tagMaturePloughing the South Forty

Ploughing the South Forty


I know it's not exactly a new idea, and it's the punchline to many a joke, but I haven't done a farmer's daughter story yet.... Until now.

I hope you enjoy it.


I stood in the cool shade under the huge, spreading limbs of the maple tree. It was one of hundreds along this road, and well over a century old, having been planted by the original owner of the area. Back then, the farm had encompassed tens of thousands of acres, and this road had been the driveway. All near twenty miles of it.

Now, however, most of the original driveway was paved, and was a two lane, rural road. The farm had been parceled off, but this end of the property was largely untouched.

Which was more than I could say for the tree.... or my car, which sat, crumpled, kissing the massive maple intimately. Steam wafted from under the wrinkled hood. The airbag, now deflated, hung like a used whoopee cushion from the steering wheel. It had probably saved me from serious injury.

The insurance company was never going to believe it. It sounded like a childhood excuse, right up there with 'the dog ate my homework', but in this case, it was true.

A goat. A stupid fucking goat, that had literally appeared out of nowhere, jumping out of the ditch, and causing me to swerve. The tree was just an innocent bystander, and the goat fled the scene uninjured.

The car wasn't going anywhere but the junkyard, and my cell phone hadn't been availed the same airbag benefits as I had. It now resided on the floor of the passenger side, among the shards of shattered safety glass, equally dead. I was going to have to do this the old fashioned way.

Being a hot day, I decided to avoid walking the scorched pavement, choosing the more shaded dirt and gravel driveway that stretched over the hill ahead. The mailbox said 'Archer', and I was hoping the driveway wasn't as long as it appeared from the roadway.

Nearly twenty minutes later, I reached the crest of the long, gentle hill, and learned it wasn't. It was even longer. Looking ahead seemed further than going back to the road, but shorter than searching out the next nearest other house.

At least it was downhill, and I could see the finish line.

Eventually, I neared the house. It was one of those big, old, square farmhouses, and there was a huge barn behind it. To one side, a corral housed a couple of horses.

And a person. Hallelujah.

As I approached, I saw that the person in the corral, working with one of the horses, was a woman. Dark haired, and tall, my initial impression was that she was attractive, but I was too far away to be sure, and she had her back to me.

Closer still, I could make out her shape, which seemed quite curvy, and that she was wearing coveralls and a t-shirt. The coveralls were quite snug across her firm behind.

"Excuse me?" I called, as I reached the spilt-rail fence. "Miss? Can you help me?"

She stopped brushing the horse, and turned her head, revealing a lovely profile; Pouty lips, and a cute, upturned nose. She waved a brush filled hand, and grabbed the horse's halter. A moment later she was on the other side of the horse, still obscured from view, but turning the animal in this direction.

Wow, I mouthed silently as she finally came into full view. She wasn't just attractive; she was stunning, and built like a Grecian goddess. No.... that's not quite right, either, as I'd never seen a goddess or statue with a rack like that. Huge and round, those breasts bulged out much wider than her ribcage, and showed around the bib of her overalls.

"Hi!" she smiled, extending her hand as she came within range. Her eyes were as dark as her hair, surrounded by extremely long lashes, and sparkling with life. "I'm Kat," she said.

"Colin," I replied as I reached for her hand, a little too quickly for the horse's liking. He was startled, and jostled her, then kicked.

I never saw it coming. In retrospect, it was just my luck. Survive the car wreck, and get knocked out by a horse.

Go figure.


I woke up in the dark. There was a little bit of light still coming in around roller blinds on the windows, but it was really quite dark. I had no idea what time it was, and my watch didn't seem to be lighting up the way it usually did when I lifted my wrist.

I heard footsteps approaching, and the door opened quietly, casting a column of light across the room, and over my chest. I waved my hand in the beam, and heard a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank goodness," she giggled. "I thought Rusty killed you! How are you feeling?"

The woman walked in and sat on the edge of the bed, turning on the bedside lamp as she did. I was expecting Kat, but it wasn't her.

This woman was older. Not old, by any means, but old-er than Kat, who had appeared much younger, if my fuzzy memory was correct. This woman was equally attractive, in a more mature way, and every bit as top heavy, if not more so. I was able to see the family resemblance.

"Um, okay I guess," I answered. "I've got a hell of a headache. What happened?"

