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Pledging Phi Sigma Nu Finale


This is the final chapter of this story. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks for the comments, guess I'll keep writing :-)

Chapter 11 -- Initiation

It had been an exquisitely frustrating couple of days. After their experience in the observation room, she had taken Robert to the viewing room. At first he'd been a little shocked to find that the mirror in the observation lounge hid a place for the girls to watch their activities. But after that, Maggie and her boyfriend turned up and started a hard and fast fuck while they watched and he'd forgottn everything else. They'd both teased the hell out of each other. After having been able to cum as often as she wanted it was torture to be kept from release, but Rena remembered Sasha's advice about being horny for the last two days of the week. Robert had learned rapidly how to take her right up to the edge, and then leave her begging for release and had done it over and over and over again.

Robert was fit to be tied, and she had only let him go home this morning because she was afraid that if she didn't she would be the one who couldn't control herself. Yesterday she had observed her first ever threesome involving one of the sisters and two guys. She still had visions of their cocks filling the petite little blonde's pussy and mouth. She couldn't believe it when she'd seen the girl take one of them in her pussy and the other in her ass at the same time. She remembered when Robert put his finger there, it was so tight even when her pussy wasn't full. She couldn't imagine what that must have felt like. She had watched as the girl literally exploded with what had to have been the most powerful orgasm she had ever witnessed. She and Robert had almost lost it right then and there, she still wasn't sure exactly how they had dodged that bullet.

She had no idea how he had made it through the last two days. Her frustration seemed to make her even more of a teasing bitch than she'd been the first three days and Robert couldn't keep his hands off her. But finally it was over. She was sitting on the bed contemplating what the night would bring. She had turned in her last video project to Sasha late last night. She was unsure how things would go from here, but she knew that today was the day.

There was a knock at the door. She walked to the door in her robe and opened it. Suddenly a hood was thrown over her head and her hands were trapped behind her back.

"Be still, be silent, and come with us," it was Sasha's voice.

At this point Rena was unsure about what was going to happen. She knew that her merciless teasing of her boyfriend was supposed to have been the last test -- so either she had done it right or she was done. One way or another she'd know soon, it appeared. She was driven to the house and then taken inside where she was led to a bed and her robe, bra, and panties were stripped away, the hood still intact. She was placed on the bed sitting naked and then the hood was removed. She found herself back where things had started two weeks ago, in the room where she had first been made to ride the Sybian. She looked to the right and saw Megha, a petite little Indian girl who had been one of the pledges. She looked to the left and saw Laura, a cute girl with almost white blonde hair and a firm tanned body with not a hint of a tan line who she had first met on that first night. Seated on the sofas and chairs around the room were the other sisters of the sorority -- they numbered almost fifty. She suddenly felt extremely vulnerable.

"Well girls," Sasha said. "Congratulations! You three survived the testing process. Now you just have to make it through tonight's initiation and you'll be full sisters. Trust me when I say, I think you'll enjoy i." With that, Sasha opened the door and in walked three men, all completely naked, and all very aroused. Robert was one of them.

"As all of you know these three young ladies have been very bad girls. They have teased their boyfriends until, as you can see, they have a very bad case of blue balls." Each of the men had very hard, throbbing cocks of varying sizes. Their testicles were high and tight and a deep purple color, the veins on their shafts very pronounced. "But that's all about it change. Boys you know that all of your girlfriends were virgins before this started and we know from their regular videos, or live observation, that they still are. That means that you have yet to get those hard cocks into their tight pussies. Well tonight is your first chance. Tonight you're going around the world."

"For those of you who don't know what that means," Sara said. "It means that first the girls are going to start by sucking their guys off -- after all as you can all see, they are likely to not last very long."

The other girls in the room hooted and catcalled at that comment.

"After the girls have taken the edge off, then they'll get the chance to fuck their girlfriend and finally, they will get to take their girlfriends anal virginity," Sara continued.

