tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlight of a Paladin

Plight of a Paladin


Rorick was a new paladin; he eyed his holy symbol dangling from his neck with pride. It shined so well he could see his own reflection in it, and he'd worked very hard to earn the holy symbol of Dormon, the god of law and purity. He was already on his first mission; the church had sent him past the mountains and to the west where he would find a small village that is complaining of being plagued by demons. It was up to Rorick to rid that village of their problems and he was eager to prove himself in battle. Rorick patted the hilt of the longsword that hung at his hip and continued down the path that wound its way down the side of the mountain and eventually to the small little village down there.

It took the new paladin several hours to finally reach the small village but when he did he was glad, because it meant he could finally begin to prove himself. Already he saw several villagers walking out to meet with him, no doubt feeling relief that finally a paladin was here to help them with their problems.

"Greetings Stranger, might I presume you're the paladin the church has sent to aid us with our problems?" An old man said from the front of three villagers coming to greet him.

Rorick assumed that this was the village elder or mayor."Aye, where do these demons dwell and I shall vanquish them shortly, just point in the general direction. Rorick said proudly bowing before the Mayor and the three other villagers with him.

"Well, we really don't know, we don't have a problem with the demons until night time really so we were thinking we'd get you settled down first Sir Knight, and then you can begin to slay demons when they finally decide to show their ugly heads." The mayor offered with a small smile.

They each turned around and Rorick followed them into the town and grinned when heads turned to look upon the shining paladin in all his armor. He lifted his chin a little and puffed out his chest thinking to himself that surely this must be the best a man can ever feel. He was led to the front of an old but comfortable looking inn and then brought up to his room.

The room was very nice, it looked like they had been working on it since they knew he was coming, Rorick didn't stall in removing his armor and getting comfortable in a nearby chair, he kept his sword on his hip however as there was no way of telling what battles may surprise him in this town. He opened the drapes to look out of his window at the town to try and get a better tactical understanding of where he was, if this town was going to turn into a battlefield he wanted to know all the turns and twists to it.

After looking out upon the town and hills beyond for a bit of time, the paladin's stomach began to rumble a little bit and he decided to wander downstairs and see just what the inn was offering up for dinner that night. Almost as soon as he had opened the door the tantalizing smells of beef stew were wafting up into the paladin's nose and he smiled at the thoughts of helping himself to a few large bowls of the beef laden creamy substance.

As soon as he set foot in the lobby he was treated to a seat and a steamy bowl already set out. Rorick eagerly grabbed a wooden spoon and began to help himself, scooping out a nice spoonful, with a large chunk of beef and some kind of green vegetables. He shoved the good food into his mouth and gave a smile to the inn keeper to show his approval. This town was a nice one the paladin had decided, he'd hate to see it destroyed by demons and he found his eagerness to slay these terrible, ugly beasts from the abyss only increased with the more he got to know this little settlement that he had been sent to save.

Later he sat in his room as the sun just began to go down and started to strap on his armor as he was sure battle would flare up any minute now. Rorick pulled his sharp sword free of its sheath to examine it and make sure it was sharp enough to bite through tough demon skin as he would sure he'd be using it a lot that night.

That was when it happened, a flashing purple light roared up from outside his window and Rorick rushed over to push the drapes out of the way. His heart pumped hard and his blood rushed through his body as he waited to hear the screams of villagers, the destruction of buildings, or the roar of demons. The longer he waited though nothing happened. Finally he calmed down until he heard the stairs creaking with the sounds of someone coming upstairs.

Rorick shook his head, why should which bother him; he is in an inn after all. There was a soft knock upon his door and he tensed up, approaching the door very slowly. He grabbed the handle of the door and yanked it open only to give himself a very large surprise.

A beautiful woman stood in his door frame looking up at him with almost impossibly large green eyes. Auburn hair flowed from her head down to the small of her back and a flower was tucked behind one of her small cute ears. She had a pert nose, arched eyebrows, and large kissable red lips. Rorick's eyes dipped down to examine this tantalizing creature's form and he wasn't disappointed. A crimson gown was tightly wrapped around very large round breasts that seemed to push themselves out for Rorick's visual pleasure. He could already see hardened nipples centered just right upon those glorious orbs as well, her hips flared out and the gown she wore ended just past her pelvis giving him a great view of her long shapely legs. The girl wore no shoes either, and had very dainty little feet.

