tagInterracial LovePlumber's Perks Ch. 17

Plumber's Perks Ch. 17


My experience with Ms Alex Nguyen was stuck in the back of my mind whenever I would go to play tennis. Connie and Debbie had warned me about Alex but I figured I had her measure.... Well, I did, but only just.

Each time I played a game I could see Alex watching from her top floor window, not that it was making me nervous or anything, but it just seemed a little obsessive. Alex made an effort to be in the members lounge at the end of each of my games, and when I didn't ask her out she made her move as I went up to the bar to get another round of drinks for my buddies.

"So young Mr Nick, when can I expect the pleasure of your company again," asked Alex casually. "I am so looking forward to continuing where we left off," she added, licking her upper lip slowly and suggestively. She was pretty clever about it though, for the way she did it nobody else had the chance to see it. It did make me horny thinking this Asian minx was hot for more nookie with me.

"You have all my details, my address and phone numbers on file, so how about I leave it up to you Ms Alex," I said as I gathered the drinks and then added, "ready for you anytime you like."

This brought a smile to her face and she left the lounge shortly thereafter.

The following week I didn't get a chance to play a game of tennis, too busy at work you see, and this is possibly what prompted Alex to start sending me e-mail messages. Starting off with fairly subtle suggestions, she was soon writing essays. In one such message she relayed her feelings of how I'd fucked her in her office, how she'd planned on taking charge but was soon on the back foot....the mixture of excitement and fear of losing control....my cock spreading her tight little pussy open wide....sending her over the edge repeatedly....how she still gets wet just thinking back to my nerve of drilling her the way I did....how she can't wait to ride me again....

So late one night when I got home from work rather late I found several of her e-mails when I logged into my computer, the last message only having been sent a few minutes earlier. My brief response was a cliche I know; Your place or mine?

Her response was equally brief; I'll be over in 10 minutes, be ready!

My flatmate Becky was still out, not unusual for a Thursday evening, her regular night out with some of her girlfriends. By the time I hopped out of the shower, I heard a knocking on the door. With a towel wrapped around my waist I opened the door to find Ms Alex Nguyen standing there, face flushed, mouth partly open and sweat on her forehead.

"Did you run over here," I asked, as I slowly took in her delicious form, looking her over from top to bottom. Just seeing her standing there in a pair of trainers, snug fitting shorts and a singlet that could only barely contain her oversized tits...my cock was instantly on the rise under the towel I had wrapped around me.

"Not exactly, I parked my car around the corner," Alex said nervously.

"Well you better come in before you catch a cold Miss," I said as I stepped back, letting her in and locking the door behind us. Walking up the stairs in front of her she soon lost her nervousness, janking the towel off me and reaching for my buns, giving them a quick grope.

"Nice butt," Alex quipped, just before she slapped it hard with the back of her hand, leaving a stinging sensation which lasted several minutes. "That's for abusing me in my office," she barked, "and this is for ignoring me for the last two weeks," she added, just after whacking the other cheek as well.....

As I closed the bedroom door and turned around Alex caught sight of my now fully erect cock, her eyes locked onto it and she seemed in a trance. Peeling her stretch shorts off her firm butt, I pushed her bum onto the lowboy, nudged her knees apart as I moved into position and within a minute of her walking in the front door I was easing my throbbing cock into her soaking pussy.

"Oooohhh, mmmmmmm, aaaahhhh, I love it, I just needed this cock in me," Alex groaned as I slowly shafted her sopping slot in full depth strokes. Her juicy cunt made sucking and slurping noises as my shaft moved in and out.

A few minutes later I heard the front door being unlocked, Becky and a couple of her friends chatting away, and this seemed to make Alex nervous at first. When it became obvious that the girls were oblivious to what was going on upstairs Alex got back into it, softly moaning and groaning away.

Ten minutes or so later, when Alex and I had just moved into a 69'er on the bed, gently slurping away at each other, there was a knock on the bedroom door. "Hey Nick, are you OK," Becky asked from behind the door.

"Yeah no worries roomie," I said, then rammed my tongue into Alex' dripping snatch, thus causing her to moan lightly.

"Are you sure you're OK," Becks asked, "I can hear groaning.......ooohhh, I see, sorry to bug ya mate," she giggled as she put two and two together, and soon we heard her bedroom door close.

Alex now resumed her attack on my cock, sucking me deep into her mouth and wanking me off with one hand furiously at the same time. I hadn't planned on cumming in her mouth, but as she'd already drenched my cock and face a couple of times I just let myself get carried away by her sensual actions.

Wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her cunt down tight onto my mouth I stifled my groan in her juicy box as my balls clenched tight and my shaft twitched....spewing spurt after spurt of thick spunk into Alex' hot mouth.

"MMmmmmm," Alex moaned with her lips wrapped tight around my twitching dick, milking me forcefully with one hand, then squeezing the last few drops from my shaft, which she sucked from my knob with enthusiasm.

Hopping off my face, Alex kept her mouth clamped onto my knob as she moved in between my legs, so she could look up at me as she then resumed sucking my still largely erect prick. Her big eyes were bright and mischievous as she cupped my balls and ran her tongue under the now extremely sensitive helmet, making me squirm in a mixture of agony and exstasy. As my cock regained its full stiffness, Alex was just giving me these looks that I couldn't work out.

Satisfied with her handiwork, she slid up and onto me, letting my cock slip between her thighs and without any assistance from her hand she popped her pussy over my knob and promptly impaled herself on my member. "Yes, mmmmm, aarrgghh," Alex cried out as my shaft filled her hungry cunt once more, now with every inch of me inside of her.

For the next ten minutes at least, she simply rode my stiff pole, grinding and humping herself to several orgasms. Each time she came her pussy would appear to get wetter and wetter, impossible as it may have seemed at the time. The wet spot underneath my bum was growing, such was her gushing. Looking back I would have to admit she was by far the most orgasmic and wet lover I've had to date, her cunt fair gushing liquid when she came. Not that she squirted, she just gushed as she orgasmed.

Suffice to say it was a good night, with both of us cumming until we were shagged out and curled up to sleep. The following morning we both got up before Becky, and Alex and I were having breakfast when Becks stumbled down the stairs for her morning cup of coffee. With sleepy eyes, Becky said good morning, looked at Alex in her jogging outfit, looked at me, grinned and shook her head slightly.

Hi, I am Alex, nice to meet you," Alex said as she stuck her hand out at Becky, who was now dumbfounded, staring at Alex' firm body with oversized jugs. Becky was speechless for several seconds and I felt I had to fill the silence.

"Becky is not really a morning person," I interjected, Alex was by now amused by Becky's stunned looks and silence.

As Becky and Alex laughed, then spoke in what I later found out was a Mandarin dialect, they chattered away in their own lingo for several minutes, oblivious to me sitting at the table. I never found out the exact conversation, but suffice to say that Becky from here on in would smirk at me knowingly.

We never got it on sexually, but the atmosphere in the flat changed to a more relaxed and cheeky one....I just wish I knew exactly what Alex and Becks said to each other.....

In the months to come Alex and I spent a fair bit of time together, but the difference in interests made it kinda difficult to relate to one another when we had our clothes on. But we never spent a night at my flat again....

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