"Guys, we expect you to keep going until you've cum at least three times tonight -- once in each hole," said Maggie. "If that means we're all here for the next several hours, then so be it -- although looking at you I don't think we'll have that problem."

If Rena hadn't been nervous before, she was terrified now. She remembered watching as the girls in the observation room took a cock in their ass, and as much as they seems to enjoy it she couldn't imagine having Robert's massive tool in there. She looked to her left and right and could see the nervousness she was feeling mirrored on the faces of the other girls.

"Girls, do any of you want to chicken out?" Sasha asked. "Once this starts, you are committed."

Rena almost chickened out, but in the end she knew that she could do this, and she was pretty sure that she might even enjoy it. She knew Robert would go slow, especially once she'd given him some relief. She was pretty sure that with enough time and lubricant anything was possible...at least that was what she'd learned by watching.

"Then boys, let the games begin."

With that the boys walked over to their girlfriends. Having been teased by Robert for the last two days, Rena was eager to find out what it felt like to have him deep inside her pussy. But following the sisters' instructions she first had to give him the blowjob she'd been pondering all week. Rena looked at Robert and her mouth watered. She'd teased him plenty with her mouth, but she'd never been able to let him cum. She gently swirled her tongue around the edge of his head, enjoying the moan that came from his mouth and the way his cock jumped. She took her hands and began to lightly caress and play with his tight ballsack, continuing to work his shaft with her tongue. She paid special attention to the little area under his head that always brought him so much pleasure. His cock was throbbing more than she'd ever seen, precum was literally weeping from the head. She looked up, his cock buried in her mouth and could see the lust in his eyes. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, taking about half of his cock in and then letting is slip back out. It felt incredible.

On either side of Robert and Rena the same thing was happening. The girls were eagerly sucking their boyfriends' cocks.

"Let's see if we can make them all cum at the same time," said Laura with a huge smile as she came up for air before resuming the blowjob she was giving her boyfriend. He looked like he was lost in paradise.

"That sounds like a great idea," said Megha. And then surprising her boyfriend she took him all the way down her throat.

"Okay," said Rena. She began to pay close attention to his balls, watching for signs that she had him right at the point of no return. She would have to time this just right if she didn't want him to cum before the other.

For the next several minutes they all continued their ministrations, the boys surprising the sisters who were watching with the incredible display of staying power, or perhaps the initiates were surprising them with their ability to keep their guys on the edge. As the assembled sisters watched, their nipples got harder, their pussies got wetter. Soon several of them began to run their hands over their own bodies. Many tried to be discrete about it, while a few were blatantly rubbing their pussies with their hands up their skirt or dress.

"I think he's getting close," Megha said.

"Mine too," Laura said.

By this time Rena was sure that Robert had been on the edge of orgasm for quite a while. It had taken everything she had to not let him let loose his load. His whole body shook and every time she backed off he moaned in agony and begged her to finish him. She had felt his balls try to pull up probably half a dozen times, and each time she had stopped his cum. He was now crazy with lust, and she didn't know if she could stop him another time. She thought back to the first time she'd given him an orgasm, even though it was a ruined one. Her mind floated to how turned on she was when she'd ruined his orgasm after fingering his ass. She also knew what was coming next and decided that turnabout is fair play.

"I think I can make him cum any time you tell me to," said Rena with a smile. She took him out of her mouth momentarily and sucked on her middle finger, getting it really wet.

"Now!" yelled Laura as her boyfriend grabbed her head and pulled her down on his cock. She sucked tightly and he began to shoot his load deep in her throat. She tried to swallow it all, but with the massive load that had been built up over 5 days of teasing, there was no way she could get it all. Cum dribbled down her chin.

Megha's boyfriend came at almost the same time, screaming in ecstasy as he came down her throat. The girls watched as Megha pulled his cock as far down her throat as it would go, his hot cum shooting straight into her stomach. It was an incredible feat, one that only a few of the sisters had ever been able to achieve.

At the same time Rena stuck her well lubricated finger deep into Robert's ass, her finger coming in contact with his prostate. The result with almost instantaneous.

