herself over once more in her full length mirroring. She thought she looked great, and she knew from wearing this outfit previously that her boyfriend agreed with her assessment. She looked at the clock, it was 8:45 -- she needed to get going. She grabbed her keys and headed to the car.

As she started her car the stereo came to life, Christina Aquilera's "Candyman" pounded from the speakers. Rena smiled, this was one her favorites. She sang along, as she made the short drive to the Phi Sigma Nu house. As she parked and turned off the car she checked her make-up in the mirror, a little self-conscious, knowing she needed to make a good first impression.

She got out of the car and walked up the drive-way. The house was gorgeous, an old Victorian that had been restored to its full glory. It was three stories high, had a wrap-around porch that went all the way around the house. There was a warm glow of lights around the outside, highlighting the grandeur of the house and accenting the Phi Sigma Nu sign above the front door. As she reached the massive front door she reached out and grasped the iron knocker and knocked.

It took a few moments, but when the door opened she knew exactly who had invited her to the party. Standing at the door was someone she had first met in high school two years ago, but whom she hadn't seen in almost a year. Sasha was a knockout who had velvety black hair that was trimmed to her shoulders. Her bright green eyes glimmered like emeralds. She was about the same height as Rena and was wearing a white dress that was cut almost down to her navel. Her breasts were a little smaller than Renas, but seemed to be on the verge of falling out and it was obvious from the way her nipples were making hard points in her dress, that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her dress ended only a few inches below her ass. Her heels were a perfect match for Anige's, but white. Rena stared at her friend, she had never seen Sasha wear something so blatantly erotic -- she remembered a girl who wore shapeless dresses, long skirts and was never someone the boys looked at twice. But if there were any guys here now, she had no doubt that Sasha would have pulled all eyes to her.

"Rena!" Sasha squealed and hugged her "I'm so glad you made it. I wasn't sure you'd come."

"I had to, it's Phi Sigma Nu. I didn't know how I got an invite but I wasn't going to pass it up," she replied.

"Come in, the festivities are just about to start. You were the last one we were waiting for," Sasha directed.

Sasha led her through the sitting room that was furnished in a modern style that reminded Rena of something she'd seen in a magazine showing a European hotel. At the end of the hall there was a set of double doors that stood open. The room was big and circular, fluffy couches decked out in soft leather sat around the edges of the room along with a few matching chairs. A large fire place at the far end of the room had a roaring fire, making the room rather warm. There were about twenty women in the room. Everyone was dressed in similar attire, they all looked like they were ready for a date that would end with someone getting very lucky.

On the ground in the center of the room in a smaller circle there were eight bundles. She could tell what they were as they were each covered by a black cloth.

"Initiates please step forward," one of the women in the room intoned.

Eight women step forward from where they stood. All looked to be freshmen or sophomores, no more than 20 years old. All were gorgeous. There was a mix of ethnicities including a stunning Indian girl, two Asian beauties, a Latino, and a tall ebony princess. The other three girls, like Rena were Caucasian. Rena recognizes one of them who had light blond, hair and a lithe tanned body. Her name was Laura and she had gotten to know her a couple of years back when they worked in the same office.

"Welcome ladies to the first of your pledge tests for Phi Sigma Nu membership. My name is Sasha and I am this year's pledge mistress. I'm sure you are all familiar with our sorority and the good we do for the community and the success of our members. However, you are probably not aware of some of the more exotic benefits of being a Phi Sigma Nu. As you pass your tests and go on to become one of us you will learn that being a member has certain 'benefits' above and beyond those the public knows about. However, to ensure that you have what it takes to be a member there are a number of tests you must first pass. If you choose not to participate in these tests, you will not be a member. If you choose to move forward and begin your testing you will be under the strictest vow of silence not to share what happens here with anyone outside of our sisterhood -- whether you are accepted or not."

Sasha said in a serious tone "If you wish not to be under this restriction, now is the time to leave. From here on out you may choose to leave, but you may never reveal our secrets. Are there any of you that wish to depart?"

The eight young women looked around at each other, each feeling a little nervous, not really sure what was coming – but that this is the place she wanted to live her college days at and the girls she wanted to get to know. All of them shook their heads and remained where they were.

"Very well. Seal the doors." Sasha said.

With that one of the other sisters moved to the double doors and closed them. There was a muffled thump as the heavy doors hit the jamb and then the sound of a deadbolt being thrown from the outside could be heard.

"Your first test is to prove that you are a woman. You will begin by removing your clothes, including your underwear and placing them in the center of the circle."

Rena couldn't believe her ears...did she say?...and it was apparent that the others were having similar thoughts as nobody was moving, but everyone looked nervously around the room.

"Come on girls, unless one of you isn't really a woman, we've all seen what you have to show." Sasha repeated.

At that, the Latin beauty, turned to her guide and whispered something in her ear.

"Amanda wishes to go," said the sister.

"Very well. Amanda, remember the vow of silence you made and you may go. We accept your reluctance and will ensure you are not invited to participate in the future." With that the sister led her to the door, knocked and waited for the door to be opened. She then led Amanda out and the door was resealed.

As the door closed after her and the lock was reset , the rest of the girls began to remove their clothes. Slowly dresses were removed, nylons and stockings taken off, bras and panties falling in a pile in the middle of the room. Rena couldn't believe she was doing this. As Rena undressed she felt a little embarrassed, but she was generally comfortable with her body. She had been in the girl's locker room and shower before, so while it was a little awkward it wasn't something completely new. As she looked around the circle, the six other girls were doing their best not to look nervous. Each was pretty in her own way. Some had trimmed pubic hair, others were completely bare. There were several who were obviously somewhat turned on by what was happened, judging by their erect nipples – something that couldn't be blamed on the warm room. Once they were all naked Sasha continued the instructions.