"I'll get you some aspirin, and then I'll answer your questions," she smiled, patting my hand. I watched her walk out. Her ass was a little wider than Kat's, but still nice, clad in tight jeans. She was back quickly, with a glass of water, and two tablets. "Here you go."

I tossed the pills in my mouth, and drank. She filled in the blanks.

"Do you remember meeting my daughter?" she asked.

"Yes," I nodded, gingerly, as doing so hurt my head. "Kat. You're her mother?"

Yes, I am. Janine," she introduced herself and offered her hand.

"Colin," I said again. No horse kicked me this time.

"Yes, Kat told me, but I'm glad you remember," Janine nodded. "What else do you remember?"

I remember your daughter has huge tits, just like yours, I thought, but didn't vocalize.

"Kat was brushing a horse," I said. "It's a bit fuzzy after that."

"Yes, I imagine it is," she smiled. "The horse was Rusty. He spooks easily. He kicked the fence rail, and you were in the path. When I heard Kat screaming for help and went outside, you were unconscious in the lane flat on your back. We were worried he really hurt you."

"What time is it?" I asked and lifted my wrist again to look. "Oh. That's why it didn't light up." The face of my watch was cracked, and the display blank.

"Rusty did a good job," Janine nodded. "It's a little after eight. You've been out for over six hours. What brought you to us anyway?"

"Oh yeah," I laughed, wincing at the pain when I did. "Rusty knocked me out before I could tell Kat. I, um, I had a little car accident on the road, by the end of the driveway. More accurately, I hit a tree. Hard. My car is done, and so is my cell phone, so I was hoping to call for help from here."

"Hit a tree? Why?" she asked, a smirk on her face. "Did it jump out in front of you?"

"No, but a goat did," I moaned. Janine rolled her eyes.

"Let me guess.... a little white goat, with one crooked horn?" she asked.

"Yes! How did you know? Is he yours?" I returned, surprised.

"Sort of. He's kind of a neighbourhood pet, or pest, depending on the day. His name's Oscar, and he wanders the whole area. He's adopted us," she answered. "Kat will be glad you didn't hit him. She likes the little idiot."

"Kat will be glad you didn't hit who?" I heard from the doorway, and looked past Janine's chest to see her lovely daughter, just entering the room. Yes. They were certainly related.

"Oscar," Janine answered. "We have him to thank for Colin's visit. Tomorrow morning, we need to go down to the end of the driveway, and retrieve Colin's car. It's against a tree."

"Okay, Momma," Kat replied, now standing behind her mother. "No problem."

"You're going to need a tow truck," I told them. "It's wrecked. Just leave it there, and call me a taxi. I'll get out of your hair." I tried to sit up.

"Whoa, there, my friend. You just rest," Janine said, putting her hand on my chest. Her very strong hand. "You're our guest now. After what Rusty did, I don't feel comfortable letting you go until I know you're alright. It's the least we can do, so you just lay back, and let us take care of you. I'll call whoever you want to let them know you're alright, if there's someone worried about you, but I won't call you a taxi until you can show me you're okay. Deal?"

Her tone told me that resistance to her will was going to be met with fierce determination. She was a strong woman, in every way possible.

"Okay," I sighed, laying back.

"Who do I need to call?" she asked.

"No one, really. Nobody in this area who will be missing me for a while, and I don't have a schedule to keep," I replied.

"No wife at home?" It was Kat, piping up from the back row.

"No. No wife. No girlfriend," I confirmed, and noticed a brief smile cross her face. If I had been paying attention to Janine, I might have seen her smile, too. "Whose bed am I stealing, here?" I asked, looking around the room, which looked too 'lived in' to be a guest room

"You're in my bed," Janine said.

"Where will you and your husband sleep?" I asked, trying to get up again. "Put me on the couch." Janine's hand was back, planting me firmly on the mattress.

"It's just Kat and myself here, so you stay put. We can sleep in her room until you're better. Now lay down and rest, or I'll tie you down."

Kat looked over her mother's shoulder, and nodded. She had such beautiful eyes, so soft, and caring, and huge, with long lashes. Those eyes were telling me to stop fighting, and just accept it. I was hurt. They were going to take care of me. End of discussion.

"Not necessary," I smiled. "Interesting, but not necessary," I repeated, glancing at both of them. I wasn't hurt bad enough not to notice them. I wasn't hurt bad enough not to hear Janine say there were no men in their lives.