"Holy SHIT!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. It felt as if every muscle in his body were suddenly contracting and pushing the semen built up in his balls out of his body. She had never had anyone cum in her mouth, and as a first time this was unbelievable. He shot rope after rope of thick, white liquid into her mouth. She wasn't a big fan of the taste or the texture, but she didn't want to be the only one of the girls here that didn't, so she forced herself to swallow as much of it as she could. However after the first spurt or two she started to gag and pulled off, the rest shot all over her chest and her face. She milked his cock and rubbed his prostate until she couldn't get any more cum out of him. Then slowly she pulled her finger out.

She reached over and grabbed a warm cloth that had been left on the side of the bed and cleaned the cum off of her mouth and her tits. Robert lay down on the bed next to her, feeling better than he ever remembered. He had never cum that hard in his entire life. As he watch his girlfriend clean his cum off of her, he thought about how lucky he was. Finally, when she finished she leaned over and kissed him deeply. It was different. He knew that that taste was his own cum, and it wasn't particularly enjoyable, but after she'd just taken his cum he didn't pull away. Rather the kissed her even harder, his tongue probing her.

The three couples lay there for a moment. The guys catching their breath, their cocks no longer looking angry, their balls returning to their normal color. The girls on the other hand couldn't wait for what was coming next. Each of them had at some time been told they should let their boyfriends tease them, as such they had been fooling around, but not cumming for the last couple of days. The result was that each was almost deliriously horny. Having sucked their guy off, they were now eager to have their boyfriend's cock inside their virgin pussies.

"Well ladies, that was marvelously well done," Sasha said. "I especially like the working together to bring them all off at almost the same time."

"Yeah, that was really hot!" someone from the crowd called out.

"Now for your second task of the night," more yelling and applause from the audience. "But before we go any further, it's time for the rest of the sisters to get more comfortable. I don't know about you but that made me super horny and I'm worried about ruining this dress."

With that Sasha stripped. Her gorgeous body revealed to everyone. Her nipples were erect, he pussy lips were a deep red and were covered with moisture.

To the surprise of the pledges and their boyfriends, all of the sisters in the room began to remove their clothes, revealing their hot bodies. There were tits of all different sizes, all with aroused nipples. Pussies with and without hair. Tight stomachs. Milky white skin, tanned skin, black skin. Blonde, red, brunette, black hair. It was an incredibly erotic sight to behold. Fifty of the most beautiful women on campus, suddenly naked. The smell of sex was heavy in the room, the room almost sizzled with sexual electricity.

"Now ladies, it's time for you to lose your virginity to a real cock." Sasha said. The guys couldn't believe what they had just witnessed. First they'd each received the most amazing blowjob ever. Now they were surrounded by naked nymphs and were being told to fuck the girls they loved. Not surprisingly, their cocks which had been returning to their flaccid state after the amazing blowjobs were now returning to life.

Robert looked at his beautiful, naked girlfriend and asked "Are you sure?" He knew she'd always wanted their first time to be special, and he wasn't sure this is really what she'd had in mind.

"Hell yes, baby I'm sure."

That's all it took. He quickly pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, their tongues exploring each other. Then he began to kiss the rest of her body. He kissed down her neck, exploring every nook and crevice. Then began to gently kiss her breasts, starting at the outside and then working his way in slow circle to her diamond like nipples.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned. His head trailed down her stomach, lightly kissing her, licking her navel. Then he started to explore her pussy, using his hands he gently spread her lips and began to lick around the outside. He ran the flat of his tongue up one side, over her clit and down the other side. "More..."

He had learned over the last few days exactly how to bring her close to the edge, and he did. He used his tongue and hands to slowly bring her closer and closer to the edge. The feel of her body, the taste of her bringing renewed life to his now steel like cock. When he was sure she was nearing the edge of her ability to control her orgasm he stopped, pulling his mouth aware.

He looked up, and noticed a few of the sisters were busy rubbing their pussies. Unable to resist the carnal feelings building inside of themselves. The rest of the sisters looked on, their pussies soaking, their nipples ready to cut glass.