"You may remove the cloth from the bundle in front of you." She said.

Rena bent with trembling hands and grasped the cloth. As she pulled it off an alarm sounded in her brain. There on the ground was what looked like a saddle of sorts. However, this saddle had what looked like a 6 inch cock sticking out of it. Additionally a small bottle of lubricant sat next to it.

"Ladies, this is called a Sybian machine. If you haven't ever used one you are in for a treat. You will notice that the saddle is white, as is the attachment. The next part of this test is to prove that you are pure and that you are willing to do what we say. To prove your virginity you will ride these machines until you orgasm. You may go as fast or slow as you want, as we understand that the first time you have a cock inside you can be somewhat painful, or at the very least intense." She paused, "Once you complete your ride you may use the sink and wash rags at the end of the room to clean up, and then get dressed and take a seat.

Rena's first thought was to get up, grab her clothes, and run for the door. Sure she had masturbated. As a matter of fact she had masturbated a lot since she'd met Robert. She and her boyfriend also had experimented with dry humping and once she had even let him finger her. But that was when it was just her in her bedroom, not in front of fifteen other women. She almost lost it and followed Amanda, but she really wanted to be in this sorority and after a few minutes she decided that if this is what it took then she would do it. She was the first to reach down and open the bottle of lubricant.

She knew from her previous experiments that if she was going to ride that thing then she was going to need to get herself a turned on. She closed her eyes. She started by running her painted fingernails lightly over her stomach, then slowly worked her way up to her breasts. To her surprise when she got there she found that her nipples were already rock hard. As her hands drew little circles around her rough areolas she could feel the stirrings in her womanhood. She put a little bit of the lubricant on her fingers and began to trace around the outsides of her nether lips. She played lightly with her pussy and one hand kept working its way along the other sensitive parts of her body. Eventually her fingers found her clit and her pussy really started to heat up. She noticed a subtle change in the smell and the sound of the room. She could hear small moans and the smell of sex filled the room. The pungent odor of seven woman who were beginning to produce copious amounts of natural lubricant.

She opened her eyes to find the saddle and for a moment was transfixed by the site of the women around her. Each of the pledges was in a various stage of arousal, their nipples erect, their pussy lips puffy and swollen. Some lay on with their backs on the floor playing with themselves, others knelt, and some lay face down, grinding on their hands. Something deep inside her clicked and she found herself aching to be filled. She quickly lubed up the cock on the saddle and then moved to stand over it. Slowly she lowered herself down, the head of the well lubed cock sliding easily into the entrance of her pussy. It went in about two inches before it met the barrier of her virginity. The feeling of the cock stretching her pussy made her even wetter, she needed it deeper inside her. She pulled off and then moved down again, the cock rubbing her g-spot. She couldn't wait, she needed it deeper.

She pulled up and then pushed down hard, for a moment there was a flash of pain and as she raised herself back up she could see blood on the cock. Before she could think too much about it she lowered herself back down, again there was a little pain, but less than before and the cock was now about halfway inside her. She pulled back, and added more lubricant to the cock, then knelt back down. This time the whole thing slid inside her. It was amazing, she had fantasized about having Robert inside her before and knew that when that happened it would be incredible.

But until that time, this was awesome. She soon found a rhythm and started to piston the cock.

Then something unexpected happened...the Sybian started to vibrate. Slowly at first, the cock inside her filled her with soothing vibrations. As she lowered herself down on the now pulsing cock the vibrations of the saddle hit her clit. Suddenly the need for an orgasm was intensified tenfold. She began to rapidly fuck the cock, grinding her clit against the vibrations of the saddle on every stroke. Her fingers pulled on her nipples and shot little electric pulses to her pussy. She let out a loud moan and heard it echo'd back. As she opened her eyes she found each of the girls now lost in the same pleasure she was feeling. They were all fucking the vibrating cocks of their Sybians, all touching the parts of their body that made them hottest.

And then it happened, one of the girls let out a scream, her body going taut as it was wracked by orgasm. The sights, smells and sounds of it was incredible. She knew she wasn't a lesbian, not even bi-curious, she loved her boyfriend and never wanted to be with anyone else; but, watching these girls cum made her exponentially hornier. As the sounds of screams filled the air, Rena's stomach tightened, her pussy let loose a huge rush of liquid, and she was cumming. She had never cum so hard in her life. Every muscle in her body seemed to contract at the same time from the top of her scalp to her tightly curled toes, she saw flashes of light behind her scrunched eyes eyes, and she couldn't stop. Her cries joined those of the other defiled virgins. For what seemed like hours her body spasmed, she ground her clit against the still buzzing saddle and tried to make it last. As the cock in her stopped vibrating and she began to come down, she heard the screams of the other girls as they finished their Sybian experience. It took her ten minutes before she felt she could stand. As she did, Sasha handed her a warm rag and smiled at her.

"I knew you'd be a natural," she said with a wink.

Rena cleaned herself up, and then quickly got dressed, now that the endorphins were gone she felt a little awkward in this room of spent young women and the watchers. Once she was dressed and had fixed her hair and makeup, she sat down on the couch as she watched the last of the girls redress.

Once all of the girls were dressed, Sasha said "Congratulations on passing your first test. I suggest that you all go home and get some rest. Your next test will be two days from now, on Thursday night. Look for an invitation Thursday morning. Between now and then you are not allowed to masturbate and you aren't allowed to be intimate with your significant others. This means no touching, no oral, and certainly no intercourse. You were virgins when you started and you still are – you just don't have a hymen now. Let's keep it that way."

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