"Hello there, I'm Dealva, the villagers sent me to properly welcome you." Her voice was like smooth velvet and Rorick felt his cock hardening in response to this sexual creature placed in front of him.

The paladin held up his hands and shook his head. "Lady, I'd love to take advantage of your womanly attributes but alas I cannot. I am a Paladin, and therefore sworn to celibacy. The charms of a female merely distract us from our duties as servants to our gods."

This didn't seem to faze Dealva, if anything it emboldened her, she moved herself forward into close proximity with the Paladin. "Come on lover, no one has to know. Up here in this nice room it's just me and you."

The entire time she was attempting to seduce him Rorick couldn't take his eyes off this woman's lips, they were so red and looked so plump. The paladin wanted to kiss this woman fiercely; he had to get her away from him before he did something to insult his knighthood. There was something very intoxicating about her presence, she was impossible to ignore and she continued to draw his attention no matter how hard he attempted to focus on other things.

"I am truly sorry to turn you down lady, but I simply cannot. Please understand my position here and have a little pity." He pleaded trying to get the woman to get away from his door so he could focus on other things than her giant breasts, shapely hips, and luscious lips.

The woman took one hand and placed it on the paladins shoulder letting it slide downwards and rested the delicate hand on his hip then continued to look up into his blue eyes with her piercing green eyes. She kicked the door shut behind her and smiled.

Rorick didn't understand but everything about this girl was like a poison. Her eyes were piercing beyond belief and he felt like he would get lost in them and go mad unless he were careful to not dwell too long peering into them. Before he knew it he had stared too long and the eyes were closer, then they closed as those great lips met with his.

Gods, did she kiss great too, her tongue escaped her mouth to run itself across his lower lip and Rorick captured her tongue between his lips meeting her tongue with his own. He pulled her closer to him and continues to kiss her more heavily invading her mouth with his own larger tongue. Her breasts pushed into his chest and his cock was pushed up against her stomach.

The woman's hand came around his hip and she grabbed his length stroking him through his trousers.

The sudden surge of pleasure seemed to jolt Rorick back to reason and he pushed her away from himself so he could get some air and push this female away from him.

Something was wrong, as soon as her lips parted from his Rorick was already suffering from withdrawals, it was like a potent drug and he required contact with her lips once more. Rorick clutched his holy symbol and it seemed to fortify his reasoning as he croaked out a complaint against the woman. "Please go woman before I turn you out, you'll get no more attentions from me."

The girl seemed to look displeased and her brows furrowed in anger. "I guess we'll have to do things the hard way Knight, I'm tired of trying to do this the nice way." The sound of the door being bolted came from behind her and Rorick furrowed his own brows in confusion.

Suddenly she began to change, the woman got a little taller and her skin changed its hue from a sexy tan to a light red sort of color. Small horns erupted on either side of her brow and her pupils narrowed to more like that of cats. Her nails grew from her fingertips and the crimson gown slipped from her form leaving her naked to Rorick. Large bat-like wings sprouted from her shoulder blades and unfolded before Rorick and then he knew what he was dealing with; a succubus.

Succubus's are one of the worst kinds of demons that exist he remembered. They are not powerfully physically at all, but mentally they are the strongest demons that exist. They use their supernatural powers of persuasion, seduction, and their innate ability to draw others in to wreck havoc, and are notorious paladin slayers.

Rorick swallowed hard as soon as he realized that the succubus was already affecting him. The large breasts were now bare; they were well rounded and had dark purple erect nipples crowning them. Between her hips a dark patch of red hair hid her strongest weapon from Rorick. His holy symbol began to glow in its complaints of the demonic presence.