Robert kissed her deeply, knowing that she could taste herself. Exploring her mouth with his tongue. She found tasting herself oddly exciting at this point. She knew what was coming, and she couldn't wait any more.

"Please, put it in." she begged.

He didn't need any additional prompting. He carefully pushed her down onto the bed and then as he lay down on top of her she used her hands to gently guide his pulsing member into her soaking wet cavern. As the head entered her, it was like a jolt of electricity running through both of their bodies. As he slowly sunk into her she could feel him filling every inch of her tight virgin pussy. She was so wet and ready there was no pain, only intense pleasure.

As he bottomed out, he stopped enjoying the sensation of having his cock sheathed deep his in girlfriends hot pussy. It was unbelievable the way her pussy seemed to grip his whole shaft, sucking it in. He looked to the right and saw the small Indian girl on top of her boyfriend. She rammed herself up and down on his cock, and within moments they were both screaming as they became the first couple of the night to reach a mutual orgasm. He watched as the girl's body writhed in ecstasy. From the other side he heard loud moans from the blonde and her boyfriend and looked to see her being pounded from behind by her boyfriend while she knelt on the bed.

"Let's see if we can't make you feel better than her." Robert said and began to pull out and then plunge back in. She couldn't believe the feeling of his cock in her pussy, it felt unlike anything she'd ever felt before. It was like everything she'd ever imagined and more. It was so much different than the plastic dildos and the other toys she'd used, and oh so much better. The warmth of his cock was like molten steel in her pussy, and then he took her legs and put them over his shoulders. This changed the angle and his cock was now hitting her g-spot with every stroke. She looked up and saw him looking down at her, the look in his eyes one of both love and lust, the same mirrored on her face.

"Oh God yes, that feels so good," she moaned.

Just then she heard screaming on her left as Laura's boyfriend shot ropes of cum deep into her pussy sending her over the edge. The sounds and smells of sex filling the room released something inside of her. "Fuck me, hard! NOW!"

Robert did just that and began fucking her hard, slamming in and out so fast that his cock was a blur. As he drove himself in and out she reached down and began playing with her clit with her index finger. It didn't take very long before she was screaming..."DON'T STOP DON'T STOP MORE MORE YES YES YES YESSSSS!!!

Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave overtaking her. Her toes clenched, her eyes srunched up, every muscle in her body contracted, and her pussy was hit by insanely powerful contractions and then a huge gush of fluid rushed from her pussy. As this happened it felt to Robert like her pussy was milking his cock. He couldn't have pulled out if he wanted to and then he was shooting his cum deep inside of her. Their orgasm seemed to last forever, each of their contractions ripping contractions from the other. They lay there enjoying the feeling of complete love and satisfaction. The smell of sex heavy in the air, he slowly pulled out of her and watched as his cum leaked out, the thick white substance a distinct contrast to her deep red pussy.

"I love you, that was incredible" he said breathing heavily.

"Oh baby! I love you to, and that was more than incredible," she said kissing him deeply.

They suddenly realized that there were lots of moans coming from the rest of the room. They turned around to see and incredible sight. Many of the girls in the room were now fully engaged in rubbing their breasts, playing with their clits, plunging their fingers in and out of their pussies. The show having made them completely incapable of controlling their deeper urges. As the couples lay there recovering the girls in the audience began to orgasm. Some had huge squirting orgasms. Others, were smaller. But the sounds and smell of sex were overwhelming.

To their amazement there were a couple of the sisters who just couldn't seem to get their on their own and suddenly they were pulling the girl next to them over. Before either seemed to know it, they were locked in a 69, eating each other's pussy until they came screaming against each other.

Finally, when it appeared almost every one of the sisters had cum the room got very quiet. The aroma in the room was the heady, musky scent of pussy.

"Well, as you can see, we enjoyed the show," Sasha said with a laugh. Her body was relaxed, having just gotten up from being eaten out by one of the other officers. "And it looks like your boyfriends did too."

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