I wasn't hurt bad enough not to think about those bodies, and what I'd like to do with them.

Janine laughed, the innuendo not lost on her.

"Flirting? That's a good sign," she smiled, standing up. "I think he's going to be fine." She turned, and walked out, while I tried not to stare at her ass.

That left me alone in the room with Kat, who was looking at me from a few feet away, standing with her hands clasped in front of her. Her chest didn't need any help to be noticed, but this position provided it anyway.

"I was very worried," she said softly, sitting on the edge of the bed, as her mother had. "I should never have brought Rusty that close. I'm so sorry you got hurt."

"It was hardly your fault," I smiled, "and I don't blame you. I don't even blame Rusty. He was just being a horse. Oscar, on the other hand...."

"Yes," she giggled, her smile lighting up. "He can be a problem, but he's quite the character when you get to know him. Sorry about your car."

"Again, not your fault, unless you planted the tree, and I have a hard time believing you're over a hundred years old," I probed.

"No," she smiled, "I'm only nineteen. My great-great-great-grandfather planted the trees. This whole farm was his. Our family has lived here since he built this house."

"Your father?" I asked.

"Killed in an accident when I was seven," she answered, sadness in her voice. "It's been just Momma and me since then."

"The two of you run this whole place?"

"Yes. Momma knows her stuff. She and Poppa ran it before me, and when he died, I learned to help real fast. We do pretty well," she smiled, proudly. "We're not as advanced as other farms, but we like doing things the old ways. It's very hands-on. Great exercise."

She lifted an arm, and flexed her bicep. The muscle snapped to attention, and curled into a tight ball impressively. She had guns, on her arms as well as her chest, which I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes off of. Every breath she took stretched the thin cotton of her shirt tighter over the cantaloupe sized globes of her breasts. I could make out the lacey pattern of her bra, which was supporting those massive boobs nicely. She was something to behold.

"I'm gonna let you get some sleep now," she smiled, catching my eyes wandering south. She patted my arm and stood. "I'm so glad you're not dead." A girlish giggle, and she walked slowly out, allowing me a good look at her ass, which filled her overall pants as well as her chest filled her shirt. The door closed behind her.

Other than the damage to my car, which I'm sure would be covered by the insurance company eventually, this trip had gone from boring to promising. I was being nursed back to health by two beautiful, statuesque women, with abundant curves, in a household devoid of men for the last twelve years.

Things were looking up.

I might owe Oscar a debt of gratitude.


Sleep was exactly what I needed, and when I woke up it was morning, and there was light coming in around the blinds. My head felt better, for the moment at least. I carefully sat up, and got out of bed.

The head-rush hit me like a wave of nausea, but I tried to remain standing, hoping it would pass. It did, and shortly thereafter, the room stopped spinning, letting me walk over to the closest window. I rolled the blind up.

Wow, the world was bright out there. It hurt my eyes. It hurt my head. I guess I wasn't quite as ready as I thought to get up. There was a chair by the window, and I crumpled into it.

I was still sitting there, looking out through squinting eyelids, when I noticed a tractor come into view. It was Janine, and being literally dragged behind the huge machine was my car. It didn't look any better today than it had yesterday, when I left it against the tree.

Behind the tractor was a big, red horse. Rusty, the reason my head hurt so much, had Kat on his back. No saddle, just Kat.

My eyes hurt, but what they saw was very soothing. And arousing.

Horses don't walk smoothly, thank god. If they did, there would have been nothing to watch.

Like Kat's big breasts, for example, jiggling wildly as he cantered along into clear view below my window. She was dressed as before, in a white t-shirt and overalls, but from up here I could see a bit more. The scooped neck of her shirt was pushed out by the volume of her chest, showing some nice cleavage that I hadn't seen yesterday, or might have if Rusty hadn't turned my lights out prematurely.

The younger generation version deftly dismounted, sticking the landing, and walking over to help her mother unhitch the block of scrap metal from behind her tractor. As she finished, she glanced up, and her smile lit up as she saw me watching. She waved, and grabbed Rusty's reins, walking him quickly into his corral.

I heard footsteps on the stairs. Excited footsteps. Kat burst into the room, her chest heaving with her deep breaths.