Dealva strutted her naked form forward, her well rounded ass and tits jiggling with the movement, they had Rorick entranced as she clutched his holy symbol with smoking hands and threw it from the window. He grabbed for his sword but she grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss that had him harder then he'd ever been in his whole life and his blood roiling throughout his veins. When her lips finally parted from him he noticed that his sword was gone as well and she was already undoing the bindings on his armor.

The paladin growled and attempted to shove her away from himself but her wings were stretched behind him and he only succeeded in pushing her onto her back and him atop her naked form. Those large breasts with their hard nipples pushed into his chest and his dick was nestled between her curvy thighs, she giggled at him ripping his shirt from his muscled torso. "No need to rush lover, we've all the time in the world."

"Damn you dem-"He attempted to roar but she interrupted him with another entrancing kiss pushing her tongue deep into his mouth to twist around his own. Her delicate nailed hand ran down his torso and cupped his hardened length into her hand; she rubbed his manhood between her feminine fingers as she twisted her head to kiss him even more effectively.

When he was released from her beautiful mouth again she was undoing his pants and then pushed them down his legs with her own legs, Rorick's cock sprang out from its prison now bare to her touch. Dealva clutched it eagerly stroking it with a sensual smile and had the paladin groaning in protest. Her other hand held him atop her, nails biting into his back as she lightly bit him on his chest giggling like a school girl.

Rorick had no more will left, he couldn't stand up to the powerful magical auras the succubus possessed not without his holy symbol. His large hand reached up to cup a large red skinned breast and he kneaded the soft flesh in his hand pinching her purple nipples before running his tongue around the dark areola surrounding it.

"Ah there's a good boy." She chuckled with a smirk, stroking him in earnest now, her thumb running over the head of his cock.

Dealva rolled, effectively pushing the paladin onto his back on the floor, and then she slithered down so she was eye level with his cock holding it up for her examination. Her tongue escaped from between those beautiful lips to give it a test lick just underneath the head and then she ran her tongue all the way around it slowly, while rubbing his balls between her small red fingers. She then lowered her attentions to suckle upon each one of his balls while slowly jacking him off. The skilled succubus held eye contact with the knight the entire time she was giving him her attentions.

Finally she released one of his balls from the warmth of her mouth and instead focused on his cock, her lips sliding agonizingly slowly down the sides of Rorick's shaft. Dealva continued to play with his balls as she sucked on his cock, her head bobbing up and down in the Paladin's lap, auburn hair tickling across his thighs.

Rorick grabbed his hair cursing the demon. "Forgive me Dormon!" He grunted as Dealva giggled with his dick enveloped in her mouth, the vibrations making Rorick flex his legs in the jolt of pleasure it resonated.

She released him from her mouth to lick delicately from the base of his dick all the way to the top, her other hand buried between her spread legs. Rorick noticed that a wonderful smell seemed to be emanating from her as well; he clutched the back of her head with one of his large hands and pushed her warm talented mouth back onto his cock then began to guide her up and down over his shaft, her tongue running along the sides every time she moves.

Rorick could barely take it anymore pushing her down over and over again upon his manhood. He felt that stirring in his balls as his eyes glazed over and his legs flexed and the succubus only sucked on his cock more eagerly massaging his balls as if attempting to pump his seed from him. She released him only to clutch him in her hand and began to stroke him eagerly whispering to him in her husky voice.

"Cum Sir Knight, Cum for this horrible demon." She giggled once again and continued to deep throat the paladin's cock, wet smacking sounds echoed around the room as she pumped his thick cock with her thick lips and warm, wet tongue.

Rorick moaned as he grabbed her head and held it there, the feeling shot up from his balls and he spewed a warm load of cum deep into the demon's mouth where she moaned with the gooey substance in her mouth. Dealva made a swallowing motion and then opened her mouth showing Rorick that she had swallowed ever drop, and then commenced to cleaning his dick off with her skillful tongue.

The demon crawled up to face level with the knight and then lay upon him with her naked body giggling. She played with one of his nipples with a small hand giving a mischievous smile. It was odd but Rorick felt somehow weaker after the orgasm but at this point he'd already given up hope, this succubus had him, she had him the moment he lay eyes upon those green eyes, sexy lips, big breasts, and her feminine hips.