"You're awake! You're up!" she smiled, clapping her hands.

I suddenly realized that I was in my underwear, and a t-shirt, and wondered how that had happened. Had Janine undressed me, or was it Kat? Oh well. No time for modesty now.

"Sort of," I groaned. "I probably shouldn't be. The chair saved me."

"Well, let me help you, then," she said, stepping closer. I took her hand, which is about as far as I made it before hooves knocked me out. She pulled me to my feet, put her arm around my shoulders, and braced me against her body.

Oh. My.

So soft.

So big.


"I think I should use the bathroom while I'm up," I said softly. It was true. My bladder was bursting, but it had the added benefit of extending my opportunity to feel her body against mine.

"Okay. This way," she smiled steering me out the door and to the right. The bathroom was small, and old, but clean. She elbowed the light switch as we sidled through the door. "Are you okay on your own?"

She surprised me with that one. Dead serious, she was offering to help me pee.

While I really wanted to introduce her to my penis at some point, I would rather not have it be for that reason. Besides, after feeling those big tits against me, having her handle my cock would probably result in an erection, which I couldn't pee through. I decided to decline her assistance inside the bathroom, but let her help me back to bed.

"Yes, thank you. I'll need you to get back to bed, and maybe even to stand up, so stay close," I smiled. She nodded, and backed out, closing the door behind her.

A few minutes later, after I called her back in, she helped me up, and held me tight against the side of her huge breast all the way back into the bedroom. As she sat me down, and tucked me in again, she leaned over me.

There was that cleavage again, and I also noticed the two distinct bumps of her excited nipples, which the bib of her overalls couldn't hide.

Nice to know I wasn't the only one who felt it, as I had a serious semi going under the covers. I was pretty sure she saw it, before she buried it under blankets.

"As long as you're awake, you might want to eat something. Are you hungry?" she asked. Her smile was lovely, and her eyes were so kind, as well as sexy. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly who. Maybe the concussion was keeping me from figuring it out, and it would come to me soon.

"Yes, actually. I could eat. My stomach doesn't feel so nauseous today," I replied. "Nothing too heavy, or rich."

"Okay, I'll cancel the soufflé," she giggled, and turned to leave. "Back in a few minutes."

I laid back, relaxing while I waited. My imagination took over, and my mind was filled with visualizations of her curvaceous body, without the overalls, t-shirt, and whatever she was wearing under it that held those huge tits up so deliciously. My dick responded, growing harder, and threatening to tear my underwear asunder.

When she returned, she was not naked, much to my disappointment, having not shed her clothes and cooked for me in the nude, as I'd been dreaming.

"Here you go, Colin," she smiled, placing the plate on my lap. Actually, she put it right on my erection, so it didn't balance very well, and she caught it, moving it up to safer ground. Of course, then the plate just held the covers closer to my bulging crotch, making it more obvious. I saw the knowing smirk at the corners of her mouth.

Up to this point, I'm sure any sexual content in our relationship had been purely a product of my libido and imagination. That changed, when she became a more active participant, bending over and reaching around me to stack and fluff up my pillows into a more upright position.

Have a busty woman do that for you in your own head, and see what part of her anatomy is right in your face. Got it?

Yes, I was mere inches away from that fabulous chest of hers, which jiggled nicely as she went about her task. I groaned softly, and my cock twitched.

"There. That's better," she said quietly, sitting on the edge of the bed. She picked up the toasted English muffin in her surprisingly delicate yet strong hand, and poised to feed me. "Not too much butter. You do look better today. For one thing, you're awake."

I bit the muffin. It was good, but my thoughts were on another muffin, between her legs, and the melons on her chest, which were still agonizingly close and nicely displayed. The temptation to ogle her was strong, but I managed to keep it down to a few quick glances.

"I can do this," I told her. "I'm sure you have things to do today. Doesn't your mother need help?"

"She's way out by the fence line. I've got the barn shift today, closer to the house," she explained. "That includes you, as long as you're here. Tomorrow, Momma will be taking care of you, and I'll be on the tractor. It's the way we always do it."

The English muffins were gone, and she leaned closer, wiping away crumbs from my lips with a napkin. I usually made a lousy patient when I was sick, but for Kat, I would be happy to accept her attention. I gave her young, beautiful face a closer inspection, and the finally dawned on me who she reminded me of.

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