The knight could feel her hardened nipples against his chest; he clutched her firm ass with one large knuckled hand and massaged the warm globes of her ass while kissing her passionately. Slowly he let the hand crawl downwards until he felt the moisture there, and he inserted a few fingers into her pussy, pushing those two fingers into her opening repeatedly.

Dealva squealed delightfully as the warrior's fingers brought pleasure to her, she smiled before returning attentions to his mouth thrusting her tongue in to wrestle with his. Her nailed fingers dug into his muscular shoulders as she grinded against his quickly hardening cock.

Rorick wrapped his arms around the warm red skinned demon and picked her up easily then tossed her onto his unused bed staring at her naked form. He grabbed his vein covered cock and stroked it as he watched the demon play with herself staring into his eyes.

The succubus giggled and rolled over onto her stomach, slowly propping herself up on her hands and knees, presenting her ass to the new paladin. Her long nailed fingers appeared between her thighs to hold her pussy lips open for his view and she made eye contact with him licking her large red lips.

"Well Sir Knight, are you ready to fuck?" She asked huskily wagging her ass in his direction.

The warrior wasted no time in positioning himself on the bed behind her, still stroking himself to as hard as he got. He clutched her sexy hips between his calloused hands as she reached backwards gently grabbing hold of his cock and putting it right at her entrance. Rorick took a breath as he could feel the warmth emanating from her and he hadn't even penetrated. He flexed his arms and pulled her backwards quickly thrusting into that warm pussy that only legends could tell mortals about.

The pleasure was more than enough to drive a normal man mad, the walls of her pussy seemed to move of their own accord massaging his veiny length. Rorick moaned out loud enough for the whole inn to hear him, and whoever was out there in the streets.

"Mmmmm, I must say you're the largest paladin I've ever had the pleasure of having inside me Sir Knight." She whispered backwards to him, Rorick watched her with glazed eyes as she played with her own tits, idly pinching a nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Rorick felt as if the heat from her was enveloping his whole body, his cock was surrounding in the wet warmth of a succubus the greatest pussy in existence. Rorick didn't know if it was the feeling that was currently enveloping his dick or if it was his true feelings but at the moment he had no thoughts of his beloved god. He gripped her hips and began to fuck the demon for all he was worth the wet sounds of his cock sliding into her cunt almost enough by itself to drive himself to orgasm.

"Gods I'm already about to come!" The paladin exclaimed between the loud slapping of their thighs slapping together.

"I think not, we've much pleasuring to do tonight Sir Knight, and I'm not about to let you be spent with me not having been properly pleased." She giggled reaching down to grab his balls. Rorick felt a warmth surround his balls and he felt like he could fuck for hours without coming if the demon so desired it to be.

Rorick held onto her hip with his left hand but let his right hand grab a hefty tit and he clutched it as he continued to thrust into the tightest pussy he had ever known. Their moaning mingled with the sounds of wet fucking, and thighs slapping that together echoed off the empty walls of the room. They were both covered in a thin layer of sweat which just made the succubus look even more desirable in Rorick's eyes, he slammed his cock home into her even harder over and over, then released her fleshy boob and caressed down her flat stomach to let his fingers capture her clit. He twiddled it with his forefinger as he continued to fuck her for everything they were both worth.

The minutes passed as their lovemaking continued until Rorick had grown bored of the position and pulled his hardened, pussy juice covered dick out of her, only to flip her over on her back. The succubus gave him a look of pure adoration and love with her deep cat-like emerald eyes and spread her legs in welcome for their continued session of sex.

The paladin groaned as he let each fist fall on either side of her head and slowly sunk himself down in between her shapely, red legs. Dealva kissed him passionately, wrapping those long legs around the small of his back and burying her nails into his back. Rorick grabbed his wet cock and aimed it before thrusting down back down and sheathing his dick into her welcoming pussy. The demon moaned in approval with the engorged cock invading her cunt once again.

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